This comedian is fighting back against the outrage mob with one hilarious tactic


People are growing sick and tired of the radical Left.

The constant nagging and censoring of all facets of American life is beyond overbearing.

Now this comedian is fighting back against the outrage mob with one hilarious tactic.

Comedy often serves as the canary in the coal mine for society.

Iconic comedians like Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, and George Carlin were unafraid to push the envelope, tackle difficult subject matter, and preserve the right to free speech. 

But several years ago, big-name comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock said they would no longer perform shows at colleges because the students had become unbearable scolds.

They were right.

Many comedians have accurately pointed out that political correctness is killing comedy.

Nimesh Patel was pulled off stage in the middle of his stand-up routine at Columbia University because one of his jokes wasn’t progressive enough.

But there could be a sea of change happening as comedians are beginning to push back against the hard Left.

And comedian Ryan Long is filling the much needed void of holding a mirror up to leftists.

He’s had several comedic shorts go viral, including one that accurately highlights the start racism of the far Left.

Long’s video perfectly highlights why people often call the woke crowd the “regressive left.”

One of his most recent videos pokes fun at corporate America, specifically Silicon Valley.

If Long is that canary in the coal mine, comedy could see a much needed rebound.

People are sick of the scolds on late-nite comedy who tell the same four Donald Trump jokes every night.

A critical elementof comedy was always about speaking truth to power, not enshrining power.

The Left dominates almost all of the country’s cultural heights, yet they still try to portray themselves as the counterculture.

It’s not working.

The American people desperately want to laugh again.

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