This classic Schwarzenegger action movie was remade by radical feminists and you won’t believe how much money the movie is losing


Social justice warriors are taking over Hollywood studios and destroying classic films.

This time they crossed a big line.

Radical feminists recreated a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie and you’ll never guess how much money the movie is losing.

This is becoming a new trend in Hollywood.

Feminists are taking classic movies and forcing their social justice warrior agenda into the film.

Star Wars and Marvel movies were the first to fall.

Now, these radical feminists are taking down Terminator.

The new movie has casted females in all of the lead roles and the movie is going down the drain.

In fact, the movie is projected to lose a staggering $100,000,000.

Breitbart reports:

The headline might be that Terminator: Dark Fate is on track to lose $100 million, but here’s the real news…

Variety reports that — and this is mind-blowing — “Terminator: Dark Fate will end its box office run with an uninspiring $180 million to $200 million globally.”

This sucker is gunna top out at $200 million worldwide.

They brought back Linda Hamilton, they brought back James Cameron, and it’s going to bottom out at $200 million globally.

How big of a fail is that…?

In 1984, when there was no global market to speak of, and without indexing for inflation, the original Terminator grossed almost $80 million globally, which is closer to $220 million when you figure in inflation. And don’t forget, Terminator was not considered a big hit in theaters. Most of us found it on VHS.

Fortunately, Hollywood is beginning to pay the price for forcing a radical feminist agenda into every movie possible.

Fans of these classic franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel, and now Terminator are naturally upset they are being ruined at the hands of Leftists.

The movies are starting to lose money and draw a great deal of criticism.

But none of the movies have bombed this badly.

Terminator may be an ultimate lesson that these feminists need to back off of these classic movies.

What do you think?

Has Hollywood become totally poisoned by social justice warriors?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Their warm bodies came together in the bath house. Bodily fluids intermingled and half-breeds were brought upon us. That which comes with the rain comes for us all. Peace be upon them. We praise Allah in His name Amen. Don’t shoot the messenger ahahahahahahahaha

    • I praise God but the the wife is Buddhist and we get along just fine, kid has every scholarship and knows a lot theologically speaking. Had to laugh at this and wish we could all get along better, a lot of bad actors on the scene but not around here.

  2. In the new Terminator a gay chick comes back to save this new girl , how are they going to make a baby or do they just have gay sex , It’s poison . In the last Star Wars you have a black guy taking the place of a white guy who ends up with a white chick . This is all Democrat propaganda attacking our young and I will not allow my kids to see it . End of story .

    • richard, Sorry you are so racist. God does not care what race we are. He created and loves all races. He does not forbid interracial marriages. In fact, Jesus is descended from an interracial marriage. You are going to be very disappointed when Jesus returns and you find that He is brown and not white. Sorry you are teaching your kids to hate others because of the color of their skin. very sad.

    • I’ve sort of been keeping track, and I swear there must be a memo out there that every other couple in movies and commercials has to be a mixed-race couple. Fine with me, but I don’t think you’d find that in real life. Love the idea of “races” disappearing in a couple centuries. I think that would solve a lot of problems.
      Hamilton was willing to work with Cameron again? Very interesting.
      This trend of remaking movies with a different cast is strange. Will Smith plays Robin Williams’ Genie (at least they kept the music). GHOSTBUSTERS with an all woman cast, with original stars in meaningless cameos.

    • im tired of the black savage and white dumbazz girlz too..they screwem beatem impregnantem, then leavem. white guyz make sure they winem n dinem black girlz 1zt!

  3. BJ , Thanks for your opinion and your thoughts about me , but us Chicanos respect we don’t mex we stick to our own and good luck with your Dolo Mike black God , my Lord will accept me with open arms because , just like me , he’s not into LGBTQ or mexing with blacks . With that being said you have a great day my friend . Adios !

    • richard, if you bother to read the Bible, you would know that God does not care what color our skin is. He created all races. He never forbid anyone to marry a different race, but He did forbid His people to marry heathens. And I never said God is black. No one knows what God looks like. But Jesus is brown. IF you bothered to do any research on that, you would know it is true. And there will be all races in Heaven, including blacks. You have a great day, too!

  4. I did notice how many of the new movies have women as AMAZONS, who can kick-ass any & all men…
    This is so phony as to not even require any reply!!!!
    If women were so physical, why aren’t they playing in the NFL???
    Or why are these mentally ill men, who think they are women, beating all the women in women’s sports????
    Sure seems INSANITY is SWEEPING the NATION!!!!
    I never did intend to watch the new Terminator movie…
    What a JOKE!!!!

    • I believe there is no policy banning women from playing in the NFL or the NHL. Baseball does prohibit it. NFL is seriously considering a female soccer star as a place kicker. She’s pretty much perfect from long yardage.

  5. I agree with Keith, if a ‘new’ movie has the same name as an ‘old’ movie, no matter if it’s 2, 3, 10…..Pi, I don’t waste my time.

  6. I haven’t been to a movie in YEARS! . . . and I probably won’t ANY TIME soon. It looks like the “CLOWN CAR” of the Democrats are destroying Hollywood as well. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • I don’t see anything wrong with them destroying classic films. Hollyweird has been destroying themselves for years – board/video games, bad remakes, actors/actresses who don’t know when to bite their tongue … I say keep up the great work!

  7. “Hollowood” has no future and likewise the parasites of the same.
    It’s like watching ravens picking the flesh off road kill.

    Oh well ,,I have a real life and watching how “others ACT” is not a highlight.

    Just saying …..

  8. Oh look up.
    There is eric the court jester throwing in his only 2 cents.
    That was a short story. And will never make the Grammy Awards.

    Just saying ….

  9. I notice that women of sjw, antifa and other vermin orgs. are getting more aggressive and violent. They are mistakenly believing Harveywood’s tripe of the all intelligent, gorgeous, super ninja, weapons expert killing machines.

    AIN’T SO no matter how many Hollywood flops you attend!

  10. I’ve never paid to see a terminator movie or one of Arnold’s in the theater. They are all made for TV and will get there eventually. there hasn’t been a decent movie worth paying for. Only way to get to Hollywood types and “pro” sports figures who think you should listen to them is to STOP going to the movies and sporting events. I stopped years ago and trust me, you will not miss any of them. On;y way to protest. STOP giving them your money. Suppport local sports teams, high school plays and such.

  11. All of the he-man, vulgar, nasty women acting like they are all that. A movie can’t be filmed that doesn’t have a quota of gay, bi-racial, slandering or belittling the white male, dysfunctional families etc. most of the works doesn’t live how these leftist try to portray it

  12. I would never be critical of how someone looks. But Linda Hamilton has not aged well because of all the years of drug abuse. On the other side of the coin though, you have the insane” Hanoi Jane”( and other actresses) who has spent thousands on their face and body just to appear young, just hoping they will land some more acting jobs. Their real lives are just a fake as the roles they play. Worthless and shallow.
    It doesn’t matter about this new Terminator movie and it’s failing, because I haven’t spent my hard earned money on this kind of nonsense in years .And Cooper Jean pointed out several of my reasons in her comment, as to why.
    The Golden Era of Hollywood passed many, many years ago and there is no coming back….Just a few actors have stood firm and will not be intimated by the insanity of the Leftists agenda. Those select few, I will support…..

    • Linda M; Thank you. Your comment is spot on!! I also support the very few that do not follow the radical Leftists just to be accepted.

  13. You would have thought they would have gotten the hint after the remake of Ghostbusters and that cast of no talent carpet munchers, but, no such luck.

    It seems these people just seem to be hell bent on ruining everything they put their hands on. However, the good news is that perhaps their obtuse behavior has spawned an upsurge or even the creation of a new industry in the marketing of remastered originals for those of us who liked the first time around for the majority of these movies and better yet maybe the proliferation of more TV channels like TCM.
    One can only hope.

  14. Not only Hollywood is going down the tubes by pushing the feminist agenda, but NASA is now pushing it too. I always watched the NASA channel on TV, but now most of the men have been replaced by women.


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