This city’s attack on the American Flag will leave you up in arms


The American Flag represents the beautiful republic we all call home, a symbol treasured by most Americans — especially U.S. veterans and active military.

Members of both parties used to respect the Flag and took pride in seeing Old Glory wave.

But how this one city is attacking the American Flag will leave you up in arms.

An RV company in Statesville, North Carolina is being sued by the city government for flying the American Flag in remembrance of veterans.

The city claims the flag is too large, and have fined them $50 a day for each day the flag waves.

To date, the fines have reached $11,000.

But Marcus Lemonis, the RV company’s CEO and chairman, isn’t fazed, telling reporters “I don’t care if it goes to $500 a day. It’s not coming down.”

Faithwire reports:

Gander RV, a Camping World location, has had the 40-by-80-foot flag flying outside their location as a salute to those that have served in the United States military.

Officials, on the other hand, seem more worried about enforcing the maximum flag size city code.

In October, the city of Statesville notified the RV company to tell them to take their flag down. According to WSOC, the city states that a flag cannot be more than 25-by-40 feet if it is flown 10 feet in distance from a highway.

When they refused to take the flag down, Statesville began to fine them $50 a day, which has now racked up to around $11,000.

Flying the American Flag shouldn’t be a crime in the country that stands for freedom.

Neither should remembering our veterans through a public expression of thanks.

This is just another attack from anti-American statists who hate liberty.

But we want to know what you think.

Should companies be forced to take down American Flags flown to remember veterans?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. Statesville, NC, this Tarheel thinks you oughta be ashamed for telling these folks to take down the American Flag! That’s terrible!!

  3. I think that the guy could put up a flag that is 25×40. That is large enough to be seen, and it would satisfy the city council. 25×40 is a very large flag. He is unreasonable. I like the flag. I have many small ones all over my house.
    Cities have rules for various things that need to be followed. Stop at red lights. Walk on the sidewalk, not in the street. Pick up your trash after a picnic in the park, etc.

  4. HCUA. Laws are made for a purpose. Please tell me the reasonable purpose of restricting the size of an American flag because it is in close
    proximity to a highway. It sounds very arbitrary to me. Unless the flag contributes to not bring safe , which I doubt, it sounds like a money making arbitrary law to me. No one should ever denigrate anyone who shows patriotism to America. I am sure the oversized flag was very expensive and was purchased for a reason

  5. A similar situation happened a few years ago in a neighboring town near me. A business located on a very busy major highway was told to remove their very large American flag.When they did not, the town officials told the police chief to serve them with an order demanding the business to take it down immediately, or they will be fined daily.The police chief ,being a veteran, flatly refused and told them,” if you want it down, YOU go tell them. I WILL NOT…I am happy to report, Old Glory is still flying…..
    I do not know what is happening to this great country of ours, but it’s truly frightening!! And it DOES NOT have anything to do with Trump being our president.Who is disrespected daily, by the media, the democrats and etc. No more prayers in schools.No more standing for the flag.Being ridiculed for having christian values.Being shown so much disrespect if you are a christian.Or as Clinton (and others) refer to us a Easter worshipers.Every day I read about another disturbing event happening. Thank God I grew up when I did.We were taught respect and love for our country and its values.I am truly saddened for all future generations to come.

  6. Maybe he should take his 40 x 50 flag down to abide by the city, now he can put up a 25 x 40 regulation size flag. I think a nice confederate battle flag would be in order.

  7. The council was not denigrating him, nor was I. You said it yourself: Laws are made for a purpose, as I explained quite clearly. Obey the law. He can still fly a flag. Criminy, it would be 25×40. That should satisfy anyone except the nitpickers. How does this law make money for someone?
    The law has probably been in place for decades. He just decided, willy-nilly, that he would be the one to break it. He could have gone to the city and discussed it, as a reasonable person should. They might have said yes.

  8. HCUA and Statesville, NC are obviously deluded by anti American, Communist thinking. Our flag SHOULD be noticed by our citizens. Some laws are ridiculous and should be disregarded through civil disobedience. This is one of them. As long as the flag DOES NOT impede traffic flow, what difference does the size make? As I stated, our flag SHOULD be noticed and respected. Move on to things that matter, like becoming an American citizen.

  9. There is a reason for you to stop at a RED light and NOT to walk in the street. But tell me the reason NOT to fly a flag of any size as long as it does not cause some problem with traffic or something like that.

  10. There is a car dealership near Daleville, Indiana that displays a similar large, high flying American Flag. It is such a pleasure to drive past that location, and no one in Delaware or Madison Counties would ever thing of insisting that it be removed. May it fly forever over the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  11. I spent 25 years in city government and the idiots in this particular town/city should be voted out of office and if it’s s town mgr or Bldg inspector he should be removed from his position! This flag of OURS should be honored not become a subject of negativity!

  12. An infestation of radical far-left political operatives in Statesville,NC!!! Citizens there should evict them from all elected offices!!!!

  13. well first off this article does not tell the truth. The city has not told them to take the flag down because they don’t want the flag flown. The city has told them to change it to a size that is considered safe that close to a major highway. There are cities all over the United States that have city ordinance just like this because of safety concerns of the flag coming loose and going across the highway and becoming a danger to cars and people. All they have to do is change the size of the flag and they’re free. But instead of doing that we have to twist this whole thing around and tell lies. And to Psalms that say these are stupid laws and they should be able to do anything they want well those laws are put there to protect you and your families. Let’s stop taking simple things with Simple Solutions out of context and blowing them up just to fit a different agenda.

  14. well first off this article does not tell the truth. The city has not told them to take the flag down because they don’t want the flag flown. The city has told them to change it to a size that is considered safe that close to a major highway. There are cities all over the United States that have city ordinance just like this because of safety concerns of the flag coming loose and going across the highway and becoming a danger to cars and people. All they have to do is change the size of the flag and they’re free. But instead of doing that we have to twist this whole thing around and tell lies. And to Psalms that say these are stupid laws and they should be able to do anything they want well those laws are put there to protect you and your families. Let’s stop taking simple things with Simple Solutions out of context and blowing them up just to fit a different agenda. Because it’s all set in a calculation that determines how far a flag will go once it comes loose from its attachments. Basically they don’t want it so big that can fly far enough to go over the highway and cover up cars and kill someone use some common sense

  15. that’s a very nice reply you made and I applaud the police chief for standing up for what he believes. But the fact is if there is a city ordinance citing safety concerns such as the ordinance on the size of the flag at a certain distance to a highway. If that flat comes loose from its attachments blows onto a highway covers a car and someone dies the owner of that property is open for a lawsuit they are liable for the damages in the death of those people that’s the law.

  16. This is America! We drive big cars, build big cars and airplanes, and our country is big – we also fly big flags that represent who we are. If burning the flag and disrespecting the flag at football games is protected free speech than flying big flags is so as well. Is there no lawyer to tell these aggressive progressive-regressive, communist, anti-American, apparatchik bureaucrats to step off and take a hike? Their very law that allows harassment of American citizens for flying their flag is unconstitutional and harassment. I am a veteran, and I cringe every time I hear the one phrase that has become a cliche without meaning, much like “have a nice day” when you leave a grocery store, or the airline counter after they just told you your flight was just canceled; that phrase is “thank you for your service”. If you want to honor those who have fallen defending your freedom and the right to fly the flag as well as the hardships us others endured so you could sleep in peace, barbecue, watch basketball, and football without every day fear for your lives show it by actions, not just words – talk is cheap! Vote in defense of America, and in defense of the Bill of Rights and the rest of our Constitution, educate your kids that their freedom and our country’s sovereignty was bought with the blood of millions and their actions and voting should reflect their debt of gratitude to help maintain the freedom others sweated, bled, and died for. Don’t let anyone disenfranchise huge swaths of our country by erasing the electoral college, or dilute their rights by letting illegal invaders decide the fate of our country.

  17. The key word is the AMERICAN FLAG and everyone of us should be proud of it I hope he doesn’t take it down. He has rights at least that’s how it use to be. Stay strong and defend OLD GLORY-God bless you.

  18. You can definently tell who are city officials by their comments. The American flags shouldn’t fall under any codes. I can understand if it was in a community of lots of houses but I have seen this flag. It is not around any houses and doesn’t interfere with anything.

  19. I agree. The size of the flag is free speech in that they are displaying their Patriotism and support of our military. This ordnance smacks of incrementalism – first control the size of the flag, then work your way to controlling if and when the flag can be displayed.

  20. My question in all this is, granting it is a large flag. Granted it could become untethered and be carried by the wind,but couldn’t a smaller one do the same? Discarded plastic and paper bags do, as do and number of either purposeful or accidental items . All sorts of items float around in the wind and can pose a driver to be startled and have an accident , but they are not fined on a daily basis until they are properly disposed of or made a different size. Why is thisflag an issue?

  21. I am a Canadian snowbird that spend my winter in Arizona and as a Canadian i am very proud to put on my lapel all the time an American Flag and I enjoy noticing some houses having the flag up. The flag represents all that a nation stands for, his people and history. A shame that an Institution, small as it may be, has that kind of policy imposed on his citizens instead of an encouraging one.

  22. As a Veteran of the USAF, (SAC) during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War and a staunch supporter of law and order, I only have one thing to say, change the ordinance or change City Hall.

  23. These are the same people who are trying to take this country down and be the ELITE RULERS of a new Soicalist/Communist party for America. GOD BORBID!!!

  24. Irene: I’m very sorry to say, you are probably correct. Where did THEY go so wrong? Ignorance? Cowardice?

  25. This flag is only an issue because the business has made it one. The size of ALL flags is a legitimate issue. If the owner were as patriotic as he claims, he would abide be a reasonable law.

  26. Why do you assume those who thank you for your service do not ALSO vote to defend America and protect the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Do I have to now say “Thank you for your service. I voted for _____ and gave to ____? My presumption is just the opposite. Those who care to say thank you have no other reasonable way to immediately show our appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy. I vote and give to support America and the freedoms others have fought for, so to you Sir and all Veterans…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

  27. You are absolutely correct. My late husband was also a veteran of the USAF during the Vietnam war and he was really angry when a business near us went through a similar situation. Their very large flag is still flying, regardless of the city ordinance. As long as the business now in question “routinely” checks that the flag is firmly secure, it shoudn’t matter its size.

  28. So true Peggy! I am really concerned for our country , especially if the democrats take complete control in 2020…..There is an old saying,” there are none so blind as those who will not see”.

  29. A flag that size is so heavy that it would take a 100 mph wind to blow it to the highway. Somebody in that city government office has to have more work to do.

  30. I fly three flags in my yard every day – United States, Texas, and Untied States Marine Corps. I sincerely hope that our city officials never come and say I have too many clean them up down to one. THERE WILL BE TROUBLE.. MARINE VETERAN!

  31. That is just splitting hairs because anything could happen in a storm when a tree falls on someone and kills them. Should we ban trees as a precaution? Some laws are so arbitrary and flawed people make them and some people just want to control others and when they are in a position to make the laws they make some stupid ones. We all know that traffic laws must be observed because they are for all of our safety but criminal laws seem to be enforced on an unequal basis by flawed judiciary.

  32. To paraphrase Charlton Heston, “They can have my flag when they pry it from my cold dead hands”. Wow, what have we become as a free country?

  33. You just started what is wrong with our country. Society has turned from God and Country. Get the book America and Britain In Prophecy by David C. Pack. He explains what is happening in our country from what the Bible tells us. I promise you will be shocked at the accuracy and history he has studied to write this book. We must repent or we are going to see horrible things very soon.

  34. Remove the jerks from office and continue to fly the flag with honor. The people who object to our symbolism should find another country to live in and see who defends their rights and freedoms.

  35. Sounds like the crummy city of Statesville NC has forgotten why they are allowed to even exist! It sounds like they are predominantly another leftist stronghold trying to destroy good peoples lives with their un American tactics! The present bunch of fake leaders should be run out of town and replaced with people that support the laws of the United States nd the rules of common sense. Someone needs to publish the names of these detractors of our American flag so they can’t hide their disrespect and to make sure they never hold office again! DISGUSTING!

  36. Dave: Statesville is not even the worst. In Dunedin FL, you will be fined $500.00 per day for the same “offense” or for any minor issues such as an uncut lawn or watering on the wrong day or a hole in the mosquito screen or displaying a string of Christmas lights over 30 days.

  37. If they don’t like the American flag, then let them go to Red China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and all the other trashy countries that hate us!And spend the liberal, communist, Queer, progressives money to get them there!GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  38. The City fathers need to be replaced. As citizens you can put together a petition to REMOVE them and then hold a new election.

  39. It has gotten to be ridiculous — minority opinions attacking and controlling the majority. Keep that flag flying!

  40. 40×80 or 25×40… either of them blows across the roadway would likely cause the same problems.

    This is a case of FREEDOM of expression and more. I spent 21+ years in the USAF and served in Vietnam, and did both voluntarily at a time when the draft was in full swing. Today, as a result of exposure to Agent Orange, I am 100% disabled. That was my reward for defending the rights of ALL Americans. I never picked out which parts of the Constitution I would defend, nor which people.

    The left has been pushing hard to erode our rights for decades. It is time Americans demanded their full rights be restored and that Americans come before illegals.

  41. You don’t have to say anything unless you really mean it. Those for whom this was intended were people like the members of this city council who feel the need to legislate all aspects of others lives in spite of the Bill of Rights for which we fought. It was intended for those who say it because their company makes them say it, or who say it because it is what you do on Veteran’s Day, or Memorial Day, just a phrase without meaning. It was intended for those for whom Memorial Day is just a holiday for barbecues and sales. More important than to thank us who made it home alive is to remember the price that was paid by those who didn’t and that this is a debt for them that comes with an obligation not to let the Constitution, and freedom they fought and died for to be given away for a few tchotchke handouts by some greedy, conniving politicians bent on destroying this country instead of defending it. In the Bible only one man is recorded as a man that God hated, it is Esau who gave away his birthright for a bowl of stew.

  42. I think the city can go pound sand. The Supreme Court has ruled that burning a flag is free speech. If that’s so, than flying a flag of any size is also free speech. The city loses based on the First Amendment. Now if they want to try to get 3/4 of the states to agree with them, then they can change the amendment. Otherwise, they need to go fly a kite.

  43. I can’t see anything wrong with flying that size flag. But I see a lot of right. When I see an American flag flying, my heart reacts. I am so proud to be an American.

  44. Same in Clackamas, Oregon. Motorcycle Sales company flies huge American flag & it’s maybe 500’ from a major highway. It’s such a beautiful sight to me, I smile every time I drive by!

  45. I think it is awesome that they want to remember the veterans & those that fought for this country. Keep that flag up.

  46. This website is just clickbait. What part of, the flag is too big, don’t you understand? Nothing at all to do with being anti America, just following the law, something right wingers used to care about until the little criminal dee trump and his crime family took over the White House.

  47. I doubt the story, but even if true the worst thing is the cowardly draft dodger hugging the flag like he loves the country. The egomaniac only loves himself, he is incapable in even care about his family, just money, adulation and feeding his lust and greed.

  48. I think that I am the only one here that knows this story.
    The city where Donald Trump lives in Florida told him that a flagpole on his property had to be just a certain height above the ground to fly the flag in front of his house. They said that the pole was too tall and the flag broke the local law.He wanted it to be seen, so, he had a hill built in front of his house, cut the size of the pole, put it on the hill, put up the flag, and it still could be seen from a good distance.
    If Mr. Trump can follow the law, and outsmarting the city, why can’t the lawbreaker here follow the law?
    Geez, a 25×40 flag would be bigger than my house.

  49. You tell them Marcus! I love you! Sue them back for damages! These sickos need to move to Venezuela and then let them starve in the streets. I am at the point that I despise all these stupid democraps and traitors to America and disrespect our Flag and values. Marcus, sue them!

  50. Hey Eric, you are a jerk of the liberal kind. I will bet that you have never served this country and probably never held a job of any importance either. YOu probably have never even helped anyone besides yourself either. You are a sad representation of an American. Why don’t you go elsewhere? Go waa waa in Mexico or Venezuela and starve your lazy ass off there.

  51. The flag size ordinance stems from Statesville city council had a problem with Confederate flags popping up. They restricted the size and all flags are included.
    It would appear the RV place is in violation. I understand both points. However, the only legal solution to fly a flag of this size is to work to have the law changed.

  52. If it was a muslim flag, size wouldn’t matter because Muslims can’t be offended. This is one of the stupidest, if not the most stupid, thing I have heard of. Move away, close shop, relocate. When these idiots see the jobs going away, they’ll be on their knees begging not to go away.

  53. Fly the American Flag High & with PRIDE. My husband is a Viet Nam Vet, My brother’s & His Brother’s were Viet Nam Vets, My Son-in-Law was in Desert Shield & Desert Storm. If anyone is offended by OUR FLAG, then leave OUR COUNTRY, I will gladly help you pack. OUR FLAG STANDS FOR OUR FREEDOM & WHAT OUR MEN & WOMEN DIED PROTECTING. FREEDOM ISN’T FREE SOMEONE PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE WITH THEIR LIFE & TO SPIT ON OUR FLAG OR BURN IT JUST INFURIATES ME TO NO END, & football players that knelt & with fist in the air, they all need to be fired. I saw this on a Tee Shirt “I THINK A MAN WITH A HELMET DEFENDING OUR COUNTRY SHOULD MAKE MORE MONEY THAN A MAN WITH A HELMET DEFENDING A FOOTBALL”

  54. That company is flying our NATIONAL ENSIGN. They shouldn’t need any reason to properly fly it and someone should explain to North Carolina that the civil war has been over for quite a long time. A lot of people have given all they have to give while defending the flag, our Constitution and our country. So those tar heels would do well to leave people alone to show their patriotism.

  55. I served 12 years ! One tour in Vietnam! I love the FLAG TOO!! Fly one as BIG AS YOU CAN !!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!

  56. Clickbait ???Is that another made up word you IDIOTIC LIBERALS MADE UP ?? I BET YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE NUTS THAT WATCH. CNN or MSNBC !

  57. I concur! I served 3 years during ‘Nam (no combat) in the Combat Engineers and if I saw someone disrespecting or abusing it, I’d tie ’em to the tree of woe.

  58. As an old veteran I say, “Show the colors, stand up straight and sing the National Anthem loud so those who gave all they had to give for this country just might hear it. And who gives a damn how we sound as long as we let the world know we respect our flag?” My generation served under that flag and left a left a lot of friends and shipmates behind when we came home in 1945. So a little respect should be shown for our National Ensign. If someone wants to fly it properly so be it.

  59. I see no reason to say that this town or it’s council is Anti American, but I guess if you break the law there will be someone who will always back the law breakers.
    Maybe the real question before accusing them of anti American sentiments maybe ask why they have a law that restricts flag size in proximity to a highway.

  60. I think it’s time for the real Americans in Statesville ,NC . too run the flag haters out of the city ….It’s supposed too represent what this country is about and stands for .. must be a bunch of liberals making the demands …we have flags in Virginia that big and no ones objects too it..

  61. The Flag is the soul of our country. Millions have paid the ultimate price for this Flag that represents the greatest country in the world. Those morons that are member of the council or member of the commies group should GFO!!! God bless this Flag which honors our heroes that did not have the chance to come back!!

  62. I agree, no where does it say they CAN’T fly a FLAG, they are just saying not one that large. What they DON’T say is how close to the highway is the flag pole, is the flag at times blowing across the highway.
    But I guess some would complain if anyone flew a flag that size on a really really tall flagpole near an airport also calling it Anti American if they were asked to take it down!
    99.9999% of the time I would agree that the city and its council is being petty ( not anti American per se ), but without all the facts I’m not sure how anyone can determine what is actually going on.

  63. Not sure how your last line applies to this situation, but it seems to me every time one side yells “Freedom of Speech” it’s to shut the other side down from exercising their right to the same.
    I’m wondering did you react the same way when the Supreme Court ruled that throwing the flag to the ground, spitting on it, urinating on it or burning it to be an expression of free speech also?

  64. Are we sure by only reading one sides article that it’s not thier real reason.
    Most articles like this now a days is to do no more than incite people to anger.

  65. I’m not sure those who have told him to take it down because of the size are anti American. I’m sure they did their homework as to what size flag would not cause serious injury to passing motorists if it came down.
    I’m not sure, although I will say they look great, that a battalion flag should be flown outside of a military installation.
    But after reading so many answers saying fly it as big as you can, they are missing the point … the city has an ordinance saying how big you can. Anything different is unlawful and one would think someone trying to show their Pride and Patriotism would follow regulations.

  66. The city council will be voting on the flag next month. They said they only need 2 votes to keep it up and flying. The flag is not coming down is what lemons said on the 31st of May he was here in Statesville that Friday. Let’s keep the flag flying high. From what I heard there was over 200 thousand that signed the petition to keep the flag up

  67. First you made them take down The Confederate flags , Now you want to take our Flags down, Guess you want to fly the Muslim flag in it’s place.. Time the true Americans make a stand

  68. People who don’t like our flag, no matter
    what size is it, they are America haters.
    Size of the flag is just their excuse to take it
    If you don’t like our country, get out!!!

  69. If a City or Town Government can not support our Flag then they should not receive any Federal or State Monetary Aide !

  70. I agree with you. I’m proud of our flag. As the tee shirt says I salute the flag and kneel at the cross. City in north caroline should live by those words and not be politically correct. If the city governors disagree with our flag please go to another country.

  71. My reply further on was ment for larry ashby but it somehow got down on someone else’s. I think your comment is BS.

  72. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal Muslim pedophilia demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  73. After 31 years of military service. I feel that every one has the right fly anything they want, if they are honorable. I fly my Confederate Flag right along side the other American Flag most of the time when I’m home. Every one should have the right to express their constitutional rights not just the left, or the Democrats or the crybabys, or LLDBs.

  74. The flag is our countries sign of freedom and everyone must be aloud to fly the flag. But, they are not telling them not to fly a flag, only to observe and respect the law as much as they respect the flag, and honor the restrictions of size of the flag, to protect safety. Fly a smaller flag close and fly the larger flag at a safe distance away from a highway. Problem solved.


  76. If you don’t love this great United States of America, it’s flag, our brave Veterans and the freedoms they fought for; then get the heck out of this nation. We don’t need the bull crap y’all try to push on the ones who actually love America, Christianity, and family values. Y’all come to this country and y’all just want to change it. Well, it is AMERICA and you either adapt and assimilate or go back to where you came from if you love your country so much. Just don’t try to change our country, our laws and way of life. And if you were born here, then get the heck out if you can’t deal with our flag and our ways. Nuff said

  77. If you don’t love this great United States of America, it’s flag, our brave Veterans and the freedoms they fought for; then get the heck out of this nation. We don’t need the bull crap y’all try to push on the ones who actually love America, Christianity, and family values. Y’all come to this country and y’all just want to change it. Well, it is AMERICA and you either adapt and assimilate or go back to where you came from if you love your country so much. Just don’t try to change our country, our laws and way of life. And if you were born here, then get the heck out if you can’t deal with our flag and our ways. Nuff said

  78. Rick: I think the city is trying to exert their supposed authority. One way would be to counter sue on the grounds their ordinance was besides stupid, limiting the expression of the first amendment rights Americans have.


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