This bombshell study just exposed Academia for who they really are


America’s college campuses have been dominated by Leftist professors for years.

It’s a big reason why students seemingly spend more time protesting conservative speakers or setting up “safe spaces” than learning.

But this new study exposed the extent of Leftist brainwashing and it’s worse than anyone could have imagined.

A recent study published in the journal Springer nature titled “Homogenous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty” just proved Academia is overwhelmed with Democrats.

The study showed 39% of top tier liberal arts colleges are stuffed with Democrats at the Ph.D.-holding level and have ZERO Republicans.

Further, of the remaining 61% of colleges, there are “slightly more than zero percent” Republicans.

In all, the study found that nearly 8-in-10 academic departments in the sample have “either zero Republicans or so few as to make no difference.”

The study says:

In this article I offer new evidence about something readers of Academic Questions already know: The political registration of full-time, Ph.D.-holding professors in top-tier liberal arts colleges is overwhelmingly Democratic. Indeed, faculty political affiliations at 39 percent of the colleges in my sample areRepublican free—having zero Republicans. The political registration in most of the remaining 61 percent, with a few important exceptions, is slightly more than zero percent but nevertheless absurdly skewed against Republican affiliation and in favor of Democratic affiliation. Thus, 78.2 percent of the academic departments in my sample have either zero Republicans, or so few as to make no difference.

My sample of 8,688 tenure track, Ph.D.–holding professors from fifty-one of the sixty-six top ranked liberal arts colleges in the U.S. News 2017 report consists of 5,197, or 59.8 percent, who are registered either Republican or Democrat. The mean Democratic-to-Republican ratio (D:R) across the sample is 10.4:1, but because of an anomaly in the definition of what constitutes a liberal arts college in the U.S. News survey, I include two military colleges, West Point and Annapolis. If these are excluded, the D:R ratio is a whopping 12.7:1.

When you take out Military Colleges, for every one Republican professor, there are 13 Democrats.

This gives new meaning to a “liberal” arts education.

Conservative professors live in fear of expressing their views on campus.

If they’re found out as having the “wrong” political opinions, it could cost them their job.

Meanwhile, college administrations turn a blind eye to openly Marxist professors.

Fox News recently reported that more than 100 Dartmouth College faculty members signed a letter defending violent Antifa protesters.

During the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, Georgetown University Professor Christine Fair called for his murder.

And faculty like University of Mary Washington President Ana Mari Cauce, are using their positions to lead anti-Trump “resistance” protests.

What do you think of the state of America’s colleges today?

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  2. The people liking these liberal,progressive, fascist professors are not followers, but LEMMINGS, and each professor can be classified as a Pied Piper. Very sad.

  3. It’s quite obvious from the indoctrination of students, in lieu of an education, theyve been infecting the minds of our future leaders with their garbage! They’ve done such a good job at rewriting history & making students believe they need to apologize to the world for living in this Great Land that they’ve now been able to make sure that elementary education and jr & sr high school education has now been traded for the same left wing indoctrination.

  4. It is little surprise that the condition of the political culture in our colleges and universities is an outgrowth of the radical 60’s generation who’s professors have filled academia with their now misguided anti-establishment and anti-American indoctrination of students. Moreover it is the result of 100 years of the Progressive’s use of Atheist Saul Alinsky’s playbook to take over the educational system and warp thinking to the far left…in other words, towards Marxism.
    No one who truly cares about America and our history, our Republic, and Western Democracy should send their young adult to one of the colleges that indoctrinates and produces non-critical thinkers.
    Remove federal funding from these schools.
    Footnote: Hilary Clinton was formerly a young conservative, and was personally introduced to Alinsky, wherein she changed her political focus. You think the present educational system is the problem; it goes way back. God help us.

  5. A sea change is coming in a tidal wave. People are tired of being pushed around by these cuck sockers.

  6. What you have here is a classic example of ‘revenge of the slugs.’ Those who can’t make it in business or other professions gravitate to academia and hire their like kind. Go on today’s campuses and what you see are country clubs where communists can live like capitalists at others’ expense.

  7. In my career as a Project Leader/Systems Analyst I’ve only kept one college graduate. The rest all washed out.
    Why? Late for work most days, NEVER in the office at noon, are already at the restaurant! Usually leave work before five. Instead of developing per specifications, they come back with “How about we do it this way” after spending the week changing the approved specifications! And this was with a project scheduled to be finished in 30 man hours! I just fired him on the spot. Their attitude is, “I have a degree, so you should do it my way!”, when they have zero job experience. Like you have an architect draw up plans for your house, and these kids want to built it how they think it should be done. NUTS! I could hire a farmers son, with zero experience, and could get more done. At least they know how to work and follow directions.

  8. And Hillary was fired from her first job at the law firm. Now she has millions, much from her daughter’s family, as she is married to Mr. George Soros grandson. I read her work was poor, and she was disbarred.
    Amazing how she made so much money, but I can’t find one item I would consider an “Accomplishment”. Like her statement, “I flew millions of miles as Secretary of State”!
    Chicago sure has a reputation. Each Governor serves two terms, one as governor the one in prison! I read that last year there were 3,561 people shot, at a cost of almost $200,000,000! I lived in Detroit back in the 1970’s when the population was 1.8 million. Today it is down to 673,000! Way to go Democrats!

  9. A neighbor is almost age 60, she has a college degree in psychology, and still works for $10/hour!
    She says, ” I have a degree, I am “ENTITLED” to a good paying job!” I just keep quiet, that is how she thinks.
    Shows what she learned in college.

  10. No surprises. Academia is broken down with biases, hatred and reverse racism. The Civil Rights Act 1964 is, to a good degree, responsible. Why? It destroyed our meritocracy and created our present idiocracy. Sad. People born after maybe 1955 or so don’t even know what I am talking about, thanks to all above stated or implied reasons.

  11. Maybe conservatives should earn more advanced degrees and apply for lower-paying academic jobs. Except it is too low of pay for them; they would get paid more if they sold out and worked for conservative groups and made up junk that conservatives want to hear or can handle. But what usually happens as you gain knowledge, is that you realize the scientific evidence shows most conservative positions (like climate change denial, the Quantum One garbage, the Illuminati conspiracy, the misinformation about minorities and women, are NOT TRUE and so you can’t be hoodwinked any more, and become more left leaning – – – you know, the people that respect FACTS, empirical results. Like the research that shows immigrants from south of our border have LOWER rates of crime than those born in America!

  12. “scientific evidence”? You obviously have not the slightest understanding of it. Climate change is a natural phenomenon that has been going on for billions of years. The sticking point is the question “how much change are we causing?” Every computer model’s predictions have been proven wrong and most avid “we’re doing it”
    promoters have a vested financial interest – e.g., Al Gore; whose panic movies have been so far off as to be ludicrous. “Climate Change by Us” people are mostly looking for fat grants to do ‘climate research’.
    Your other points are just as asinine. Your view of ‘truth’ is twisted completely out of shape by your obvious
    biases. Perhaps you need a few courses in epistemology and formal logic.

  13. I absolutely agree with Steven above! Defund Public Colleges. DO NOT DONATE A PENNY TO ANY COLLEGE THAT HAS THIS KIND OF AGENDA. AND GO TO YOUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND SIT IN THE CLASSROOMS AND LISTEN! Save your children/grandchildren from the Brain Washers. Get on School Boards to stop this nonsense!


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