This bill in Nancy Pelosi’s backyard forces churches to embrace homosexuality in the worst way possible


The state of California is home for Nancy Pelosi and some of the worst ideas of the radical LGBT movement.

But this new bill may be the worst yet.

If this bill passes, churches will be forced to embrace the LGBT movement in the worst way possible.

The LGBT movement has traditionally set their sights on public education and the media as their method of forcing the public to accept their deviant lifestyles.

But recently, they’ve crept their way into churches that are susceptible to radical leftwing ideology.

However, many churches have stood strong and resisted these efforts.

Which is why LGBT activists are now simply attempting to force every church to embrace the LGBT movement by law.

A bill currently in the California state legislature would force churches to affirm homosexuality and cease teaching that it is a sin.

CBN News reports:

The California State Assembly has passed a resolution telling pastors to affirm homosexuality in violation of their biblical beliefs.

Assemblyman Evan Low and three dozen other lawmakers pushed the resolution in the state Assembly Judiciary Committee that’s aimed at telling religious leaders in California what they should preach from their pulpits.

The measure passed this week, thanks in part to the help of Dr. Kevin Mannoia, Azusa Pacific University chaplain and the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Liberty Counsel says Mannoia “has become a prop for the LGBT agenda by directing pastors and counselors to reject biblical views of sexuality and deny counseling for those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion.”

It does not take a trained theologian or an ordained preacher to determine that this resolution is not in accordance with God’s Word in any way, shape, or form.

Nor does it take someone with a law degree to see this bill is not compliant with the First Amendment of the Constitution.

But liberals like Nancy Pelosi and her cronies that fill the California State Assembly don’t care about either the Bible or the Constitution.

They are intent on shoving the radical LGBT agenda down the throat of every Christian no matter what it takes.

But this time they’ve gone too far.

Christian leaders are beginning to organize to condemn the bill, but it may not be enough to stop California from passing it.

Do you think Christians should be forced to teach the LGBT agenda?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. These sick freaks can try to force us to accept their perversion, but I never will, nor do I have to. They cannot force us what to think or believe. They are nothing but bullies. God is in charge and He will have the last word. They will never be able to fight God.

  3. Absolutely ridiculous. The LGBT is out of control screaming about their rights, and yes they do have rights. They have the right to remain silent and keep their way of life to themselves

  4. This is “separation of church and state” in this whole thing. They shove it down our throats constantly. They talk out of both sides if their mouths!

  5. I’m a Kratz stand for what God stands against anyone with a brain cell can you see that why are there so many sickos in this world following Satan and his ways we have religious freedom in America it is our choice to support or not to support something that goes against our religious beliefs and Nancy Pelosi pull your head out of your ass and catch a breath of fresh air your own city is sinking in Sin and human excrement must really suck to be you to live in a place that you yourself have destroyed trying to force your beliefs on others I hope they run you out of town on a rail and throw you in the bay

  6. Shove it where the sun does not shine and choke on it, along with your group of perverts that are full of crap.

  7. We now must change the name from California to Nazifornia. They are trying to force people to become perverts just like them.

  8. I cannot imagine how and/or why the seemingly “LGB” crowd would want to associate with the “T” factor. After all, the ultimate goal and end result of the entire “transgender agenda” (for males, at least) happens to be castration, dismemberment and vivisection. This kind of thing is tantamount to murder.

  9. California is getting more and more perverse every day. Over there it alright to drop your pants and defecate and urinate in the street, even if it is right in front of people trying to eat at an outdoor café. You can shoot up and dump your used needles in the gutters. You can smoke dope right out in the open without any legal ramifications. BUT, you cannot vape in public. Now Biblical thinking Christians will be forced by law to disregard hundreds of years of teachings and go against their Christian beliefs. I just hope that when the time comes all good Christians will vacate California, because God will not be kind at all in His treatment of the state. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah.

  10. Anyone whose statement of faith, corporate or personal states that the Bible is the inspired Word of the Creator and our source of faith and practice should welcome the state passage of this bill as a step toward appeal eventually to the US Supreme Court to settle the unconstitutionality of such an egregious breach of the constitutional ban against any law that would abridge the freedom of religious practice nor the freedom of speech. This is embodied in the very first amendment to the Constitution. The first duty of state legislators is to protect the freedoms embodied in the constitution and should be a litmus test for all who seek statewide political office.

  11. There is no answer they yell and scream insults and act as though what they do is right in the eyes of the Lord.

  12. The wall that President Trump wants to build meeds to be built further East around California, Oregon, and Washington. Let theses three form their own perverted country. They should name it Sodom and Gomora and let God deal with them.

  13. This is another attempt to gain votes!
    That’s all.
    PELOSI doesn’t give a dam about THE LGBTQ!
    Anyone with any comments sence
    Would not discuss , teach, enforce education about LGBTQ .

  14. It is a sad day when members of Congress have no respect for the Bible and just disregard the protection under our Constitution

  15. The left is so offended by everything the right has to say what about our offense I am offended by the abuse of the left and the LGBT using gods rainbow as a flag to support something God stands strongly against what about my rights what about my being offended are there anybody else out there who feels the same way I do please voice your opinion on this blog those snowflakes are so offended at any little thing they can twist to use against anybody they disagree with about time everybody else turn the offense back on them who are offending us and our beliefs

  16. Only in California! Nanny goat, by the looks of “things”, you will all too soon get your chance to meet St Peter ( you may remember him from Catechism class back in the 20’s). Nancy, you got some ‘splaining to do! GOOD NEWS; you will likely get to keep your freaky LGBTQ constituency.BAD NEWS; no room for you past those gates. I sincerely hope that the remaining Christian Church leadership in California keeps their spine and comply to their HIGHER CALLING and NOT their friends in LOW places.

  17. True bible believing Christians will not kowtow to this. They cannot… will not go against the teaching of the bible. They truly believe in Jesus, and there are other books in history account for Jesus existence as well. God is their priority and following the mandates of God is of the utmost importance. Christians are not stopping gays from being gay. They recognize it is each persons choice in life to live as they wish. They just do not agree with it based on the biblical teaching that a man should not lay with a man. And their are several other scriptures regarding homosexuality as well. This country does not realize how good they have it. I would be much harder for gays to exist in other countries peacefully.

  18. Look, there is nobody in this entire 315 million person country who is more against this gay crap than me. But I am reading this article and I’m just not seeing it!

    First of all there is a Mount Everest sized difference between a resolution and a bill that is to become law.

    Declaring “Flag Day” is a resolution passed by the US Congress. It’s not a federally observed holiday which would take a bill that gets turned into a law.

    So all of the left-wing liberal congressman have basically put together a suggestion on a piece of paper. That is of course a flaming left-wing suggestion and thereby disgusting, vile, and filthy. But it’s not a law.

    When you break a law, there are always penalties for breaking it. This article does not tell us that there are any penalties for any Reverends, Preachers or Priests or Vicars or Rabbis or Imams who don’t want to go along with it.

    It’s probably just some resolution that was put out there for their queer month.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, this is dangerous. This is how the slippery slope starts. I’m not trying to minimize it but what I am trying to say is that this is poor reporting in this story and it was clickbait.

  19. God is not done with California and will have the last laugh. As for me, it will be a cold day in hell before I preach any sexual sin is okay, Weather it’s adultery, fornication or perversion of the lgbt community. Prison ministry will come first and then we’ll get them saved and healed and delivered and they’ll fight against such garbage. Pray for California and let’s win it back in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord we repent for the sins of our nation and the state of California, have mercy and not judgement and heal our land. Church arise and destroy the work of the enemy. God save the USA

  20. May a State Legislature make law which goes against the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights? What will the Courts do with this winger*? (*Winger: An oversized nose booger.)

  21. This is what the founders were afraid when they gave us freedom of religion. This is the government establishing a religion

  22. What most people don’t know is that obama placed dozens of “alphabet people” activists in high places of government most of which were responsible for school curriculum. They will try to change society’s perception through children. It will take longer for them to see their desired results but they’re trying to cover all bases. I don’t think the alphabet people will ever be able to legislate churches preaching that sin and perversion is acceptable, or normal. I’ve said it before, that if something doesn’t change soon God will have to repent for Sodom and Gomorrah and I’m quite sure that won’t happen.

  23. Do you suppose we could see San Francisco go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah if this becomes law?

  24. It was only a matter of time before the alphabet soup groups tried to force their agenda on pastors and churches. A battery of lawsuits is in order.

  25. You don’t have to tell California to go to hell, GOD will tell them, a send them.????????????????????????????????

  26. The problem in America is not the Christians the problem in America is the extreme left trying to force their perversions on the rest of the world to create their world Satan’s world and God will soon send them to their hell the world they are trying to create but this is America we are God’s chosen country let’s stand strong for God’s beliefs and God’s ways let’s throw these people out of public office let’s put an end to the LGBT movement once and for all if it truly was not just a pervert and view it would also state LGBTS and include the straight people let’s let them know once and for all God created the rainbow for gods people as a sign he will never flood the earth again what a shame in a perversion for the gay community to slap God in the face with his own symbol God will get back at them and their little world they are creating will go to the pits of hell with them

  27. God doesn’t have to repent for anything no matter what you say! There are more than 10 righteous in every city in the USA, but the enemy using media and politicians is trying to destroy the USA. God will have the last laugh. Can’t blame the world, it’s normal for them and you can’t blame God. The Church needs to wake up and fight against the powers of darkness.
    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
    2 Chronicles. 7:14

  28. Will you destroy the righteous with the wicked Abraham asked God? and God delivered Lot and his family. God put me here to to confront the enemy, so are you wanting to send us all to hell. As the Lord told Peter when he said, shall we call fire down from heaven? Jesus said, you don’t know what spirit you are of. Our battle is not with flesh and blood, so get into spiritual authority, fight against satan and his demons and quit trying to destroy the image and likeness of God in whom we were made into.
    James 3:9-10 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.
    Get more in the word Johnny. Be blessed.

  29. California is satans home ground. And pelosi is his bride. California needs to keep their perverted way and ideas in that hell hole and everyone else can live a Christian life and not being told what to think or believe

  30. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the people and all that dwell therein. are you giving the state of California to the devil after God said everything in the earth is the Lord’s. God is not done and there have been more moves of God in California then any place in the world. Why do you think satan hates it so much? Stop being on the defensive and start going on the offensive to take back everything the enemy has stolen.

  31. Open our eyes & ears please Lord JESUS!
    we have to wake up to JESUS & not back down & let these people know that we love Almighty God & follow his commandments! people please pay attention to what’s happening to our country! devil is trying to destroy us little by little! we need to call on Almighty God & put on our Armor! I’m shined up & ready for the devil’s fight against Christianity! JESUS loves me & I love JESUS! Praise be to Almighty God! God bless America!

  32. What an embarrassment! Everytime something comes up about California, I cringe! You know if it nonsensical bullcrap! How is it they can force anything on the churches? This will not go well, wish the radical left liberals would just fall in a hole and never crawl out, they have gone completely loony! Definitely they have lost their minds!

  33. Still waiting for California to break off and slide into the sea. It was said a long time ago that was going to happen………still waiting!

  34. What’s next, the police Church SWAT UNIT surveillance of all church’s and the arrest of Ordained Clergy with the parishioners,being hauled away in Church Criminal Unit Paddy Wagons. The destruction of all bibles, replaced by the new Pelosi Bible of Political Correctness. Churches, will now have Weed Breaks and alcohol availability, while watching the new perversions, protected by new laws and used as a training tool. This is California’s offer of Utopian Life styles.

  35. We enter the Twilight Zone where nothing is what it was only a few months ago. The constitutionality of this proposal, if adopted as law, is certainly a big question. This is the government “demanding and requiring” a religious position, both eliminating free speech, and interfering with religious practice. This would be like forcing Synagogues and Mosques that they must proclaim “Jesus Christ” as their savior. Personally I believe that, but have no right under the US Constitution enact legislation to make that proclamation or turn it into a law.

  36. What ever happened to the days when being a homosexual or having gender dysphoria brought about the element of SHAME, rather than “pride”? This is part of the reason that America will NEVER be great again until we return to the morality we had prior to the 1960’s.

  37. I guarantee you that Pelosi’s Perversion gets a pass when it comes to ISLAM!!! Sure, send a few flashy tranny types to a mosque and see if they emerge alive.

  38. David, I believe that anything proposed that is Conservative, would be considered as Illegal by the Leftist Supremacy and anything they put on their menu, we should accept without question. As for the Constitutionality question, I believe, Freedom Of Religion, encompasses your question. We will see how that plays with the Islamists, who are getting a free pass in our country.

  39. If separation of church and state are dominating politics, there is no validity of any state order for church message content. Period. First amendment is clear in prohibiting the state from controlling religious preaching.

  40. There is no winning while the Leftists control the country, they destroy everything civil in their way. It only took eight years for the Manchurian Candidate to destroy some of the foundations this country was founded on. Now we have had a attempt to unseat a President, thinking that they would finish the job with the Pantsuit in the power seat. She failed and now we have those who will be facing treason charges and a Attorney General Barr and a President Trump that will not allow them to get away with Treason. We will see Palosi fail at some time in disgrace also in the future.

  41. I think the Rev. needs to get historical accounts correct . It was not Peter who suggested that fire be called down from heaven it was James and John the suns of Thunder and the reason they were asking if they should call fire down from heaven was because people were hurling stones at them. When you deal with the book of James we must realize that it is God the Holy Spirit who has cursed the sexual immorality in Leviticus and again in Romans , Ephesians Galatians and Timothy . All scripture is God breathed. God is the one who makes judgments. He is the one who condemns this sin not The church or the Christian or Jew it is the inspiration of the word of God by the Holy Spirit . I would be very careful due to the fact when one says that it is man and not God they put themselves in danger of Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Making the statement and using the scripture out of context is dangerous. Sometimes one needs to listen to the Words of Christ , I do not condemn you , but my word shall condemn you that means all of scripture is a book not only of encouragement , but it can be a word of conviction, a teaching of doctrine . The word of God is to help us to grow and learn about God and his wisdom and his commands which desire our obedience. There is a way that seemeth right unto a man , but the end is death. Think of that in this death is not just physical death , but also means separation from God which is spiritual death.

  42. A second thought , God does rain on the good and bad . The trouble is that most people yet to understand that some of God ‘s judgment is the destruction by fire and financial destruction and divide . How many fires has California had ? How much debt is California in how divided is California politically? These are question that need one to see that judgment has already begun in California and in other states where their has been rebellion of God’s commands. God permits things to try and wake people up to their fall and a need to return to Him. If the Californians want to continue in Baal and Pagan worship then they will find the doors sealed just as they were in Noah’s time and it will be to late.

  43. All Christian churches should get Federal Help and just move out of California.Their buildings would become Federal Property.Churches can start New Residence in any of the Normal States.Leave California to the Tumble weed.

  44. This issue can’t possibly be that important to her unless she is being threatened in some way. The Bible says it is sin, so it is sin. We ought to obey God rather than man.

  45. This bill is in clear violation of separation of church and state. Liberals argue church-state separation prevents theocracy and gives us freedom *from* religious tyranny. Conservatives argue (the other side of the coin!), that one of the reasons the founding fathers established the principle of separation of church and state was to prevent government (and I would add nonparishioners in general) from interfering in ecclesiastical affairs. (Like whether the FOLK program should be expanded into a formal laity!)

  46. Is there not still a separation of Church and State ? They can not make a Church do any thing !

  47. The LGBTs are going to HELL anyway … their perversion is a mill stone around their necks !

  48. Also note just like the LGBT right now are being moved around the country to spread the Democrat vote where the Democrats think they will be needed so are the illegal aliens with their illegal IDs been told to register and acquire new ideas using their phone he wants and register to vote at the same time the 2020 election is been rigged by the left and the LGBT community is also part of it

  49. Okay, I spoke out my head without looking up the scripture. Here’s the accurate account.
    Luke 9:51-56 Now it came to pass, when the time had come for Him to be received up, that He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem, and sent messengers before His face. And as they went, they entered a village of the Samaritans, to prepare for Him. But they did not receive Him, because His face was set for the journey to Jerusalem. And when His disciples James and John saw this, they said, “Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, just as Elijah did?” But He turned and rebuked them, and said, “You do not know what manner of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them.” And they went to another village.
    Where does it say they were about to stone them?
    And your right about the Holy Spirit. I’ve been blessed to be filled and lead by the Holy Spirit for the last 39 years but I’m still a work in progress letting the Holy Spirit change me from glory to glory into the same image of Christ.
    Romans 8:28-30 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.
    Have a blessed life Harold❤️????????✝️????????

  50. Well said. I don’t care what you do, what religion you embrace, what color you are or what your way of life embraces. Just don’t shove it in my face because I’m going to shove right back!

  51. The Bible says man will destroy himself and Isreal will stand alone so that being said you are witnessing the destruction of America and the beginning of the end

  52. And we now have record crop failures all over the world. Truly a sign of the end times. And man still rebels against God Almighty. May God bless his believers who have accepted Christ Jesus as their personal Savior. To the unrighteous. You will definitely reap what you have sown. You have gotten nowhere. And will live in utter agony for ETERNITY. Something you cannot even Imagine. Sad.

  53. These people, evidently, never studied history!
    T hey are trying to force their sick mindset on America, which means that they don’t care if they are putting America in jeopardy of ending up like the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah which were completely destroyed by God for their refusal to obey His Commandments by misusing His pro-life creation plan using 1 man and 1 woman!!!

  54. You are correct. It was Adam and Eve. It was not Adam and Steve, nor was it Amy and Eve.

  55. The battle of good and evil is on God is getting ready to issue his mark Time to sort out good from evil And evil cannot resist showing its ugly head and boy is it showing it is a shame that it seems to be coming from the Democrat party who seems to stand for what God stands against and tries to impose gay lesbian and transgender into God’s church is definitely a sign of the end of days please America wake up and pray pray that God save every soul possible that’s all I have to say anymore God save every soul possible we know we are living in the end of times may we all be prepared

  56. The whole purpose of ”churches” is to teach what is written for us for our well being. Torah, Bible (Koran) are there to teach this.

    If people that don’t want churche’s teachings, don’t go to church! and don’t force/demand that the churches change to accomodate your deviant life choice and behavior. You are free to do what you want with your body. Just get it out of our faces and leave the churches alone!


  58. Nancy PIGLOSI has one foot in the grave already. She doesn’t care what she will be leaving behind for us to put up with. Her and the rest of the far left DUMBOCRAPS and Governement Officials are all Satanists. They all sold thier souls to the DEVIL and are with him 100%. I have no pity for their lost souls for trying to force the LGQBT etc etc on the good citizens of the United States. God help us all!!!!!!
    God bless the USA!!! God bless President Trump!!!! MAGA!!!! KAG!!!!

  59. The actions of lesbian,gay, and bisexual persons are simply sin by Biblical definition. I don’t know why transder persons are grouped into the mix. They simply are unhappy with the way God created them, and that too is sinful, but not of the nature of the LGBs. I don’t understand why anyone would defy the word of God, and participate in obvious sinful behavior on a continuous and in your face basis. I would not want to meet my Maker and try to explain such persistent sinful ways.

  60. You are right you are 100% right it is a shame to think that it has come to this in America of all places we apparently have been taken over by evil forces from the left coast and evil hearts and minds of the Satanists and godless in America we need to make America a Christian nation again to make America great again let’s take back America but we must start with prayer we must start with God and we must hold to patriotism and a realization that God created America through man teaching man how to help each other save each other souls but there is it time for peace and a time for war and the time to stand up for God that time is now

  61. I am also offended. They have stolen one of God’s sacred symbols and use it for that which is very ungodly. God gave us the rainbow as a promise that He would never send a great flood. but those perverse people have desecrated it.

  62. John – – – -You make some interesting points and then destroy them by inserting the sick expression of “pull your head out of your ass, etc”. Why do intelligent people need to use such vulgar language, particularly when the rest of what is said makes so much sense?

  63. Will this apply to Muslim mosques? Muslim countries routinely execute gays. If this does not apply to mosques, is it a biased, discriminatory attack directly on Christianity.

  64. When in public, homosexual and lesbian couples OUGHT to be willing to act the way ordinary friends and ordinary roommates would act. There is simply no need for them to publicize and flaunt their sex life. There is also such a thing as celibacy. It is possible for people with same-sex feelings to choose not to act on those feelings. Indeed, I believe that God expects those with same-sex feelings to choose to be celibate, given that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles and same-sex marriages are SINFUL. Celibacy also minimizes the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Reparative or conversion therapy would presumably not be necessary in the case of celibacy either, whatever its merits or demerits otherwise. Moreover, if reparative or conversion therapy includes sexual abuse, including engaging in sexual activity with a person of the opposite sex, it is certainly evil.

    However, if homosexuals and lesbians insist on practicing their lifestyle despite its sinfulness, they can at least limit practicing the lifestyle to the privacy of their homes. They need to STOP infringing on the freedom of conscience and freedom of religion of those who believe that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles and same-sex marriages are sinful. Heterosexual married couples normally limit their sex life to the privacy of their homes. If homosexual and lesbian couples limited their sex life to the privacy of their homes, and did not tell anybody else about it, the rest of us would have no way of knowing about it. Therefore, we could not possibly discriminate against them for engaging in homosexual or lesbian lifestyles. One of the problems with discrimination against blacks is that black people cannot hide the color of their skin. Therefore, they cannot just “stay in the closet” in order to solve the problem.

    When it comes to adopting children, the needs of the children OUGHT to come first. Since it is clear that children fare best with both a mother AND a father, adoption agencies have every right to prefer heterosexual married couples as parents for adoptive and foster children, and laws prohibiting them from doing so are contrary to God’s commandments, and are therefore EVIL. It is one thing for consenting adults to engage in a sinful lifestyle in the privacy of their homes; it is quite another thing for them to impose that sinful lifestyle on innocent children, or anyone else for that matter. Of course, those engaging in the homosexual or lesbian lifestyle, even in the privacy of their homes, and even in the absence of innocent children, would still have to answer to God sooner or later.

    Homosexuals and lesbians have a LEGAL obligation to limit their sexual activity to consenting partners; they do NOT have the right, either legally or morally, to impose their sexual activity on unwilling partners. They also do not have the right to infringe on the freedom of conscience and freedom of religion of those who believe that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles and same-sex marriages are sinful. For example, in the work place, they do NOT have the right, either legally or morally, to sexually harass or sexually assault their co-workers. Of course, heterosexuals do not have the right, either legally or morally, to sexually harass or sexually assault their co-workers either. More generally, in the work place, people OUGHT to focus on their work, NOT on their sex life, whatever their sex life might or might not be. It is NEVER EVER morally acceptable for sexual activity, whether heterosexual or homosexual, or active approval of it, to be a requirement for any job. In addition, adults are COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN from sexually abusing children (or any minors), both legally and morally, whether the sexual activity is heterosexual or homosexual.

    God’s commandments take precedence over ALL man-made laws whatsoever, if there is a conflict. If a civil law mandates actions unquestionably contrary to God’s commandments, one would have an ABSOLUTE DUTY to disobey the civil law in question, even at the risk of suffering the legal consequences. Of course, those who pass or attempt to enforce such morally evil laws are DOING EVIL. Laws that mandate approval of homosexual and lesbian lifestyles, and/or cooperation and participation in a same-sex wedding are unquestionably contrary to God’s commandments, and MUST as a matter of conscience be disobeyed, whatever the legal consequences. Therefore, Kim Davis in Kentucky had a DUTY to disobey the law that she broke requiring her to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and those who punished her for doing so were DOING EVIL. If the state is determined to violate people’s freedom of conscience and freedom of religion here, it will be necessary to try to make it as costly as possible for the state to do so. That could be one benefit of going to jail rather than obeying a civil law that is unquestionably contrary to God’s commandments; jail is expensive.

    To conclude, the legal rights of ordinary friends and ordinary roommates, along with “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” OUGHT to be enough to deal with any unjust discrimination that homosexuals and lesbians might otherwise face. This would seem to be the proper way for a pluralistic society to both respect the legal rights of homosexuals and lesbians, and also the freedom of conscience and freedom of religion of those who believe that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles and same-sex marriages are sinful. If homosexuals and lesbians did not publicize their sex life, they should not have any problem receiving services in any areas unrelated to their sex life, since those providing the services would presumably then be unaware of their sex life. The Supreme Court made the correct decision in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case, and Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence RI is correct in telling Catholics not to attend gay pride events.

  65. Hell NO. However, now it is obvious that these sickos, YES, they’re SICK, and we need to pass new laws that allow us to separate them from society and go INSIDE all of their little clubs and operations and label them what they are. Deviants that seek to corrupt our children and society as a whole. Now, they’ve become rabid with the power the left is giving them as useful idiots and minions of Satan.

    Nancy Pelosi needs to be put to death at the soonest possible time. It’s coming you hag.

    These people will never stop, ever. They must be stopped by force of law and at the point of a gun if necessary. It is now our country at stake, and their lawlessness is costing our country it’s health and harmony. These people are total selfish elitists and they hate everyone, especially the ones they pretend to support and love. Stupid stupid stupid libtards. Keep it up morons, keep digging.

  66. How about separation of Church and State. When is anyone allowed to just change existing laws or circumvent the constitution. WE ARE LOSING OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  67. Unfortunately for Pelosi, the church has its own set of rules. It’s called the Ten Commandments and the Bible. Maybe the Dems need to read BOTH!

  68. The Bible holy-inspired writers gave us the signs to know when the “end of days” is nearing. I will remain a baptized believer, and not fall to accepting the things that are clearly wrong, that these fallen ones are trying to be made to appear right. Remain close to Jesus, as we struggle w/these days of uncertainty until HE COMES.

  69. I would make this suggestion to whatever law maker tries to get this passed. Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not collect any benefits along the way. Why should they be jailed? Because any law such as this is unConstitutional and they are violating any oath of office they took.

  70. Right they are against the constitution as well against Gods laws and treasonous. They are not law makers and law keepers but law breakers and law FAKERS! The feds need to remove them but the only problem is the feds the cia fbi are probably all homos as well? Hope not man are we in a mess! I know for sure California is in a complete mess financially spiritually morally Economical. I hope Trump cuts off all support and it dries up and a sunami comes from the Pacific in the middle of an earthquake and Sanfransisco LA gets swallowed up! It’s going to happen sooner or later if they keep pissing God off I guarantee it! I hate to say this I hope it doesn’t happen. I hope cooler minds prevail and remove these dimwits from their positions before they leave God no choice but to destroy them?

  71. Dear John, going to heaven or hell is a choice everyone has to make. God will not “send” anyone anywhere, we all get to choose. It is God’s will that no man should perish but that all come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray for God’s will to be done in their lives

  72. I wish that I had the money to go to Sacramento when they vote on this law to preach the Word. If it passes, I want to go to jail. If NY, my state tries this (which they probably will), I will go to Albany and preach and go to jail.

  73. When are our senators & representatives including house speaker don’t understand the constitution, these are the kind of problems that come up.They keep forgetting separation of church and state. The state being the government can not dictate to the church, nor can the church dictate to the government.

  74. I know the Apostolics will not bend to this. The nation needs to pray & turn from their wickedness. Time is running out. We possibly have 4 more yrs of prosperity before America falls. Trump is the only reason why America hasn’t fallen. Pray that Trump gets back in.

  75. The way I look at this situation is that the people in California voted these people into the office that they hold. There’s no one to blame but yourselves for electing a bunch of communistic devil worshipers it’s time to clean house and in failing to do so, you only have yourselves to blame I have no sympathy for you bunch of losers.

  76. The government will never be able to dictate what the church teaches. We might be crucified right side up or upside down but the truth will still be told. While it is hard to ignore the elephant in the bathtub, we all know that the elephant does not belong there. All we need to do is ignore the rhetoric and focus on what we know to be the truth. This battle is not ours, but the LORD’S.

  77. Thank you. Normal people with some sort of dignity and pride keep their sex lives to themselves.

  78. Put all the lbgtq crowd on a deserted island and le them blow and suck to their hearts content. There will only be one generation of these perverts as they I’ll not reproduce. Let them all go to Hell as the Bible says.

  79. This bill that just passed in CA is ILLEGAL. They cannot order a church what to say and what not to say. There should be a bill restricting the LGBT

  80. I really do not care about people gender identification or sexual orientation, however it had gotten completely out of control. We are forced to accept LGBT. We are forced to celebrate their lifestyle. The left has dedicatedd days of recognition and instituted laws to protect LGBT. It is not right to force the majority to embrace their lifestyle. Russia President had it right the majority is forced to accept the will of the minority in this country, not only LGBT but many other areas. The majority needs to put elected official in their place or vote them out of office. Elected official are not listening to the majority that put them in office. elected officials do what they feel is in their best interest and think they are immune from consequences. The majority needs to take a stand against elected official who are forcing the majority to accept the will of the minority before the majority have no rights but to bow down to the continued abuse of the left.

  81. This is the GREATEST example of why we have the First Amendment – to keep government out of the church. The government of any sub-level of authority to the Constitution is required to comply with the Amendments thereto; hence, the passing of such a bill is contrary to the wording and intent of the Constitution and is INVALID (UNENFORCEABLE) and any group attempting to enforce it is liable for the damages caused by their UN-constitutional actions!

  82. I think the Christians should say we will change our preaching against homosexuality when the Muslims are also forced to change what they are preaching against homosexuality. That would be never!

  83. Aren’t Dems the ones who have screamed about separation of Church and State? Well, this is the State interfering with personal religious beliefs and the bill should be ignored if it passes. The State cannot dictate what one believes in one’s heart or what religious tenets one should follow. This is totalitarian in its worst form.

  84. Don’t those people realize that before long they are going to have to go before God and be judged ? The Chaplain that is supporting it will wish he had kept his mouth shut.

  85. Sons and daughters at the youngest ages are being indoctrinated by their teachers in schools and classrooms across the country to embrace and live the alphabets’ lifestyle. This is what the gay community wants to increase their fold. I pray it doesn’t happen in our religious institutions in all denominations. If they promote this acceptance as “love,” they are not following the Bible and The Word of God. In my church we are very accepting of them to join us in prayer—that does not mean we accept their lifestyle.

    word of God.

  86. Maybe it could be better said “—bird, get your head out of the sand.” Can’t remember the name of the bird !! Was it an Emu?

  87. Nancy Pelosi has been in office for 22 years, which means she was re-elected 10 Times!! Somehow the stupidity of the Democrat voters must be addressed as well as the rampant voter fraud the Democrats have engaged in for decades! We cannot have poisonous people like Pelosi passing laws and regulations like this by telling lies. All Politicians must be held accountable for their lies. They must be able to prove what they say before they go after any legislation!! The same must be true for all of the Fake Stream Media Propagandists!!

  88. Pastors must resist, not comply with this law, if it passes. In my view, few pastors today are preaching about homosexuality, abortion, sin. Instead, it is all about feeling good and self determination, with a greatly watered down Gospel message. These pastors know how to stay out of hot water and avoid offending people by bringing up the subject of sin. Only a few pastors would be bold enough to actually risk public ridicule or punitive government measures in our days, as this type of coercion is attached to “hate crimes or hate speech” legislation. The left and the anti-Christian bullies of progressive Democratic politics will continue to get away with social repression simply because they can and will. Resistance is not strong enough, much of the agenda driven mainstream media is pervasive, and the cultural transformation of acceptance of immorality are now systemic and irreversible. But all is not lost. There are still voices of dissent, people with convictions, and growing opposition. We need to ask the Lord to keep us strong, strengthen our faith, and stand for righteousness, despite the odds. The days are evil. There has been evil times before. The Lord is still our defender.

  89. Just how P.C. have we got? It saddens me that people r being forced to go against their conscience and beliefs. Let’s hope that some of the leaders on the far left are voted out of office very soon.

  90. Please be Aware of what is says in the BIBLE about the End of this evil earth age. Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, Also in Timothy 3 it clearly talks about the False Teachings and Teachers Also in Titus 1 and 3 talks about these Issues read Jude 1:4 Isaiah 1:4 Its called the great Apostasy you could read about it in the book 2 Thessalonians 2:1-16. The Term anti christ means Instead of Christ, Against Christ and Other than Christ. Is none other than the Devil Himself. So we as Believers must fight against this evils. How do we we do it By Teaching the Truth. Stand for the Truth and Believe in the Truth. Do let these crooked politicians who are just pushing their own Agenda dictate to us what we are to teach. We stand For Jesus Christ and his true Teachings. Amen


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