This big name NFL player said something incredible on the football field that blew every Christian away


Many NFL fans have given up on Football since the games have become so political.

But all of that may change after this football player’s statement.

This big name quarterback said something so incredible to the media before a football game that is blowing every Christian away.

Kirk Cousins, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, recently defeated the New Orleans Saints in a game that no one expected the Vikings to win.

But before Cousins started playing the game, he told a reporter something that is rocking the Christian world.

A reporter asked how he felt about his chances, which is when Cousins replied, “Win or lose today, God’s still on the throne. And, I take comfort in that.”

The Minnesota Vikings then proceeded to win in a big upset game and Christians have flocked to Kirk Cousins by showing him support on social media.

Even Franklin Graham posted on social media applauding the athlete for giving glory to God.

CNS News reports:

After leading the Minnesota Vikings to a 26-20 overtime win over the New Orleans Saints in the first round of the NFL playoffs on Sunday, Quarterback Kirk Cousins said that he draws peace and strength from his faith – and, not from winning football games.

In a post-game interview, Cousins was asked how he has handled being publicly criticized for his past performance on the field.

Cousins responded that, with faith as the foundation of his life, he can always take comfort in the knowledge that “God’s still on the throne” – no matter what comes his way in life:

“You know, ultimately, it’s about team. And, I’m just trying to do my part for this team, help us win. And, you know, a quarterback carries weight – it comes with the job…

“Win or lose today, God’s still on the throne. And, I take comfort in that.”

The media has given Cousins very little attention regarding his statement and even his victory.

When an NFL player takes a knee during the National Anthem or Collin Kaepernick posts something on Facebook, the media makes it a breaking news story.

The media has a distinct pattern of either ignoring or sabotaging outspoken Christians in sports.

When Tim Tebow publicly professed his faith playing for the Denver Broncos, they ruthlessly attacked him.

After dealing with the backlash, they’ve likely decided it is best to simply ignore these Christian athletes.

What do you think?

Does the media despise Christian athletes?


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  2. Does the media hate Christian athletes? They hate ANYONE that is Christian , no matter what their profession. Plus they are the media puppets for the Leftists so they will ALWAYS down play anything dealing with GOD. But praise that traitor Colin K. by taking a knee during our National Anthem.
    GOD bless and GOD love Kirk Cousins for giving praise to our GOD and not caring what others think.. He will always be blessed and admired by his fellow Christians….. THANK YOU MR. COUSINS !!!

  3. The only thing the media knows is that positive messages like Kirk’s goes against the Progressive Liberal narrative, which is automatically bad. The Lib’s know what is good for US. The kind of response from Kick & Tim shows heart & self-worth knowing how it got there. So if it didn’t start w/ the Lib’s., it must be bad. It must be chastised or ignored.

  4. I do hope that the Libs in our Country open their eyes and minds. They have got to understand all the “Hate Speech” they spew, is destroying our very existence.

  5. He certainly has every right to express his religious views. It’s a First Amendment right to speak and worship as he chooses. Liberals, progressives, and Democrats support that right.
    Just remember that no one has the right in the USA to force their religious views on others… whether it’s abortion, same sex marriage, discrimination in housing, business, or adoption, or any other belief-based manner. Civil rights apply to all Americans.

  6. No my friend it doesn’t and if you truly believe what you said then you must be a Democrat. The media hates and pushes hate towards anyone who believes in God! If you don’t see or hear what is going on then you must have blinders on!

  7. I give credit to anyone who has the courage and the will to stand up for their faith. We have God given rights to practice our Religion. What about our freedom of speech?
    I’m sure if this gentleman was a radical leftish or a radical Muslim and he hated America the media would fawn over him.
    Boycott the media, newspapers until they report in a balanced mature way. Boycott movies, TV, shows, magazines, that continue to show disrespect toward People of faith and our country. Money always has the power that’s the way of the world. You do have a voice! May our lord Jesus bless you. I’m always in prayer for the USA, our military, the poor, sick, and our leaders.
    God Bless America!

  8. When Mother Angelica died at Eastertime, little or nothing was mentioned of this….even though she was, at that time, probably the 3rd most famous Christian on Earth, after the Pope and Billy Graham. You would think the sheer irony of such an occurrence would strike them as noteworthy. They’ll ruin any priest over the slightest HINT of impropriety, but something like this they allow to pass without mention…even though Angelica was the kind of woman they CLAIM to admire, in that she built a tv network with no money and no experience and no education(at least, no education that would help you build a business enterprise). I don’t think that any incident exposes their bias any more clearly than this…it was almost as if they tried to keep it secret, in case any believer might read some significance into the event.

  9. The only time the media will print anything is if they can criticize and say something derogatory. The entire demoncrat party is anti any faith belief. That is part of their valueless and lower standard for America platform.

  10. Thank you, Kirk. Too bad there are so few of you who will speak up in the NFL. The felons on the field get all of the media attention. I wish you well, personally; but I still will not watch NFL or purchase any merchandise associated with the NFL.

  11. Good for him, and glory to God for favoring him with a win, but the damage has been done and football can go the way of the dodo for all I care.

  12. I don’t believe the video broadcast news media is anti Christian. They have elected to take a neutral position on any religion. They cannot afford to lose anymore of their influence or effect in social and political interest since the 2016 presidential elections. That point heralded the emergence of the social media as having an social political impact through Facebook, Tweeter and others. The old broadcast news media were paid enormous fees by the Democratic party thus projecting a victory head of the results. They were defeated soundly and ever since been in a damage control effort slamming Trump on everything he does and using their influence in congress to put controls on the social medias. They don’t hate Christians but rather are in damage control finding harder to influence anyone.

  13. HCB, he was asked a question to which he responded. The answer wasn’t forced on anybody, take it or leave it. Why don’t you take solace in the fact Mr. Cousins didn’t go out on the field and parade around a cross to substantiate his faith.

  14. “Does the media despise Christian athletes?” I can’t imagine you even having to ask!

    Well of course they do! And the medias attention only proves that fact.

    And, Desert Fox, I agree with you whole heartedly, and practice the same. Thank you for your post.

  15. Actually, had he said “Allah is Great”, the media would have heaped praise on him for his openness and fortitude.

  16. Don’t let your doubt take you to hell. I wish that horror on no one. Look up Mary K Baxter on you tube. God and Jesus bless Mr. Cousins. Most are afraid to express thier faith in the open. And Jack, give faith a chance. Talk to Jesus, you will be surprised.

  17. HCB, actually, I think you are misapplying the civil rights we have. We all, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, etc., have the right to decide what we think should be the law of the land, and the right to push to see the things we believe are best for this country legislated in order to make this country better. If a majority of voters believe abortion should NOT be a right granted by the Federal government, they have the right to elect the representatives who will make that law a law of the land. So, in a sense, we do have a right to “force” our views on others, religious or otherwise.

  18. HCB, not really. Islamic law is being allowed in New York City and muslim shirah police are controlling who goes into the muslim neighborhoods and who the women talk to, strictly shirah law, and thanks to Obama and New York’s Mayor this is not just allowed but encouraged. Thanks Obama. Thanks to you muslims are beating people just because they are not Islamic. If we continue to allow illegitimate laws of shariah to continue to take root in America we soon will be forced to worship the Islamic leader or die for refusing. Time to stop listening to those who preach that Islam is PEACEFUL! I know this will not show up on the comments because those monitoring hate honesty unless it is completely non-offensive.

  19. Kaepernick is the reason I swore I would never buy anything sold by Nike for as long as I live. Anyone who would back someone who disrespects our flag and Americans who fought and those who gave everything for this country. They don’t deserve to call them selves Americans.

  20. No media wether written, broadcast, or any other considered the main stream, will ever promote a figure in any major national profession who professes faith in God.

  21. HCB, then why is it fine with the left that ISLAM is okay??? Islam is gaining a foothold everywhere and the left is fine with it. The goal of islam is TOTAL world control…either you serve Allah or die. NO FREEDOM!!!! But you are fine with that. And abortion is MURDER and has nothing to do with religion. It is the murder of the most helpless and innocent human beings. And homosexuality is a freak of nature. It is against the purpose of nature, which is procreation. It is wrong any way you look at it.

  22. jack, satan is very real as you will find out the moment you die. Since you have denied Jesus you will join him. The dem party threw God out. That is a FACT. When God is denied, satan moves in. The sick hate and lies of the dems are of satan. The dems are very vile. You prove with your postings that satan has you very brainwashed. Jesus is there for you if you ever want Him. All you have to do is come to Him and ask Him into your life and repent and follow Him. It costs nothing, but the rewards are eternal

  23. Donald, you are correct. But satan sure has a lot of people believing otherwise. Sadly, they will find that when they die satan has deceived them

  24. Tell me then HCB, why you guys don’t preach your message of not forcing religion on anyone, to the the one religion that DOES that? Muslims! Also you guys forced your same sex marriage beliefs on me! All because, 2 people of the same sex want to share their masturbating experience. For this, protective status for them is shoved down on us. Homosexuality is all about sex. Abortions for all & free is also shoved down on us. You love abortions so much, mandatory sterilization for all Democrats. Abracadabra…..No need for abortions!

  25. Spoken by a real man of his own convictions not influenced by the NFL garbage floating around like raw sewage Kudos son and God Bless You

  26. Spoken by a real man of his own convictions not influenced by the NFL garbage floating around like raw sewage Kudos son and God Bless You


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