This big Hollywood celebrity is pressuring Nancy Pelosi to do something dangerous against President Trump


Rob Reiner is one of Hollywood’s most influential filmmakers and hellbent on destroying President Trump.

And now he may have a chance to do so.

As one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, Reiner is pressuring Nancy Pelosi to do something dangerous against President Trump.

Rob Reiner has been given far too much power and credibility among Democrat leaders.

He often goes ballistic on social media and posts nonsensical rants about Trump.

But he has the attention of Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders in Congress.

Now he’s demanding that Nancy Pelosi finally move to impeach the President.

Breitbart reports:

Far-left filmmaker Rob Reiner has demanded that Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “pull the trigger” on impeaching President Donald Trump, arguing that FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was “loaded with criminal offenses.”

The Stand By Me director, who regularly uses Twitter to lambast both the president and his supporters, said that Trump was the “most lawless” leader in U.S. history.

“The Mueller report is loaded with criminal offenses,” he said. “If Dems merely read the critical passages directly from the report then ask Mueller yes or no: Is what I just read in your report? That’s all the public will need to know that this is the most lawless President in US history.”

So far Nancy Pelosi has been slow to move toward impeachment.

She fully realizes what kind of consequences the Democrats would face in 2020 if she attempted to impeach President Trump.

It would rally his base and ensure the Democrats lose the House, Senate, and White House.

But radicals in Congress, Hollywood celebrities, and donors are increasingly demanding she take action.

Pelosi intends to toe the line as best she can to keep her donors happy and keep the threat of impeachment alive.

Ultimately, if she does choose to proceed with an impeachment hearing, she will have nothing to convict the President with.

It will only demonstrate how much influence Hollywood has on liberals in Congress.

What do you think?

Do celebrities have too much power and influence on Democrats in Congress?


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  2. The Obamas were star struck and celebrities loved the power they had over the White House. Now they’re out on their arse and want back in. We need to make sure these radical hacks don’t get back in. Vote for President Trump in 2020! Keep America great!

  3. Rob Reiner is a has been, more likely a never was and only got where he was because of his father.

  4. Archie Bunker had Reiner’s number long ago. He called him “Meathead”. Right on Archie!

  5. Rob Reiner is still “meathead” to me Perhaps he should look at Clinton E mails 49,000 Released by FBI all on Weiner computer as well as State Executive Office under Obama or maybe if he has so much to say throw his hat into the ring and run for an office. If Impeachment is voted for by Pelosi prepare to reap the world wind and loose 2020

  6. He had the right name many years ago, meathead, he is not a huge celebrity in any sense of the word. He wants to be, so he has become a loudmouth nothing. Go away. And if the media had any sense at all, they wouldn’t print anything about him again.

  7. REALLY WANT TO RALLY “Donald Trump’s Base”???? Go Ahead With Impeachment Proceedings!!! … Even folks that do not care for Donald Trump? Will be highly pissed off. Because, if you can start Impeachment Proceedings on a sitting President without one trace of evidence? What can you do to the rest of us? Actuaaly, This will RALLY much more than TRUMP’S BASE. ( This is very Dangerous … I would call it Shark Infested Waters.) And I sure wouldn’t do it. ?

  8. Anything that will get that psychopath narcissit pathological lying rapist, pedophile rapist fat ugly lazy stupid dangerous treasonous criminal out of the White House is great in my book. Trump is a danger to and an embarrassment to humanity. He should be forced to dig up his parents and make them apologize to the planet for unleashing the pure evil upon us.

  9. Why does anyone care what this over self indulgent loon says? What ? Does he think Pelosi will be scared and impeach the president because “ meathead” won’t star her in one of his films?Stop giving any recognition to this loon.

  10. Loved the show. Reiner was Meathead then and he is Meathead now. He not only played the part–he was the part.

  11. Mr. Meathead… Do you think your associates believe that you are indeed a very smart guru ? Well you’re not. Anyone who thinks our President is going to be ousted by a bunch of congressional “do nothings” should get your ass measured for big pole because you folks are about to be reamed and ridden out of town, The one to whom he promised much has delivered. Do you think the people are going to let that happen? What have the Hollywood whinners and complainers “done for the people? ZILCH Buddy, ZILCH.

  12. That would assure a Trump victory in 2020. Even Pelosi knows that. She has her hands full with Hollywood and the notorious jr. reps to deal with. May she wear herself out and may the Dems implode.

  13. We all knew Reiner was a Liberal when he was on All in the Family. We all knew carol O’conner was also. But when Hollyweird starts to run the country as they have been tryin to for over 40yrs, we have to ask when are we gonna stop the stupidity. I have asked this question many times and never got an answer. I was born in TX which was in the United States. But will someone please tell me and others what country I live in and what is the name of this country?

  14. Nobody including Pelosi has to be doing anything to “destroy” trump. Since CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump verbally “destroys” Himself every time that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT & PISS ASS PIG Opens His Big, Fat, Worthless Mouth & Flaps His Stupid, Stinking, Sick Tongue!

  15. “Hey Rob, I have a couple of questions for you.”One is, have you ever flown with Lolita Express or Wheels up to any Epstein pedo sex playground or Luciferian Church?” “Q says those who make the most noise have the most to hide.” “Question two, have you made any plans if you’re arrested for child sex trafficking?” “That’s all, thanks Meathead.”

  16. Dear Meathead: Go back to where you came from……Hollyweed…….which has become a slum, thanks to your Pelosi. And take the “ODD SQUAD” with you, as they are pitting “people of color” AGAINST “people of white”.

  17. I think the best it could happen to the GOP is that the Liberals bring impeachment processing charges to Trump… that will be the last nail in their coffin for 2020….go ahead Pelosi…make our day!!!!!

  18. It goers to show just how ignorant these unrelevant celebrities are, does anybody actually believe Nancy pelosi would not impeach the president if she could win an impeachment? I almost wish they would try to impeach him and when THEY LOSE and they will it will put an end to all this drama once and for all. Maybe then the democrats could get back to the business if running this country in a law abiding manner. They have to understand that pelosi KNOWS THEY WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL! These celebrity so called activists would do well to follow the leadership and stay the heck out of politics. Then again everytime they open their mouths another American comes over to the light and becomes a supporter of President Trump. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2020

  19. Rob Reiner should stick to his directing job, he needs the practice. He, like the other Hollywood liberals, don’t know their backs from from their fronts. A ”Meathead” through and through!

  20. Very Wise people here..Didn’t take the trolls bait..Love it!! Whatever is another Loony Tunes..Good Job in letting more know how Insane you ALL Are..Including…Meathead! Oh btw, such an “Intelligent Choice” of the Few Words…Whatever knows..Ha. Wow, they open their mouths & their IQ or Lack Of, Shows Every Time..

  21. Rob Reiner should stick to his directing job, he needs the practice. He, like the other Hollywood liberals, don’t know their backs from their fronts. A ”Meathead” through and through!

  22. Reiner is not only a fool, but a damn fool! No one with a brain would pay any attention to his pitiful attempt at being a comedian, and certainly not his trying to be a politician with no brain.

  23. Rob Reiner you’re a total jackass .
    You’re just another hollywood nutcase run your mouth and nothing but hot air comes out ..You have been out in the sun too long with that big bald head and got burned ..I see and totally agree with Archie Bunker , you’re a MEATHEAD ..

  24. Rob Reiner is poorly and inaccurately described here.
    He is not an “A lister” Hollywood anything. He is not one of the most “powerful” people in Hollywood, by any stretch of the imagination, although he thinks he is.
    He was “meathead” in a 70’s sitcom that did well.
    He never really amounted to much after that. Made a couple movies and kept making a lot of political noise like he was something special and took full advantage of his previous fame.
    What he is now is just another big mouth Hollywood liberal who, like everyone, has an opinion about everything you wanna ask him about. He is an extreme leftist and his “west coast” ideas are way out of the mainstream. He thinks they are right in the mainstream. Wish someone would enlighten him.
    Just ignore his fat ass. He will never change and he is just a gas bag from the left coast (amongst so, so many others). Have a nice day all.

  25. Hey Betty, I heard you had a few openings this evening. Can I make an appointment for that special thing you do with your ass?

  26. Sounds like YOU are the worthless whore!!! you better go crawl back under your rock that you slithered out of!!

  27. You got a big mouth but you got nothing to back it up with except your lying punk lies and if you got a problem let’s get together and I’ll make it real clear

  28. I strongly suggest you all… well, most of you… and if you are capable of reading anything more complex than the simplistic garbage spewed on this site…. read the damn Mueller report. When you believe one man over multiple intelligence agencies, tech and military officials and over what you can see and hear with your own eyes and ears… then you are hopelessly and fully indoctrinated members of the cult. And that’s not the American way.

  29. Reiner is a political slob, yeah, MEATHEAD works. Never has anyone in US politics been so far off the mark as Rob Reiner. He misinforms, misunderstands and is clueless as to how to address the major issues confronting the US. He fancies himself a power broker when, in fact, he is powerless. This much is very clear: Nancy Pelosi knows the true cost to Democrats of pushing the impeachment button– a virtual slaughter at the polls in 2020. Keep yacking Rob you will guarantee a Trumpian sweep next year.

  30. I would go ballistic on social media on Rob Reiner, but this liberal jerk in not worth the effort beyond this comment!

  31. Nice commentary, but saying absolutely nothing. If you aren’t able to string five words together, and form a sentence, maybe you need not post. Bet you’re a real winner to look at or speak to. Really classy calling the first lady a white. Bet your family takes great pride in having you around. Were your parent Nazi death camp guards?

  32. Hey Betty you seem to think you have some info on the first lady so lets see the proof but whores must be O.K. with you as you have one running for Pre President

  33. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  34. Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

  35. Swamp News, MSM=Fake News (CNN,FOX,MSNBC.etc)The Pravda/Racists Divisive Commie news and their propaganda HATE machine at full throttle! They are destroying the country within! Prosecute these deep state traitors now, Pres Trump!

  36. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  37. DS traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted lib demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party & minions! RINOs(Ryan,Moran,Murkowski,Portman,Toomey,Wicker,Blunt,Alexander,Collins,Romney,Rubio,etc)they’re just as bad!Drain the rat infested Swp,Pres Trump!

  38. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished(Hollywood ,RINOs etc)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  39. Who the hell would take anything the ‘MEAT HEAD’ said as intelligent. If indeed he is a big dog in Hollywood, that proves any Hollywood mouth should be taped shut except when acting.

  40. If the Democrats any proof of High Crimes and Misdemeanors they would of already went ahead with the impeachment process. Like everything else that they talk about is nothing but lies.

  41. It’s obvious WHY Rob Reiner was chosen for the role of “Meat Head” in the 70’s cit-com “All in the family”.

  42. Nobody is going to destroy Donald Trump. Donald Trump is there; put by the hand of God to do a cleanup job. He will NOT be impeached. There WILL be military tribunals & those who are working against President Trump will be tried for treason & sedition. When you see this happening remember the work of the hand of God

  43. Well Betty why don’t you strick you head up your ass and choke yourself Oh you can’t do that because you have to big of a mouth and it will not fit so go stick your head in a lake and fill you big mouth with water and don’t come up.

  44. Betty
    Why don’t you crawl back in your closet and stay there or better yet pack your suitcase and head for Iran

  45. Wow… how did I fall into this viper hole.

    Excuse me…. thought I was going to read something interesting about a millionaire who (gasp*) isn’t a Republican. My bad. BYE

  46. Wow! Typical ladylike language from a mindless liberal Dem. Who is your language intended to influence? Well, you just turned me more to the RIGHT. Trump 2020!!!!

  47. Hey, Rob, you have no influence anywhere. You were a good as Meathead with actual liberal Carroll O’Connor. You are still a senseless meathead. Just try making some decent movies.

  48. He’s no Big Hollywood Celebrity unless you count the fat on him! He is a has been and frankly who cares! Why do these blogs even bother giving any press time to these obsolete one time tv personalities who haven’t worked in 30 years? His father was a star with talent, Rob was a coat tail who was a c lister on a show, big deal—not!!!! Give it up Rob, you has been! If you don’t like Our Country, move out!!!!!

  49. All RATs are good at shouting and writing profanities or obscenities while displaying their poor use of English. I can’t wait to see the many RATs involved in the not-so-silent coup will be lead off to jail. Leavenworth would be great for the traitors like they are.

  50. Meathead…. says it all! Can’t escape that one Robbie! LOL????

    Watch out for “Me Too though!”????

  51. What a lowlife, uneducated bunch of air. With many democrats like you, Trump needs to relax in Florida and go get sworn in in January.

  52. Steve Allen: Our country( for now) is still the United States of America. But if the radical leftists, like Reiner, had their way, it would be part of the New World Order. I am not a child that worships some movie star or director that thinks their opinion is all powerful. But unfortunately there are way too many that gauge their decisions based solely on that. If you are a religious man sir, I would keep praying that GOD does not allow this to happen to our great country..

  53. Betty; I left you a comment on another story. But in case you miss it, I will leave it here; Please go to your doctors and tell them your medications are not working . Suggest to them a frontal lobotomy.Once it is performed, you will no longer be concerned about your hate for Trump and we will be no longer subjected to your foul mouth rants.Thank you!!

  54. meathead reads any report like he”s reading a script…he adlibs and reads what he wants into it…

  55. I wish all Trumps enemies are as intelligent and eloquent as you are. Then he can just sip his coffee to remain in the White House in 2021.


  57. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m with Reiner. Pelosi needs to pull the trigger. Since there is no high crime or misdemeanor in the sense that our framers intended, it would be good to see the Democrats stumble all over themselves in an attempt to define some crime. Then in 2020, they would be crushed in the only poll that matters, the general election. Yeah Rob, go for it!

  58. William Dorich;Oh course they are still here. Where else could they go and get paid for their so-called talent?No where. All big talk and no following through….

  59. Boo ho Betty boo ho oh yeah if you don’t like it here in America move to Iran or Iraq or North Korea. We won’t miss you. Maybe you’ll get saved in a Godless nation where you have zero rights as a citizen of North Korea?

  60. Betty Betty, OH BETTY…….
    Surely not witty….
    There’s only one reason why you dislike our great President.
    You now have to find a job, instead of loafing off hard working people.

  61. My my my….Betty…careful your Blood pressure. Having a bad day? Some friendly advice. 1. Take a pill. 2. Think…ANGER MANAGEMENT 3. Get use to the idea.. Trump 2020.

  62. I thought she was talking about the Obozo’s, but realized Mike doesn’t have blond hair!!!!!!! LOL

  63. And as dumb as most of the herd of Democrats, and maybe meaner and even more opinionated just reading through the comment. I just hope sweetie that you feel a little better after your nasty little tantrum! Have a happy day!!

  64. Magan Rapinoe and Rob Reiner, combination of lesbian and bald with a beard going to tell Pelosi how to deal with Trump, a joke out of Hollywood and Soccer.

  65. What nasty piece of work. You must be the ugly she-he that the fat ass hole, Reiner, is currently potty training. Fat ass must be withholding medication.

  66. Reiner is a twit who’s parents were failures at child rearing and thusly needs his ass handed to him to teach him something about being an adult. He’s always been a loudmouthed nobody who thinks he’s important.

  67. You know, Betty, it is people like you that have created such division in our country! If you do not like the President, keep it to yourself! No one wants to hear your rude and disgusting comments.
    You and people like you are leading this country to a total meltdown, not our President. He may have his faults but people who live in glass houses should not throw stones! Check yourself lady!
    We need peace in our country again, Obama started with the black segregation thing that we were slowly getting away from, now it is worse than ever. Trump is trying to get our country back on solid ground and cleaning house of the corrupt politicians in Congress and throughout Washington! Get a grip!

  68. Hey Betty,
    You got proof that President Trump is a worthless worm and Mrs. Trump is a whore? You realize that all this childish name calling that you are doing is reflecting on who you really are. So that means you are the worthless worm-whore. You didn’t get much schooling did you? You’re a special kind of Stupid aren’t you? The kind that you can’t even fix with duck tape or a screw driver! You don’t like this country or the President and First Lady, then get the hell out!! Nobody is keeping you here. Feel free to leave anytime and by the way I’m sure there are people who will help you pack and give you a one-way ticket outta here.

  69. Gee, Betty, too bad you have no coherent thoughts. Your hate and vile antipathy for all things American have occluded your mental facilities.

  70. Thank you Jo, Very nice piece. I couldn’t have said it better my self. I am a vet and I’ve heard it all, if Betty’s human ,she probably feels bad and wished she had gone another way with her comments. But in my view she pissed off a lot of people, and much division along the way. Some people need to think about what they’re going to say before they say. It’s division that’s hurting all of us. And this is where they want us. Thanks.


  72. Rob is what Archie Bunker described his character, Michael ‘Meathead’ Stivic, as dead from the neck up. It’s as true today, if not truer, than it was over 4 decades ago.

  73. As usual, no substance to your rant, other than a typical filthy mouth. Just another liberal trying to persuade people who actually ‘think for themselves’. Give it up, Betty.

  74. Unbelievable. Hey Betty. You are a sick asshat because your Democrats are inciting these killings by wanting to give illegals free everything. Don’t you think us true Americans are sick and tired of working our butts off to make a living and the illegals get it for free.

  75. This thing that doesn’t keep her mouth zipped ever, is a worthless maggots and a blight on the face of the earth.

  76. They are lost. Pray for them. They are used to the Clintons and obamas basking in the limelight. They don’t care about the folks of America. Fame and arrogance was their God. Trump cares for us, the workers of America regardless of who we are or the color of their skin. Irks off the celebrities who feel everyone should bow down to them. So unfortunate because they are in a position to help everyone but their motives are selfish.

  77. Wow Betty girl, you described Obama better than most people could, especially the orangutan part. You forgot to add America hater and traitor to Obama’s description though.

  78. WHAT in The World is Wrong with You ButtBetty? Do you even remotely possess any decorum or gentleness of self? It’s Quite Disturbing that the Hatred you are spewing is Illogical, Demented, Delusional, & Totally False. Blatant Lies. False News Narrative lives in your head huh BottleneckBetty? Anti-Americans who Live Here will NOT be tolerated. Get Right, or Get Gone BeeHiveHeadBettie. America Rocks! God Bless President Trump!!

  79. What a bunch of retards in leotards, don’t they know their wiping out over half their fan base. A new category at the Oscars should be the “The Most Idiotic Director” etc. But they won’t
    understand, their derangement surpasses stupidity. They are the zombie apocalypse of this century.


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