This Attorney General just derailed the Left’s war on Chick-fil-A with this one act


Leftist targeting of conservative and Christian organizations has been growing more and more rabid.

And if anything proves Democrats are headed for straight jackets, it’s their insane vendetta against Chick-fil-A.

But what this Attorney General did after LGBT radicals targeted one Chick-fil-A could end it all.

The Left’s war on Chick-fil-A has dragged on for years.

It’s a losing battle for Democrats. After all, Chick-fil-A is among America’s most beloved establishments.

Still, left-wing politicians keep kowtowing to LGBT radicals who’ve had their sites trained on the tasty chicken fast food chain ever since Chick-fil-A’s founders backed efforts to oppose same-sex marriage in 2011.

As we reported, the Left’s latest attempt to strike at the root of what is good in this country, by opposing tasty chicken, is happening in San Antonio, Texas.

The city council there voted to ban Chick-fil-A from the city’s airport because of the company’s traditional values.

But Texas Attorney General (AG) Ken Paxton just aimed an ICBM at the San Antonio City Council, stating “The Constitution’s protection of religious liberty is somehow even better than Chick-fil-A’s chicken.”

AG Paxton is launching an investigation into the city council for violating state law and the Constitution.

But he isn’t stopping there.

He’s also urging President Trump’s Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to get into the fight because the San Antonio Airport also falls under the federal Department of Transportation jurisdiction.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Texas attorney general announced he will open an investigation into whether San Antonio’s mayor and city council violated state law by excluding Chick-fil-A from the city’s airport.

“The Constitution’s protection of religious liberty is somehow even better than Chick-fil-A’s chicken. Unfortunately, I have serious concerns that both are under assault at the San Antonio airport,” Attorney General Ken Paxton said.

The city council voted 6-4 to block Chick-fil-A from opening a store at the San Antonio International Airport after details on the company’s political and charitable donations to anti-LGBT groups came to light.

Besides his letter to the council warning them of a state-level investigation, Paxton also sent a three-page letter to Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, asking that “the Department of Transportation open an investigation into San Antonio’s potential breach of federal law and your agency’s regulations prohibiting religious discrimination by federal grant recipients.”

Paxton alleged that the city council excluded the chain based on the religious beliefs of its leadership, which merits a federal-level probe as well.

The question is, will Elaine Chao bring the hammer down on the San Antonio City Council and Airport for violating Chick-fil-A’s religious liberty?

If so, the city council and the LGBT radicals who egged them on could see their whole gambit come crashing down.

Even if that’s the case, you know left-wing activists will just find another conservative Christian organization or business to target for holding traditional values.

Especially with how unhinged the Left has become since President Trump was elected.

The good news is, the left-wing radicals who’ve been targetting Chick-fil-A haven’t damaged the company, and they’ll be delivering tasty chicken well into Trump’s second term.

What do you think?

Will Elaine Chao defend religious liberty and investigate the San Antonio city council for violating Chick-fil-A’s rights?

Let us know what you think in the comments section.


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  2. Is Texas being taken over by the Liberals nowadays??? Smh I’m SICK & Tired of these Liberal Activist Groups trying to push THEIR dang Radical Agenda down our throats!!!

  3. Lib hatred is running rampant and they are very dangerous to our freedom.
    And whoever posted this needs a proofreader…”had their sites trained on”? Try “sights”.

  4. Equality doesn’t mean one individual is shut down for the sake of another. The left has no clue about equality. They are hypocrites who preach a puritanical moral sermon all the while living as the Pharisees in the Bible days. I am glad that we have those on the right who are willing to take up the cause of fairness and equality and justice against the onslaught of bigotry and intolerance by the left. We should send a clear message to the left that their agenda is wrong and not for the good of America. Maybe voting those liberals who push such and agenda out of office would be a good start.

  5. Hopefully the AG will take the gloves off and the feds will do the same and take the city council to the woodshed and give them a major whupping. What is going on with Texas that they allow this sort of discrimination and illegal activity to exist? The liberals in our country are absolutely going crazy over Trump and Christianity. Just wait until Trump is elected to his 2nd term. The Democrats and liberals are totally nuts. Can they get even nuttier? Probably. They are pushing boundaries that they should not cross and the pay back could be very unpleasant for them.

  6. I am so frigging SICK AND TIRED of polls on this site ALWAYS asking who the better president was, Trump or Obama. We had eight long years of Obama’s criminal administration, and he doesn’t even deserve to lick President Trump’s boots! I’ve had enough! I won’t be coming back!

  7. Maybe the Islamists here will end up throwing queers off the rooftops. Or end up stoning them to death.
    Really weird that two radical groups that are way off the normal course this nation has been on.


  9. If you don’t want to eat there then don’t. But now you are infringing on my rights to eat there!

  10. I don’t care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes. But when you start messing with my chicken sandwiches, you are lower than scum.

  11. Many of them forgot to leave their leftist ideas in CA when they left. Because they didn’t like the leftist ideas ruining that state.

  12. I think it’s time to do a little sharia law on the LGBTQ crowd and start tossing some of them off of high buildings.

  13. We are getting really tired of government and private companies caving and acknowledging small groups without bothering to ask the rest of the populace what they think about these issues. What if millions of Americans said we will take our business elsewhere? Let’s see what that will do to your pocket books.

  14. Christians have been persecuted for centuries. We have been scoured and crucified. This country has been falling in decay since LBJ’s so called great society.They kept God out of schools and our courthouses. The left wrongly rules on the first ammendment. It is separation of church and state . This was put in place to keep government out of the churches work. It was never intended to protect the government from the church. This country was founded on Judeo/Christian principles. Our youth is being brainwashed from grade school on, because Nixon turned over education to the federal government. Now these children learn nothing about civics. Many have been programmed to hate America and reject God . Lot of factors but I believe home life and political correctness has much to do with it. The left is taking full advantage of people being indifferent to it all. For me, I can only believe in my Savior and always honor my God. Trust and obey is key. I am looking forward to end times because I have great hope and faith that I will be with my Father. Hopefully others become Christians. It is the only way to salvation. It’s in the greatest book ever written. “The only way to my Father is through me”. Keep ones eyes on the cross.

  15. You figure Californians and CA businesses are fleeing CA for a multitude of reasons and landing in Texas–they will bring their crazy ideologies with them and water down TX.

  16. Correct…Let them move OUT OF our country to the country of their choice ASAP. See how they like that.

  17. Yeah, they come from their liberal state because they screwed that state up with their insane laws that elevate their taxes through the roof. So they come to a state that is conservative, low taxes and jobs. That’s all good except they bring their ultra liberal values and demands which will eventually ruin Texas. Then they will move to another state and the cycle continues. Time to put an end to their bs. Investigate their ban on Chick Fil A and prosecute

  18. I though WE had it bad when tourists that visited are now moving in…
    That the kooks from Cali moving is a good thing for them (crazy CA taxes), but a bad thing for Texans who probably don’t want much to do with these left nutjobs. Don’t forget Robert “beto” O’Rourke is in El Paso…
    Austin, Houston and Dallas are pretty-much there too I understand.
    When we see Texas rangers lose the hats and start wearing Prada holsters, the world WILL be shot.

    Once these freaks spread like a fungus, they’ll reach the goal.
    Chick-fil-a is just something for NOW, to keep the base loony tunes for later.
    The “goal” is, with Texas included in with CA and NY at the polls (think of all those illegal-alien votes), we’ll probably have a dem president for the rest of MY lifetime…

  19. We don’t live in TX….YET but we are so proud of AG Paxton and his comments about Religous Freedom these LBGTQRST Cretins are trying to take away. If I were gay, I would be ashamed of these rabid and horrible idiots and I would not be able to take them seriously! Chick-Fil-A is one of the most ethical businesses I’ve had the pleasure to frequent and they are always polite to EVERYBODY!!

  20. I agree that the left is out of control and we need to send a strong message about the truth about our rights. The most important thing conservatives can do is STAND UP and be heard and the most powerful way to do that is VOTE. Otherwise we will look weak and vulnerable . We will not be able to stop there consistent attack
    until we become more assertive .

  21. So glad the Texas AG is standing up for American’s & their religious beliefs freedoms!!! About time. Now lets hope Elaine Chao does the same!

  22. Sue the hell out of the City Council and airport people. Seek damages for lost income. Jail those who broke the law. Hang Obama nigga

  23. I’m not Christian but I completely support AG Paxton launching an investigation into the city council for violating state law and the Constitution. Like Paxton, I am also urging President Trump’s Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to get into the fight because the San Antonio Airport also falls under the federal Department of Transportation jurisdiction.

  24. I am sick and tired of having the queer agenda shoved down my throat. Now that they have been given an inche now they want the whole dam government.

  25. The LGBT Group is just a bunch of mentally deficient people that should be institutionalized for their own safety and the safety of NORMAL Americans! There is no place for them in a normal society all they do is spread disease and mental illness…..Lock them up!

  26. Whenever I leave a note on this web site and I am for the Republicans, and egging on others to stand and fight back…this site just deletes and does not publish what I wrote.

  27. I agree with you but let’s go further. After God brings his followers home to live in paradise, the luny libs will rule the planet and things will continue to get worse. The 7 angels will dump their bowls of death onto the planet and the luny libs will curse God while begging the mountains to come crashing down upon them. It gets worse if you care to read Revelation. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is just a sample of what’s to come for the luny libs. They will eventually get their just desserts.

  28. Then they need to bring the hammer down on the Buffalo/Niagara Falls airport in NY for doing the same theing. If you are going to get 1 — get all of these city councils and airport authorities who have gone against our Constitution.

  29. Yes, conservatives needs to be more vocal and active just like the damn libs, if you don’t your state will end up like the arm pit, California

  30. It is amazing how simple, direct access to the fundamentals of the quarter-of-a-millennium-old Constitution will torpedo the convoluted logic of the liberals. Their lies and twisted logic were foreseen by our Founding Fathers who knew the fundamentals of power, avarice, and greed of both the politicians who seek wealth AND the same sins of the mob as an electorate.

  31. Throughout our court systems we need an avenue to fight this form of corruption with lawsuits, such that the bureaucrats and politicians will think twice before passing such ridiculous laws/regulations and make decisions that are so very, well, obscene to the majority of clear-thinking individuals.They claim to be our moral arbiters, but are in fact politically driven hacks making downright evil decisions FOR US.

  32. The people that run San Antonio’s airport can KMA! They are a bunch of anti-Christian bigots. They are unfit to serve. Find another airport!

  33. The French consider all French naturalized “apatride”. You go back to the country that you left for political reasons, you lose your French citizenship. I may be wrong but I still it is a good measure. Don’t ask what this country can do for you. Ask yourself what you can do for this country that protects you, gives you freedom and opportunities. Let’s not profit it’s greatness. Keep helping it being great always. I love this country.

  34. It’s only HRC & Company who hate Chic filet people. Feed them “grits” on
    pay dirt! I’d rather be deplorable then be a simpleton!

  35. Kudos for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. We need more people with gumption like him.

    Trump’s cabinet members and adminstration better start doing their job instead of condoning the actions of the left all the time. This is how the left is taking over most of the country’s power and destroying traditional family values and the Constitution bit by bit.

  36. I say good for chick-afil, the san antonio city council should be all thrown out and normal people elected in their place

  37. Stay locked and loaded! A big Texas shootout with the Insane Liberals could be in the future!
    The only way to get rid of the Liberal vermin in this country is to exterminate them like the Cockroaches they are!

  38. This is how religious liberty and traditional values are preserved, public officials like Attorney General Ken Paxton stand up to the cultural left and set them straight.

  39. Sure wish we had more ken Paxton’s in positions to stomp on these sick scumbags trying to force their sickness on the rest of the population. I hope our transportation secretary steps up and straightens them out and shuts them up for good. Show them once and for all we live in a country where we have freedom to worship who we please and respectfully disagree with who we please. Note the “respect”. Lots of fine Americans died to make this possible and I for one will give my business to any business l like regardless of their politics.

  40. The problem is that the conservatives are all busy working hard to make a living while most of these radical liberal activists don’t work at that at all. They are all highly educated communists living the good life being paid to incite the public by people like Soros. If liberals are not “teachers or journalists” they can’t work in any area where real skill and ability are required. Just like the “community agitator” Barack Oblowhard who never held a real job outside of politics ever.

  41. Political correctness IS the abolishment of the First Amendment without a single legislative vote taken. Do whatever you can to be as politically incorrect as possible.

  42. Liberals have been solicited by the Left to immigrate to Texas because they want to flip Texas from red to blue. This is only one piece of George Soros’s agenda. He also works to elect radical liberals to all state lower courts with a lot of success. People need to start taking lower court positions VERY SERIOUSLY.

  43. You could do counter protests all you wish, but the media would never let it be known. They keep a lid on everything promoting conservative values.

  44. Conservatives need to hire their own “demonstrators” to put the left wing communists and muslims out. Soros is Hitler just operates differently.

  45. The left will not keep finding conservative companies to mess with if the law would make them pay and I mean pay to where it bankrupts a couple of cities and fag organizations. If companies were awarded Billions of dollars and the people in change were made to go to prison for a number of years the other would stop and I mean quick.

  46. San Antonio has been going downhill ever since the citizens were dumb enough to elect one of the Castro twins as mayor!!!

  47. Refusing chic-filet in the airport terminal is as mortal for the “libs” as refusing our society a ht dog at a baseball park or at any other sports venue!
    Take a hint LBQTT etc. You can’t have one without the other in our free country! The menu is worldwide! Bon apetite!

  48. I might spend the rest of my life in prison, but if a bunch of liberals start to harass me and get physical there will be some dead leftist liberals queers that won’t survive.

  49. That started back in the 70’s, that is when Colorado really started to become liberal, especially the Denver area.

  50. Sorry to say to those who deplore Chick-FIL-A. CHICK-FIL-A, ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE! An AMERICAN “HOT DOG” & CHICK-FIL-A ARE TIED FOR

  51. What these Radicals choose to ignore is, the company doesn’t discriminate against anybody.
    Their personnel contains, Gays, Tranny’s, Black, White, Asian, Eskimo, Latino, Young, Old, Disabled, Veterans, etc.

    I believe in Traditional Marriage.
    I believe in God.

    That doesn’t make me a bad person.
    If you disagree with one’s view, let it go
    It’s their life, Not yours.
    Control Freaks love to push their life styles and beliefs onto people that are just the opposite.

    Live and Let Live.

  52. They are a small percentage of the population, but they support the democrats and that means the democrats, and liberal judges will give them a pass on every law and sense of decency they break or try to destroy. It is sad that a whole country will turn their backs on right and morals to kowtow to the perverted whims of a few loud mouthed dips that are so sick they try to force everyone to live their perversion.

  53. Why is Soros even in this nation. His birth nation ran him out just ahead of arresting him, he went to England who ran him out, and then he went to France who had a warrant for his arrest before he came to the USA. Why the hell haven’t we executed him for treason?

  54. Just what I was going to say. Been here since 1986 and the state’s going to h-e-double toothpicks in a handbag!

  55. God doesn’t discriminate. It’s ok for every one of his children to
    eat Chick-Fil-A! I’m sure he fed the “sinners” who ate from the fishes & loaves near the Sea of Galilee before they accepted Jesus’ teachings from his Father, and before their individual salvation from “sin”! Restaurants & Christians “progressed” from “internal SPIRITUAL & external material growth” over time.
    Many human beings follow Gods’ laws given to Moses & many choose man-made laws.
    All the time God is good. This week taste and see the goodness of “THE LORD”….only 14 days TIL EASTER! ARE-U-PREPARING FOR THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS? Confess sins & enjoy chick-fil-A! Alleluia!

  56. God bless Chick-fil-A! Texans need to wake up & take back their state from all the liberals that have been moving to their state & taking over! all I can say is God bless Chick-fil-A & God bless Texas!

  57. Support Chick Fil A by buying their food. Vote Republican. Get vocal in protecting your rights from leftist radicals.


  59. WOW…………….way to go KP you are a real hero. Why do the left think if you don’t agree with them you are wrong? We don’t force our ideals on the left but they try to force their ideas down our throats . We just try to live in peace as much as we can with the left and we want to eat what we want AND THAT IS CHICK FIL A……..WE LOVE YOU FCA. Keep standing your ground and your rights and keep making your wonderful food!!

  60. Maxx you, my friend, could not be any more correct! I do not know you, but from just your above post, I think we would probably be friends! I could not have said it any better!

  61. Demetri, what??? After Amen, I completely lost you. I think we would agree, but your post makes no sense, at least to me. Maybe “spellcheck” got you? “take you evil roots are screw.” What does that even mean? Sorry, no offense.

  62. The bible says that hate corrodes the vessel that holds it. That’s certainly evident with the liberals corroding from within. Kindness and decency are not in their DNA. Pathetic morons all.

  63. Liberal offense is everything, conservative offense means nothing to these perverse, black-robed tyrant judges. However there is such a thing as the people’s court, and the people’s firing squad.

  64. Right. The tyranny of the majority (democracy) must go, to make room for the tyranny of the minority. But that’s not how we became great, is it?

  65. Rght. Wasn’t it Cassius Clay who said, “I thank God every day that my great grand daddy got on the boat!” If all of these self-appointed victims of America returned to their ancestral countries, they wouldn’t last long before they fought to come back here.

  66. Not till they get done throwing Christians off rooftops and stoning and crucifying them. First thins first. After all, those who retain the founding Faith of our Fathers, are the main obstacles to Muslim world rulership, which is their ultimate goal. What do you think a Moslem Caliphate – the goal of ISIS – is about?

  67. Let’s get something straight. This fast food chain serves everybody who walks thru the door. No employee stands at their door and demands to know your sexual preferences. Its just that when the question came up in the course of Obama;s Muslim administration, the owners simply stood by this nation’s biblical version of marriage as spoken by Jesus Christ. Which is how this once-blessed nation derived marriage in the first place. They (Christians) aren’t the invaders here, the god-forsaken left is. Got that?

  68. Well said and true. It is a matter of grief today to see that schools appear almost completely inadequate to explain such basic concepts as ‘separation of church and state’, or, “establishment of religion”and continually produce confusion and inaccuracy instead of clarity. No, you don’t get to make up your own definitions as you go along – that is, if you wish to survive and prosper.

  69. A political war is upon us. Best to win it than to find ourselves facing a real, shooting war, especially if the leftist, godless, communists have succeeded in abolishing our long-held God-given and constitutional right to own firearms.

  70. Let’s hope that the police and military ultimately see it the same way. As in former Soviet Russia, when the military refused to fire on citizens, but sent tank cannon round after round into Soviet Parliament buildings. Ha! That was something to watch on video, but I never though it could happen here. But liberals could make it inevitable.

  71. It is an absurdity to say that a fast food restaurant can’t hold to biblical values and still make an excellent chicken sandwich for everybody.

  72. 1- don’t like Chick Fil-A?
    Don’t go!
    2- If you prefer stroking a
    cigar, play in the men’s.
    room at the truck stop.
    3- If you are a seafood sally.
    eatery l, not go If Christ.
    and others are eating.
    4- Sucking Oysters and.
    heads off of Crawfish is.
    legal as long as you.
    don’t swallow and start.
    yelling, “Harder harder,
    qp0 I’m coming home”.

  73. Just like it is an absurdity to say we can’t reject sodomy, and still love our neighbor as ourselves.

  74. Time to end Democrat chain migration. I want to move out of communist NY, but I am a conservative so don’t worry about me.

  75. True…and all the Leftists flooding in to Austin (from both coasts) have make it as liberal as San Francisco; land values (and their taxes) have skyrocketed, as well.

  76. “… had their sites trained on the tasty chicken fast food chain…”

    No. SIGHTS, not “sites.” Get a dictionary. A spellchecker is no substitute for a vocabulary.

  77. Thank God the Atorney General is getting to work and our President needs to step in where he can to stop this law breaking queers Perverts Our Constitutional Rights are Protected and that is the government dept arrest those involved prosecute and then any Christians co. Shop or what ever Sue the hell right out of them

  78. San Antonio DENYING Chick-filet their RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, Sounds like a “hate crime” to me. Also sounds like MAJOR violation of FEDERAL LAW. Go Get’em!

  79. Good Lord please help us all! They have now started to take over our Great state of Nevada. Can’t stop the influx of people from Ca.Now they have out voted all of or rural counties from just Las Vegas alone. Tferree

  80. I doesn’t matter whether you answer or not. Look who runs these polls? The results they publish are what they want you to see and hear. Nobody audits these results.At election time, when it counts vote for your country and invalidate these polls by sending these muslim loving traitors back where they belong.

  81. Yes we will. We are slow to anger and turn the cheek a bit too often. But eventually they will push a little too far.

    Thank god for the 2nd amendment -that’s what keeps us free and will in the future. At the rate these liberal traitors are going it won’t be too far in the future.

  82. Apparently, The San Antonio City Council has been infiltrated by six liberals. I gave San Antonio more credit because I thought better of them after serving there while I was in the Army. They really fooled me. I never thought Texans could become brainless.

  83. New York, Long Island and New Jersey residents are trying to corrupt Florida’s East Coast. GO HOME yous’e guys

  84. At least fifteen years ago while living in Silver City, NM. some magazine ran an article that Silver was the top place to live. Shortly there was a boom in population from Ca. families that had let the kids run wild with no supervision and become street gangs moved to Silver, and without doing anything to change the behavior of the criminal punks turned them loose in the city. Soon there were gangs, the crime rate climbed, and when the city tried to check the tide of lawlessness, the liberal non parents became incensed and by then had enough votes to turn Silver into the type of sewer they had created in California. There were “T” shirts for sale that said, “You might be a New Mexican if you hated Texans until you met a Californian”. Arizona now has the same problem with the Californians and the liberals that have retired to Arizona to escape the global warming winters of the north east. If you can’t stand living where you are, don’t move to a decent state and then try to turn it into a sewer like you couldn’t stand due to your policies.

  85. I’m a Christian.a successful Christian business is targeted by the leftist scum trying to destroy America and its decency. no no no .go to hell perverts.


  87. The great state of Texas is being screwed literally. What happened to you all anyway?? Stand up for your rights. If the lgbtq etc don’t like it; they can not trade with Chick Fil A. We do not care about your choices but we also have our choices, which are not the same as yours. Leave Chick Fil A alone. You are so hypocritical. If you really gave a damn about your kind you would go after islam and their treatment of people like you but that doesn’t seem to bother you; you just want to go after Christianity. We see through your bull cr_ _

    so get over yourselves; leave Chick Fil A and the Christian alone; they are not bothering you; only your consciousness is bothering you.


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