This American university just emboldened sex offenders with this new transgender policy


It all started when North Carolina passed House Bill 2, allowing people to use whichever bathroom they “identify” with.

This started an all-out assault by leftists on traditional bathroom usage that has helped sexual predators take advantage of women in restrooms.

Now, this crazy American university is putting their female students in danger with this outrageous new policy.

Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio just changed their bathroom policy to allow “universal access” to bathrooms based on gender identification.

The new rule affects 23 bathrooms across the campus by converting “old fashioned” men’s and women’s restrooms to be gender neutral or building new ones.

They call these new bathrooms “all-gender restrooms” and argue it fights against “discrimination.”

The University’s policy page says:

In keeping with the Wright State University’s policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression and following Title IX law and guidance, Wright State University allows individuals to use the restroom that corresponds to their sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression. We allow people to use the restroom facility they deem they need to use. The university is committed to designating and maintaining an all-gender restroom in as many of its buildings as reasonably feasible to address all these issues. In some instances, a designated all-gender restroom may contain multiple stalls. For those who do not wish to use an all-gender single stall or all-gender multi-stall restroom, there will be gendered restrooms located in every building.

Some of you may have noticed new signage outside select restrooms on campus, indicating that they are now “all gender.” For the past three years, a committee of very dedicated students, faculty, staff, and administrators have been working on a university project plan to implement at least one all-gender restroom in every major building on campus. This project plan has been an opportunity for Wright State University to further our mission and vision of centering diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in the Wright State University community. By providing greater access to restroom facilities, we strive to create safer and more accessible spaces for people with children of a different gender, people with disabilities who need assistance in the restroom from someone of a different gender, and people who identify as transgender and nonbinary.

The reality is that these bathroom policies are breeding grounds for sex offenders.

The University of Toronto scrapped their so-called “gender neutral” bathroom policy after reports of sexual predators filming female students in the dorm showers.

And, as we reported, a five-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in a “gender neutral” bathroom at a government school.

The people who are harmed worst by “gender neutral” bathrooms are women.

Yet the so-called “progressives” pushing for these absurd policies claim to be “feminists.”

But leftists don’t care about the consequences of their radical ideology.

No matter who gets hurt, no matter who gets exploited, liberals want to tell you how to think and act, and their stance on bathroom use makes this point abundantly clear.

Do you think American public universities should change all their bathrooms to “gender neutral?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. The nuts are destroying America. To the people who run this school who are some really screwed up idiots. To the parents pull your kids out of this school. There is only two genders. Are you all that stupid?

  3. Those people are sick and should be in a padded room and have the key thrown away. I would never go into a bathroom or eve ngo to a n establishment where I cannot have privacy. It is a violation of my rights. We don’t have those laws here and if they did I would NEVER visit an establishment that allowed it even if it meant sitting home the rest of my life and ordering home delivery.

  4. I would be smarter than this university by never sending one of my family there. If the students (especially girls) go somewhere else then the school may close.

  5. The policy is stupid. They have both gendered and gender neutral bathrooms, but they say people can choose whichever bathroom suits them, regardless of their plumbing appointments. There are no rules requiring the sexually confused to use the gender neutral bathrooms, so these nuts will choose the gendered bathrooms of their choice. How does that work for real women who don’t want fake women invading their privacy?

  6. My daughters refuse to use public bathrooms everywhere. They don’t want to risk exploitation by guys with up skirt cameras.

  7. We just came back from Sweden. They have a system that would eliminate the problem. Anyone can use a public bathroom. Each bathroom has individual completely enclosed stalls with door locks (“water closets”).
    No men’s urinals. Seems to work fine. No one blinks an eye about it.

  8. Addendum. This system makes it very difficult for anyone to be a predator without risking getting the crap beaten out of themselves.

  9. I honestly can’t believe they have made this decision. Wright State in Dayton is only 60 miles away from where I grew up with a smaller campus in between St. Mary’s and Celina the smaller location is just a couple of miles away from my home town. WTF, I am really disappointed in this decision. I do not care what you “identify” with if you have man parts you should go to the male restroom. This catering to the minority and to hell with the majority is BS!!!

  10. Unacceptable. This is ridiculous. Where are the morals and values of this University. The research is there that it will have sexual predators going to these bathrooms. You are born male or female, then you use what gender you are born as. Sorry that is and how it should be. I am a very tolerant person, but things like this, unacceptable on how bathrooms are now.

  11. Well that sounds ideal with the exception of when they leave that locked stall they are still inside a restroom facility not seen by the public. I would be afraid to be behind a closed door with some of these confused individuals.

  12. Single entry/single use, sure, multiple use, no…I wonder when one of the freaks will accost a lady packing heat…….

  13. RIDICULOUS-!!! You are what you were born with. Why has sexual preferrence and practice become everyone’s business-?!!!

  14. Liberalism is truly a Mental disorder.
    It caters to people with mental disorders.
    It sacrifices the many for the sick needs of the few.
    We closed most mental institutions, that was a serious mistake.
    Now the crazies run our Government and our universities.

  15. These idiots are annihilating this country. How stupid do people have to get before they are completely brainwashed? This country is dying as we speak. Thank God President Trump came along or all of America would soon be mind-controlled by the elites and their minions. Soon there will be no free-thinking Americans left. Pray the current President gets a second term (even though he doesn’t need the positions and doesn’t even take pay for serving in the capacity). I hope he cares enough about our country to want to serve another term. If he does not serve the country is probably doomed to everything being transgender. p.s. How do transgender & homosexuals breed?

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  17. It’s sickening period and wrong on so many levels!!!! You trans have your own bathroom with the mix in there. Leave female and male bathrooms alone.put all u crazy’s in one bathroom and go for it. Trans bathroom only should b the sign.

  18. Why aren’t the students and parents just getting out of this college and transfer to a good college. No one should have to put up with so called educated immoral idiots.

  19. Well let’s see all the “normal” people dropping out of that POS school and see if the ‘all gender’ participants can keep it open! The exact same for North Carolina. Wow and they’re supposed to be such a big deal in college sports lol. All fans from other school’s chants should now be ‘beat House bill 2 team!’ Or rephrase that in other terms I won’t use on here lol!

  20. This is a perversion and is blaspheme, and a direct attack on traditional values, nature and natures God. It should be unequivocally condemned and the college denounced.

  21. I am convinced that the majority of women need to carry a GUN! These foolish and stupid bathroom policies are asking for sexual abuse and even rape. Hence, PACK HEAT! There are so many women who are victims of crime. Just listen to the news on 1010 WIN in New York City on your radio. The sicko crimes in that city are so scary and disgusting. And women in general are not totally safe anywhere! Buy a GUN, certainly have pepper spray on you or even a sharp knife in your pocket. Be prepared for trouble because of these damnable liberals and their hateful ideas.

  22. All restrooms should be one person use with locks on the inside and keyed outside.
    ONE AT A TIME – should solve the problem. Might need to provide buckets and mops outside.

  23. These people are some sick individuals and need some serious mental people with all these mental disorders and need to be in mental institutions to keep normal people safe.

  24. There should be cameras in these restrooms maybe not in the stall but monitors to see who is going in and coming out it’s time to start protecting our children from these sick demons nuts.

  25. Just out of curiosity, where do you think transpeople have been going to the bathroom all these years?

    To the people who claim they need privacy when they go to the bathroom: My suggestion to you would be to lock your stall door. What do you do when there is only one bathroom in a business?


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