WATCH: This American Pastor just revealed what kept him going while imprisoned in Turkey


Pastor Andrew Brunson was arrested as a spy after a failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016.

He was imprisoned for two years until Trump secured his release.

Now he’s just revealed what gave him hope during those two long years.

Pastor Brunson appeared on “CBS This Morning” to talk about his experience in Turkey.

He shared that a passage in the Bible from 2 Timothy encouraged him to persevere and “finish the race well.”

The Christian Post writes:

The 50-year-old Brunson, who spent over two years in detention in Izmir before his release earlier this month, appeared on “CBS This Morning” last week to talk about his imprisonment for what he says are false terrorism charges.

Appearing on the show with his wife, Norine, Brunson detailed the tribulations of his detention and was asked if he was allowed to keep a Bible while in prison and if there was a passage from the Bible that helped him through the experience.

“It took a while before I could have any books or Bible but eventually I did have one,” Brunson, a North Carolina pastor who ministered in Izmir for over two decades, answered.

“I read 2 Timothy where Paul talks about suffering and finishing the race well,” Brunson added. “This became my prayer. I want to be faithful and endure and finish well.”

He also explained how his wife Norine, who was released after only 13 days, encouraged him to keep going.

“I could see Norine, for example, 35 minutes a week through window glass talking by phone. She actually is very strong and had to take me through this emotionally and spiritually. She was the only one I could receive truth from. So when she would come in, she would encourage me and that is what would keep me going through the next week.”

Watch the full interview here:

It is unknown whether the Turkish government used Pastor Andrew Brunson as a bargaining chip for its own benefit.

But this has become the standard for much of the Middle East.

Christians are being persecuted and even executed for their faith.

A study from “Open Doors”, a Human Rights organization, found that more than 215 million Christians face “high levels” of persecution around the world.

However, Democrats insist that it’s racist and xenophobic to acknowledge these facts.

And it was the Obama administration that refused to acknowledge there was a real Christian genocide taking place.

What are your thoughts about what happened to Pastor Brunson?

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  2. Praise the Lord Pastor Brunson is alive. Only God Almighty could have saved Pastor Brunson from what is most certainly death to all others. God Almighty, through his Son, Jesus Christ, raises up leaders to stand in the gap until his return. President Trump is in the right place, at the right time, for all the right reasons by the workings of God Almighty. Praise the Lord and may Jesus Christ come quickly. It is our only hope.

  3. Great story from a great Christian Pastor!! God bless this man and his wife as he returns to life here in the US! Maybe when Turkey gets rid of that Erdogan and put in a man like the former Ataturk, he would be able to return to the people he ministered to at that time. I know all about the good side of Turkey as we lived for 5 years in that country in the early 70’s when we could live comfortably and not be harassed by any government officials or local police. We still have many good friends with whom we communicate with from time to time. In fact, we’ve had a few Turks visit us in our home here in Florida when they happened to be in our country!

  4. what else could be expected from obama the gay muslim thank GOD for the pastor’s release we all should be praying for the christains in turkey

  5. I think that Pastor Brunson’s testimony of HOW and WHAT he did during his time in prison PROVES that
    our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit, as well as the scriptures from THE WORD OF GOD helped Rev.
    Brunson to “hold onto” his faith, and keep him “sane” throughout his tenure!! And saying that, I do not
    minimize the strength and support of his dear wife, Norine! Her faith, courage and love was a constant
    help to her husband, as well as her prayers for his return.

  6. How many four letter words does your church include in its worship? How many times did Christ say that a rich man would be blessed and allowed into heaven because of his riches? What kind of faith curses, hates, spreads fear, discriminates against the least of these and praises those who seek and worship the love of money? It is anti-Christian as Christ said, “it is harder for a rich many to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. First the rich many must give to the poor and give up his storing up riches here on the earth. Those who love money do not love God. Thus saith the Lord in the words of Christ or do you think Trump is Christ?


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