This actor’s life changed forever when he was forced to choose between Hollywood and his faith


It’s no secret that Hollywood and our secular culture is outright hostile toward Christians.

In one case, an actor was forced to choose between his faith and his career.

And his decision changed his life forever.

Hollywood will go out of their way to sink the career and life of any practicing Christian trying to advance in the entertainment industry.

Chris Pratt is well known for being attacked over his faith.

Fortunately, he still managed to land big enough roles that it may be too late for radical Leftists to destroy his career over his belief in Christ.

But not everyone gets the same chance.

Cameron Arnett was told that he must do nudity on camera or lose his career.

Citing his faith in Christ, he refused.

That’s when Hollywood destroyed his career.

Breitbart reports:

“Hollywood told me that in order for you to be an actor, you have to do partial body nudity, and I had to choose career or Christ,” said 58-year-old Arnett in a Facebook Live interview with Miami pastor, Diego Calderon.

“I chose Christ, but when I did, I lost everything,” the Haitian-born actor said.

Arnett, who acted in productions like Meet the Browns (2009), Stand Your Ground (2013), and Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), eventually was asked to do partial nudity in a film role, which he refused, even when they offered to use a body double.

“All hell broke loose. I lost everything,” Arnett said. “Agents left. Everybody left. Friends left. I was left behind by the world and by everything that I had.”

Arnett’s career plummeted after his decision to stand up for his faith.

Hollywood blacklisted him from any major roles.

Since the incident, Arnett has been limited to solely working on projects that incorporate his beliefs.

It is a shame that Hollywood blacklists such talented actors and actresses from the screen due to their faith.

What do you think?

Is Hollywood actively discriminating against Christians?


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  2. Already knew actors switching parties to get movie roles. Republicans need to come together, before Liberal Dems. destroy America. Every time I hear or read what they say, it’s always racist hate against people who love America. They have been against people who know God and the churches. I’m surprised this is hasn’t been out sooner. CA is full of Liberal Dems., I have read that they don’t want President Trump on their ballot. They want to win at any cost, to have total control of the people. Republicans and Independents we need to unite and boycott CA!!

  3. Good for him. He may have lost everything here but he has gained Heaven, which is far better. God will reward him.

  4. It’s not always easy to take your stand for Jesus but this life is too short to sell out to Satan. The Bible states, For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away – James 4:14 – while the afterlife is forever – an eternity. Thank you, I’ll stand for Jesus in this vapour of a life, then live blissfully with Him throughout eternity in Heaven. The eternity that awaits these Hollywood mongrels will not be so blissful. God Bless this actor for standing up for Jesus.

  5. I am sincere in my belief in Jesus. I have not filed unconstitutional IRS 1040s since 1976 and I never will. My all out and TOTAL allegiance is to GOD Almighty and the IRS and government can all go straight to hell,” Do not pass “GO”, and do not collect $200.” These Christians cited here are actually DOING what Holy Father GOD wants all of His children to do with their lives here on the small planet…………..MAKE A STAND, MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
    Praise be to Holy Father GOD in the Highest.
    Hollywood USA will go down exactly like Sodom and Gomorrah.

  6. You asked what I think. I think that he needs to hang in there or find a new path. God will take care of him no matter where he goes. I can attest to that. In no way did I think when I was young that I’d be where I am today. My life has been charmed and I can’t take credit for much of it. It’s purely due to God’s grace that I’m able to sit here and write this post.

  7. This article angers me. The individuals responsible for black-listing this man are racists and narrow minded. Don’t ever cross my path is all I’m going to say.

  8. The Christian-produced movie business is growing by leaps and bounds. He needs to make a few phone calls, interview, and get to working for Christian studios. forget Un-Holy wood. They turned themselves over to satan’s propaganda a long, long time ago.

  9. Meet Cameron Arnett, a man of honor and integrity, who refused to surrender his decency and faith to the powers of corruption and hate.

  10. Cameron Arnett,

    God has more power than hollywood, I believe God has put in place something much greater for you, you have been tested and you passed

  11. Rob Sullivan – I am a Christian and a Certified Public Accountant. It has been proven numerous times that the IRS and Federal Income Taxes are constitutional. You are being very un-Christian by disobeying the law. Remember that the Bible says to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render unto God that which is God’s. You may think that taxes are unconstitutional, but you are wrong. they are not pleasant, but they are the law. Kudos to Cameron Arnett for following his beliefs.

  12. Yes bj, he lost here and kept his life secure with Christ. Remember they made a choice against Christ and they loose life forever with Christ, the big loss. Jesus said, they will hate His followers – because they first hated Him. They need to pray to Him – repent and recant or lost. Christians should not attend their movies. There are better things to do with that money, help someone. ‘
    My husband would not read anything that would not benefit His life with the Lord God. Yes, Waste of life and time – that goes so fast here on earth. Read the books studied for his education and not the stuff pushed on them today in high schools, colleges, universities. God Bless the actor who is all powerful in his choice.

  13. Hollywood thinks they hold a monopoly on film making and the talent of actors and actresses.
    Foolishness! The bigger they are the harder they fall.
    Kudos to these actors and actresses who choose their faith and moral values above these devilish morons.

  14. I have said this same fact to singers my wife for years.I will Not pay for a movie or contribute towards the over paid actors or singers in hollywood.All that does is separate middle america from the rich ass holes !!!!!

  15. May all of God’s blessings be Mr. Arnett’s. He did what is right.

    I have no respect for the great majority of Hollywood’s denizens, except for the very few who have maintained their Christian faith in spite of enormous pressure from their satanic peers and an industry rife with filth. As a result, I haven’t attended a film in a motion picture theatre in more than 25 years. On a very selective basis, I have seen a few (mostly Christian) films on DVD and TV. I try to choose carefully when deciding what I watch on television, too, because so much of what is televised today is smutty and would have been prohibited in the days of my youth.

  16. I don’t understand why right wingers believe if you’re a democrat and a liberal that you can’t be a Christian. I’m a Christian and a democrat. I can’t understand how republicans say they are Christians and do the opposite of God’s word. God says love everyone ….republicans say no… God says to give to the poor sick and needy. republicans say no…..God’s word says to take care of the widows and orphans…. republicans say no. God tells us in His word to be careful how we talk and be careful with the language we use…..republicans say no . Instead they fill the space around them with hate, lies and un Godly actions. God’s word tells us to love each other. I keep thinking about the things Donnie trump said inside that bus to the reporter about women. I ask all of you, democrats and republicans and independents…… this man really representing God’s word? is the republican party really representing God’s word? I know the right wingers will say democrats support abortions. All of us liberals don’t believe in abortions , but we believe God has given us all a self willed brain and we can use it however we choose. We believe it’s the woman’s decision to have an abortions or not. No one in the gop will stand beside these women when God judges them when they leave this earth. How will the members of any party justify their beliefs in spreading hate and fear when this is just the opposite of God’s word? There are things in both parties that could be improved on, But….hating someone because their skin is a different color than white is far from God’s word. People…….God created all of us in all colors. We are all equal in God’s eyes. God will not judge people by their skin color nor by the amount of wealth they had on this earth. We are all God’s children and if everyone can understand this, the world God gave us will be a far greater place ~!!!!

  17. We’re supposed to consider ourselves priveliged to be persecuted for our faith. I hope that I’d have the strength to be happy in his place.

  18. Mr. Cameron Arnett, I respect you for your MORAL COURAGE and your Religious beliefs. You may feel that you are alone, but I think MOST AMERICANS will stand with you. God bless you and continued success.

  19. 62 years ago I came to Hollywood and WE were given a code of ethics and morals to follow (publicly). Now the media in all of it s form has sunken to the bottom of the cesspool. The last picture (movie) I went to was a D’Niro production–he used the “F” word about 27 times in the opening dialog and I thought “that’s really acting!” I got up and walked out (but if you leave the show within the first half hour they should give you your money back of a pass for another show. Unhilywood has changed!

  20. Where do you get “republicans say no”? I don’t believe you have any idea who you are falsely accusing nor do I believe that you are a true Christian. You claim we are racist- why? We DO believe in Free Will, and if your choice is evil, we may hate the evil you have chosen but that does not mean we hate YOU!

  21. Hollywood is run by Liberals, they cannot have Conservatives and Christians around them because it makes them have to take a look at themselves. They would have to give up their sins which they love. Those who try to live within the laws that God has put forth make them angry because they love their sinful life style. Instead of let everyone live the way they want they are the intolorant ones, the true haters. Living a sinful lifestyle has its consequences and they will all find that out one day, but for now they enjoy living outside of God’s will for them. Their party is coming to an end and their fianl home will not be a good place. We reap what we sow.
    Christiana are living in very hard time, and we will be asked to pick where our loyalties are. Stand firm in your faith, we know the end of the story and we win.

  22. Gary, how can you be a Christian and a democrat??? The dems have thrown God out of the party and they embrace abortion, homosexuality, anything else deviant, and have no morals. The dem party hates anything to do with God or His word. I know HUNDREDS of republicans and NOT ONE of them is racist!!!! You have no idea what you are even talking about.

  23. Gary, so you think it is okay for a woman to murder her baby. That is very sick. God forbids it. Life begins at conception. It is a BABY. Read the Bible. God says He knew you in the womb.

  24. It should say “atheist culture” instead of secular culture. Secularism is nothing more than another name for atheism.

  25. Gary, I understand that there was a time when you could be both a democrat AND a Christian, but that time has passed. ANYONE aligning themselves with the democrat party of today is either completely morally bankrupt, or incredibly ignorant. If you support abortion you have no business even uttering Christ’s name.

  26. Being a Christian , and being an actor in Hollywood , do not go hand in hand . Eventually one will have to choose between their career or their Faith . Chris Pratt is just an example of this . If he has any hope of being an actor in T.V. and Movies , he will have to know everything about the project he is getting into before he decides to go for it . Otherwise he will face situations where he will be asked to do things that will go against his Faith . If Chris Pratt is able to maintain a career in Hollywood . It will be something he could literally write a book about . I wish Mr. Pratt the best of luck in his career , And I hope Mr. Pratt will be able to be an actor and a Christian witness to the many dying souls in Hollywood .

  27. In the 30’s the people that ran Hollywood many were of the communist leaning and believed in what Hitler was doing… If you do not agree no work. Then WW2… Germany invaded Russia. And these celebrities dropped Hitler.. but pushed Stalin.. and got behind the war effort as the USA came to their aid. Eventually Joe McCarthy had his hearing on the Communists in Hollywood. And the reverse black listing. Now the communists, far left in Hollywood/are again not allowing anyone who does not follow the Communist line to work. Called intimidation. Tear down the USA seems to be their moto.

  28. To do what is wrong is easy, but to do what is right is hard…but in the end, Christians will win. There is something big on its way, but first evil will have its way. As Christians we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, as God will not have evil enter his kingdom. As Christians we are to learn and grow and become more like Christ. God promised those that loved him, obeyed him, will be taken care of, just like his small birds and animals. Paul was a man that knew how hard it was to fight ones self, as Romans 8 shows, and he ran a good race and will be in the kingdom. God has such wonderful plans for his people, plans beyond anything one could imagine.

  29. Your talking about the democrat nazi party. They refuse to help any American. Don’t know where you live but you are so blind. It’s the democrat party killing babies. Beating up people who disagree with them. Think ! Put the blame where it belongs. You sound like Nancy Pelosi never takes the blame for what she does. God help your soul.

  30. Your talking about the democrat nazi party. They refuse to help any American. Don’t know where you live but you are so blind. It’s the democrat party killing babies. Beating up people who disagree with them. Think ! Put the blame where it belongs. You sound like Nancy Pelosi never takes the blame for what she does. God help your soul.

  31. I guess you watch too much of CNN and MSNBC. Real problem is that you believe all of their BS. Just shows that your mind / IQ is somewhere down in the gutter, eh ?


  33. So they sell the souls to liberal politics to get work just like they did going to Weinstein’s bedroom. Now they claim the horror of what the guy did with them with their full knowledge and consent of what was going on. Pitiful people that stupid followers think are so insightfully.

  34. This is happening because the worshipers of satan control the movie industry and major media outlets. To save our nation we must pass laws that were instituted in the Byzantine empire which lasted for 1400 years and was destroyed by the Turks and not from within as all major powers have. Rome, England, Spain were all destroyed by the same people that are trying to destroy this country. You must dig to find out any information about the Byzantine empire and why they lasted so long. God Bless and help our nation, which can be done by returning to prayer.

  35. Amen. Ever since Ed Asner ( a commie bastard) ran the union ( another communist club) its been that way!????????????

  36. Yes, it’s sad the way Hollywood turns their back on Christians, and things related to religion, Jesus Christ and such. But I highly respect the Hollywood elite that stand of for Jesus as the old hymn says and even if they loose a role or many roles, they don’t care.
    One day when the Hollywood Elite that turn their backs on God stand before Him on judgement day, He is going to say, “I knew you not.”
    So turn your backs on God now, and He will turn His on you then. don’t let anyone (Osten or Oprah) tell you that there is more then one way to heaven because there is only one way and that is through Jesus Christ our Savior.

  37. Hollyweird is a collective ass. Obviously it is not right for an aging comunity to indoctrinate the young asses who are supposedly up and coming that someone’s career should be blocked because of their faith in the lord. As for calling them “stars” whatever their age this is an egregious mistake. The only stars are in the sky.

  38. Gary C. Wells, I don’t know where you got your information. Democrats are the party of ABORTION (Baby murder) SLAVERY, KKK, all this LGBTQXYZ stuff. They took the pledge of allegience out of the schools, because of ONE NATION UNDER GOD. They want SO HELP ME GOD not to be said when taking an oath. They want crosses removed from military graves, and from mountain tops, deserts and such, as memorials. They hate Christians, and their holy book, the bible. If they don’t like you or what you do or say, they will destroy you. Look all of this up, it’s true. Maybe you should be on the other side. #Walkaway.

  39. Most of the stuff on TV and in the movies is manure anyway. How can parents let their kids watch some of this stuff. I can’t seem to get through a program without turning off the TV. Nothing like when I was a kid.

  40. Hollywood is satan den of corruption and immorality. However I can’t say that all actors are part of this behavior .
    The big problem here is that the public (that’s us) have made them think that they are gods so they think that they can say or do whatever they want and we will still watch their movies. But I found that there are a lot of good christian family movies out there. I f we the people didn’t go to there movies or watch their tv shows there would be a radical change in Hollywood. Kudos to Christian. Christian trusts in God and he has something much better for him.

  41. To Gary C Wells – remember, we are ALL sinners!! Our God is a forgiving God – confess your sins and stop judging others! Have a nice, spirit filled day!

  42. Some of the greatest names in the business are now and were members of the church of satan, Sammy Davis Jr, and Liberace just to name a few, but I’m sure the list is a lot bigger now.

  43. Hollywood is run by the Jews, and while it is verbotten to say it, nothing matters to them more than money!
    If you are Jewish, or claim to be like Roseanne Barr, you can do no wrong and will be protected.
    I believe that they do hate Christians, and are arriving to take over our country.

  44. Denise,,You and I think alike. Christian’s must stand tall and to heck what these so called people say.If they like hell ????,then they go alone.We will be happy once again.


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