This 14-year-old girl was silenced after what she dared to say about the radical Left


Anybody who speaks out against the radical Left instantly becomes an enemy.

They will stop at nothing to destroy them for “wrong think.”

And radical leftists did something awful to silence this 14-year-old girl after she spoke against them.

One of the main forms of attack the radical Left uses against their enemies is deplatforming.

Deplatforming is when they force online companies to shut down their political enemies on their platforms.

And their latest target is Soph, a 14-year-old girl who amassed a massive audience with her often profanity-laden videos where she generally makes fun of the insanity that is modern liberalism.

She has gone after radical Islam, climate change, and pedophilia in Hollywood.

But it was her latest video, titled “Pride and Prejudice” — where she goes after the LGBT agenda — that led the radical Left to truly strike back.

After posting the video, YouTube, which is owned by Google, shut down her page — where she had over one million subscribers.

NewsBusters reports:

YouTube, Google’s sister company, deplatformed a 14-year-old conservative girl after she made a video criticizing Pride Month. Her channel has been completely banned from YouTube.

Soph, known on twitter as @sewernugget, has been penalized by YouTube previously with suspension for “dangerous” humor and poking fun at leftist orthodoxy. With approximately 1 million subscribers before she was shut down, she rose to fame for poking fun at topics such as radical Islam, climate change, and pedophilia among Hollywood elites.

While her channel has been removed, conservative pundits like BlazeTV host Lauren Chen have reported on its removal, reviewing the content and theorizing why it was taken down.

Chen featured one clip from Soph’s video “Pride and Prejudice” which got her banned. In the video she commented on the nature of LGBT politics: “When you attack the concept of gay pride for what they’re doing to children” the left will respond by attacking the critic as someone who hates all gay people, she explained. “It’s morality laundering, they put the indefensible together with the legitimate so that you can’t scrutinize it without being called a homophobe.”

Soph’s video wasn’t going after gay people themselves, but rather the LGBT agenda and their continued targeting of children.

With the proliferation of “drag kids” dancing in strip clubs in front of adults and “drag queen story hours” that have allowed convicted child molesters to gain access to children, it’s difficult to actually argue against her point.

So instead of responding, LGBT activists got her YouTube channel shut down.

Do you think disagreeing with the radical LGBT lobby is hateful?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. What a disgusting act! Soph had a perfect right to state her(and millions of others as well) opinion about the LGBT and what they represent !!! What happened to freedom of speech?? Oh that’s right. We only have that right if we support a deviant lifestyle and any of the other radical leftists views. I would love if some lawyer would take up her cause and sue the hell out of You tube/ Goggle for their actions!! This madness must be stopped!!
    Hang tight Soph. There are millions of people that support you. But more importantly, GOD does..

  3. What happen to their love for the children?? This young lady is entitled to the same rights these filthy ignorant liberal pigs are entitled to!!!

  4. YouTube should be ashamed of itself and penalized for violating Soph’s Right to Free Speech! The crime here is not speaking against the LGBT’s efforts to indoctrinate children with their perverted lifestyle , But the real crime is when Free Speech is Violated . Under the Constitution all Speech is protected even if it is hate Speech or misinterpreted as hate Speech! Censored Speech is not Free Speech! Soph needs and Attorney and YouTube needs to be sued and pay damages . This will stop YouTubes Censorship efforts .

  5. Colleen; Spanky is now attacking that nice man Randy on the AOC story. Of course he is defending his position. But its what Spanky said about you that is disgusting. Perhaps it will not bother you, because you are one tough lady, but it bothers me greatly….

  6. You see how this spunky spanky fella is….he knows he can’t get under my skin, so he blathers on to others bringing up my name. I compare my responseses to him like playing ping pong, I keep swatting him away, he is irrelevant to me, I only comment to him because I enjoy shutting him down. None of these trolls has what it takes to get to me, as I consider them tools for the lunatic liberals. They couldn’t put an original thought on their posts if their life depended on it. But maybe I’ll pop in over yonder & say hi to my wee little spunkster spanky boy ????????. Thank you my dear for backing me up. Your a treasure.

  7. Well I looked at the last story on RR about aoc, but didn’t see any comments there from spunky. I’ll keep looking for him????

  8. I am hoping that the 2020 election results in a large defeat for the Dimms. This will send a message to the left that America is tired of their BS. I see where the majority speaker of the senate twitter account has been shut down for showing the terrorist group antifi calling for his death, in front of his house. It appears Twitter is itself
    is a hate group. Keep your powder dry, might need it.

  9. mike felker; It is disgusting what radical Leftists have been doing, and getting away with it! Twitter and Goggle are all a part of it. Shutting down people’s accounts for showing what’s happening to true Americans!
    You’re right about keeping your powder dry…..

  10. The LGBT community is a HATE FILLED bunch filled with VITRIOL against anyone who goes against their Abominable lifestyle. This lifestyle is SO BAD that God poured his judgment against it on Sodom and Gomorrah. THIS IS A WARNING SHOT ACROSS THE BOW . . . FLEE FROM IT!

  11. The only ones who will shut down truth are the devil’s advocates and purveyors of deceit. This girl was telling the TRUTH, and as expected, was shut down. The devil’s advocates are working overtime to keep truth seekers in the dark.

  12. It is censorship in it’s highest form. First they say she used profanity ridden messages, guess this is ok; just don’t attack the LGBT platform. Talk about hypocrisy, most likely decision was made by someone who is a member; therefore, it becomes a personal attack on an under age female.

  13. I’m with Soph! She has a right to say what she wants and believes. I agree with her, especially about the children. The “grooming” and indoctrination makes me sick. I wish the lawyers would sue YouTube, Google, and the leaders of the LGBT organization. For millions! I’m sick of hearing about them.

  14. Well the left control all the networks anymore they have Facebook YouTube and all the others all you have to do is say one thing that doesn’t agree and your s hater or a bigot or a phobe but they can slander whoever or whatever they want and people are just suppose to accept it and say oh well those days are over the left wanted to divide this country and turn it into a hate driven society and that’s exactly what they’ve done and are doing more every day.

  15. The least tolerant people are those who constantly harp on how others should be more tolerant of them–gay and transgender people. It is they who cannot bring themselves to just leave others alone. They must force others to validate their unnatural lifestyles.

  16. Soph is protected under the first amendment google taking her down is against her constitutional rights to free speech if I was her I would sue them for billions of dollars money seems to be the only way too defeat google they need to be punished taking down people’s rights to free speech it doesn’t matter what language she used or who she hurts it’s her god given right under our constitution!!!

  17. As most post above have stated, the liberal left, lying news media, google, facebook and so many others are more than morally corrupt, they must be deaf or blind to what is truly happening in this country.
    Sexual deviants, politicians making millions of dollars when the salaries are in the $150,000 per year range but who are millionaires, just plain liars in all forms of news, printed or electronic. Politicians elected by we the people and none of which have been doing their elected jobs in the last many years, only trying to destroy all American freedoms.
    There was a Russian leader who stated, the united states will fall from within. Looks like he was correct unless all voters stand up and vote. Kick every long term official out of office, regardless of party and elect all new people, at least they have not learned how to steal, yet.

  18. To Linda M.

    Linda you asked; “What happened to freedom of speech??”

    Answer: This “Freedom of Speech” was removed decades ago from the detestables in the District of Criminals. So today, you are only permitted to say what they allow.

  19. And an addition to my post above” facebook” has kicked me off, several times because i make a comment to an article THEY posted. Showing typical muslim atrocities, murder, beheadings, statements by some top muslim Oman stating all non-muslims will be killed, and i state they are terrorist showing their true beliefs, and i am kicked off.
    Freedom of speech is a joke on facebook, ran by a person who even lies about his real name.

  20. Silencing the alternative voice is called winning their side of the argument….I call it Cowardly!!!

  21. So true but rest assured Facebook, google and twitter can’t and won’t shut down the judgement of God! Too see them stand before Him and in utter fear they will keep their mouths shut and literally go down in flames!

  22. Did she go after the large numbers of conservative straight white men who are the biggest abusers of children? No? I thought not. A 14 year old doesn’t come up with this stuff on her own. She is just a tool used by the radical right to harass anyone they have decided shouldn’t be free to walk the Earth. And I’ve heard her “regurgitations.” Hardly a speck of truth to be found in them.

  23. Defamation Deplatforming &Deep State Whistle-blowing: Robert Barnes & Stefano Molyneux. -Stefano Molyneux
    The FREE AMERICAN LAW CENTER (FALC) is the place to go for defence of conservative free-speech. Founded by Robert Barnes, to prosecute the leftist media lynch-mob against the Covington children, it is the go-to antidote to ACLU & SPLC leftist poison, provides critical support to attorneys & experts to defend dissenters.

  24. “Soph, a 14-year-old girl who amassed a massive audience with her often profanity-laden videos”

    “profanity-laden videos” I won’t congradulate or encourage this from anyone, especially a 14 year old. Maybe she’s speaking out against the vile and immoral left, but don’t do it their way. Keep it clean and straight, it means more that way.

  25. The lgbt is nothing but a radical group that preys on our children. They are an abomination to the Lord. We need to fight them anyway we can to stop their perverted agenda

  26. It’s a shame. Young conservatives are getting their voices taken away. CJ Pearson was one of the first real voices of his generation. I’m sure the Dems tried making his life hell, and tried to silence him. I wish he was really out there like he used to be. Maybe He, and this young lady could team up together. That would be cool. I would like to see them UNSTOPPABLE!!!

  27. Proof more on, google, facebook, twitter, youtube is nothing more than card-carrying and financial escorts to the radical left and against any single flake of conservatism. Don’t these jerkoffs realize that they got there and stay there with their love of capitalism but ashamed of that knowledge being exposed.

  28. Nothing wrong with pointing out the agenda of the alphabet people. If they are so “proud” of who they are why do they use subversive means to try to “teach” kids how to be TG? It’s part of the globalist plan to reduce the population, if they get enough children doubting their gender, they will not procreate, and the population will start to drop precipitously. I don’t hate alphabet people, per se. What I hate is their subversive and vulgar methods to try to get people to accept them and their lifestyle as “normal”. There is nothing normal about homosexuality! If it is so “normal” why are only about 1% of people like that? The alphabet people are the sacred cow of the left, if you say anything negative about them, you become a target of their hit squad. All my former friends who are gay unfriended me on Facebook, because I don’t agree with how alphabet people live or act, or that they should have special status just because they are alphabet people. I feel sorry for them, because they are so thin-skinned and shallow. I guess I don’t need them to be friends, after all…

  29. This is really sad that this is happening. Our freedoms are being taken from us very quickly. We have to stand up to them, or else we will continue to lose them.
    I agree, getting a lawyer would be my option. She has every right to express her opinion, just as the leftists continue to express theirs’ many times, and now children are included and that is a huge concern! We still have the 1st amendment and all the others. We have to stand up and be counted. Get all the support & help you can, including prayers to God!

  30. Are you sure that Sof is protected by the first amendment? I don’t. But I definitely understand that GUGL and LGBT are protected. This amendment is exclusively for them. Therefore, they do with Sof what they want.

  31. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  32. It is wonderful that a 14 year old girl has such a great handle on what is going on and being brave enough to speak out against it. I think the LGBT radicals are abhorrent and their ideas being shoved off on the rest of us must be stopped. I am a straight older person who has gay friends who feel pretty much the same as I do. When the few have so much power over the many this has to stop. I hope that Soph is offered another platform upon which she is able to expound on her ideas. I have no respect any more for Google, Facebook, sometimes Twitter and whoever else shuts down ideas that are not their own. Maybe that is why they are in trouble now.

  33. I find it amazing that Google has to resort to shutting down a platform to get its own point across. Well google, I don’t particularly care for this LGBT community either. The community is mostly filled with flamboyant bloodsucking insects that would like to take any life that is different from theirs away from those of us that actually couldn’t give a toss about what you do. What we don’t like is having you, Google, and your sycophants, tell us what to do if it doesn’t conform to your thoughts and feelings. That’s right you bunch of bloodsucking sycophant leftists, I’m talking about you. Stop shoving your way of life in my face. In fact, get the f#ck out of my face and learn to keep your mouths zipped.

  34. We have to get back to the Bible for all of our morality questions, it’s our only true guide!?!?

  35. I am NOT a fan of LGBT. But please don’t force it on me. Keep it to their self. If you are not a male or a female to me that means you are a IT. (Sexless)!

  36. I may be old but my memory of 1984, both the year and the book, is still strong. The mockery that abounded back then: Well, it’s 1984 and Orwell is dead. No, Sir, Madam, X, Y, or Whatever. Orwell was not making a prophecy, he was issuing a VERY strong warning which has gone unheeded until now. Now, when it may be too late. What’s that Amish expression? Too soon old, too late smart. Wake up, America! Put on your reading glasses and read 1984 again (or for the first time) and there might be hope for us yet.
    Mad Magazine in the mid-50’s: The question is not where civilization began but if it ever did.

  37. The very idea of people and organizations of this ilk being the arbiters of acceptable speech is VERY DISTURBING! Aside from being indefensibly wrong on virtually every opinion that they espouse, they are propagandists that consistently contribute the stupification and disengagement of an ever growing contingent of people who choose to be too distracted, too complacent, and too gullable to question the misinformation from which their political perspective is derived. One fact that is indisputable is that the dumber that the electorate becomes, the better the Democrat party fares.

  38. As a gay man myself, I support dog and I agree that her freedom of speech has be taken away. I supported the baker four I feel like he had the right to refuse to bake a cake on his religious beliefs, why should my rights as a gay man override his. Is mini Mac gay friends I know are appalled with the drag kid dancing in the bars drag queens reading the little kids in the libraries I don’t know where this is coming from but my suspicions are that they’re sponsored by George Soros, also all my gay friends and I know agree on one thing they’re being used by the left is ponzi’s to their victims scheme. I never felt like a victim and I don’t now, I voted for Trump the first go-around and I will damn sure vote for him now I never seen such crazy s*** in my life, this makes me think of Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters representing the black communities a few makes us all look bad.

    p.s. the liberal communist don’t want my gay ass on Fox news

  39. perverts don’t LIKE being criticized by anyone, not even a 14 year old little girl. disgusting. no free speech, no different opinions,just what they think. it’s NEVER BEEN ABOUT BEING EQUAL. NO NO NO .STAY STRONG LITTLE SOPH.God and goodness are on your side.


  41. Eric,

    Blow it out your ass…Regardless of what you may “think” of what this young girl has to say. You still regurgitate the same Leftist garbage as all the others. The “Largest abusers of children are NOT straight white men, but rich Leftists like Jeffery Epstein and his ilk.” And, as you can see He didn’t even have the guts to face his accusers, but instead decides to end his own life rather than let the people do it for him. You fall right into the the same category as him. I’ve been around for over 70 years and have seen your ilk in every walk of life. Your sentence: ” She is just a tool used by the radical right to harass anyone they have decided shouldn’t be free to walk the Earth.” is so far off base that it’s laughable. She never said that any of those people didn’t have a right to walk the earth. If anyone doesn’t have the right to “walk the earth”, it’s ilk like yourself. Too bad I spent 10 years in the Army fighting for your right to denigrate, desparage, belittle and or otherwise trivialize those with whom you don’t agree. I’m sure you’re very proud to be a radical Leftist and I’m equally as proud to be a voice of reason and conservatism. Wish you were here in front of me saying those things. I have a way of shutting up fools like you.

  42. The Leftist, including Hollywood, are so morally corrupt that they have no decency left! Remember the #MeToo movement? They just used that for value signaling of which they have none!! They disgust us to the point of no return and we fear for our children because they are all about indoctrination of these precious little ones. That young ladies parents must be raising her right and we hope there are many more like that left!

  43. It’s so funny how these people get your phone number and make threatening phone calls and get your address and make threats I have even had a black helicopter hovering right over my house just above the trees but I can not respond to their threats but they have to harass a young girl

  44. Lyudmila,

    I can see by your name that you are either Russian or of Russian decent and that is great. My wife is Russian and an American citizen of her own accord. Just so you understand our constitution, let me help you. The 1st amendment guarantees the Freedom of speech to ALL Americans regardless of age. What means is that no matter how old you are, you can voice your opinion about anything you want. It does seem however, that the radical Left is trying to tear down that right by influencing the leftist media and leftist Internet companies in locking out those with whom they disagree. Maybe you’re one of hose “protected” species of the alphabet tribes. Careful, someone may get your number and post it on the NET.

  45. Over 40 years ago, (i was 40 something) the Supreme court made killing babies legal. i found Jesus, at are 29 and for the following twenty some years i had the privilege of serving the Lord as a Christian missionary. It didn’t take long for this horrible evil to morph into the evil of almost half the U.S.A. The ones who choose evil, unless they repent. will eventually pass on to forever darkness but Believers to everlasting light. That is most believers as Jesus said, “Not everyone who calls on My name will inherit eternal life” Repent Christians, if needed! Then pray. pray, pray and take authority over all darkness. (We have this authority.)

  46. ????????????NEWSFLASH????????????

  47. I am so disgusted with the” demon crats”. If anyone is spewing out hatred in this country they are the ones doing it. The sad part is that they will STOP AT NOTHING anymore. It is frightening to see what they are getting away with. If someone like this young girl is saying something they don’t like THEY will take you down. The corruption in our country right now is so bad and goes so high in our government that I don’t know what the future holds for the good and honest people. This is not the America we know. We are made up of immigrants BUT what is going on now is an INVASION and this is not right. These people were told come to the USA we will give you everything for free and some of our own people are giving them the money to do this to the rest of us. They are bringing DISEASES to the USA that we have not seen in many years and gang members that have savagely killed many people are now taking jobs away from our CITIZENS and why because the demoncrats see all of them as future voters. WAKE UP PEOPLE to what you are allowing to happen to this country before it is too late.

  48. The Communist left is in full force just like the Commies at FB, Twitter, Youtube and Google. Obama caused this when he turned control of the Internet over to a group of Liberals in Commiefornia.

  49. They said too many Democrats were going to go down if he testified especially the clintons. So course he committed suicide 😉

  50. This problem will continue until Trump gets a really big set of Cojones and repeals the internet deal that Obozo gave away before he left office. Put the Internet under the guidance of Conservatives and let a group with more sense dole out the justice do these 1st. Amendment violators !!!

  51. James you seem like a good guy I am a Conservative a Trump supporter also I just want you to know most of us are not racist the fight we are all in right now is not about race it is about good people against evil people glad you are honest being gay is your right I have friends that are gay some black some Mexicans not racist and not prejudice I welcome all people to the United states as long as they come in legally as far as being gay that is okay as long as they do not try to force it on me as far as religion everyone has their own beliefs just do not try and change my religion I am Christian Baptist theirs no reason why we all can not all get along and all work to make this country better if the Democrats would help

  52. Transgenderism is opening doors of debate in just about every realm of western society. People have to ask what bathrooms are they to use now and can a once man-altered to a woman compete with female athletes. This issue is dividing America and is bringing sharp debates from the devilish Democrats and the righteous Republicans. The transgender issue is things that are against the laws of nature. It is against the normal order of things and this is seen in the sports areas. In a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a study was done to prove that suppressing testosterone levels in men trying to be something they are not is not enough to suppress the strength advantage that they have over little girls. They are bigger and faster and very much stronger than the little girls that they are competing against. And of course, the devils called Democrats in the House are downplaying the significance of such findings because they just don’t care about the people that are going to be hurt by these freaks trying to be something they are not. Surprisingly no one has ever seen a transgender woman trying to be a man ever join a football team. It is ludicrous that a freak of nature has to try to prove something he is not by roughing up little girls in a sports event that is not something that he should be participating in. But the devilish Democrats want people to believe that they are all equal. Science and just plain common sense have proven that there is a natural difference between men and women, and they are not all the same. The dorky Democrats believe that men trying to be girls do not have the advantage of true girls. This study proves once and for all that they do have an advantage. Just because a man puts on a dress does not make him a woman. There is nothing in all creation that will change the fact that he is a man. The paper makes mention that these men have an “intolerable” advantage over women. There is nothing that is going to change this fact. The sad reality is that the Democrats will reject the proven truth and still hold on to their lies like they do with everything else that is false that they hold to. The paper goes on to point out that hormone therapy is still not enough to make the playing field equal between men and women. There are just too many differences. A man’s muscle mass returns to normal at times because of muscle memory. There is nothing that will ever change the truth that a man is a man and a girl is a girl. Genetics cannot change and there is nothing that the doctors can do to change the sexual identity of a man or a woman. A person can put on a costume but that does not change who they are on the inside. All that transgenderism proves is that a person is living a lie. The Democrats want to force people to accept the changes and make things unfair for everyone else. They have tried to pass an equality act that would make it illegal for schools to keep men from competing with women in sports.Ilhan Omar is a supporter of this kind of legislation. She does not believe in the science behind the report. The country would love to Omar compete on a pro-football team after making such remarks. She holds that there is no advantage present. One day on the team and she would see that she is completely wrong on the matter. The devils in the Democratic Party are trying to feminize men while at the same time hurt womanhood. For a man to compete physically against a girl is just ridiculous and should never happen. President Trump is sure to veto any such bill coming from the Democrats. There is no reason or proof that men are equal to women. There is just too much physical proof and evidence that proves that they are not the same in many ways.

  53. Much as I wish it were true, the right to free speech only applies to the government not limiting it. Since Google, YouTube, et al. are private companies, they do not have to abide by the free speech amendment.

  54. Yep, I just read on another site “” that first names are surfacing from a list of liberals that visited his little island. The timing of his “suicide” is just too coincidentally. I sure hope he left a paper trail that survives the shredder!!

  55. In 2012, Sarah Crank, a 14 year old girl, defended normal marriage to the Maryland Legislature. HuffPost ran an article on iit that brought 2,600 comments filled with death threats to her, her parents, plus threats of violence, rape and beating her to a pulp. Comments on Youtube, number over a thousand were just as vicious and intolerant. A glbt publication also revealed her address and parents’ name, so the threats also came by phone and mail. Having watched how this group has utterly destroed the Boy Scouts of America, it becomes quite clear that they are destructive, intolerant and filled with rage and anger towards normal people who disagree with their agenda.

  56. Progressive Democrats have been trying to destroy the USA for 100+ years. The first step they accomplished was to create the Federal Reserve and turn total control of the US Monetary System to them. This is a private bank in spite of its name.
    Next FDR started Social Security Insurance. This got people believing they could hand some money to the Government to hold until they retired, then they could get it back.
    Then LBJ changed Aide to Dependent Children, which was supposed to help our War Widows raise their Orphaned Children, into the current welfare system that pays any single woman who has kids, and penalizes them if they marry the father or any many who would help her raise her kids.
    Part 1.

  57. Folks, that is what there is to expect from the trash and filth democrat party. They are absolutely as perverted as can be.

  58. Their love for children huh Colleen? Them liberal trash wants and supports killing innocent babies so what you think they think about children? If anybody is trashy enough to support the slaughtering of innocent precious babies then they are capable of anything.

  59. Of course Twitter is a hate group and many of their employees are members of Antifa and BLM. Wh uh you think they cater to pure trash?

  60. Here’s a message for the members of the Democratic Communist Party (DCP); if a civil war were to break out….we American patriots will give a you a war you won’t believe. There now…. you can add this American-born patriot to your list of American enemies!

    USAF (RET)


  62. Part 2.
    Next, LBJ started Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamps.
    In the meantime, in education, the Progressive Democrats took over most of the Colleges and changed to teaching credentials. There used to be a test you could take. If you passed it, you were a teacher, and your security job depended on how well you taught your kids.
    Now, you have to have a college degree and they have 4 or more years to brainwash all of our teachers before sending they put to our School Systems. This is how they took over the Elementaries, the Junior Highs, and the High Schools.
    Then Obama got in. We proved that we were not Racist by electing a half colored man.
    Progressives had been trying to get Universal Health Care passed since the 50’s. (How do you think they had a Bill 2700 pages long all written up and ready to pass?)
    Obama, Pelosi, and Reid got it thru both Houses in Congress with NO Republican Support.
    That is why the TEA Party was Started. There were Conservative people from the Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.
    We started cleaning house. We started sending True Conservative people to D.C. and many State and Local Governments in 2010, 12, 14, 16, and 18. That is how we Got Trump in.
    It may take 40 or 50 years to clean out all the Progressive crap out of our Government and Legal System. But we have made a good start!
    We need to keep and restore our First and Second Amendment Rights, or all is lost.

  63. Well, the left will misuse their power/control over the media to silence and destroy any speech or opinion that differs from their whining rhetoric.
    They will deny us the free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
    And then use that same free speech to attack any idea’s that don’t fall in line with the liberal agenda.
    Either agree with them or be Silenced.

  64. This is the Snowflake Bolshevik Wussie Left. They can’t handle the truth and when confronted with it they try to shut it down. We need conservative alternatives to You Tube, Twitter, and other Libertard Control Public Platforms.

  65. YouTube like the rest of social media sites, have been granted an exemption from being sued by Congress. When they all first started, they told Congress, they were not a platform, they were just a conduit for other people. Part of that agreement was they would not ban anyone. You see how well that is working. What Congress needs to do is lift that exemption. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they haven’t done it already, with all the bs they have pulled. Once that exemption is gone, they can be sued. It wouldn’t help this 14 yr old, but some of these bigger people that have been banned, who have money could take them to court!

  66. A bigger bunch of insecure immature “children” I haven’t met. All this “pride” junk is a way to keep attention on them. Were they comfortable with themselves and “lifestyle” they wouldn’t need all this “in your face” crap to keep attention. They’d go about their lives the way the rest of us – who are secure in ourselves – without having to broadcast their intimate bedroom lives.

  67. Members of the LGBTQ community are twisted minded individuals, no that does not mean I am judging all bisexuals and guys just those who attempt to push their lifestyle on others and warp the minds of impressionable children.

  68. Free speech applies to any and all public forums. Google, YouTube, et al. want to be treated as both a public forum and a private back yard. They can’t have it both ways. Sodahead wanted a private back yard and took down their forum to attain that back yard.

  69. the left needs to be stopped now. they have made it very plain that those who disagree with them have no rights in this country and need to be silenced. they have shown themselves to be hypocrites. this young lady had every right to express how she felt.

  70. Isn’t it funny the left seems to think they get to decide which forms of bigotry are acceptable or not. They feel they get to decide what everyone gets to think, say, do, etc if you are against their positions or ideas – YOU have not Right to Speak! If you are with them- then your words will be broadcast everywhere.

    Perfect example- Every day I must go to my spam folder in Yahoo mail to retrieve the “spam” articles from sites I signed up for. I am used to Yahoo sending the ones they really don’t want me to see there. Today I discoverd a new thing never seen before – a message:

    “For your security we disabled all images and links in this email. If you believe it is safe to use, mark this message as not spam.”

    Ok, so I thought, Yahoo is shadow banning these conservative sights (this Article was one of them) So I clicked the Not Spam button. The Article disappeared. 30 min. later it finally arrived in my inbox.

    So the Left is doing all they can to shut down Any and All conservative voices- EVEN 14 Yr Olds!
    Gotta love liberal tolerance and their idea of freedom of Pre-Approved Speach!
    Welcome to America: “1984” style-
    Brought to you by the Democratic Party

  71. You said it perfectly for me and many others! The conservative view is not allowed anywhere, yet, WE HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY OUR SIDE, GIVE OUR OPINION, JUST AS MUCH AS THOSE WHO TELL LIES AND BRAINWASH THOSE WHO ARE IGNORANT. EVEN IN COLLEGES, 43% of professors teach liberalism….BOTH sides should be given….just goes to show you how weak, shallow, and self-serving the dems are! VOTE REPUBLICAN!

  72. Randy Bell, thanks for your thoughts
    I come from a strong Christian family and believe in the Lord Jesus. I live my country and the freedom it brings us. God bless America and God bless you and your family.

  73. Do you have that girl credit God bless her she stood up for what she believed was right and as we know the Democrats and the left stand for what God stands against kudos to her don’t give up little girl keep going just realize you just slap them down and they are fighting back they are like Satan going down the hall scratching on the sides of the pits of hell has he slip slide away into a Bolivian thank you God bless you keep your message going strong and also when seen a democrat Tell them you’re a Democrat shame on you for trying to destroy America shame on you and God will always watch out for you and protect you you are in my prayers and I will put you on a prayer list with others around the world

  74. The left is losing the battle for the minds of Americans. They have pushed too far and will pay for their ill conceived approach to what society will stand for,

  75. We all need to cancel our accounts and let them know that we will never ever purchase from their advertisers. Maybe even start to tell the advertisers first, before we cancel to let them know what is coming–yes that might have more value. So, everyone on Google, Twitter, etc start making comments to the that the advertisers that pay for business and let them all know that we will not be buying any of their products because they fund these entities and we don’t like or need their nazi banning! Then after you send these messages for a while, cancel your accounts.

  76. I’ve never heard of or seen Soph, but it really is amusing to me that a young girl got the best of these “profane” LGBT folks. And that is the word to describe them, PROFANE.

    I don’t care for profanity but sometimes you just have to use the words that profane persons understand.

  77. What else did you expcet of those sexual deviants! They are too perverse and dumb to voice anything sensible. Kudos to this young girl for speaking up.

  78. The pillars of salt are showing up in Hollyweird, West Hollyweird, Long Brach, San Francisco, and The East Village/Lower East Side area of Manhattan. The wrath is coming through a 14-year-old..

  79. Not to worry, God is about to clean up this mess as He did in the days of Noah – dismiss this at your own risk, fools!


  81. I will take up arms and join you in one second Sir! We the People will defend the United States from all threats foreign and domestic .

  82. I am unhappy about it, but there is a need for public media communication platforms to be open and for this openness to be enforced by government regulation. Censorship of conservative communication is very real (it has happened to me) and has the potential to alter the paradigm of thinking in the US in ways not rational or reasonable. Abrogation of free speech is Unconstitutional and destructive for America.

  83. no, but on some comment sections, a whiner will complain and you may get your post removed, etc… the mental midget moral minders over at facehook have given me 30 days in the conservative closet twice now for suggesting that those rag hores in DC get a free ride home and I was not as nice as Trump when he said “These folks should go home, fix the mess, and then return to tell us how it is done”.. of course the scum racist commies at cnn carried on a tradition by only reporting the first part then yelling that Trump is a racist.. stalin is very pleased with the results of his efforts in the 1920s to infiltrate and indoctrinate the USA so that it rots from the inside.. now DC is rotten, the news media is full of leftists, hollow woody is a nest of leftist perverts, and our children are propagandized from K to graduate school.. Most major cities are cesspool ghettos run by democrapo scum..

  84. Sgt it is brewing and about to boil over .. right now just under the surface the folks like you and I and millions of others to include more than just veterans are ready to take to the streets to remove commies.. why fly 13,000 miles to match wits with scum when they are out in the streets acting like morons..or worse yet being elected to public office like the rag hos, MOFOHO from Michiganistan or the sawed of member licker from Minnesotastan,.. and who can ignore the bartender BJ queen that the scum in the news jam in our face all day everyday.. look at what kind of mental midgets stalin’s propaganda since the 1920s has spawned…

  85. And GOD said, “A LITTLE CHILD WILL LEAD THEM!!” Thank you SOPH!!!
    God bless you, your family and God bless AMERICA!!! TRUMP 2020!!

  86. But, much like the cake baker, a private business, who refused to make a cake for a gay couple, she should file a discrimination suit. I’m sure the ACLU would support her, right? Yeah, sure they would (sarcasm intended)

  87. I wonder how much the Clintons helped him to do that. There are many “suicides” and “accidents” that precede him.

  88. The dems and their freaks cannot win. satan has taken over their party and satan will lose. When Jesus returns we will never have to deal with them again. We will have true freedom that the dems will not be able to do anything about.

  89. Eric, the left wants TOTAL control of our government and every one of us. They are extremely dangerous. YES, they must be stopped.

  90. Gideon, You are right on. YES, we need conservative alternatives where we can go to express our views without worrying about being shut down. There is now an alternative to the Boy Scouts and they are doing well.

  91. Do any of us have any free speech left? When they can shut down a 14 year old girl, probably because she’s smarter that most of the Dems, then they can shut us all down. I say lets shut them down before they get to us. Cancel all your subscriptions to any liberal media. Don’t watch liberal TV, and most of all don’t give in to them. Their day is coming REAL soon. Can’t wait. Hurry up AG and all the others that that have the info.

  92. LGBT movement got what they wanted, free to be themselves, now they want to destroy anyone who does not adhere to their agenda. It is time to say enough is enough.Any group that is allowed to break the law with no consequences will continue to push their agenda. It is time for the majority to hold the left accountable. The left, who hold office, has clearly demonstrated they do not care about what the majority,who put them in office want, because they are in office and untouchable. Anyone can see this in the left supporting abortion up to and after birth, trying to push equal rights that will allow men and boys who declare themselves as women to compet in women sports, taking away your 2nd amendment rights, trying to taking away your 1st admendment rights, using the race card as a weapon, allowing women to accused you of a crime which their is no defense, allowing socislist to call themselves democrats and the list goes on.

  93. The Mental Deficient needs to be shut down. They do nothing but force their likes, desires on everybody and then complain when somebody speaks out against them and the MEDIA needs to stop bowing to them. The Media is allowing LGBT to spread their Mental Deficient desirs in free speech while shutting down others right to free speech. This is getting way out of control

  94. I remembered too well when I was a very young girl – was chased by men almost everywhere when was alone… But do not remember I’ve been attacked by any white men (though some were curious to look at the pretty girl… )

  95. You know, God has been very, very merciful and very patient with the works of Dems and others that are bringing about much kayos in this Country, including the act of accepting sin. God has been sitting back and waiting to see if mankind is going to change for the better and begin to obey his Commandments. But, what I have been seeing for a few years mow, is much trouble building and getting out of hand because of hate, greed, selfishness, and power hungry folks that could care less for us. We are in the middle of a crisis and it’s slowly, bit by bit destroying us. In order to get out of this hole, we need to stand up with Christ and ask for his help. Without him and his Father, we’re going to go down the tube…fast. If we don’t, more is coming, horrible things. We need God. We had better start praying for our Country, out families, even our enemies. This is getting very serious, folks.

  96. Colleen; Go to the website ” Raw Conservative Opinions” Greg Dawson gives a complete list of Clinton Associates who ALLEGEDLY died MYSTERIOUSLY or COMMITTED suicide before testimony”. Very frightening!!
    Thought you would be interested….

  97. This site won’t take my comments! If it does take b this comment…Linda I can’t access that site. My computer usage is monitored & it won’t allow me on the site. It kicks the site off saying it is violence.

  98. Colleen: I can not get on this site using Firefox. So I had to switch to Internet Explorer to get here. So try another server. It’s a shame if you can’t read this information. It contains over 47 names and what supposedly how they died…. Big Brother must be watching all of us, huh?

  99. Not hateful, but it certainly can be dangerous . . . . In order to promote their own “rights,” they squash the rights of everyone else. Disgusting!

  100. Linda, really I don’t know how to get on another server or whatever that is. But I am sure there is SO MUCH information about the libs that is slowly surfacing thanks to our greatest president and the AG, we will sooner or later find out just how bad things are with the left. BTW: I can’t comment on patriot pulse lately, I tried to unsubscribe but I still keep getting emails from them.

  101. Colleen; Why can’t you post on Patriot Pulse any more?? Well, my friend, I refuse to post anything on Renewed , so I guess we will have to catch up here!
    For your laugh of the day, on Patriot Pulse a “Richard Crainium” posted some comment. Gee, I wonder who this is????

  102. To pick on a 14 year old girl is low, but what do you expect from libtard extremists! They went after the 8-year Mini AOC for mocking AOC – which is even lower! The libtards need to back off and let Soph and Mini AOC do their thing without being harassed by the libtards!

  103. Moreover, the libtard extremists are hypocritical on the issue of conversion therapy VS gender reassignment! They helped ban conversion therapy for anyone under 18 (I don’t support or oppose conversion therapy), but find it OK for a kid under 18 to change genders! This is so inconsistent! There should be a ban on gender reassignment for anyone under 18!
    Gender reassignment has affected high school athletics as biological boys who began the gender reassignment process and competed as girls in track! These “girls” who are biological boys had an unfair advantage at the meet.

  104. Psalm 81:15 (GW) Those who hate the LORD would cringe in front of him, and their time [for punishment] would last forever.

  105. Solution “Go Fund Me” account for her to gain access to $$$ for legal expenses. Just a thought…..

  106. Actually, going after the LGBTQXYZ agenda is not hateful. It is the tactics that they use against others who simply refuse to participate without even criticizing that are hate filled.

    Their tactics put them at odds with all that is American.

    Combating an agenda that uses such tactics against others is not hateful, it is a responsibility.

  107. Absolutely right. So many require Facebook – even the conservative sites. I refuse to use Facebook. You all know that Zuckerberg’s father is or was very high up in the CIA and that site was designed to get information on people.

  108. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! If you find it offensive or against what you believe, don’t watch it and go find your safe space.

  109. I suggest a “Go Fund Me” account to hire a lawyer to sue YouTube/Google on Soph’s behalf. Her First Amendment Rights HAVE been violated and the company that did it should pay through the nose. How does someone get the account started? I don’t know.

  110. I believe that these tech companies need to be regulated like public utilities. They use the internet, a medium originally created by the United States government, to operate. Without the internet, they are nothing. The internet belongs to we, the People, not to these Leftist thugs.

  111. You right wingers are insane, you believe Trump, Levin, Hannity, Limbaugh and all the other liars in Fox and right wing radio which they totally control. Trump is a sociopath, a criminal, a serial sexual assaulter who insults nearly everyone except Putin. He is a constant braggart, liar, money laundering and a master manipulator and whiner. You people who think that he is good for this country are either brainwashed or evil like him, there is no other possibility.

  112. What ever happened to FREE Speech? It seems now days that you’re only allowed free speech if you agree with the Liberals or their “friends.”

  113. AMEN!!!! I have absolutely NO PROBLEM defending myself or what is mine, so all I can tell the “domestic terrorists” is to be sure to bring their own body bags….they will need them!!!

  114. Actually that is not true. They have to follow the same rules as everyone else or they can be removed from the air. The FCC is federally controlled and so is google.

  115. has everyone forgotten about discrimination? private companies can be held accountable for discriminating against people…
    besides the fact that these tech giants need to be broken up-they are monopolies…

  116. It does a person so much Good to find out that a GREAT 14-year-old girl named Soph took the SICK LEFT!!! I don’t know anybody, and I have known and know a lot of people in my life, BUT again, I don’t know anybody that would not agree with Soph. Something has to be done IMMEDIATELY about the Leftie Social Media. They are all on the side of EVIL any way you want to look at what they do and say–it is SICK, EVIL, SATANIC and CRAZY!!!

    GOOD FOR SOPH!!! I sooooo hope that President Trump and the First Lady find out about this and back Soph all the way!!!

    We need many more people in the world like Soph!!! We on the Right are soooo afraid of what is going on, and we need to be able to stand up and be counted!!! THANK GOD WE HAVE OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY TO BE OUR VOICES!!!


  117. Could You find the Radical Left for me? Was ithe Man that killed 22 Mexicans in El Paso. How about the shooter that took out in Dayton, including his own sister? Do you attribute any mass shooting to the Radical Left? Oh, I know, It is the Radical left that puts 118 IMMIGRANTS IN A HOLDING CELL DESIGNED FOR A MAX 51 people, or Separating immigrant Children from their parents . It has been over 9000 since April of 2018. About 1000 of the original Children are still incaercerated. Did the leftdo that, or Trump. There is even News now that these kids are actually being Sexually abused, and Raped. Maybe there needs to be a radical right. Maybe the Radical Right will abandon Trump when the economy Collapses. America today is End Time Babylon, and very soon we will be destroyed in One hour. Like when Trump attacks Iran. His war is fake, but Putin’s, and Trump is real to the point of destroying us

  118. LGBTQ wields much power. Hollywood, democrats, big business all embrace this radical movement. Even a courageous little girls cannot escape their extreme efforts to impose their deviant lifestyle on the American people. Do not let them intimidate, badger or threaten you, and let Google know how you feel.

  119. You are a commie to back Trump who loves Putin. You didn’t do anything for this country with that hatred and insanity, you got your pension and thank God you didn’t put in even more years to influence real troops

  120. You are both addicted to state your inane and insane comments which somehow support the mobster Trump.

  121. This girl is just a hateful, misinformed and brainwashed thuglet. She is marching to full fledged Nazism.

  122. The loony birds are going at it several times, they are conspiracy nuts like Trump. Colleen and Linda M, they are on countless sites with their rambling hatred,

  123. Satan has taken your soul bj and brought to hell where it will be waiting for you when you do this world a favor and pass.

  124. Good morning Linda
    I see nutty numnuts is practically begging for our attention, I have him in a time out, so I’m not going to respond to his posts. How are you doing my dearest Linda?

  125. I’ve noticed that’s who they pick on with their childish hate. You NEVER see or hear of them picking on someone who can hand them their heads……unless maybe in a large mob, and I haven’t heard of any myself. Libs are few and far between out here and the last incident I heard of here was their sad attempt to picket at a guns show. They were soon run out and the last male to go through the board got a large boot in the ass on the way out.

  126. Any young athletic girl could beat you and many men and even young men in many events, whether it is swimming, golf, tennis, softball, so your out of control paragraph is pure hysterical nonsense.

  127. Saundra, nice try but these people don’t want anything to do with facts.They still think Mexico is paying for the wall and China is paying for all the tariff’s

  128. I’ve check 3 validation sites for confirmation of this event, and I found no evidence of validation! “Culture Watch” fabricates this BS to influence the gullible! And if you don’t believe what I report, then do your own search!

  129. It is not hateful to correct an evil …
    If they accept it, they will be changed.
    If they do not accept it, they can expect the consequences of sin …
    an eternal hell fire!!!
    nd they cannot claim they were not warned!!!

  130. I see nothing wrong with disagreeing with the left like I see nothing wrong with them disagreeing with the right. We can disagree with LGBT as well. The problem is with LGBT they don’t think we are allowed to have our own opinion. I say screw you. It is really sad they go after a 14 year old. For this I think LGBT are asses.

  131. Why can’t a 14 year old young adult say what is on her mind Thats what the 1st Amendment is for! Don’t agree you! Then you don’t agree . But, calling a 14 year old names is shameful! Besides
    name calling is was Kindergartens do!

  132. Quite true…and well written Gary…..but I doubt Eric can understand even 1/2 the erudite words. Bravo!!

  133. This group has no legitimate way to defend their perverted life style so they revert by attacking people that don’t agree with their life style. Weak minded people if you ask me.

  134. Disagreeing with the radical LGBT lobby isn’t inappropriate. However, if her approach was truly profanity-laden and done in bad taste, then I, too, would question its appropriateness. There is a class way of showing disagreement and there is a questionable way of doing so. She may have used the wrong and very tasteless approach for a disagreement that is valid.

  135. All leftist and llgbtq are inch worms lowest form of life on planet earth. All need to be shoved up a donkey ass . all worthless end of story. None can be called a human none are.

  136. Poor Soph… it’s sounding more & more like Nazi Germany back in the day or N. Korea, today. ☹️ Pretty soon we’ll have loud speakers on every corner spewing “their” propaganda… It has to stop ! Blessings, Soph. ✌????????????????????????????????

  137. That’s right there is (Gab social) and they allow any speech as long as it is not illegal. And the allow 3500 characters per post. They also have specific groups as well as a home group. Many people have switched from twitter.
    Other than that other than that there is parler. I am not familiar with that platform.
    Chan4 or Chan8 is much more radical and mostly obscene. Chan8 may no longer be available due to Cloudfare no longer providing them a channel.

  138. NUTS OF AMERICA: You are the one with way less than half a brain. All you do is parrot your masters. No thought required from your pitiful person

  139. AMEN!!! she is in the right here not the LGBT people or Youtube or Google!! I would hope a lawyer takes up her case and sues them for at the least 100k per follower that was unable to view her content! Just like the lies and harassment of the left over the whole school kids in DC!!!As the left dose they had sent out fake victims to have them confront the kids with MAGA hats on! The papers and media and all those that pushed the fake narrative that the boy started it all when it was the American Indian and group of Black So called Israelite’s!!! they are some kind of evil Anti-American and anti-jewish and anti-white group of militant black’s like the Black Panthers!They are all criminals and the left likens them to some kind of nice and peaceful protesters???Lies and corruption will not serve you when it comes time to be judged by GOD! When will WE THE PEOPLE stand up and stop them?][][][% when will enough be ENOUGH?When will we all see the JUSTICE as we were PROMISED?I pray that after the 2nd time Trump go’s back on his word to “NOT” touch our 2A that people see hes a Trojan Horse!I didnt believe it at 1st either but after he went back on his word by banning bumpstocks i think we all need to Remind President Trump of His PROMISES?!

  140. 100% agree and i would be so pissed if it happened to my daughter! They would have reason to worry if they had done this to any of my kids! Im an X-military man and i believe in our Rights and our Constitution! When i see anyone in my family being stripped of their Constitutional Rights i get quite angry!One of these times they are going to ban,block or remove someone from their site and they will not like what happens after that!Not by me but one of these times they are going to mess with the wrong person! May Forever and Always “only” GOD BLESS AMERICA! I will never submit to Islam and will choose death on my feet over life on my knees! I will fight to keep America Free for my Kids and Grandchildren!!!When will we all say “ENOUGH”?????

  141. Loved Soph’s podcasts. I have seen and heard Progressives say far more hateful things about our President and they didn’t get shutdown. Why the double standard?

  142. oh no,no,no its not about keeping your powder dry but purchasing as much AMMO as you can while you still can!Trump may just be the Trojan Horse hes being called by many on the right now?A Major part of his 2016 campaign was to “not” touch our 2A and instead what has he done to please the left…..Banned Bumpstocks! Now ill never want one and i dont think a lot of people would even want one.But their are some out there that would want them and if they do they should be permitted to buy them! What part of Shall Not be infringed,dont they understand?The Civil War wit these leftist scum has been going on for some time! Look up Antifa people they have a long history of trying to cause chaos and take down Governments around the Globe! When they appeared in Iceland or was it Norway?In any case that countries Gov did what our Government should have done! Their Government arrested them all and created laws to stop them at every turn! They knew Antifa is actually a Nazi organization!!! So when Antifa is in the streets of America again i Feel our Law enforcement and Military should be rounding them up and throwing them in Prison!For if they start a shooting war its going to be all over for them!There are a lot of Americans hoping,like myself the war starts sooner then later while all us older vets can still fight in it! so that our children and their kids dont have too!I know im locked and loaded and buying up as much AMMO as i can and i suggest you all do the same!While its still legal and tax friendly to do!!!

  143. What you all keep hanging on to is mostly due to the brain deadening that we were, and are, subjected to as a result of the acceptance of compulsion with respect to schooling. There is no constitution other than the parchment document on restricted display in Washington, D. C. There has been no constitutional federal government since March 27, 1861. There was no Civil War. There was a terrible and tragic war that was entirely unlawfully initiated by deceit and duplicity by Abraham Lincoln. A civil war, by definition, is a war in which two or more competing factions seek control of the government of a nation. No such condition existed in the United States (properly known as originally written in the constitution as the united states of America) in 1861. The southern nation states simply wanted to withdraw, form their own republic, and govern themselves. Nothing contained, even to this day, in the organic constitution denied, or denies, a nation state the right to do that. Our own Unanimous Declaration of Independence specifically states that the people have the right to sever the ties with their government and form a government that better serves them. Lincoln’s war did not restore anything. A new government that more nearly resembles a monarchy or fascist dictatorship was established. It operated in the manner of the republic at first, but did so to a less and lesser degree with the passage of time. Currently there is no resemblance whatever to the manner of, or to the powers of, the federal government as set forth in the constitution. No amending article of the “constitution” ratified after 1861 is valid as respects the organic constitution.

  144. Eventually Congress or the FCC will have to shut these giants down for being discriminatory against people who oppose their views. That is clearly censorship and they should be shut down of they cannot allow both sides of the issues to be discussed.

  145. Now you ladies are getting the program. The KEY is do not respond. That will make the controller of the garbage stop. The machine does this on every site. It is a loser. 8/17/19

  146. They cannot run over big people. These low lifes cannot understand how a 14 year has more intelligence than all of them. The agony of defeat! lol. A little 14 year old has the majority of backers. I, believe their actions are at a dead end. Just wait.

  147. I start with thanking you for your service! I hear a military man descriving how Russia/China/American enemies will NOT fight the conventional fight, but a asymetrical aproach fight. I will add, all Anti-Americans global and the enemy within= the Islamic-Democrat party have ONLY one reason TO bring the U.S.A. under the UN-NWO control. The Islamic-Democrat’s fight is asymetrical and none stop also: make up multiple coups to remove our President, or move in massive amount of humans, use all the media to block us and so on. WHY the candidates/media only offer violent vocabulary and send their Democrat/Obama paramilitary army instead of benefits? Bc 1-The Islamic-Democrats already have us under UN-NWO LAWS Agenda 21/15.They need us to be in a civil war that’s why O said he need an internal army: Democrat/Obama’s paramilitary army: ANTIFA, Move.on, Islamic Blacks=BLM. La RAZA, and so on. If violence or a civil war benefit them by provoquing us to fight them? Why do we want to and wait for them to bring us into a UN intervention? WE NEED TO INFORM OF THEIR INTENTION TO THEIR SUPPORTERS IN A CREATIVE WAY SO THEIR SUPPORT IS NOT SO STRONG AND NEED TO DO MORE NOW!

  148. What a nasty thing to say. We do have freedom of speech, but is it necessary to be so mean-spirited towards a young girl. How sad.

  149. They shut her down because they’re chicken s**ts ,afraid of the truth coming from a 14 year old .. Be nice if Trump could shut all of them down ..I have been blocked on some facebook sites because of some of my comments that hurt somebody’s feelings .
    Whoopee I dont care ,if you dont like my comments tough ..

  150. I want to point were is OUR WEAKNESS; hope I can do it so we can fix it. I agree, but if the evil always will do evil? Islamc-Democrats have always being Anti-Americans Social-Communist, period! Now, the same people are working to bring the U.S.A. under the UN-NWO-human control/slaves, that also are social-Communist! Listen to AOC and the rest repeat the same vocabulary of the UN-Paris Accord, or the Immigration-Reffuge accord-this and more are in YT. OUR good media doe NOT want to REALLY TALK AND WARN US until now, a little bet. The Islamic-Democrat mafia in CA is implementing the UN-NWO Agenda 21/15/30: Burning building like magic and the gov said “get use to climate change. Cosing freeway lines to make bike lines, invest on public transportation. I was told my gas car is the last only VERY expencive electrical cars. Destroying our monuments=culture. and …AOC said we have to destroy building contaminate the enviroment. Increase tax on meat, gas price increase, pay for miles driven, by 2030 no gas cars in CA per Gov brown/democrats. The problem is on the side of the good people and evil as being studing our reaction on every step. And the good people as not done their job to take aways their children, not be so tolerant, or politically corrupt with evil and we LET them control OUR culture, our society. It is like the zombie program was to make people not to react! NOW evil is wide open and direct telling us they want to destroy us by making us fight so they can have a civil war to bring the UN intervention bc their human merchandice “refugiados” are not being taking care off. In other words, the Islamic-Democrats are playing the UN-NWO laws and we continue ignoring and giving them time to work on us, pretending they should work for America and be fear? Check YT there is a lot of info on Europe. They are ahead of the American Continent. Check Chile, South America, Mexico. Mexico will have a huge protest August 20 protest to remove the LBGTTNZ from childrens education. And September 15 to demand to get them off the UN NWO Accord. After that they will get into a civil desovidience. They have sued their congress for treason. Listen UN and AOC “12 yrs for the end of the world”! Actually it is the time the wealthy globalist are demanding off the politicians they have to get us on their schesule-Agenda destroy everything to build everything per their Rockefeller, Soros, Rothschild, Carlos Slim and Pope Francis and.

  151. The dictators social media and traditional media remove those that are uncomfortable for their system. They worked for some Muslim when the evil got Muslims out to kill each other “Arab Spring” lie! The human traffickers use their media to bring rivers of people, the Mexican Cartel use their media, the terrorist use their media. So no more doubt who the social and regular media work for. We just NEED to pass this info on to the naive and demand to ? make laws for this criminals. WE have power, but do not use it, sad! The mafia knows we are not united!

  152. AND what we did to protest this corruption? We keep using them! When President Bush pass the law “no child left behind” Prop 91? The “poor” of spirit their powerfull and wealthy took them to protest on the streets, took children out the classrooms ( no need to ask mother’s permission) and so on. How hard is for us to have one day to not use the dictators social media. OR pass the info to as many as possible and other siple event to show our power? NO, we can not do it bc we are not united! We love to complain and narrate how bad they are! We do not have much time being FREE, The Islamic-Demo are working to slave us. Agenda 2015/ 2030 of the UN-NWO the wealthy globalist wish of human reduction and human control!

  153. She sounds like a very bright and insightful young person. She should not have been silenced. YouTube now has a Million people mad at them for censoring her.

  154. Well, Nutso, you got exactly azz-backward. But that makes no difference to those who if it weren’t for hypocrisy and double standards, would have no standards at all.

  155. Amen you are 100 % correct they along with schools the children are being indoctrinated. Good bless the USA & God bless President Trump Trump 2020. If this offends antone reading this comment guess what I DON’T CARE.

  156. So here is proof that Google and Youtube are leftist pigs who are for taking away our right to free speech if it does align with their beliefs. Well, I just decided to find another Web search site for my Internet use, screw Google and Youtube. If all American lovers and Patriots stopped using both Web services we could shut them down, there is not enough dingbat leftist dumb asses out there to keep them afloat.

  157. Pure censorship. That is all you can call it when they refuse to tolerate the existence of speech they disagree with.

    Strange how they actually allow racist hate against certain groups to be promoted even glorified by other channels etc. but say anything that disagrees with their political agenda and they act as if it is such a horrific crime one must be punished for it.

    In fact California is in the process of trying to make it a law that anyone contradicting their agenda to “impressionable” children can be punished, fined, jailed etc.

    I recall on another forum several pages were wasted trying to explain to one leftist that “not liking” something was not the same as being “intolerant” of its existence to this day they still refuse to understand the very definition of the words and that they are not the same thing.

    They even contradicted themselves when someone gave an example of other behavior one might “not like” indicating that only on the one issue did they seem to think “not liking” certain behavior was the same as “not tolerating”(being intolerant) that it exists.

    Intolerance is what you tube has done here they did “not like” the political statements the girl made so they banned them so no one could see or hear them.

    Simply put they did not tolerate the existence of speech they did not like (intolerance). If it was simply a case of “not liking” the speech they would tolerate its existence (because of free speech laws) and it would still be there for others to watch.

    This is the difference between being intolerant of something and simply not liking it that the left fail to understand.

    The left has been nothing but intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them so much so they misuse words like racist, homophobic, etc. in an effort to discredit the person when they can not discredit the actual facts they stated.

    The left are more than happy to continue to accuse their opposition of the crimes they themselves actually commit.

    Remember when the Neo Nazis wanted to march through a Jewish neighborhood our courts correctly ruled that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is not limited or restricted to only allowing speech we agree with or do not find offensive.

    Now the leftists think we should be jailed for not promoting or supporting their political agenda of hatred of America.

  158. What the Left needs to concerned about is whether Jesus would agree with their agenda or not, He is the only one who can save us from Eternal Damnation.

  159. You should really make your comments in a mirror before writing them down. You could then see first hand just how stupid they are, tinkerbell. Find your mommy and pacifier. You need a diaper change and to calm down.

  160. In my opinion it can become hateful speech if the writer or soundbite has something in there like “I hope they all burn in hell” or “we should stone them like they did in the Old Testament” etc. You get the idea. Sadly all Christians get lumped in with bad groups like Westboro Baptist Church where they protest at a gay persons funerals with signs. People also have freedom of speech whether we like what we hear/read or not. Deal with it people whether it comes from a 8 year girl or a 44 year old man like me!

  161. It is disgusting, contemptible, and dangerous how the radical left is working to control communication in the US. If there is not some dramatic change soon, this country will become the United Soviet States of America, and our civil rights and civil liberties will be gone. Many people do not seem to realize or appreciate how good Americans live in many ways and seem all too willing to give it up for a little social approval from unwise peers.

  162. How dare a 14 condemn pedophilia! Wow! Sophie needs to go to GAB & Parler which are platforms for conservatives! UTube like Google and Twitter suck! Laura Loomer, the outspoken conservative from FL running for Congress handcuffed herself to the Twitter corporate office and advertised GAB & Parler which is what we need to do!

  163. This is unacceptable actions by these websites! If websites want to create a platform where people can speak their minds, then they should be held responsible . . . BY LAW . . . to ensure freedom of speech is upheld!!! Congress, it is well pass time to make it illegal to do this crap to people ! ! !

  164. Ernst is absolutely right the radical left is taking your constitutional right of freedom of speech away from you , you people better wake up and stand up for your rights before you lose it. I guarantee you will regret it, if the Democrats take over you will not like what this country will become. It will be worse than Venezuela ever thought of being. Only you people can get these democrats out of office lets take our country back before its too late.

  165. @ Marleen Davis: You have a good idea however a better way to get people to take more action is if someone made out a long list of advertisers and the contact address for each to let them know of such a disgusting way of YouTube and others have by stopping all honest word they are against. THEN telling
    them you will not purchase their products due to that .

  166. The LBGT People and Movement is demoralizing, disgraceful, repugnant and GROTESQUE! Anyone can get aalll sorts of diseases, like The Clap all the way to the worst type of diseases, for example HIV, TO Ben Hur’s Mother’s and Sister’s Disease Called Leprosy, and even Ebola! And on top of everything, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LEGALLY HAVE BABIES = EMBRYO’S AlSo!!!

  167. This child is clearly being exploited by the right wing. A 14 year old does not have the ability to make the decisions and have the opinions she “seems” to have. Basically, she is being exposed to right wing child abuse.

  168. So it seems like the “left” is trying to stop FREEDOM OF SPEACH & that will not work in America – what the stupid Ass liberals did was make this young girl an icon for freedom of speech – but then again most of “left” are so far beyond stupid that we have to just laugh at them – just look at the 4 new looney liberals that Pelosi has just inherited – dumb, dumber – beyond dumber & AOC to stupid for words.

  169. Hateful for pointing out a Multiversal constant which is all Progressives are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it, ROFLMAO only to those who can never accept the truth which is the Progressives.

  170. I remember my Pastor years ago talking about how the devil operates. He likened it to putting a frog in hot water, the frog will jump out immediately. However if you put the frog in normal temperature water you can heat it up slowly and the frog can be boiled. The devil operates the same way. He will gradually bring in sin ever so slowly and before you know it your deep in it. This is what is happening in our country. Homosexuality, murder, transgender, putting God out ignoring our constitution and our government condoning it. Illegal aliens given more than many of our veterans. The liberals have a goal in mind and America you won’t like it when they get it. Turn back to God.

  171. Amen they are so disgusting & controlling now they are afraid of a fourteen year old girl denying her freedom of speech her constitutional right oops i forgot the left liberals want to change the Constitution . God help us. TRUMP 2020.

  172. Amen Mike, God bless you & thank you for your service. I am in your corner. We must fight back against these anti moral, anti American liberals. You are right enough is enough. Shut them down.

  173. To Gun Nuts of America:
    Take away your gun (which Trump’s opponents seem to want to do) and you would just be Nuts of America. Is that the side you want to support?

  174. To: Gun Nuts of America
    If you are a nut with a gun, maybe the Democrats are right about wanting to take away your guns.

  175. C’mon people of course talking against the “Alphabet” agenda (LGBTQRSTUV) is “bad” how else are they going to recruit kids and millennials into their group. What is really cool is that it takes a 14 year old to point out what they are up to. Let’s go sheeple wake up, before we find ourselves in Fantasy land and lose this great country of ours!!!!!!

  176. Pam L:
    The Democrats have been taken over by the Communist Party of the USA. In 1963, a self-avowed communist named Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F Kennedy, a Democrat. Kennedy had recently prevented the Soviet Union from arming Cuba with missiles. The present Democrat position on political agenda bears a closer resemblance to Karl Marx than to Thomas Jefferson.

  177. There is a solution to this problem coming to a voting booth in your neighborhood in 2020. Vote the Dems out. Primary them if you must.

  178. I don’t see any hate in this, but I see immorality being pointed out, which it should be. God himself never, ever said He hated the gays, but he has said what they are doing is wrong and is sin. Sodom and Gomorrah is well and is in our time now. History does repeat itself. Because gays are continuing their sick agenda, we’re going to have a hell on earth eventually. God has warned them its wrong and many people have warned them it is wrong. God had warned Sodom and Gomorrah too, but they would not change, nor listen…so they were destroyed. This time though, its not just two places that will be going through hell, but the whole planet…many Nations. Now, typical human nature will be voiced from gays…it won’t happen. It hasn’t yet. so it will never happen. Besides, there is no God. I say, wait and watch for the power of God, then tell me there is no God.

  179. Find your mommy and pacifier, child. The pacifier to keep you quiet and the mommy for a diaper change. THEY are correct on all. If and when you grow up you might and I say again, might be able to recognize adulthood.

  180. The behavior of the Dumbascraps is profoundly evident in their treatment of this young lady. I grew up blue collar dem and had I attacked the way they do it would’ve been a swift backhand or cuff on the back of the head from my parents. The thing that was sorely lacking in the upbringing in the whiny brats of the left. Bottom line is total parental failure from their parents. Hope they’re proud of the “old” children they raised. Karma is coming.

  181. We as HUMANS need to petition OUR government to POLICE the DENIAL of “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” on campus and in the Media

  182. I never had the pleasure of seeing one of “Nugget’s” videos. Definitely my loss. What we have here, though, is a distinct failure to communicate. We have some serious sh** going on with the LG … If it appears that straight individuals (parents, grandparents…) are freaking out, they have every damned right to! When you are told that the “LG” is going to have these “readings” by transgenders or whatever, THAT should be up to the parents or legal guardians whether their child attends. Not at the teacher’s will or whoever else is in charge. I don’t care if someone is gay. That, to me, is their lifestyle. Just not mine. I do not force my lifestyle upon the gay population and I do not want the gay lifestyle forced upon me or my family. Our schools are supposed to be for our young to learn, not to be indoctrinated.

  183. Hello!!!! Haven’t you all realized “You Tube” has gone completely Liberal? The only thing I watch on this, what used to be a great source of news and entertainment, “channel” anymore is the organizations saving dogs around the world.

    AND in answer to one person’s comment/question, “yes”, the courts more than likely forced the state to pay for the Transgender’s operation(s). At least that is what happened in California a few years ago.

    By the way, Yank, our schools have changed so much over the years. Maybe I am just old fashioned but, I was always led to believe a teachers job was to teach our future generations how to think, but instead they are teaching them what to think.

    Roger, you are absolutely right on the money! Google, Facebook, and YouTube are all trying to censure free speech for conservatives.

    BOB (09/10/2019) I used to laugh at the idea of another civil war in this country, but over the years (77 of them) I have come to believe in the distinct possibility of that occurring.I am not the most religious person in the world, (far from it), but I do believe in the Holy Trinity and the basic precepts of Christianity. The problem is the left wants to deny me the right to believe as I wish. I don’t begrudge them to believe as they want even though I don’t believe as they do, so stop trying to make me accept and applaud what I consider an aberration. Live as you want among your fellow believers, just leave me to do the same.

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