These rock legends took a stand against government lockdowns and now Leftists want to tear them to shreds


Life has been a struggle for many since the government decided to impose lockdowns on the American people.

All the while, many cultural icons have decided to embrace the lockdowns with open arms.

But these rock legends took a stand against the government lockdowns and now Leftists want to tear them to shreds.

When we look back on 2020, most will see the government lockdowns as the worst part of this horrific year. 

Countless small businesses were forced to close down by the government.

And even more families had to struggle through the year unsure how they would survive with no source of income from the tyrannical measures put in place. 

But as so many struggle, coastal elitists and cultural icons have continuously embraced the lockdowns from their ivory towers and gilded mansions.

All while they continue on with their lives with no real struggles from the lockdowns. 

However, not all members of the elite are so giddy about what is happening to small businesses and families. 

Rock legends Van Morrison and Eric Clapton have decided to take a stand in the best way they can, through music.

Van Morrison wrote a song called “Stand and Deliver” that is a direct protest to the lockdowns and Eric Clapton played the song for millions to hear. 

Usually, the Left is all for protest songs against the government, but not for this song.

They are now ruthlessly attacking Van Morrison and Eric Clapton for their stand against the lockdowns since the song came out a few weeks ago.

Here are just a few of the Tweets attacking Morrison and Clapton for their stance against the lockdowns. 


And in a now deleted tweet, one rabid leftist even decided to attack Eric Clapton over his dead son.