These prisoners just pulled the curtain back on one of Gavin Newsom’s mental programs for criminals


Democrats are in bed with criminals.

Some are even handing out insane perks to predators.

Now these prisoners just pulled the curtain back on one of Gavin Newsom’s mental programs for criminals.

The radical Left continues to push the narrative that you can be anything you want, including any gender.

The obvious issues with this idea, despite the complete unscientific nature of it, have been discussed at length but the left continues to pretend there is no problem with a man pretending to be a woman.

Well now, in a not so shocking report, we’re finding out that many prisoners do this after being released into public life.

From the sexual assault of young girls in school bathrooms to biological males wandering into women’s dressing rooms because they “identify as female” the radical idea that someone can be any gender they want is only causing extreme problems in today’s society.

Now, we’re learning that those supposed “transgenders” in prison aren’t as committed to the cause as they first claimed.

First California jumped on the woke train and declared that male inmates that “identify” as female can now be housed in women’s prisons.

Pretty much everyone except Gavin Newsom saw the clear issues with this, but California proceeded with the insane idea and now reports of brutal rapes occurring in women’s prisons are on the rise.

Scotland recently decided to jump on the woke train with California and made a rule that Scottish prisoners may reside in the unit that best reflects their “chosen gender identity.”

These demands, however, are starting to result in the harm and abuse of hundreds of women.

Now a new report out of Scotland shows that prisons found the so-called “transgender inmates” that were serving time in women’s wards actually “switched back” to a male gender after being released from prison.

The report also stated that many of the biologically female inmates reported these supposed “transgenders” were actually sex offenders looking for a way to access women.

“The disclosure — in a study published in the British Journal of Criminology — has raised fresh concerns about self-identification of gender posing a risk to women’s safety as first minister Nicola Sturgeon prepares to press ahead with gender recognition legislation this year,” The Times UK reported.

Women’s safety is being put at risk, but heaven forbid we upset the transgender community.

It is a sad, sad world when people are simply “switching genders” to cause harm to women and governments aren’t just allowing it, they’re promoting it.

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