These Democrat candidates just launched a vicious assault on religious liberty


“Freedom of religion” is expressly protected under this First Amendment.

But the Democrat Party has grown increasingly hostile to expressions of faith.

And these Democrat candidates just launched a vicious assault on religious liberty.

Faith-based adoption agencies are protected in many states from having to place a child in a home with homosexual parents.

Based on their religious views, many of these agencies believe that all children deserve both a mother and a father.

But Democrat candidates across the country are launching a vicious assault on these agencies in an effort to shut them down.

Democrat Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke (TX) is trying to unseat Ted Cruz.

But at a recent rally he attacked a Texas law that allows faith-based adoption agencies to decline to place children with gay parents.

O’Rourke said, “in this state, with 30,000 kids in the foster care system… they say that under the guise of religious liberty that you can be too gay to adopt one of those children who needs a loving home.”

But as David Closson, a research fellow at the Family Research Council showed in an op-ed in the National Review, O’Rourke is either lying or misunderstands the law.

The campaign explained that O’Rourke’s claim was based on a 2017 state law under which faith-based adoption agencies may decline to place children with same-sex couples because of sincerely held religious beliefs about marriage and human sexuality. Significantly, the Texas law does not prevent anyone from adopting, and even mandates that if an agency cannot work with a same-sex couple, it must direct the couple to another agency that will work with them. Even Texas Equality, the state’s largest gay-rights advocacy group, admitted that gay and lesbian couples are not barred from adopting children in Texas.

Thus, O’Rourke’s assertion that one can be “too gay to adopt” in Texas is patently false. Charitably, his comment reveals a misunderstanding of Texas law. More likely, it exposes a prejudiced view of the religious beliefs of millions of Americans who believe children deserve a mother and a father.

But O’Rourke’s not the only one.

Michigan’s Democrat attorney general candidate said, if elected, she will disregard a 2015 law that protects religious liberty of these agencies because she “could not justify using the state’s money defending a law whose only purpose is discriminatory animus.”

In South Carolina, Democrat governor candidate James Smith called the Republican Governor’s decision to issue an executive order protecting these agencies “wrong on every level.”

Closson adds that the assault on these agencies has not gone unnoticed.

In May, 80 federal lawmakers (60 Congressmen and 12 Senators) sent a letter to President Trump, warning him that “faith-based child welfare organizations are being targeted, bullied, and silenced across the country.”

Several states have acted to protect faith-based adoption agencies as well. This summer Kansas and Oklahoma joined Alabama, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia by passing laws that prohibit state and local governments from discriminating against faith-based adoption providers. Five of these nine states have passed their laws since 2017.

Underscoring the need for such protections is the case of Catholic Charities of Buffalo in New York, which announced they were terminating their adoption and foster care services after 95 years.


Because New York was attempting to compel them to place children with same-sex couples.

What are your thoughts about the Democrats’ continued assault on religious liberty in America?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. You cannot truly believe in GOD when you believe you are one, Democrats, have no room for GOD, they are way to full of themselves. Everything they do is ungodly, there is no limit to what they will do to get their way!

  3. the people of this country need to insist that the so called –democratic party–be prohibited from operating in this country until they clean their party of all corruption and adopt the values that underlie our Constitution

  4. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party is and will be, always, strongly against all Christians. Ironic, how they try to throw us off by going to Church, where the camaras can see them, only.

  5. What’s even more ironic (moronic) and hypocritical is how they defend Muslims while attacking Christians.

  6. Only at the ballot box can we fight this garbage! If you are historicly a Democrat, you have to shelve it in these races and when such outrageous bills are up for grabs! Don’t let the liberal left win because you stayed home on Election Day! Absentee voting has never been easier and we can do it in the privacy of our homes! There are still more of us than them, so let’s flex our muscles and send them back where they came from!

  7. The Democrats have total memory failure in the fact that they take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land. Freedom of religion and to practice the way we choose is part of our rights to have freedom of religion and to practice the way we choose it’s one of our rights under the Constitution. Someone running for office or looking for reelection who comes against our Rights and beliefs and wants to take them away from us is committing political suicide. Many of these same people brag about the fact that they don’t believe there is a God. If that’s the case, then what are they so afraid of.

  8. Typical DemocRAT political correctness that is driving this country (and the DemocRATic party) to ruin.

    Phil in TX

  9. Unfortunately, their assault is not on religious liberty alone; bad as that is, showing their lack of respect and allegiance to our Constitution; their assault is DIRECTLY ON CHILDREN! We, who are believers and know that God directed that a family unit is father (male), mother (female) and child, know that He did so for the protection, health, and welfare of the CHILD, just as ALL of His laws are designed to promote and protect the health and well being of His creatures, even those concerning adultery, covetousness, homosexuality, and bearing false witness; not 1 was a whimsical or chance declaration. It’s in failing to follow and heed those laws, that we have brought sicknesses of the mind and soul (frequently called mental illnesses) into our realm; where some have so damaged our bodies as well as our minds, and yes, souls too, that they even become generational or damage the DNA we pass to our offspring, and damage their lives as well. Because homosexuals are NOT psychologically healthy persons, they can’t be healthy parents to any child; they can only teach and model their sickness to a child; ergo, in the BEST interests of the child, should NEVER be permitted to adopt, or have any part in child rearing before the child is at least 18 years of age and mature enough to process that information in an healthy manner; not teaching, child care centers, coaching, scouting leaders, NO CONTACT whatsoever. But so much of America has declined so far and deep into sin that they allow these many forms of child abuse in homes, schools, even churches now; and “celebrate” them as “progress”; they are NOT progress! We used to protect innocent children from depravity; now it’s thrown in their faces constantly, and there’s no refuge safe enough to protect them any longer. God warned about the fate of those who hinder little children from coming to Him; and all involved in these practices are doing precisely that; hindering those little children from coming to Him. I suspect there is a special region in hell reserved to those, whether they claim to be “loving parents”, social workers, judges, or whatever; He condemned whole peoples in the past for sacrificing their children; and we as a nation have been doing that more and more over the past 4 1/2 decades now with each passing day; DON’T believe we will escape because He once blessed this nation for its efforts at following His ways.

  10. Based on what? Remember it was Repubs who lead the charge here to free those in slavery here; it was Repubs who voted for and ratified the 13th and 14th Amendments; who again, nearly a century later voted for the Civil Rights laws for which NO Dem voted. The amendments were only voted for by any Dems who were virtually at gunpoint at the moment to do so, thus in fact never Constitutionally ratified. It’s been Repubs who have protected religious liberties consistently, while Dems oppose laws that defend that Constitutionally protected, God-given right. It’s been Repubs who have consistently been the ones who stand for the Judeo-Christian principles of personal accountability, which Dems consistently oppose; so I guess you label us the “party of Satan” for NOT wanting to allow you to get away with all your careless and thoughtless sinful behaviors, which are in themselves SATAN driven? For wanting to hold each and every individual accountable for his own behaviors and not the “innocent” rest of society who did not make the irresponsible choices? Maybe for wanting to hold each and every person to higher standards of civility and behavior, while Dems are willing to allow any and all to wallow in the sewers of sinful life? That it?

  11. Some times I get the impression from democrats’ views, that their opinions are always best for them and we just have to bow kow to them. Our freedoms of personal opinions are not more or less significant then theirs. We ought to be capable of keeping America the way in which we grew up. This is not to say that we need to be archaic about allowing gay people to be heard and accepted; and eliminate the hate concept sweeping thru’ our nation. They also deserve to express themselves. But what I personally have misgivings over is the home life of a child who has parents of the same gender while his/her friends have parents of the opposite. How do ya think these kids cope with both of their parents sleep together?? I want to make my view clear, true Believers in the Word of God do not hate gay people. We just have a more faithful perspective on our lives as Americans living in a free land. Why can’t non-religious but faithful people live without threat to our faith??

  12. The Democraps don’t care about following our Constitution and laws yet they don’t harass the Muslims when they do things contrary to our laws using the excuse that Shari law allows it.

  13. By that stupid comment you have just been used by Satan himself, you satanist. Just remember, when that time comes, what is your excuse? I did not know? Just so you know, you are disobeying the laws of God. Now you know. So in other words, you have no excuse. What will your reaction be when Jesus says to you: Depart from me, I know you not. Think about it.

  14. Thank you Dick for that comment. You reminded us what and/or how the Democrats think. Like you said, fairy tales. It is going to be hard making them not believe in their wrong thinking. “As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

  15. It’s disgusting to me to put an innocent child into the hands of homosexuals. If not for the brainwashing of kids and the indoctrination in lieu of education, how many kids do you know that would not be completely embarrassed to introduce their 2 mommies or 2 daddy’s to their friends? I know I would have been. The left is trying to force us into their immorality and lack of Godly values. If the left cares so much about children, then show that by doing what’s BEST for the kids – not what’s best for a couple who chooses to live a life that prevents them from having their own children. Far as I’m concerned, if people choose to live this life then they better get used to the idea that they won’t have children.

  16. When people came here to get away from oppression and our Constitution was formed it was done so in a way that no one person or group of people could change it. I am for the constitution all the way. If you come here to live leave your beliefs where they should be left. Behind you. Come carrying an American flag and with dignity. don’t come strolling down the road carrying the flag of the country you claim to want to get away from. If you don’t throw away those beliefs you will never e happy here in America. If you truly want to become an American then act like it. Go get in line like so many other migrants have done for years. Don’t try to cut into the line and take jos away from legals who did it the right way. Get in line pay your dues and act like you are serious in what you want. We as Americans welcome people who come here legally. We welcome them with open arms and don’t mind helping them. When people act right and do the right thing welcome. Try to force your self on us and you will get resistance you are going to see when you reach our border. Accept Mexico offer be smart.

  17. I think that you should see what your party has done through the courts. They have violated the prayer and bible reading in the schools . when God said write my word on your hands and forehead and teach your children so that they might know who God is. 2nd they have brought about abortion through the courts which God destroyed nation that not only killed pregnat women and children but offered children on red hot iron Idols. Lastly no sexually immoral person shall enter the kingdom of God. Read these statements from Amos , Ephesians, Galatians, 1 Timothy . You can also read the words of Christ in Matthew where it is stated that one is not to harm these little ones of mine ,it would be better if a millstone be placed around their neck and be cast into the deepest sea. All children in the womb or out of it belong to Christ and the God head.

  18. I suppose that the Democrats will say that it was the GOP who directly responsible for that homicidal maniac who murdered those 11 Jewish Pittsburghers yesterday morning. Real BLOODY GOOD, HUH? This clown supposedly hates all Jews, Muslims, and anyone else who doesn’t THINK OR LOOK LIKE HIM. If it REALLY bothers the homicidal jerk to be around anyone else. Why DIDN’T he just simply suck on barrel of that AR-15 he was carrying an pull the trigger at the same time.

  19. Remember, according to demonrats, we are homophobic, islamophobic, anti-immigrant, and deplorable…they also believe at night, we grow horns, and at midnight our heads turn round and round and round lol at their stupidity.

  20. there will be a lot of people when they meet their creator be ashamed of what they have said,,,,may god have mercy on you

  21. there will be a lot of people when they meet their creator be ashamed of what they have said,,,,may god have mercy on you,,,,time for all of the human beings that love god and praise his holy name get rid of this cancer by voting out all of the god hating progressives once and for all

  22. ,time for all of the human beings that love god and praise his holy name get rid of this cancer by voting out all of the god hating progressives once and for all

  23. it is time when all of the people the believe in god joint forces and transform america to what is was,,,let all christians govern this great country again,,,liberal progress socialist worship money and power as their god,,,engage in all forms adultery,fornacation,drugs abortion lust etc, we must pray the god comes to earth for its judgment

  24. Both Pelosi and Biden act directly contrary to the precepts of the Catholic Church, in fact probably against the precepts of many other Christian churches.

  25. Sandra, I hate to burst your bubble, But in 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was passed and in 1965 when the Voting Rights Act was passed Democrats controlled Congress. So some Democrats had to vote for those bills or they would’ve never passed. It is true that a higher percentage of Republicans then Democrats voted for those two laws in both cases. But in the end, there were some Democrats they did vote for those laws. Again, there had to be because they controlled the Congress.

  26. Why is a family that is different from your family any of your business? If there is no evidence of abuse, in what way does it matter? Especially if it is the difference between the child being in a loving home or an institution.

  27. Dorothy,

    With all due respect, it is not hating homosexuals to say that they are mentally ill. They have to be. Allow me to explain why.

    Let us use that belief system which liberal progressive Democrats like to claim that they believe in. Let us use science: Evolution, if you believe in it, tells us that our species evolved to have one of two types of genitalia in each individual.

    One type is the male type. The other type is the female type. The male type of genitalia is meant to fit into the female type of genitalia for the purpose of sex. Again, that is what is normal, that is what is natural, and that is what evolution intended for our species.

    Now, there are some people who have a birth defect who are born with parts of both type of genitalia. These people are caught hermaphrodites. However, scientists have identified the gene that caused them to have the birth defect. So in those rare cases, we could say THEY were “born that way”.

    Some hermaphrodites have genitalia that more outwardly appear male than female but yet, they may have more estrogen in their bodies. So they FEEL more female. Conversely, there are some hermaphrodites who have more outwardly female appearing genitalia, but have high levels of testosterone raging through their bodies. They may FEEL more male. BUT THESE ARE RARE CASES!!!!!

    In most cases dealing with homosexuality, there’s absolutely no biological proof at all that these people were born homosexual. I have read the epigenetics report. These homosexual groups have tried to hang their proverbial hats on that report. But even the authors of the report have stated that you cannot use what you find in that report and say that you have found the cause of homosexuality because that would be a lie.

    The simple fact is that about 99% of all homosexuals are homosexual because of some trauma they have been exposed to in their childhood. For a boy, it could be a mother who was extremely abusive to him and he could be unattractive to young girls. So, therefore, seeking affection, he gets it from males. Because we are creatures who all want affection and to feel loved, we will be drawn by and to whomever gives us that love and affection. However, that doesn’t make the same sex activities “normal” in any way. This would simply be the case of two psychologically broken people running into each other and “hitting it off”.

    However, keeping in mind what we said earlier that according to evolution heterosexuality is what is normal, natural, and the intent of evolution. A type of sexuality that is not heterosexuality, must be by definition abnormal, unnatural and not the intent of evolution.

    If such an activity is abnormal, we do not have to give it protections under the law. That doesn’t mean we persecute those people, but it also doesn’t mean we have to issue them a citywide permit to have a gay pride parade either.

  28. Kenneth Bottomley democrats that make such claims should be sent to a godless country and see how the like it . I would prefer that these pervert get out of our country

  29. Wylie Peyote when I lived near DC the only time you seen ted kenndy in congress was when the news team was there and yes he had the same look on his face as Nancy etc they all have that satonic look wonder why

  30. You are being a bunch of religious bigots that are judgmental and wish to push YOUR values and interpretations of religion onto others, and when they make other choices, you make the EVIL, Pharisee statement like they are “ungodly” or “godless” and worse, “perverts.” There are many scriptures, and some pose different views on the same subjects, and many can be interpreted in different ways – – especially by those who have not spent their lives in Biblical studies and translation of ancient languages. The less educated, the more people become simplistic, judgment and forget the spirit of the teachings: “Judge NOT, lest you be judged.

  31. That is a terrible and HUGE lie, and you are a judgmental bigot. The Democratic party is NOT and will NEVER be against all Christians, many are the finest Christians in America and very strong in their beliefs. Some of the most dedicated Christians in both words and actions are African-Americans, who not only believe in God, but hold God deeply in their hearts. For you to say such a thing about Democrats not only shows your ignorance, but also shows YOUR ARROGANCE and Pharisee positions of being “holier-than-thou” in judgment of others. May God forgive you.

  32. #1 Skins fan – – great point. You see, parties change over time – – and while the “Party of Lincoln” (mostly NORTHERN factions) did pass laws to free slaves, and the Southern Democrats opposed, parties have reversed their positions quite a bit over the decades. It was the Northern Democrats who supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964 over the Southern Dixiecrats, it was the Democratic party under the Kennedy’s and LBJ that sent troops into integration of schools and prevention of discrimination. And when the Democrats supported Civil Rights in mid-60s, the South and Dixiecrats LEFT THE PARTY OF DEMOCRATS – – AND WENT REPUBLICAN. The republicans today oppose affirmative action and programs to give minorities a more level playing field. And which president today calls minorities names (Cohen and others have come out about how Trump constantly puts down African-Americans, Mexicans and the non-white).

    And the absurdity about corruption – – my Lord, look at all the corruption of Trump and how you are protecting him and his obstructions of justice. His campaign heads have all been convicted — they colluded and conspired with Russia to defraud the election, Trump has obstructed justice, used corporate funds to payoff mistresses and declared them legal fees – -thus avoiding taxes illegally . . . and that is just a start of his criminal violations. He has told a record of over 6000 lies or falsehoods since becoming president. Don’t ACT or pretend you are without sin.

  33. Ed, that is a good outline about your idea of sins – – start with applying those to yourselves and when you are without sin, let others know, OK? Now, the Democrats do believe in prayer and bible reading, just not mandated on others. As the founding fathers advocated, one needs to keep a SEPARATION of church and state so as to avoid taking away the religious freedom of others by forcing your values on them. Did not Jesus state that principle in “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and render unto God the things that are God’s”?

    The Democrats did NOT bring about abortion! Abortion has existed for thousands of years. There were about the same number of abortions the years prior to Roe v. Wade as after – – -> the HUGE difference is that the deaths of the women who terminated their pregnancy dropped 40% since they could have it in medically safe conditions. Most of us are like me, anti-abortion but pro-choice. I support making sensible decisions and not being in the place to need or desire an abortion. But when the choice is to be made, I think the best persons to make those choices are the females in those situations, not by some MALES who do not go through such choices. It is my hope that we reach a point where there are no abortions. But, like with alcohol, drug use and other foolish choices, outlawing it does not stop it from happening.

  34. Anna, that what you said is a LIE and perfectly evil and judgmental. Sure would make you feel holy to place ALL people you disagree with in the batch of “bad, Satanic people” so you can believe you are the ones who are the good and holy ones. Seems I remember some Pharisees used to say that about Samaritans and some guy from Nazareth assailed that and told the story of a Samaritan who was doing the will of God more than those who deemed themselves “holier-than-thou.”

  35. More and more as a Christian I have difficulty with the democrat party, their beliefs conflict with mine and I cannot compromise my beliefs to support any politician! This hasn’t always been true, but their leadership has moved a long way from God and they are getting more and more hostile to Christians and that is unacceptable to me and many others, very sad!

  36. no they voted muslims into our govt. they are traitors. hope the people of America wise up and demand we are a Christian nation, bring our Bible back into our schools, use in God We Trust in courts, make sure our children are taught that we only have one God and he is the God that created us, and above all teach the Bible and make sure the Children under stand it.

  37. I will be judged by my God and NOT by you. or any other “human”. They bible states very plainly ” Man shall not lie with man”. If you claim to believe in the Bible then you have to take the whole script you may not pick and choose what you want to believe. Can someone please explain why the LBGTLMNOP group “rights are exceeding mine?”


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