These Christians were just attacked by pro-abortion radicals in this despicable way


Democrat Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is facing massive backlash from Virginians for his outrageous statements supporting post-birth infanticide.

But radical pro-abortion extremists praised him as “brave” and “courageous” for that stance.

And what they just did to this Christian pregnancy help center will shock you.

In Culpeper, Virginia, a Christian crisis pregnancy center was the victim of a hate crime after their building was vandalized late at night.

The criminals spray painted “Jesus hates this (expletive)” and “You hate women” on the side of the building, and threw rocks through their windows.

In the 20 years the pregnancy center has been serving the community, they have never seen anything like this.

Fox 5 News reports:

Police in Culpeper, Virginia are investigating a possible hate crime that happened overnight after someone spray-painted disturbing messages on a local pregnancy center and damaged windows.

The Pregnancy Center has severed the small farming community for 20 years and has never experienced anything like this.

Everyone is shocked. The community embraces this place,” town councilman Jon Russell said. “We love babies, we love mommas. That’s what they do here at the pregnancy center.”

The suspect spray-painted in red on the sign and the sides of the pregnancy center along Sunset Lane messages such as “you hate women” and “Jesus hates this (expletive).”

Authorities said a large rock was also used to smash the front window. Police told FOX 5 they received a call at about 3:30 a.m. from someone driving by who noticed the damage.

Crews have since boarded up the broken glass and removed the spray paint. Investigators have also taken molds of any footprints found in the snow.

A town councilman Jon Russel even said of the CPC, “The community embraces this place. We love babies, we love mommas. That’s what they do here at the pregnancy center.”

The perpetrators were emboldened by Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s insane comments.

After Delegate Kathy Tran’s abortion-until-birth bill went down in flames, they took out their aggression on the CPC.

This is a prime example of how the radical leftists don’t want anyone in the way of Planned Parenthood getting their bloody claws on women who are facing unplanned pregnancies.

There was even a Supreme Court case on the matter.

In California, leftist lawmakers were trying to require all pregnancy centers to refer women to abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood.

But the CPCs weren’t having it and took the case to the Supreme Court.

And in the summer of 2018, the Supreme Court ruled on NIFLA v. Becerra in favor of CPCs with a 5-4 decision that meant CPCs would no longer have to refer women to abortion facilities to keep their doors open.

The Abortion Lobby won’t be stopped so easily, however.

While the pro-life movement is seeing great progress in many ways, more violent acts like these are sure to come.

Do you think Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers are under attack?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.


  1. That’s really disgusting…cant these people just allow a woman to make the choice to keep her child?? What would we do without these crisis pregnancy centers?

    • I am not for vandalism whether its against abortion clinics or temple’s of worship, stupidity is the un-educated school system that has broken down. I should know, remember NYC and the political State of the State of it, the voter has to be intelligent to see what is coming. The issue is the hand outers, the hand downers, are over taking the hand upper’s.

  2. This is so sad! Liberals have become demented and crazed! They accuse Christians and conservatives of things we never think about but!they are really what they think! They can not even stand themselves.

    • I hope and pray the Dem voters will come to realize their party is going against God and the constitution that gives us Freedom of Religion
      When its election time. How can they claim a wall is immoral and approve of full term murder of a baby in the same breath? Nancy has a bill to remove the words “in God we trust” from yet another commitment in government.

      • Beverly Brewer: ou do remember what happened during the last democratic presidential caucuse don’t you? GOD was removed from their platform making them the party of the godless.

  3. This is so sad! Liberals have become demented and crazed! They accuse Christians and conservatives of things we never think about but!they are really what they think! They can not even stand themselves. You keep saying I have said this, when I have not! You have never accepted but one of my posts.. Just take me off your site tired of messing with you!

  4. How much further can the left convince anyone of the absurd? They’ve convinced so many that a fetus is not a human being, that you can change your own gender simply by wanting to and that others must buy into your delusion or they are considered “extremists,” and man is powerful enough to alter weather. The list of lies. falsehoods and distortions is endless and so many accept it as truth. At what point to human beings use their own brain, logic and common sense?

  5. Jesus hates what the pro-abortionists are doing. Abortions is murder and it states in the Bible that anyone causing a woman to lose her unborn child–yes, child, not fetus, child- is guilty of murder and should be put to death. Jesus himself will deliver that sentence when he returns for his church. I am so glad that God has things covered.

  6. I’m trying to figure out why they even mentioned the name of Jesus. The democrats kicked God out of their party a few years ago and being atheist is a requirement to be democrat. The first 18 verses of John make it clear that Jesus is God in human form. When a democrat looks into a mirror they get a real good look at pure hate. Once again democrats show they are hypocrites, but that’s also a requirement of the democrat party.

    • That’s not true…!!!Nancy Pelosi stated we have a “moral responsibility to protect and preserve God’s creation” when making her selections for the Select Committee on Climate Change…How in the Hell can that woman, as despicable as she is invoke the name of God in one sentence, and then condemn His creation(thru abortion) in her next…God have MERCY on that woman’s soul…The ‘hater” invoked Jesus’ name when he perpetrated the criminal act, yet uses an expletive in committing it…He would have accomplished more if he had not linked Jesus’ name with the expletive in my opinon…I will continue to pray for this individual because I LOVE God, more than I despise this person, or anyone else that so recklessly attacks my faith, and He commands us to do so…I wonder, if the person who done this though, was so moved in their hatred for themselves was lashing out at God(Jesus)because of guilt?…it is the only “reasonable” explanation that I have!!!God Bless the United States, Please, Again? AMEN

      • Please forgive me, since I am also a sinner saved by Grace…! Perhaps we should all recognize that the(se) individual(s) needs God’s forgiveness also!
        Heavenly Father:
        On the Cross, Jesus asked you to forgive ME, because in my ignorance “I
        was blinded by my hate”…so Father, I in turn ask you to forgive these
        individuals for their sins…I ask that You would turn their hearts towards
        Jesus, as You did mine, and help them to see their errant ways…I know
        Heavenly Father ‘Except for Your Grace” there goes I…In Jesus Christ’s
        Holy Name we pray, AMEN

    • And you will like likely find that it is someone from the conservative right wing who has done the damage to make it look like it was an anti-abortion attacker. Liberals get this kind of stuff thrown at them all the time so it is time for you all to hear the same message right back!! When this kind of thing happens – when done to either side of the issue, it is still wrong.

      • Liberals are evil.. just look at the horrid evil crap they are pushing.. they want to destroy our country.. most are globalists and their agenda is evil.. i know their plans…evil is the only word that fits them..
        but yes, there are republicans that are globalists also but pretend to be republicans and a patriot, but they are not.. there should be a third party called “globalists” as they are the ones pushing all this evil crap..
        Their goal is the one world order and they have done abominable things trying to get their power over us.. they want to destroy middle class and have either very poor or very rich (them) so we can be controlled by these satanists, and yes, they are satanists, many of them…and they do horrendous acts in the name of the god, satan.
        Just watch these people and you can tell who is evil, most demonrats and some republicans.. these rino republicans need to leave our party.. they are there to try to force their agenda.. should be kicked out of the party.
        also anyone foolish enough to watch the mainstream media need to wise up as it is all propaganda..not truth in them…many in mainstream media are not journalists but CIA so they can make you think what they want you to think.. because they really don’t want you to think for yourselves..

        • You are so ignorant, pushing your stupid agenda. The world is watching what the USA is going through with tRumpy as our leader. They are laughing at us, but also concerned at the awful things tRumpy is doing – pulling out of so many agreements to protect other countries. The end of tRumpy’s run as president can’t come fast enough. He is absolutely ruining this country. Calling the media “fake” and trying to stop the press reporting, is exactly what Hitler did in Germany. We deserve much better than tRumpy.

  7. It is really sad that things have gotten so far out of control.

    As far as I’m concerned to even think for a moment that it’s ok to do what they call abortion with these late term pregnancy.

    And to even go that last step into the abis, by actually killing babies after they have been delivered full term!

    I’m sorry that is. . . .



    You don’t decides at that point that you don’t want it because there’s a chance it will be born with some kind of medical issues.

    If you lay down with someone, and get back up pregnant they you better by GOD be ready to deal with your own actions!

    To get pregnant, was your doing not this innocent one’s!!!

    You are TRULY part of the lowest form of life to do this, and you are a sad lot of wasted flesh.

    There is a special place in HE’LL for people like this, from the mom, dad, doctors, nurses, who are involved in this out right murderous acts they commit daily.

    Where are the parents, of these females, and there sex partner at, yhis is there grandchild!!!

    God will and does have the final say of your faith, so be ready for His final words for what you’ve done!

    To all of my Christian Family out there reading this, have great day, And weekend.

    May God keep you and bless you this day, and every day.


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    • T… Do you mean “Does Anyone Hear You When You’re Quiet”???? You really need to take an English course. It will really help you in your writing.

    • Aloha and thank you Theresa for your great comments. I agree with you whole-heartedly, and those who believe in and promote abortion should be glad that those of us who are Christians and pro-life do not act as they do, or it would be a whole different story.

      The day is coming when they will face retribution, and it will be from God and not the world.

  8. It takes a real sick coward to play God and murder a defenseless human being @ any stage because it is inconvenient to their own pampered lifestyle. Amen !

  9. All of or most of the above comments are good.
    I have a question for nanny goat pollution Puso does or did she have children or child? Or did she abort it? And I key dude person that call himself a man did he sire a child ? And did he force his wife if he had one or person he knocked up to have an abortion?
    If the women do not want children do what Hitler did and strealized them at puberty.
    Armagedan is on its way and God will burn these people up in hell. LaJo God Bless America

  10. What Jesus hates is the murder of babies, whether in or out of the womb. He said woe to those who hurt a child. Libs can’t stand God or the truth.

  11. Someone once said “Love, friendship, and respect, will never unit a people as much as a common hatred for something”. The progressive left in America, and the democrat party, have not only lost their minds, common decency, and humanity; they have lost their souls.

  12. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

    • The real truth is that treason is a badge of honor for your tRumpy!! He has sold this country down the river to the Russians!! He has so many dealings with the Russians that we can’t even count them all. He lied about his contacts with the Russians even as he was running for the presidency. He should be called “lyin tRumpy”.


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