These Christian wedding vendors could be facing jail time after this court ruling


The radical leftists lost the “Masterpiece” bakery case in the Supreme Court, and now they are out for revenge.

They want to force Christians to obey their societal demands, or face the consequences.

And what this state is forcing these Christian wedding vendors to do is unconscionable.

In Minnesota, two Christian wedding videographers are facing fines and jail time for refusing to make gay wedding films.

Minnesota has already ruled in a lower court that their “Human Rights Act” necessitates that they must make gay wedding films or face the consequences.

CBN News reports:

Two Christian filmmakers appeared before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Paul Tuesday to challenge Minnesota state law which they say illegally forces them to produce and create films expressing messages that contradict their core beliefs.

Telescope Media Group owners Carl and Angel Larsen have already been threatened with hefty fines and up to 90 days in jail if they choose to disregard the law.

The couple is being represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

The Larsens want to enter the wedding industry. However, the state’s Human Rights Act stipulates if the couple creates films celebrating their Christian beliefs about marriage – that marriage is between one man and one woman, they must also create films about marriage that violate their beliefs, including films promoting same-sex marriages.

“The government shouldn’t threaten filmmakers with fines and jail time to force them to create films that violate their beliefs,” said ADF Senior Counsel Jeremy Tedesco in a press release. “Carl and Angel are storytellers – they script, stage, conduct interviews, capture footage, select music, edit and more – all to tell compelling stories through film that promote their religious beliefs.”

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in Masterpiece that the government must respect the belief—held by countless Americans from all walks of life—that marriage is between one man and one woman,” he continued. “The 8th Circuit should reinstate the Larsens’ lawsuit and order the state to stop forcing the Larsens to speak messages about marriage that violate their beliefs.”

This has become an epidemic across the United States.

Christians are being pressured to throw away their religious beliefs and bow down to the LGBT agenda.

But Christians are not having it.

Most recently the Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision in favor of a Christian bakery “Masterpiece Cakes.”

The Supreme Court ruled that the bakery is exempt from baking a cake for a gay couple because of their religious background.

However, in Oregon, another Christian bakery is facing a very similar issue, and an appellate court ruled that the bakery must make the cake or face consequences.

The truth is, when Christians simply try to exercise their freedom of religion they are publicly shamed and penalized.

But when any other group exercises freedom from religion, they are praised by the media and Hollywood culture-drivers.

We will keep you up-to-date on this ongoing story.


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  2. You Christians better band together to do what it takes to stop this perversion of the 60’s civil rights movement of the abnormal q*u*e*e*r*s! Perhaps GOD wants to use you as his tools to stop this nonsense!

  3. Read the Bible A man and a woman in marriage .The lord is watching and Listening .
    We live for GOD in this land of the free Bake or not bake a caKe. Let them bake there own cake or ask some one else .

  4. These liberals are no better than isis terrorists. They are trying to force everyone to do what they want or make them pay the price. They must be stopped any way we can.

  5. You stated, “Christians are being pressured to throw away their religious beliefs and bow down to the LGBT agenda.”

    That should instead read, “Christians are being pressured to throw away their religious beliefs and bow down to the LGBTQ agenda.”

    LGBTQ as an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and better describes the movement then LGBT since it covers the total spectrum of the people in the movement. QUEER in the past was the word used for the group as a whole, but that has generally been discarded because it is not “Politically Correct.”

    Hope you agree with this analysis and use LGBTQ or QUEER in future articles.

  6. the spirit behind the civil rights movement was to give every on the rights written in our constitution by the way was and is based on Biblical principles, Not to accept those things that go against ones religious beliefs. as Christians we are to follow the law of the land, But not if it goes against the Laws of GOD No one has the right to force anyone to go against GOD

  7. I totally agree, we should have been stopped it along time ago, now they have drag queen hour and queer videos, to show very young children and incereging them to wave LGBT flags in their periods!

  8. The Liberals may be next!!!!

    What is the meaning of Sodom and Gomorrah?
    Sodom and Gomorrah are two ancient cities mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Both cities were destroyed by fire from God because of their sexual wickednesses including rape, child sexual abuse, homosexuality and indecent assault. … The word sodomy (anal sex) is derived from Sodom.
    Sodom and Gomorrah – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  9. I don’t do PC; it’s mental and spiritual POISON; and I don’t take it, any more than I would strychnine or cyanide! They’re all mentally ill perverts, and that covers all of their variations. They pervert the sexual characteristics and behaviors our Creator built us for and intended for us to enjoy! That perversion occurs between their ears, in their “stinking thinking” as psychologists professionally label it, or used to when they weren’t being PC, not in their genes or bodies in any way. All those groups you list are just SICKNESSES of the MIND! Those who believe they are those belong in asylums, ’til they recover and come back to their senses.

  10. I am Muslim and you have my support. See, the problem is is that you folks are *too* ‘nice’ about this. The Left comes to *us* thinking that somehow we’ll give them quarter because in their ideologically bent thinking processes we’re “minorities” . They won’t get much from us except some luck that they’ll get to work and keep a roof over their heads as long as they’re not causing problems and disrupting the peace of society. So, bake your cakes, arrange your flowers, work whatever craft it is you do and be prepared to be hit back like a lump hammer. Otherwise, look forward to giving up your professions. And you folks wring your hands worrying about being our “dhimmis”…

  11. WHAT ever happened to Double Jeopardy ??? What country are we living in ??? What country are THEY living in ? Bloody sods !!

  12. People and BUSINESSES will leave for Conservative states tto thrive as liberals states drown in theri own liberal policies

  13. No one is obligated to support deviant behaviors. So called “Gay Weddings” are properly described as “Sodomy Associations”. When ever any one is defending themselves against one of these things they should always start with something like this:

    “I/We do not participate in the celebration of deviant behaviors. This includes sodomy, pedophilia, or other events that promote these deviant and and abnormal behaviors.”

    One should never use the term “gay” or other words that are used hide what they events and the behaviors they are about.

  14. What is God using you for? You hate gays, so why don’t you fight your own battle instead if passing the buck to Christians.

  15. So in other words be politically correct so you want leave me out. I think most make it clear who they are talking about in their pathetic nasty post. I wonder who created Gays, certainly not God. It is okay to HATE Gays, since God had nothing to do wuth creating them in their mother’s womb.

  16. I agree with that. What is an independent business if you cannot create what you want to?

    We would not have master in art if their ability to create was limited. We aloiw them to put a crucifix in urine and call it art, who can say a bakery is not creating art.

  17. And you know for a fact it had nothing to do with the cultural laws at the time which called for protecting strangers and forbid abusing them?

    Strange God saved Lot. Who was willing to give his daughters up to be raped to protect the strangers. Lot went on to produce a child with one daughter after the daughters got him drunk.

  18. I would never choose your way, Sir. Your fight is not for God. Your fight is for revenge and you hopelessly try to convince others you are fighting for God. You murder to get your perverted way. You to me are far more a threat than any homosexual.

  19. Although I believe marriage is between one man and one woman, what if you don’t believe it as a matter of religion but are so grossed out at the sight of two people of the same sex kissing that you could neither film nor photograph it? Are you obliged to hold your vomit while you shoot?

  20. I am from Germany! What ever you do in Germany you have to fill in some official document! A young man with college education decides he must emigrate! He fills in the questions: His education, how many brothers and sisters, their state of health, parents alive – yes or no? And so it goes on. The official reads it and says, “You will be a graet loss to Germany! Why do you want to EMIGRATE??
    The young man replies: “Homosexuality! The official replies, “you don’t need to emigrate that is now allowed!
    The young man says, “that is exactly what my problem is!”
    Please consider: 100 years ago if found out to be gay you where executed, than for a while you where sent to prison with hard labor, then only prison and now it is allowed!
    I know the German ways, in not later than 3 years it will become compulsory, and by that time I no longer want to here!!

  21. Jack Phillips DID NOT refuse to bake a cake for the gay couple, contrary to left wing media propaganda. He told them he would willingly sell them any cake, but would not put his artistic work depicting gay marriage on the cake.

  22. I forgot about that. Which goes to the “I will not support or participate in celebrations of deviant behaviors.”.

  23. Christians do not Hate Gays. They just do not want to participate in any act that they consider that the Christian would be committing a SIN.

  24. So true – and the “Progressives” and those who engage in deviant behaviors do not like it when people call deviant behaviors deviant behaviors.

  25. The hospitality laws did protect visitors. And offering his daughters was culturally acceptable at the time, but not in God’s view.
    Lot, however, subsequently had children by each of his daughters; Ben-Ammi and Moab, fathers of the Moabites and Ammonites, which both became enemies of Israel.

  26. What the “christian”wedding vendors are doing is illegal.
    they must be forced to obey the law and stop discriminating.

  27. These repeated discriminatory rulings against Christians will lose in the Supreme Court. The lower courts should face censure or other penalties for supporting frivolous lawsuits.

  28. There is only one answer to dealing with the liberal dem bloodsuckers, The queer and bent genders are no the problem, the ;liberal dem bloodsucking parasites are the problem. Talking with them is not the answer

  29. Find a gay videographer and force them to make a EXTREMELY ANTI-Gay movie. If they refuse file a complaint and when the left refusss to force them to do it or face fines and jail sue the left for no less than 10 Trillion and all court costs and legal fees to take it to the US Supreme Court.

    How about a jury of PEERS? This garbage will disappear fast-which is why the Progressive/Leftist/Communists do not let it go to a JURY trial.

  31. tell this freaks to go somewhere else and any alleged judge defending them you can go somewhere else too

  32. Special people, special rates. Quote a job rate at least 10 times usual cost and if they take it, perform a substandard job and if a photographer, choose what pictures you want to take. Bet the ceiling is just beautiful!

  33. The State Government of Minnesota is full of Pig manure from the Liberturds running the Government. They should be force ed our of office and Islamic Radicals kicked out of the state and Country as undesirables from Somalia, Chad, Niger, and Any other Boka Hareem, or Al Shabaab territory. And in Minnesota it seenms asylum is being run by the inmates irresponsible people that have no business in Government!!

  34. Tommy Girl: Spoken like a sodomy saluting prelate who pampers perversion and pacifies perverts. I would take a Muslim who detests fudge packing over some cowardly capitulating pervert who uses priestly vestments to cozy up to and then into their prey of first choice young boys.

  35. If the insolent can defy Supreme Court Rulings, why have a Supreme Court? Moreover, if they can defy, surely we can defy even more!

  36. Make the cake but make it so bad that they dont want it– even making it nearly gay but terrible–
    I have nothing against a gay wedding cake but it is wrong to force someone to make it against their religious believes– there at lots of people who would bake their cake–

  37. Remember, the purpose of going to businesses like this run by Christians is to attack and silence Christians. Christianity teaches morals and that a person must think and not just follow. Those who want to promote sodomy and other deviant behaviors, such as pedophilia, need to silence people who would oppose the deviant behaviors. This is also why one sees people infiltrating and promoting deviant behaviors in the various Christian organizations.

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