These Chicago churches are defying shelter-in-place orders and now the Mayor is threatening to do something terrible to them


There is a growing movement of churches and Christian leaders who are standing up to the government’s shelter-in-place orders that are keeping people from gathering to worship.

Naturally, the government is fighting back and there could be terrible consequences for those defying the orders.

These Chicago churches are officially defying the city’s shelter-in-place orders and the local government could be preparing to do something terrible to them.

When states, counties, and cities started creating shelter-in-place orders in response to the COVID-19 crisis, many of these regulations were put in place out of fear and with a lack of knowledge and plan to reopen.

The lockdown orders are dragging on and over 36 million Americans have lost their jobs and thousands of businesses are closing their doors for good.

Another unintended consequence of these shut down orders has been the destruction of our First Amendment rights . . . the freedom of religion.

The government does not have any authority in the Constitution to stop people from gathering to worship.

But they’ve effectively shut down nearly every church in the United States.

Now, church leaders are starting to fight back against these orders and continuing worship services with or without permission from their local government.

More than 100 churches in Chicago have decided to open their doors – even under the threat of being arrested, fined, or permanently shut down.

The Chicago Mayor has been particularly tough enforcing the Chicago lockdown rules and it is unclear if she will respect these churches’ First Amendment right to gather and worship or not.

Elsewhere in the United States, spiritual leaders are also beginning to resist these regulations and several lawsuits are being filed against state and local governments for forcing these churches to shut down.

Sadly, many churches are financially hurting from the crisis since so many of their tithes are made in-person on Sunday each week.

These shelter-in-place orders could bankrupt thousands of churches across the United States.

What do you think?

Is the government violating Americans’ First Amendment rights by preventing churches from gathering together to worship?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. The left cannot fight God and win. They are using the virus for their sick and evil agenda, which includes total control over our lives. But God is in control, not them. They are on the losing side. And this virus is way overblown. There is no reason not to get back to normal if you use common sense. Thank God my state has a governor who has common sense and most things are starting to open back up. Churches have the right to be open, as does everything else. It is very simple…if you want to let fear rule your life, stay home and hide in your closet. The rest of us are more than ready to get back to normal. We should be far more concerned about the economy than the virus.

  3. If these Left Wing Governors, keep defying the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens, I am not going to just sit back and watch! I have a serious warning to all U.S. Governors in the United States who might read this, And it is not an idle warning either! Any U.S. Governor, who does not follow the Constitution to which he or she swore an Oath, before taking Office, is going to be subject to more than just Lawsuits! I am not going to give away what will happen! But I promise you, it will not be a Lawsuit, but it is the next step after the Lawsuits have failed, and it is in the Constitution! This is not an idle warning! Follow the Constitution to the letter, or else!!!

  4. How is this image good for Jelly Belly Pritzker, and Lori Lightweight? Even if you’re a democrat, would you vote for these people seeing what they are doing to churches?
    What about predominantly black churches? Are blacks just going to stand by and watch this happen or are they going to take their anger to the ballot box?
    When are moderate democrats and black people going to wake up?

  5. GOD WILL “NOT” BE MOCKED!! In their profound Arrogance &. Ignorance———they have “NO” Idea what they are Up AGAINST!!! They have already LOST Their VICIOUS WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY LET ALONE THEIR VERY “Souls”! I Know Lord Jesus, We are to pray for them!! It is hard but I will! LONG LIVE OUR REPUBLIC!! Agape, Kathrine Peckham Marshall

  6. Well, we’re in the midst of a pandemic, and the only way to stop the spread of the virus is to ban large gatherings, like sporting events. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hindu temples and Sikh gurdwaras are closed. Americans United for Separation of Church and State merely points out the ban should apply equally to secular as well as religious events. You’d think all churches would comply!

  7. Vasu-your choice to shelter and hide. You don’t want to go to church-don’t but don’t force your decision on others. You may have to keep up for 5 years.

  8. Governors and mayors do not have the authority to shut down churches…they also do not have the authority to create enforceable laws. That is for the Legislature to do. If more people understood their rights as citizens, we wouldn’t be seeing this ridiculousness.

  9. These radicals are not “democrats”, they are LEFTISTS! Don’t call them “liberals” either, as they are not concerned with time honored liberal autonomy but with dictatorship over the sheep like “peasant class”. Sad to say, but about half of the electorate (voters) accept the totalitarian rules without any question. This country which has been created with the most freedom of any in the world is coming under the boot of the World Government dictatorship and those sheep like “peasants” do not understand the burden that is being put on them. Another American Revolution against these draconian pursuits will be inevitable, if it continues to erode the autonomy of the people.

  10. I read recently where every year in Los Angeles County 65,000 people die from diseases, car accidents, drowning, drugs, suicide, murder. etc. That’s ONE county in the U.S.

    Covid-19 deaths THROUGHOUT the U.S.: 93,000

    Think about it!

  11. This Country fought a Civil war and the Reveloutionary war so that we did not have to live under Dictator. What I see are the younger generation have been taught in school that they should not have to work and pay for anything. They are backing people like Bernie and Kamali and Liz Warren who offer every thing free. Free medical free college free everything. Where do they think all of the money is going to come from? When the people who are working either die or juat give up then the money will stop. College students who want free college. If their parents are still working then they will have to continue to work because if they stop so does the free ride. Some of our young people need a crash course in economics 101 then they might understand.


  13. Vasu, who cares what Americans United for Separation of Church and State thinks? Thy are a mentally deficient organization, and so are those who spread their insanity.

  14. this govy pricker is nothin but a dick-tater and the man is scared to death, he’s running to another state with his tail between his legs, AFRAID for his life, well if you sir are that scared get out of the race and go hide in a hole where you came from, cause YOU started all this mess,,,, if you would just open the state and keep your almighty city of Chicago closed down to get rid of the sickness there we would be fine. But NO you want to treat every one else just like Chicago, WELL we are not Chicago,,, YOU have brought all your troubles on your self, sooooo run scared FAT, run, you ain’t got much time left, get out of office now, befor you hurt your self youn’s are all brakin the ill const. you and lightfoot, IT’S AGAINST THE LAW MISTER, JAIL TIME FOR YOU !!!….

  15. Release criminals so they don’t get COVID in jail. Have the police make sure that the churches are closed. I think that our priorities are reversed.

  16. Well, they say the virus is killing so many people and they want you to stay home to beat it. well, 4,000 babies are killed each day through abortion, that is 120,000 per month, 1,440,000 each year. Why aren’t these governors and liberals worried about that? Instead they want to give the illegals’ our tax dollars so they can vote for them, of which is illegal in itself. STOP KILLING BABIES.

    They say they want common sense gun laws, HOW ABOUT SOME COMMON SENSE KILLING BABIES LAWS?

    Virus killing approximately 93,000 so far. Abortion killing 120,000 each month.

  17. vasu…You are a fool. You should be far more worried about the economy than the virus, from which MOST people recover. If you want to live in fear and hide in your closet, you are free to do so. No one is forcing you to go out. But the rest of us are more than ready to get back to normal. Thank God (yes, God, whom you have no clue about) that my state has a governor with common sense (which you lack) and has opened a lot of things back up. I am going out to eat and I get my hair cut this morning.

  18. vasu, do you have any clue that our founding fathers were against separation of church and state?? Without God (church) there can be no state. Without God, satan takes over, which is what has happened to the dem party. Without God you cannot win. You are a fool

  19. vasu, do you have any clue that our founding fathers were against separation of church and state?? Without God (church) there can be no state. Without God, satan takes over, which is what has happened to the dem party. Without God you cannot win. You are a fool

  20. Many churches are having church in the parking lot, listening to the Pastor. A church parking lot isn’t any more dangerous, then all those rows of cars in California’s mile long, food lines. I hope some people will start law suits against these dictator governors. All states are opened up, and churches have been worshipping in their car parking lots for several weeks in many places.

  21. These action fit right in with the communist programs…ruin the country, eliminate God everywhere and they did it before the virus in the schools, etc. Churches are the only stronghold they have left to fight. I hope they all go to hell.

  22. I live in a state where churches are allowed to be open, but my church has elected to stay closed and run Sunday services, prayer groups, children’s hours, and other activities via the internet. The key is that the church has ELECTED to stay closed rather than the government forcing it. The church has been open to the extent that limited numbers of volunteers prepare services for the community including cooked meals and free groceries. These arrangements aren’t ideal, but they are choices freely made and not enforced by some government authority. It CAN work.

  23. They are absolutely violating the first Amendment rights, and because it is in the Constitution these mayor’s, Gov. whoever stops the people from their rights should be stopped themselves. I truly feel the Dems are working to begin a revolution in this country. If nothing is done, and soon, these type people will get worse in their power to hurt the country and its people. They are no longer serving the people, but are suppressing the people.

  24. Bj dumb dumb Vasu is in California from a statement he made. So what does that tell you about his thinking and his outlook on everything

  25. The best way to fight back is at the ballot box and vote every Mayor and Governor out of office.

  26. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot did not respect her own stay-home order, and now she wants to punish others for doing what she did. Chicago has elected very poor, hypocritical Mayors and the city deserves what it gets. Chicago is a horrible place to live – high crime and murders, repressive gun laws, anti-church government, above-the-law Mayor, etc. Criminals run rampant, you cannot protect yourself, and you cannot even pray for salvation. And the Mayor does not care; she just does what she wants!

  27. While Churches and other house of worship remain closed, abortion facilities remain open. This is especially the case in states under Democratic governance. Deny God, kill the babies.

  28. ALL stay at home, quarantine orders are in violation of the US Constitution. I am going to church tonight. I have refused to stay home. I breathe deeply, keep exercising, walking etc, eat home prepared foods-better nutrition than pink slime meats, visit those ailing or elderly neighbors- live life to the fullest. I can count on one hand how many times I have been sick in my 65 years. TO GOOD HEALTH- get out and make a difference.

  29. That idiot Mayor should be run out of town. She is behaving like a little Nazi.
    It is time these power-drunk Liberals are cut off at the legs and made to understand
    they are not in control of the world or this country. This dufus has never been in
    control of anything and is in a state of euphoria at having that elusive POWER. Time
    to take her down.

  30. The Left hates the Church, and this is tailor-made for them to attack it. You notice no one dares to threaten mosques?

  31. Good for them! Freedom of Religion is a fundamental RIGHT in this nation! The mayor has no jurisdiction over it!

  32. When I served my country, I took an oath to uphold & protect the Constitution of the United States of America. Part of that is the Bill of Rights & in that Document is the Right to Freedom of Religion. No U.S. citizen is above the US Constitution. Anyone who denies American citizens the Right to worship as they wish (as long as it does not break established laws [human sacrifice, child endangerment, etc.]) is committing an unconstitutional act. Those that deny citizens that Right should be held accountable at a Federal level.

  33. If we cancel out the Constitution then what do we have left ?? Some sort of dictatorship !!! That has been tried repeatedly throughout history. Try what life was like under Stalin, Mao, Hitler etc. We can try it again !!
    How would like to live under the Mullahs

  34. Yes, churches have the constitutional right to meet. No one has the right to tell them otherwise. This Chicago Mayor also said that our society needs deputies to make sure people are being compliant and these deputies will take a pledge to the New World Order and that the AG will also enforce these rules. She is a tyrant and a communist. She locks down Chicago while she went out and got her hair cut!! What hypocrisy. Wake upl Chicago!


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