These atheists just put up a new blasphemous display for millions of people to see that will leave you speechless


Atheists want to make a mockery of the Christmas season.

They think the most important event in human history – the birth of Jesus – is a joke.

And a display this atheist group put up will infuriate you.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is notorious for their attacks on anything remotely Christian.

And now they’ve put up digital billboards in Atlanta, Georgia that promote the secular Winter Solstice as the “real reason for the season.”

One of the billboards is even located on interstate 75 for millions to see.

Christian Headlines writes:

An atheist group has launched a series of holiday-themed “Winter Solstice” billboards in Atlanta to underscore what it sees as the “real reason for the season.”

The two digital billboards sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation show a snowy forest with the message: “At This Season of the Winter’s Solstice May Reason Prevail.” It then includes the group’s web address:

According to a news release, one digital billboard is located on Interstate 75, the other on Spring Road.

“FFRF points out that the real reason for the season is the Winter Solstice, taking place on Dec. 21 this year — the shortest, darkest day of the year,” the news release says. “The Winter Solstice has been celebrated for millennia in the Northern Hemisphere because it signals the rebirth of the sun and the continuation of life.”

A third billboard went up on Peachtree Independent Boulevard. It reads: “Supernatural Belief — The Enemy of Humanity.”

The three billboards are part of “a year-long media campaign” in Atlanta, according to FFRF.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation thinks that celebrating the birth of Jesus is like believing in a fairy tale.

Their third billboard that reads “Supernatural Belief — The Enemy of Humanity” is what shows their problem.

FFRF, and atheists like them, can’t explain everything in the universe. And to criticize Christians who celebrate the birth of Christ as “the enemy of humanity” is sickening.

This isn’t FFRF’s first attack on Christmas this year either.

As we reported, FFRF threatened city officials in Ohio to remove a nativity scene or “face the consequences.”

The radical atheists have gone too far with their attacks on Christmas.

And Americans are sick and tired of their antics as well.

Which is exactly why millions of Americans support President Trump in his defense of keeping Christ in Christmas.


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  2. A belief in a “supreme” being, has guided our behavior for thousands of years. That belief has shown humanity the value of love & understanding of others, and to realize we’re not the same, but we have learned to respect others beliefs even though those beliefs may be far different from ours. Treating others the way we would like to be treated, sure makes alot of sense to me, and l do believe it has religious origins. But those who find it offensive for others to not fall in line with “thier” beliefs or way of thinking, somehow think they have an obligation to re-educate all those who are not in agreement with thier view, no matter how offensive thier view may be to others. This country was founded on Christian/Jewish values, if that offends you, thats your prerogative. But please, leave the rest of us alone to worship as we please! There are still MANY Americans who find value in our religious beliefs. We Christions & Jews will still pray for the betterment of all humanity, even you non-belivers. We value love, not vengeful hate. Try it, you may enjoy the newfound freedom of love, vs your obsession of hatred towards those whos beliefs differ from yours.

  3. The ffrf should be declared a Domestic Terrorist Organization and everyone connected with it should arrested on charges of High Treason and Sedition during Wartime. These are Capital Offenses.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  4. I imagine you must feel kind of like radical Muslims feel about images of Allah. Fortunately for the rest of us however, radical Christians, unlike radical Muslims, are too chicken to do anything to defend their misguided beliefs.

  5. This is the doings of the Communist agenda at work here folks….not the atheists….even though most if not all of the Commies are non believers. The Commies want to end our religious beliefs, end the family unit, end the men and women gender designations and introduce a mandatory fraggot culture to not only America but the WORLD. It’s the Rothschild’s doing….they want to be the rulers of the entire world and put anyone who is against their agenda into work gulags to spend the rest of their life in complete slavery to the NWO…

  6. These atheists better hope that when they die there is no Judgment Day because they are in for a terrible justice.

  7. The billboard is irrelevant. Those who believe in God will not change their minds and those who do not believe in God will be happy with the billboard. Thus rendering the billboard irrelevant.

  8. Fred, I love this. You made your point very comely and passionately. Let’s hope those who put up these billboards take your lead and take them down. Merry Christmas to you and your family…

  9. Everybody loves John Lennon’s IMAGINE! But IF you listen you know it was a shot at Jesus. But I just think that it is all going to be revealed a lot sooner than most believe. Then every knee SHALL bend and EVERY head BOW! If we ALL paid more attention to HIS WORD, ME included we would be a lot better off than this PC hate the CHRISTIAN RIGHT we have become since the 60’s!!!

  10. Imagine a world that people of different religions, non religions, cultures and values could just mind their own f##king business and move on in the world they like. Just leave everyone else out of it. Pretty easy solution.

  11. Interestingly they hate Jesus, God, Religion. They hate Christmas yet they LOVE the money they make from Christmas…Hypocrites!

  12. If you do not believe in Jesus? Okay this is America. BUT, do not SHOVEL/PUSH or FORCE your opinion’s onto anyone else. YOU are in the minority! If you DO Not Believe. It’s okay to burn all by yourself. No need to feel the need to DRAG OTHERS ALONG WITH YOU. Thanks For Nothing LOL Ya All Lookin Foolish here LOL

  13. I know for a fact that most of these meatheads do believe in a divinity, they just don’t believe in organized religion. That is fine, they have a right to their own opinion, and that is all it is. Let those that do believe alone as they are convinced of what they believe and that is their right. I suspect the so-called atheists are so belligerent because they are very insecure in their non-belief.

  14. FFRF Foolish Fiends Really F****dup, Finally Flipped Reason Forever,
    Found Freely Reaching Foolishness, Finding Fraudulent Research Fully

  15. Imagine no “Freedom From Religion Foundation”! If this atheist group did not exist, would it make a difference? Does the FFRF existing make a difference? Probably in their own minds, they are important but do not make a difference to most people!

  16. That’s Okay just let them talk. Because their souls will all suffer in the burning pits of Hells fire and they will be in torment in HELL for eternity. For if you do not believe in God Jesus as your saviour you will never get into paradise.

  17. These idiot atheists want people to think they don’t believe in CHRIST, but the truth be told, they probibly believe more strongly than most CHRISTIANS , otherwise why try so hard and at such a cost to downplay a commemoration that has been around for hundreds of years and has not hurt them one little bit. These people, the atheists, are just poor brain dead zombies who have nothing good to do with their time and monry, too bad so sad !!

  18. The Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” should be followed by everyone, whether they believe in God or not.

  19. Why are they not removing these signs they would remove the Christians rights and we do have rights because we are suppose to have “Freedom of Religion” but for some reason we have forgotten or do not care for our freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Where are the supposed Christians?

  20. Perhaps they could post their drivel across from a mosque. That would, most likely, solve the problem for everyone quickly.

  21. The ‘ freedom from religion’ was meant to be that the state ( i.e. government ) could not dictate which church you were to belong . As , the English Parliament dictated that English subjects were to belong to the Anglican( Episcopal ) Church . That was what the revolt was all about !

  22. The Holy Bible which is the very breath of the Lord God Almighty says it all, The word of God Almighty says a fool says that there is no God,
    The fools who put up that sign about my faith in Christ Jesus already know what God Almighty calls them, FOOLS, When God Almighty calls you a FOOL, know that you are in big trouble
    Jesus Christ is the king of kings and the Lord of Lords period

  23. I live in metro-Atlanta, and the evil lefties have been trying to change Georgia into a blue state. It’s not going to happen. Yes, many Hollywood atheist, elitists have been coming to Georgia to film, but Georgia remains a red state, and a religious state. We have people of various religions in Georgia. I was raised as a Christian, but married a Muslim. Yet, we have no problem with the season because we both believe in God. Merry Christmas to all!

  24. Forgive us JESUS! we’ve sat back & let devil slink his slimy way into every avenue of our lives! we have to stand up & take back our country for JESUS CHRIST! I love JESUS & I’m not afraid to say I LOVE JESUS! JESUS IS MY LORD & SAVIOR! I know JESUS is coming soon to take His believers home! I’m prayed up & I’m ready to go to my Heavenly Home! we have to tell as many people as we can about JESUS cause Rapture is coming soon & I’m GOING ON FIRST LOAD! THANK YOU JESUS! PRAISE BE TO ALMIGHTY GOD! we have to take back what devil stole from us! Forgive us JESUS for sitting on our backsides & letting satan work his way into our schools, our churches, our government!

  25. AMEN! so very true! our children aren’t taught that in history class anymore. we need to get back to teaching REAL EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY! parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends – get involved with your children’s education! find out what’s being taught in your town’s schools! it’s not what we were taught & how we were taught back in 50s, 60s, 70s, 80’s! Help us Lord JESUS! I remember when we had PRAYER in school & we said PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE every school day!

  26. Because you religious beings are constantly shoving your mythology down the worlds throat.
    Turn about is only fair.

  27. All religion should be declared a World Terrorist Organization.
    They constantly try to impose their mythology on everyone they can get near.
    America was founded as a SECULAR nation, not a “christian” nation.

  28. Also on December 21 each year. It is the Winter Solstice. It is the origin of christmas and all other December “god’s birth day celebrations”.
    Most aspect of christmas have been miss appropriated from pagan holidays.

    Oh, y the way, April Fools day should belong to the religious. No god exists, never did, never will.

  29. As with all religions, Christianity is nothing but mythology. No different than Thor or Zeus.
    Need any other reason?

  30. You haven’t read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or anything about our founding fathers. This country was founded on Christian values. I know people are trying to re-write our founding and history, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And just because atheists don’t believe God exist doesn’t make Him non existent.

  31. I agree with the pagan side of the Christmas; I call it commercial aspect of overspending gift giving, over the top of parties drinking etc.
    However the one part of Christmas you miss that Christians celebrate, is the birth of Jesus Christ. We also celebrate Easter Sunday, the day He rose from the dead after His Crucification by Pontus Pilate. I am praying for you to find peace and the saving grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

  32. I think the sign says it all. These people that call themselves atheists are only anti organized religion. That doe s not mean they don’t believe in some form of supreme being or creator. There may be a few hard core that really believe everything happened by accident, but very few. I’m not a Christian but firmly believe in a creator. I also see not contradiction between divine creation and evolution. And I still enjoy Christmas!

  33. The fool has said in his heart (not his head) there is no God. There are a lot of fools around us. God tells us through scripture that believers will always be in the minority.

  34. I thought we had a freedom of Religion in this country. we could choose what we wanted and not be infringed upon as long as it stays with in the laws on the books. It only makes since that any religion can put any sign they want up for what ever they believe in. So if these atheists want to waste their money in doing so, just ignore it. This is what they want, imagine the free press they are getting now and the coverage they expected for their acts. Just wait and see who they call out to when they personally get themselves into a hurting situation. If you believe, you believe, if you don’t you don’t. Simple as that.

  35. Personally, I believe in the almighty creator of heaven and earth who is everywhere all the time. I don’t believe in Commercial Churches which have been run by man to leach off the poor and destitute. Where does it say that God says you must go to a specific building and donate a certain percentage of your income to the Commercial Church. OH, that’s right, it was in Hillary 2:3 “Though wicked Republicans, the urchins of society, the deplorable, shall give up their wealth, their freedom, their taxes, to support the Clinton Foundation and not commit blasphemy against it.
    When churches become mega businesses, and have riches beyond belief, there is something wrong with that picture.

  36. Who wrote the book of Love, er Bible? When was the first edition written? Is it not a collection of several stories (fables) that was written hundreds of years after Christ died? We all know what happens to stories that are told over and over again, they change as the story teller adds their interpretation. I like to think that God, or the Almighty creator provided us with the ability have life, and let us flourish. Man has created problems for himself and cannot think or reason straight most of the time.


  38. I agree. Religion is just something one does religiously. Now, worshiping the creator God is not religion, it is the act of ones own heart agreeing with God, that without Him we would not exist, and the blessings and the curses are the choice we make “This is the way choose which way ye will walk” Turning from God is choosing the curse.
    I choose God.

  39. I find it both inesting and absurd these so called atheist are threatened by something they not only do not believe in but adamantly deny the existence of! I would not be greatly surprised if these so called people next call for the arrest of Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sa!

  40. another excellent example of how the communist infiltration of our education system has left us with many braindead aholes that DO NOT know the constitution or history and insist on supporting the misinterpretation of our great founding document. folks(sic) like G suck and erici cumberg abuse/confuse “freedom” of speech and expression… much like the scum bags that demand that nativity scenes are “not allowed on the courthouse lawn”… The slime will push and push and when the limit is reached it will be time for an all encompassing “crusade” with a real end that finds evil and aholes all piled up ready to become the great sacrifice… God needs no help, but it would be very enjoyable to accelerate the inevitable… you know, be a part of the “Final Solution”…

  41. No one is forcing you to believe in anything butt nugget. I personally don’t care if you worship a stalk of celery. Just don’t try forcing your ideas on me or my family.
    I firmly believe that more people believe in a supreme deity world wise than you can imagine


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