These abortion doctors are trying to do something during the coronavirus crisis that could kill more than unborn babies


The Trump administration and healthcare professionals are doing everything in their power to contain the coronavirus from spreading across the country.

But the abortion industry is throwing a big wrench in their plans.

And these abortion doctors are trying to force healthcare providers to do something during the coronavirus that could lead to the deaths of thousands.

Since the virus began spreading in the United States, President Trump, governors, and local cities have directed billions of dollars and resources to stopping it.

Businesses have shut down, doctors and nurses are risking their safety, workers are losing hours, and millions of people are making sacrifices to protect the public health.

But the abortion industry isn’t happy about it and could upend efforts to stop the coronavirus.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and several other pro-abortion organizations and doctors are calling for healthcare providers to “to ensure abortion access is not compromised” according to their statement.

Hospitals and healthcare providers have been forced to prioritize patients with coronavirus over others.

Each healthcare provider does their best job to determine whose illness is more serious and needs greater attention.

Since abortion is an elective operation and pregnant patients seeking to kill their babies are not at risk of injury, pain or death . . . patients seeking abortion have dropped to the bottom of the list of priorities.

The abortion industry is now in outright panic mode.

Without any legislation being passed, the healthcare facilities able to offer abortions during this time of crisis has dropped significantly.

Healthcare providers have made the common sense decision to deprioritize abortion during the pandemic.

Which is making leftists and radical feminists lose their minds.

These abortion fanatics are willing to use up hospitals’ precious few resources on servicing abortions rather than solve the pandemic.

The reckless and disgusting demands these abortion doctors are making shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Pro-abortion activists and their cronies are obsessed with unlimited and unrestricted abortion “rights” at any cost.

If they had their way, patients seeking abortion would be “treated” before anyone suffering from the coronavirus and the illness would be allowed to spread.

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  2. This is a time that abortion should be the last any one should consider. WAKE Up ! GOD is not pleased
    with murder “MURDER” -killing babies STOP the murders PLEASE ! WAKE up

  3. Let the whole corrupt, godless lot of them suffer, and hopefully go out of business. This is one case where job loses are welcomed.

  4. I have been thinking about during this time, will we see many babies born in December? People are closed up at home, like we are during bad weather (many babies born in September). Has it ever occurred to anyone to just not have sex?! Look for a different activity. If you don’t have sex, a woman won’t get pregnant, then there will be no “need” to have an abortion. I am thinking this might be a “reason” why abortion advocates want it to continue. Knowing activities are limited while we are being quarantined, they want this “service” to be ongoing. They are doing their “essential job” to make sure they lower population, as Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “to have fewer people to control”.

  5. No one is killing babies except the GOP trying to end healthcare, block the ACA, and defund Medicare and Medicaid. Doctors are trying to care for women who need immediate care including abortions. To end that care is an unconscionable and un-Christian act. Terminating fetuses and embryos may be “elective” in insurance terms, but not in terms of the health and welfare of women.

  6. HCB, women don’t need abortions. They can use contraceptives or put the babies up for adoption.
    And the ACA is a disaster that caused people’s premiums to double, and put many doctors and insurance companies out of business.
    The only crime the GOP has committed is not repealing the ACA train wreck like they promised.

  7. Of course. They call Christians “cultists”, yet it obviously is not Christians determined to keep the human sacrifices to the death cult of Progressivism going at all costs.
    Wish we could ship them all to China, since they seen to think that kind of government would usher in their ‘utopia’ here, to the point of the MSM passing on Chinese propaganda.

  8. No one who performs an elective abortion should have the right to call themselves a Doctor. Lifesaving circumstances for the mother could dictate an abortion. It should never happen just because you didn’t have sense enough to prevent a pregnancy. You are absolutely taking a life when you perform abortion. I have a perfectly healthy child born in the 24th week of pregnancy due to complications. Its not just a lump of unwanted meat in there, its actually a small person who should have a chance. Makes me sick to think about someone who calls themselves a doctor cutting a baby up in itty bitty pieces while its kicking in its mom. Your aren’t a doctor, you are a killer with no conscience.


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