The world’s leading globalist nation issued an unthinkable ruling that is the beginning of the end


The radical left parades the European globalist “utopia” as the wave of the future.

They think America should follow suit with their so-called “progressive” agenda.

But what the globalists in Germany just ruled is simply terrifying.

The Supreme Court of Germany recently ruled that a child marriage is lawful as long as it occurs before entering the country.

The court has in turn ruled that it is unlawful to outright ban child marriages.

The decision comes from a case where a husband married his wife while he was 21 and she was just 14.

The Daily Wire writes:

The Federal Supreme Court of Germany ruled earlier this month that child marriage is constitutional so long as it takes place prior to entering the country.

According to the German publication Die Welt, the court ruled it unconstitutional for Germany to outright ban child marriages that were lawfully conducted abroad.

“In the specific case, it was about a Syrian refugee couple, who had fled in August 2015 over the Balkan route because of the war to Germany,” reports the outlet. “The couple had previously been legally married on 10 February 2015 in a Syrian Sharia court. The husband was 21 years old on his wedding day, his wife was at the age of 14.”

Upon immigrating to Germany from Syria, the couple was separated following registration in the Schweinfurt facility. The 14-year-old girl had been placed in a youth welfare facility for female underage refugees; her appointed guardian was the Aschaffenburg youth welfare office. Her 21-year-old husband had no contact with her and was not even informed of her whereabouts.

The Gatestone Institute reports that a family court in Aschaffenburg ruled against the husband after he filed suit; a Bamberg appeals court later overturned that ruling in 2016. Alarmed by the obvious consequences, the German parliament passed legislation in 2017 banning child marriages after German Interior Ministry revealed in 2016 that “1,475 married children — including 361 children under the age of 14 — were known to be living in Germany as of July 31, 2016.”

Germany is proud of its open borders, and inviting unvetted Syrian refugees in by the thousands.

But this is what happens when a country lets anyone and everyone in – no questions asked.

And it’s also why Americans don’t want tens of thousands of unvetted immigrants flooding in.

The immigrants think they don’t have to assimilate to the new culture at all, and in many cases think they can bring over Sharia law from their home country.

Not only that, but Germany has had a problem with the explosion of violent crime from muslim men, primarily in the form of rape.

In fact, the Gatestone Institute also reported that high-ranking police officials have a strict order to not report on crimes committed by refugees.

There is no doubt that the globalists’ agenda at hand has had a role in the ruling to recognize child marriages.

And their next target is the United States.

This is exactly why millions of Americans have supported Donald Trump to secure our borders, and make sure that immigration is done the right way.

Do you think child marriages are wrong? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  2. Perfect reason to BUILD THE WALL! Talk about backwards countries. If they want to come here “Legally” they conform to our rules and regulations as well as abide by our laws.

  3. It was good enough for Jerry Lee Lewis and Woody Allen and Jerry Fallwell. Not to mention certain members of Congress.

  4. Guess it proves that snowflakes are not just here, but invaded our entire world. Time to round up these whimps and send them to a remote island with no escape. Their disease seemsto be spreading.

  5. Buddy: Which members of Congress are you referring to? Want to know so we can make them EX-members of Congress.

  6. These country’s that have sharia law are barbaric people and to bring there laws to America or other country’s is wrong. It is turning the clock backward.America is a civilized country. Germany is a lost country. It has turned Germany into a hell hole of crime. It will never come back from the open border policy they have adopted.

  7. Basically Germany is giving in to the despicable Islamist and their vile Shariah law. Germany, a well as, France and probably England are history. The age of consent is, in most states, 18, if it isn’t it should be. A 21 year old marrying a 14 year old is tantamount to child slavery.

  8. Heil satan. The Altar of Zeus taken from Pergamum, aka “The Throne of Satan”, has been on display in Berlin since 1930.

  9. I hate this. I also hate the fact that in many places in the United States, this marriage would have been totally and completely LEGAL, and conservatives would have been just fine with it..

  10. Child marriages are the same as statutory rape. They should not be permitted. We need the wall whether the left thinks so or not. If the open borders continue then so will child rape, rape of women and murder by the illegals. We need t o stop this.

  11. Michigan used to allow marriages at the age of 13. I don’t know if that is still true or not. That is with parental consent.

  12. Careful my friend. Dumbocrats aka snowflakes are very sensitive. This is why they attack anything and everything. Statues of history, classic books, Christmas stories “Rudolf the Reindeer”, music “Baby it’s Cold Outside”, etc.

  13. Of course Germany is a globalist NWO country they tried it twice already, and lost and never should be allowed any power on the world stage again.

  14. Like my first post. The ultimate reason to BUILD THE WALL! I’ll violently protect my family. I’ll violently protect my friends!

  15. Germany who? Oh those idiots. Want to hold the power the United States holds. Yet failed again. Thus, can not let the snowflakes have their way. forget history and Hitler raises up from the grave!!!

  16. Scary to think that liberals think this is all fine and dandy and we should welcome everyone! IF you truly
    love your family/kids you certainly would want a border and you wouldn’t want this extreme views to come
    here. I find it incredible that liberals believe everything is fine when our security and way of life IS at
    the center of all of this!!!!

  17. These country’s that have sharia law are barbaric people and to bring there laws to America or other country’s is wrong. It is turning the clock backward.America is a civilized country.

    I have been telling people for years that the liberals who are now calling themselves “progressives” are in actuality, regressive s!

    Look for a return to the “dark ages”

  18. I call them snowflakes. They melt at anything that they seem to think is offensive. Like previous posts. They hate history, tear the statues down. Do not like the story or content of a book, ban it from schools. Think Rudolf the Reindeer shows hate, discrimination, bullying, etc. Force the broadcasters to stop. Think a song is suggestive “Baby it’s Cold Outside” Ban it from the airwaves. I have many more. But just keep fighting the snowflakes. That is what I have been doing for quite a while!

  19. I am going to attack my own comments. Yes I am attacking myself for being blind!

    Snowflakes keep claiming offense, discrimination, sexism, bullying, etc. They want anything they highlight to be banned. Tearing down the historic statues, banning books, banning movies, banning music because someone thinks (oh! The pain!) it offends (a) person.

    My mistake. I’ll admit this fully! I have been fighting the snowflakes all wrong! I should be protesting them. Why, I find them offensive. I love history, I love music, I love movies, and really love books. Now, if they want something banned, I’ll get a coalition together to have them outlawed!

    Bring back true education (banned books), bring back our history (statues), leave our movies alone, leave our music alone; best for last! LEAVE US AMERICANS ALONE!

  20. Child marriages already occur in the USA. Not all states have the legal age of consent at 18; some are lower, at 16. Between 2000 and 2015, over 200,000 minors were legally married in the USA. The vast majority of them were between a child and an adult. 18 US states have no minimum age for minors to marry under certain conditions. 32 states have a minimum age (ranging from 14-17). In October of 2018, Delaware and new Jersey became the only 2 states that completely banned child marriages. In 2010 in Tennessee, three 10 year old girls were married to men aged 24-31. In Alabama, a 74 year old man married a 14 year old girl. Me personally, I think you need to be at least 18, to get married.

  21. You have done well to correct me! Now I have another fight to attend! I’ll now admit my earlier post is inaccurate. I thought the laws were set nationally! Guess the congress/senate are asleep at the wheel!

  22. Germany is doomed and will be fully under sharia law within five years and nearly all government positions will be filled by muslims.
    France is next, then Spain and Italy, the biggest victory, other than conquering the mentioned nations will be the islamization of Vatican City and the beheading of the pope and all within her walls.
    Saladin must be very proud of todays muslims for they appear to be doing where he failed.

  23. I agree. They are doomed. I am ready to fight. Democrats want this, snowflakes want this, muslims want this. But I’ll stand for the American Flag! Because America will not fall to this garbage!

  24. Seems like these are mostly liberal run states. Yes,no? This works in one argument! The liberals advocate the muslims!

  25. Saladin failed for a huge reason. Abusing the people to do your will fails every time. Again the abuse of the people. guess what! Good prevails every time. The people will speak out and win!

  26. Totally agree.They must learn English and participate in our culture just like our forefathers did 100 years ago. In one generation, all the kids were ‘melted in’ and the parents kept many parts of their home customs, but they did not break our laws to do it.. The major difference is that we did not have practicing Muslims moving here in the early 1900’s..and those who came still blended in without demanding that we change how we live. We are not going to change our laws to accommodate men who want to marry children. Just because their leader was a pedophile doesn’t make it right. Children need to be innocent until their brains mature and can handle the stresses of marriage, especially in the male dominated middle eastern lifestyle. We will not allow a man to sell his children to sexual deviants straight from Satan himself.

  27. AMEN! No questions asked!! I am sure Democrats, Liberals, etc., will disagree … until it is their child that is the victim … than they’ll want the sky to fall!!

  28. I wonder who (oh no.. senior moment.. what’s her face German leader?) is related to.. maybe she is a long lost cousin of AH.. The Germans had a back door relationship with the Muslims back then..

  29. From all the responses. Instead of blocking our border, allowing individuals to leach off our system for free at tax payer dollars. And this goes globally! Why not just make it all! The United Continents of the States of America? Make all the world deal with our laws and tax structures and our way of life. We take over, they all have to bow to our laws. Our laws are just and fair! Most countries are midevil at best! And then there would be no more illegals! Problem solved!

  30. Okay Germans, now, you know why we refuse to allow a liberal government to disarm us.
    You need to start smuggling weapons into Germany it is ovobvious you will have to go to war agains the life forms, in your government

  31. Just to clarify.. a judge can make an exception in certain cases. I looked this up because it ticked me off to think this was true. No mention was made of the special circumstances in these cases, but a child is still a child and no one should put a child in a position to have to make a life long decision. The article also pointed out the these girls cannot buy a lottery ticket or drive and certainly could not go about getting a divorce attorney if needed. They are not mentally prepared.

    “Two Democratic lawmakers have introduced bills to prevent marriages in Tennessee where a party is under 18 years of age, after a national nonprofit cited three cases in the state where three 10-year-old girls were married to men in their 30s in 2001.
    Sen. Jeff Yarbro, D-Nashville, who is sponsoring the legislation with Rep. Darren Jernigan, D-Old Hickory, said at a press conference Monday that while many Tennesseans believe the minimum age to marry is 18, a loophole in state law actually allows a judge to waive the age requirement and does not state a minimum age. The bill is scheduled to go before the Senate judiciary committee Tuesday at 4 p.m.” (next week)

    My question .. and I know most of this audience already knows this… What ever happened to common sense? Since when do we cower down to those who demand we accept their ways? Since when do we stay silent on issues that are against our laws or morals as a decent society? Why do we allow politicians who lie to continue to rule? Will this country revolt against the Islamic changes forcing themselves down the pike? Europe is lost.. France, Germany.. their populations were stable, but now all growth is taking place in migrant quarters..

  32. WOW.. that’s a frightening thought.. but when you pair them with others of like mind, like all the middle east.. France and the rest of Europe, they could talk Pakistan and Russia into an alliance against us. We would be left with only Israel and maybe Japan.. and not enough nukes to win a war.. scary .. Lord help us.

  33. Is this a possible sign that the democrats stop being too giving and stop the madness with a republican party? I will research this and donate to the “good guys” even democrats. Glad to see the other side becoming tired of the insanity! This is the first!

  34. Easy my friend! A couple of nukes in the atmosphere and no one will have power. Without power, we still have the greatest fighting power in the world! We will take over. That is what they are asking for, that is what we will give them! Total control.

  35. You’re damn right it’s wrong. Any man touching an under age girl should be shot. What is this world coming to? Next they will stone wives for going out without their faces covered. Satan is collecting his soldiers. But God has His army too. Since God is not a created being, and Satan was created by God, who do you think will win in the end? Pray unceasingly, but push back against the enemy. Help Trump accomplish what God sent him to do. I do believe God picked him as He did a young boy with some stones against a giant. Trump is our David, and the NEW WORLD ORDER is Goliath.

  36. When was that, back in the 1800’s? It hasn’t been that way in Michigan for decades. Perverts will use any excuse to continue pushing for more sex with children. This needs to stop in our country.

  37. Jack Frost, that would make us as bad as them. Besides, like the left, people will cheat, steal and lie to become PRESIDENT, SENATORS, GOVERNORS, etc. Then where will we all be, with the bad guys running the show. We need to put in stricter laws concerning voting, like IDs, and fix the lax way in which they are counted. Then we need to tell the truth about the parties and what they stand for. Teach our own kids rather than have them listen to left wing propaganda in schools and colleges. We have fallen away from what made us great as a nation. So much sin has become every day life. It all needs to stop. And I don’t care who it offends. If it offends you, then you are part of the problem.

  38. Then you must register to vote and vote for Christian politicians, Not Satan supporters. I agree that the US should Not recognize or accept Muslims males marrying females under 18 years of age. When I voted in the midterm election, the polling signs were in English, Spanish and Asians.

  39. But many US Citizens are Satan supporters and will still vote for those sinful politicians. Being a Christian is not a requirement to hold any political office.
    Many Churches are silent about sinful politicians and receive donations from them to keep quiet. Satan is also a Muslim and he will force his sinful behavior on as many as he can. And ignorant and stupid US Citizens will say ” we have to include all religions”.

  40. If you accept the morals, policies, laws of refugees, (the UN pact is 59 million refugees over 6 years) then you will eventually experience first hand what made those people refugees. Sharia law is already taking place in the UK and other countries. This is just one example. And the main stream media is owned by the globalists and so they are censoring the invasion and the accepting of sharia law.

  41. Brussels has NO GOVERNMENT. The rioting in brussels finally caused that prime minister to resign though the king is asking him to stay til spring. THOUSANDS of people have been rioting in brussels over the un immigration pact but the media is censoring it. France same thing. Sweden is on the verge of a civil war. BUT THE MEDIA IS CENSORING THIS AND IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

  42. Sorry but that isn’t true. I knew a husband and wife that were married at his age of 21 and her age of 14. They had been married for 14 years at that point and had a daughter who was also 14. Yes, she was German but not Muslim. They were a very happy couple too. This was not unheard of back in the 60s and if still married, she would now be ~78. She was the one who wanted to get married at that age.

  43. Try currently in at least two states. Parental consent is needed in Alabama and Utah at age 14 to get married. New York has allowed 14 year olds and 15-year-olds to do so with judicial and parental approval until at least 2017. And over two dozen states had no age minimums at all.

  44. “The wicked shall be turned into HELL, and all the nations that forget God.” Psalms 9:17 KJV That includes the U.S.A. and Russia and Germany and China and England and Germany etc etc! There isn’t a nation on the face of this earth that is exempt! WOA unto that nation(s) that GOD blessed and gave much, England being the BEST example! England at one time, ruled over a 1/4 to a 1/3 of this planet and yet, today, that nation is being overrun w/Infidels and anti-GOD hating, Jesus Hating Muslims! The U.S. and many a nation along w/Germany is going the same way! Lastly, after Germany, which started the “Reformation” out of the dark ages, and gave us the Bible thru Martin Luther in German, has NOT learned , even after loosing TWO World Wars, that when God/Jesus Christ is cast aside that nation can NOT stand. Now, Germany is about to be destroyed w/ Muslim takeover!

  45. The Buiderberg Org. is alive and well as is the German Court System! If this continues with other Nations then, we are in a heap of trouble Globally! POTUS is a Non-globalist here in this nation as is demonstrated by his effort to build a Wall on our Southern Border! Senator Schumer is a Buiderberg Org. Member as well as Henry Kissinger and Barry Obama and many others in the U.S. Senate! It is time to Wake-up America and stop this Failing Effort to form a One World Government! According to Holy Scripture the One World Government will Fail in a very short period of time! Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai ‘Tsebayoth!

  46. You are what is KNOWN as a POSITIVE thinker! Do you actually think this is even remotely possible w/the ways people think today! this govt is hell benton the destructon of this nation and is using every trick in the book! this govt, as all other Govt’s is lead by “the god” of this world as in 2 Corinthains 4:4 KJV and is controlled by the prince of the power of the air, or the Media as it isknown! Satan is the god of this world and he is destroying the nations to set up his final world order! Lest you should need more proof: See Matt 4:8-10 KJV Satan does have control of this world system in the politics and Finances and the religions of the world etc and he does his (ERRANT) will and yet…people do not “SEE” and have no idea, when they follow the world, they follow the god of thisworld…SATAN! Romans 8:7/James 4:4 KJV whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of GOD.

  47. Unfortunately to many think that article VI section 3 which states

    “The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States. ”

    Can be used to claim that people of the Christian faith are somehow prohibited from even mentioning their faith in public or while at their job.

    When all it does is reaffirm the first amendments ban on RESTRICTING and controlling what religious beliefs a person holds by imposing a STATE controlled religion like the former government had done.

    In fact any prohibition against someone mentioning or following their religious beliefs just because they are in public in fact violates the first amendments “CONGRESS shall make no laws establishing religion or restricting the free practice thereof”.

    The anti Christians always seem to forget that “or” section as they blatantly attack any public display of the Christian faith even when it is on private property.

    Like that ten commandments display the state actually built a fence along the road to hide from public view.

    They could not stand that a judge informed them that the state could not legally order the removal of a privately funded monument from private property just because it was visible to the public so they wasted tax money to build a PRIVACY fence along the road to conceal the monument HIDING the religious expression of the properties owner from the public.

    For that separation of Church and state ruling they claimed it violated to apply the STATE would have to have been involved in its creation. Apparently they thought they could argue that by not BANNING such monuments from public view (which would actually violate the first amendment) the state was ESTABLISHING a specific religion by law.

    They were seeking to expand the existing violations of hiding monuments on public land even when created as far back as the time of the founders from public view over “Christian images” to include private property.

  48. The International Progressive Elite are the direct descendent soft the money changers Jesus drove out of the Temple. They have been trying to Rule the entire world since then.
    If they can destroy National Sovereignty and Remove our Constitutionally Protected Rights, then the New World Order will have to fight with the Islamic Caliphate for control of the World.

  49. AND this is supposed to be a surprise???? Germany has proven under Merkel has proven itself to be a despicable subhuman race.

  50. So if another country or nation thinks cannibalism is ok there, it should be ok here. RIGHT! Liberal Logic is an oxymoron.

  51. Rather than a GLOBAL country, Germany is a bought and paid for puppet country. And, judging from this ruling, I can guess where that money came from..
    Germany was a maniac country in 1930 to 1945. And it is a maniac country again today.

  52. Wrong we would not be fine with it now when the Age of accountability in most states is 18 that means that marriage under that age is wrong and though in earlier days it was okay it was because the average age life expectancy was under fifty and the age of adulthood did not have an artificial Adolescence period that came about in the early 1900’s so taken in Context the Minimums of 18 today is the equivalent of 14 in 1900.

  53. Lets build two walls one an actual concrete and the other a wall of term limits senators no more then two terms, Representatives no more then 6 terms and start by flushing the swamp immediately of those with more then twenty years in Congress and Senate.

  54. The globalist fascists have taken over ALL of Europe and are instrumenting all of Hitler’s fascist policies, period, tramping on human rights as fast as they can to shut their citizenry up and down. Most of their ancestry fought a world war to end that psychotic behavior and wasted their lives in protecting against it. That includes May, Merkel and Macron as well as others. They’re an embarrassment to the human race. They’re just as destructive to civlized society as their muslim friends.

  55. You couldn’t be more correct, if you can’t read in English you can’t accurately know what you are voting for or against.


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