The way Disney is pushing the radical LGBT agenda in this new animated film for children will make you sick


The Disney company’s executives and staff are officially adopting a radical left-wing agenda by forcing it down everyone’s throat in their movies, TV shows, and content on Disney+.

But for many parents they’ve crossed a big line when it comes to serving LGBT content to unsuspecting children.

And the way Disney is pushing the radical LGBT agenda in this new animated film for children will make you sick.

Over the past few years, under the CEO Dick Iger’s leadership, the Disney company has begun pushing a disgusting left-wing agenda that incorporates teaching children about LGBT issues.

The company has slowly started introducing LGBT characters without the knowledge of many parents.

Now, many parents believe they crossed a big line that parents who aren’t aware of what’s happening would disapprove of.

Disney has created their first ever homosexual leading character in a short animated film on their streaming service.

The character’s story is based around revealing to his parents that he is gay.

He’s afraid to do so, but is guided by his pets to gather up the courage to tell his parents.

A TV show teaching kids to come out to their parents is simply inappropriate to show children who have zero knowledge of the radical gender and LGBT politics that are behind the programming.

It’s dangerous to present young kids with these issues as they do not have the ability to think critically about hotly debated political issues.

This is a disgusting effort on the part of Disney to indoctrinate children, confuse them, and shove their agenda down everyone’s throat.

The radical LGBT movement is bent on indoctrinating children as much as possible into buying their agenda.

Public schools, the media, Hollywood, and now Disney are all finding underhanded ways to indoctrinate young children in an effort to normalize deviant behavior.

What do you think?

Do you think it’s appropriate for Disney to show children an animated movie of a gay child coming out to his parents?

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  2. So tired Of this abnormal behavior every place you turn the libs are force feeding this at people
    Schools are the worst
    there’s only one way to learn and it’s the offensive liberal Democrat way

  3. Going to stop takoing my Grandkids to Disneywolrd and their the movies Disney makes. Used to be just clean entertainment. They can shove their social indoctrination up their butts.

  4. Childhood innocence is now out of the window due to the terrible two’s adulthood that wants to interject their ideology
    Where is the simplicity?
    Guess the big bullies want to take over the school yard grounds and claim the ‘king of the hill’ agenda
    Crappy dysfunctional mentality of power control!

  5. The Lord is returning SOON to the earth again, and all practicing LGTBQ’s will become ashes. We
    just need patience for a few more moments. PEACE…

  6. Why does everything need to have a hidden message!
    Since I am at the point in my life where I can afford to take my grand children (with their parents and friends) to Disneyland every year, I just saved a couple thousand dollars.

    Thanks Iger for saving me the money, I will not be taking anyone to Disneyland any more.

  7. Yay for Disney. There are so many gay children who are teased and bullied and afraid to tell their parents. Most doctors believe that gender preference as well as gender identity are pretty well set at birth. Fortunately the laws of our country recognize the rights of lgbtq people.

  8. I guess no one from Walt’s family is alive who would are could put a stop to this garbage. It is a shame how the company That he created for clean family Entertainment has become such a piece of ungodly filth.

  9. I think its sick. And I have a feeling there will be les people at their theme park. We are seeing some of Gods and his son’s predictions right now, and they’re more like a warning, but if people don’t heed the warning, there is more coming and a lot stronger.

  10. Why do YOU have to have an agenda about anything? Because You Have THE Power and now Your Going to abuse it by SHOVELING DOWN Peoples Throats Your Half Baked Conceptualization of what other people should be like to LITTLE CHILDREN! NO NO NO Let These children grow up without Your Bias Baloney. Other wise, i pray, THAT YOUR KINGDOM COMES CRASHING DOWN.!

  11. If a group of straight people pulled a stunt like this pushing for children to be straight and fight for the right to flaunt their straightness the LGB community would throw a hissy fit claiming it is a blow against them. What kind of world do we live in when being white is criminal, being straight is criminal and we all should be ashamed of getting a good education and well paying job when those who can’t add change up to $1.10 think they deserve the same income. Here’s a few home truths, whites are not all racist and privileged any more than blacks, getting good grades and an education to earn a good living is not a crime and if you can’t be bothered to learn to add, subtract and read why should you earn anything other than a starting jobs wages? Everyone has the right to vote for whom they think is best to run our nation without politicians calling for their political party to draw more blood and it is not OK to give instructions on how to kill a politician you don’t like. No one wants your sex life flaunted in their face. 99% of us really don’t care but we do care about you shoving down our children’s throats.

  12. We only watch the old Disney movies…the classics that have been previewed and approved. Disney has been taboo for a few years at my house. It doesn’t take a genius to detect their agenda, even 10-15 years or more ago. Censorship is simply not purchasing or the off switch.

  13. These LGBT freaks need a psychologist there’s something wrong in there heads ! As for Disney’s concern I just tossed out everything Disney in the can for the trash pick up ! Until Disney get there S*it together I will not be back ! This is wrong in so many ways !

  14. I live in Florida and have been to Disney world thousands of times. It keeps getting more and more expensive . The last time I stayed there I paid $750 per night . I will never go back to Disney again because of this crap they are shoving down everyone’s throat. I am cancelling the Disney Plus. I don’t want them to have one dime of my money. So the happy side of this is, Iam a whole lot richer.$$$ No more season passes, no Disney Plus, and no more Disney resorts .
    Will I miss it, yes, and with a great deal of sadness.

  15. as long as it states what the video is about, then I think it could be used to educate the individuals that don’t know how to react in such a situation. Biggest problem is in my view is that if an author writes a story, it should be released using his characters, and the portrayal of such characters. To many people get upset when you ask the question of why did they remove Tarbaby as a character in Briar Rabbit, but it is OK to replace leading roles from male to female, or change there race because they think it will be more politically correct.

  16. Bye Disney! I am done with your left wing political krap, just the way I’m done with Gillette and Nike. It makes me sick to see how so many corporations, including Disney, have a left wing political agenda, and expect people to just sit by and accept it. No way will any LGBT or left leaning company shove anything down my throat or my kid’s throats. I flat out reject their politicization and left leaning garbage!

  17. Kids have to live in the real world. I think its’s good Disney is letting them know not everyone is the same. And that people worry about being different. I’m still waiting for someone to do a story on a kid who has to tell their homosexual parents that they (the child) is heterosexual. Be another slice of reality.

  18. Please watch the terrific film: Out of Shadows ( watch free at There’s a segment about Walt Disney. He’s was in cahoots with the CIA and their brainwashing techniques yonks ago! Those old films that seem “safe”, look again, there will no doubt be something in them that is a little off. Hollyweird, politicians, china, etc. all have agendas to take over the minds of us all, not just the kids. Turn off your TVs, phones, choose your movies carefully. With all the people out of work right now, stuck at home in front of the TV, captive audience ripe for a good brainwash! What’s the message? “Vote biden, don’t vote for bad orange man.” See where that’s going? We can’t let that happen, folks! Walk away from the TV. MAGA/KAG 2020 by a Landslide!! LET FREEDOM RING!!!!

  19. Time for the American people to stand together and let Disney, Hollywood, the NFL, the NBA know that certain actions are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Do not pay them. I will no longer go to theaters, watch professional sports or buy tickets to their games. Hollywood (Disney) is morally bankrupt and chock full of degenerates. Many of them as well as many professional athletes are anti-American. If we keep on supporting their agenda, we as a people become enablers. Time to let them know where they stand and do our own sanctions on them.

  20. The thing that makes me and other liberals sick is the rampant homophobic bigotry in America that exists today . If you don’t like movies and television programs that feature gay characters, don’t watch them .Who is forcing you to do this ?
    LGBT people in America are not the enemy . Homophobic bigots are . If you don’t want to liv in a country where gay people are treated fairly and decently, and have the same rights as straight Americans, move either rot Iran or Saudi Arabia .
    Remember- homosexuality is NOT contagious . You cannot “make a child gay ” by teaching him or her to respect LGBT people and tolerate them. However,r too many children and teenagers in America have been brought up to hate and fear LGBT people, and this is child abuse- mental, not physical .
    No one is born hostile to LGBT people. The bigotry has to be taught . By the way, I am NOT gay myself but like so many other Americans, I find homophobic bigotry abhorrent in the extreme . It’s no better than racism against blacks, anti-Semitism ,, misogyny or other forms of hatred and must never be tolerated .

  21. The Disney company has been deteriorating for years, they film far too many unhealthy movies that they intentionally “feed” to children that are too young and naive to understand or judge the content. Parents who grew up with the wholesome movies that Walt’s company used to produce and was famous for are now allowing their children to be corrupted by a very malicious and dangerous movement without even suspecting that the movies may be undermining the ideas and morals that they are trying to teach their children.

  22. It appears it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be among the only rational and sane people in an entire world infested with homosexual mental degenerates. Sane and rational people understand no matter how hard you try to suspend reality, wish it were so, pretend, or demand acceptance any “sex change” is only cosmetic and unnatural. No matter what you sew on, cut off or grow long, the DNA in every cell in your body still proves there are only two sexes and you are stuck with the one you were born with. Medical and mental health quacks, whoring politicians and fast buck Disney operators seem to have missed the part where the world isn’t their personal fantasy novel, they aren’t Harry Potter complete with magic wand and just maybe they are astonishingly ignorant of biology, stupid, evil or perhaps even insane.

  23. Disney has crossed the line all right. Walt would be rolling over in his grave even if he was gay. Pushing any kind of agenda on children is wrong on so many levels.

  24. Disney has crossed the line all right. Walt would be rolling over in his grave even if he was gay. Pushing any kind of agenda on children is wrong on so many levels. Now I’m not even able to leave my comment.

  25. The use of mainstream entertainment for the use of pushing an agenda is immoral. But hey morality is OUT THE WINDOW CRASHED ON THE SIDEWALK OBLITERATED IN PIECES CUTTING THE FEET OF PASSERBY. So what else is new? Its a battle for the children’s mind, and the left has all the bullets. The right fight with sense, morality, reason, math, logic and spirituality.
    It takes a man with reason
    To dress properly for the season
    The trouble with the left is
    They only dress for pleasing
    The right would prevail if we wouldn’t let the fleas in
    Power is in the hands of the entertainers
    They put their fans in the proper containers
    But the right fight to be free of contained
    Think of the garden if it never rained
    Or if you were kept from the rain by being contained…….


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