The war on Christmas reached new heights with this attack on a town’s nativity scene


Christmas is under attack every year by the radical Left.

They do everything they can to take Christ out of Christmas.

But now the war on Christmas has reached new heights with this attack on the Ten Commandments and a town’s nativity scene.

In Dover, Ohio, city officials say they were forced to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments and a nativity scene from the city property after receiving threats from the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

FFRF has said the removal of the religious scene was in “defense of the First Amendment.”

Fox 8 Cleveland News writes:

DOVER, Ohio — Season’s greetings in Dover will look different this year after the mayor says the city was threatened with a lawsuit if they refused to move a statue of the Ten Commandments and a nativity display off city property.

“We have freedom of religion and they’re saying that we’re endorsing one religion,” said Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen.

In a January letter, a Wisconsin based group — the Freedom from Religion Foundation– wrote the Dover mayor, stating an area resident reported about the displays including a large “Latin”cross.

The foundation stated the displays were a conflict, citing the separation between church and state. The mayor says the displays nearby city hall were moved to a nearby church property as a result this holiday season.

“Twenty-seven years been mayor, nothing like this has ever happened,” said the mayor. “Never imagined it would happen.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation thinks they are “defending” the First Amendment.

But in reality they are attacking the very purpose of it, that anyone can exercise Freedom of religion.

No one can take that away as a constitutionally given right.

Unfortunately, this is not FFRF’s first rodeo with an attack on Christmas.

As we reported, they recently set up a “secular nativity scene” that depicts Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington watching the Bill of Rights in a manger.

In doing so they flat-out disrespect the purpose of Christmas in the birth of Jesus.

But they also show their true colors by demanding that religious displays be removed, and simultaneously demanding that they be allowed to set up their own atheistic displays.

This shows the hypocrisy of the radical left.

They want to completely disregard the Constitution unless they can twist it in their favor.

Do you think there is a war on Christmas? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. I don’t know what has happened to the the people of God in this country who let a small group of
    the devils advocates dictate to us what we can and can’t do with the very land we pay for with our tax money. God please help the weak kneed Christians who are fearful of these devil driven ungodly people.
    The bible tells us one can put a thousand to flight and two can put ten thousand to flight, this means
    that all the demons in hell cannot win if the born again people of God stand their ground.

  3. The Dover Mayor says that he “never imagined this could happen”. Mr. Mayor, take a good look in the mirror, because YOU, and your ball-less DO NOTHINGS are exactly why this is happening! Stand up for the majority of Americans who believe in the idea of Christmas, and just MAYBE you’ll be doing the right thing!

  4. Freedom for jewish Judaism and Christian Christianity is being threatened by jews and Christians, cathalics and Islams moslem faith by groups who hate their parents for doing it in bed for their lives in this world.

  5. I could understand, if we lived under Sharia Law and were forced to celebrate everything Islam whether we believed or not, this might bother you. Or, for that matter, if we lived under Christian Law and were forced to celebrate everything Christian, it might bother someone else…

    Oh, that’s the point isn’t it? To force everyone to act like hypocritical Christians.

  6. What can one think when something like this happens in America. We are a Nation based on Christian principles and should be able to display and defend our beliefs. Those that push their agenda to defile this notion are just looking to mess with other people or destroy our beliefs. Prehaps it is time to turn the tables on them, find out where they reside, and take the war on our values to them, in their front yard, at their place of business, where they live their lives until they stop messing with ours. This is not about their rights, its a test of their abilities to mess with our Constitution and Bill of Rights and the freedom of expression. Stop being weak and pathetic. Take them to court and push to have them stopped or they will just continue to push their agenda as far as they can. Today, they stop Christmas, tomorrow they throw you out of your house and take everything you own and redistribute it to others.

  7. It’s time to bring these bigots to court and sue the foundation. I am tired every year this happens and I am sick of it. Call ACLJ. and sue the FFRF against discrimination of religious freedom and expression. The constitution does not talk about Separation of Church and State and even if it is promoting a particular religion it should still allowed. That’s what the 1st Amendment guarantees. These people are infringing on the rights of Christians and cannot and will not be tolerated. Bring it up to the president.

  8. No, that is not the point. The point is to remove Christ, God and Christmas from the US and there by remove the constitution. This is all about destroying America and turning it into a Godless third world country. All the spineless people in public office are just helping the cause by not standing for what they believe and the rule of law.

  9. These are people with hate in their heart, this is part of revelations. They are promoting the bible and don’t know it. Thank you atheists, you prove the biblical scripture. I pray for them but my belief in jesus only gets stronger by there persecution.

  10. How about freedom from brain dead atheist. They have their rights so do we. Make them spend their money what little they have defending their bs.

  11. Raymond King I agree we need to make a united run and tar and feather them may God have mercy on their souls

  12. Why is there a freedom of religion of freedom from religion can over ride it? I really believe the people are taking the freedom from religion out of context. The people in power must not be able to figure that out they are so smart! I really believe it means you don’t have to be religious of you don’t want to be. Not that you can keep other people from Practicing their religion openly . That is where our elected officials come in wrong to punish the Christians when our constitution supports Christian believes ! It doesn’t say we have to hide it from the Atheists . It does not give the government the right it keep the Christians from openly practicing their religion!

  13. If a religion practices human sacrifice, does that mean we have to to allow it? NO, it goes against the laws of this country. What about animal sacrifice? Well, cows, pigs, steers, fish, poultry and other animals are wholesale (pardon the pun) slaughtered every day to provide the meant that goes into your BBQ, Pulled Pork, Big Mack or Whopper. Just because animal rights groups are against it does not make it stop. So why do groups who don’t believe a certain way think they have the right to stop everyone else from what they want to do. I know, I am rambling. All these protesters are doing is trying to make a big deal out of nothing and show they can do something to piss off people.

  14. All Democrats. Think George Orwell’s book 1984 and that is the direction these folks want to move us supported by the likes of George Soros, the Clinton’s, deep state, and the New World Order.

  15. The grinch will never stop trying to steal Christmas because Christmas exposes all his empty promises lies hatred immortality ungodliness unholiness filth wretchedness wickedness evil perversion sin hypocrisy. The gates of hell will not prevail against the church! Libtards are fighting a loosing battle! Do they really think they can beat God? How delusional.

  16. Liberals are always scheming up some new twisted version of a half baked truth and calling it a law ie hate speech? They try like hell to suppress the truth that we are all sinners and need the savior. New definitions like contusion new words that they invented with hidden meanings to support their hidden agenda? That no one else understands but them? The constitution says we are all created equal/there you want equality/the founders were talking equality 150 years ago/all of us born sinners on a level playing field. If they would just read the Bible and let Christian public educators teach the Bible in public schools? Then I’ll bet the shooting would stop. Let them teach the truth about who we are as a free peoples before it’s to late for some?

  17. The problems won’t be solved by the courts because unalienable rights are NOT subject to procedural rulings by shysters, politicians or robed tyrants. That only works for those whose “god” is government.

  18. Agree tired of our officials backing down from these disgusting animals 200 years we fought now they all fall this has to stop nobody has the right to force a town city state from celebrating Christmas and they better start telling these vile animals don’t like move these leftist need to be put down immediately or our Freedom is gone

  19. Just a question here? Would you consider it a war on Christmas if a Kwanzaa or Hannukah display were to be put up? They occur in December, shouldn’t they be celebrated, as well? And let’s be honest here, for a moment, shouldn’t you be more upset with how commercialized Christmas has become?

  20. The town should have not backed down and simply offered them a space to put whatever decoration they wanted in support of their position without infringing on our first amendment right. It is public property and they have a right to their representation right along without interfering with ours. We should sue the city for discrimination just to prove a point. No where in the constitution are the words “separation of church and state” . Here is the proof, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The constitution is written as control over the federal government and really doesn’t apply to state government. The display of the ten commandment and a nativity scene is just a display, not congress establishing a religion. For all you wizards out there that think the ten commandments are Christian , sorry but they are Hebrew and were given to Moses long before Christ came along. These secular and atheistic groups say they don’t believe in God well my question is why does something you don’t believe exists bother you so much. Discrimination because of race , religion , skin color or lack of religious belief should not be tolerated anywhere in the world but that is not our reality as long as humans are allowed to think and reason. Can any of you out there that don’t believe in anything explain why we have that ability, and don’t say its all biologic, you have to go a lot deeper than that.

  21. I know it’s been mentioned about standing up for our constitutional rights. When these people who don’t have a religion, fight to destroy ours, we must fight them at all cost. They are breaking our laws, because they don’t believe in any religion. There for it’s a problem to see in public what they don’t believe in. We as Christians should pull together and and raise the funds to support our local, county and state governments so they can fight who ever threatens our constitutional rights. I guess other religious in our country just sit back and so nothing. One day they will find them selves in this predicament, what do you think they will do?

  22. The left has gone way too far. Christian should have put a stop to this when it started 40 years ago.
    Time to fight back with full force.

  23. I’d like to see cities and communities have the freedom to put up Nativity Scene’s and the Ten Commandments and organizations such as the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” (FFRF) to wither in the vine. Whatever happened to majority rules. I’m certain that religious scenes such as these are supported by the vast majority in most communities. The attitude of organizations like the FFRF, now prevalent in our society, are in fact the minority.

    If satanic organizations wish to reciprocate and put up their “scenes”, again let the majority determine whether it’s acceptable. I strongly believe they would not be.

    In order to enable small communities to fight it out in court, perhaps a GOFUNDME effort could surface to help them pay attorneys fees and court costs. Eventually, when the case reaches the Supreme Court to allow these displays, we’ll finally see organizations like the FFRF no longer being able to force their opinion on the rest of us.

    I hope to see this in my lifetime. God help us.

  24. There is no separation of church an state. Our founders never meant for there to be. And those who reject Jesus will stand before Him to be judged and will join their master satan. Christians will join Jesus in Heaven and never have to put up with FFRF again

  25. This is the complete encasement of the liberal radicals thinking. Everything my way but not yours. Too bad they have not grown up. Just sit back and let them curse themselves, but, don’t feel sorry for them when they will eventually pay for their misled selfishness.

  26. They are idiots. I am an Agnostic and think the Christmas Nativity and Ten Commandments should remain. They should go back and read the First Amendment.It reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Read or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The progressive left tries to twist the Constitution to their wants.They need to be reeducated.

  27. Freedom of religion means that the state ( government ) cannot dictate which church you go to , not the absence of God in government !

  28. The actions by the FFRF should be illegal. Though, as far as free speech and standing goes, their actions are illegal.


    I happen to be Jewish, and can tell you, God does nothing by accident.

    You Christians unfortunately get things just slightly wrong. With the monuments to the Ten Commandments, you ignored the First Commandment, and split the Second Commandment in half!

    The actual First Commandment reads: “I am the Lord your God, Who brought you up from the Land of Egypt, from the House of Bondage.” What does this mean? Simple:

    “BELIEVE IN ME.” THAT is the actual First Commandment! NO ONE has the so-called “right” to be an atheist. If you believe that a man named Moses wrote the tablets with a hammer and chisel, and not God Almighty, then the whole Bible falls apart!

    I personally believe God did this, allowed the forces of Darkness and Evil to remove the Ten Commandments from all of America’s courthouses, because you got it wrong. Fix the monuments, and then put them back!

  30. Great idea Ross. Please send me an application as I would like to be a charter member. Let us never forget that our great nation was established mainly because the founders were oppressed because of their religious beliefs. God bless America and if you don’t agree, get the hell out.

  31. Why is it the minority is getting their way. Its time to stop this.!!!!! Why is it that the Govt sides with the minority and not the Majority like it is supposed to be. Sorry agnostics if you don’t like Christian values and what Christ stands for nobody is forcing you to stay in a Country that does believe. Maybe its time you find a Country that you can relate to. SOON!!!!


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