The War on Christmas reached a new low with this attack on Santa Claus


Leftists are waging an all-out War on Christmas.

It started with banning nativity scenes and candy canes.

And you’ll never guess why they’re gunning for Santa Claus now.

Social Justice Warriors are calling for a so-called “gender fluid” Santa Claus.

A new poll from GraphicStrings revealed that 19% of people want Santa to be neither male more female, and an additional 10% said he should be a woman.

The New York Post Reports:

The company got the input of 400 people from America and the United Kingdom about ways to modernize St. Nicholas in October and November. They then used the top suggestions to survey 4,000 people on how they would envision a 2018 version of the legendary character.

The results showed that roughly 19 percent of US people believe Santa should be identified as neither male nor female. More than 10 percent said Santa should identify as a woman, which means about 70 percent of people still believe Father Christmas should be a male.

The survey also touched on what people think a modern day Santa should look like.

Traditionally, the character is represented as a bearded old man with his iconic white and red suit, black belt, matching boots and a reindeer-drawn sleigh.

Santa Claus is an iconic childhood figure of goodwill and peace toward all.

He is based on the patron Saint Nicholas, who was a man that gave gifts to the girls and boys of his town.

He is a reminder that people should be kind and forgiving toward each other all year long.

Do you think Santa Claus should be a woman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. So less than a fifth of polled responders want to make us change
    our traditional Christmas guy?
    Screw them.
    If they don’t like it they can always go their own way. Who gives
    a s–t about a–holes like that anyway.

  3. They’ve been campaigning to stop Christ ever since the crucifixion. They will continue to do so up too the day the Holy Spirit will be removed and sin will rule for a short time, then Christ will return. No matter what, God Will Win! Hallelujah!

  4. I understand your point but probably the real opposition began when Christ overcame death and was resurrected. The keystone of Christianity is the resurrection. One of my favorite chapters is the 15th chapter in the first letter to the Corinthian Christians. But our task now is to redeem the time as commanded. And that is no easy task resisting the opposition. We sometimes ignore the task given to believers in Christ to be salt and light to an unbelieving and often hostile world in part to edify one another and strengthen each other as we confront these destructive forces and in part to reach the unsaved persuasively.

  5. totally agree with Robert Armistead why does everything have to change just because a few don’t like the traditional way of doing things?????????? why is a liberal idiot has the right to think they can change every thing ??? this has been a tradition for hundreds of years and now they want to ban nativity scenes, candy canes, and now Santa . Really what is wrong with these people . are they so unhappy with their self that they have to change something to think they are important or different. ?????.

  6. Saint Nicholas was a MAN! Santa Claus is a MAN! why do all these writers & tv people stir up trouble over the tradition of Santa Claus? don’t they have REAL NEWS to report on! Santa Claus is about love & the spirit of giving & sharing with others! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  7. They will never go their own way, they are physocopaths who feed off attention.
    IF, they were birds in a nest, the mother would heave them over the side seeing them as danger.
    Humans are not that smart.
    Keep what is true to your true self and remain a mystery to the others, Smile, it disarms them.

  8. You know this everything woman is absolutely crazy. I am a woman and the last time I knew you are born either a man or woman. Now that doesn’t even satisfy people it seems that some people are not happy with themselves, their sex, their life, their beliefs, their faith, the world around them and I could go on but here’s the thing they have no right to try to change everything to suit them. Every person has the right to decide for themselves about the things in their own lives and that includes Christmas, Christ and how we live our lives. If you don’t like my choices shut up, pull up your big boy pants and live with it just like We have to do for the unhappy ones

  9. What are the leftist the only people on Earth? Well Sants is a man whether they like it or not. Ig they want a female santa they can have thier own Christmas. SANTA IS AND ALWAYS BE A MAN. GROW UP YOU FLIPPING FREAKS. NEXT THEY WILL WANT TO CALL GOD AND HIS BELOVED SON JESUS WOMEN. I KNOW I SHOULD NOT HATE , BUT THEY JUST WANT TO RUIN EVERYTHING GOOD. THE LEFT ARE NAZIS.

  10. Santa has been a man since the beginning and if he is not, how do we explain Mrs. Claus. To heck with the leftist and their, “Political correctness”. What does that term mean anyway? What these people are doing has nothing to do with politics. They think that we should fall in line with whatever ridiculous idea.


  12. Leave Santa Alone. He is a cuddly Senior. He has been a great friend to all. NO WAY IS HE A WOMAN! God made male and female period!

  13. It’s so hard to believe the people of a civilized country can be so crazy!
    Santa has always been a man and he should remain a man. God created man and woman not a manwoman! Get real people and quit seeking attention for yourselves.

  14. Like the report say at the end, the real Saint Nicholas was in fact “A MAN” so, I’m guessing the people that want him to be gender neutral or a woman don’t know the story behind the legend. I read someone’s comment awhile ago calling leftists, Satanist and I’m thinking that person isn’t/wasn’t far off. After all they want “IN GOD WE TRUST” removed from just about everywhere…

  15. Santa Claus is a man and Mrs. Claus is a woman and never the twain shall meet. To the leftist, go get a life and stop complaining. Maybe you’ll be happy for a change. I have a whole collection of Santas over the years. He might not be wearing red at all times but he was a man and is a man. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND TO ALL A GOODNIGHT!

  16. I am Santa. I am male. Do I care what a few people think? No. And neither should you. Let it rest and act more like Jesus, the Lord you profess to worship.

  17. I totally agree with your thinking! I get so tired of the snowflakes telling us what is appropriate in which pronouns to use etc. Now the women want a lady Santa! They ought to try growing a beard! Stay with our past traditions please!!!

  18. To h**l with a bunch of lbgtq and libtard left and their unwavering hatred for America and what is right ,if you don’t like it go away .


  19. I am actually becoming nauseous at the progressive attack of identity politics, the political correctness of our 1st and 2nd amendment. The attack on Christmas, especially the attack on religion has been happening for decades now. It started with the commercial aspect of Christmas, then the attacks of Manger scenes in public places like City Halls . Of course the Mellie Mouth moderate republicans couldn’t or wouldn’t stand up for their constituents beliefs to save their asses.
    We need to support DJT in his effort to drain the swamp of these political hacks and begin the healing of America.

  20. totally agree i am so tired of the liberal rats and degenerates trying to ruin everything that is good for our country. i for one think they all need to be sent to the desert and left without water

  21. So let me get this straight. Nicholas is a female name now? Are the retarded Snowflakes loosing their minds? Next Mister is the same as Miss? Sorry, but there is gender. Sad that I refuse marriage because the Snowflakes turned into a gay thing. Waiting the day when I go to court for my own title. I’ll sue every snowflake that exists for discrimination because I want a title that says woman and man! Time to bury these leftist things and leave them to rot!

  22. ROBERT ARMISTEAD >> Please face the truth! Santa Claus is a lie, a myth, a superstition, a legend, that appears to be a creation of Satan. Perpetuating that, we lie to children, telling them that the man in the red suit (a picture often conjured up of Satan) is the spirit of Christmas which is sinful.

    Jesus, Son of and Lamb of God, who came and gave the gift of Salvation to all that openly accept the gift as given with Jesus shedding of His Blood and giving of His life.

    Jesus is the one and ONLY reason for the season.

    To Hell with Satan Claus and most of the other season trivia based on lies. Liberals have other reasons for taking the trivia out of Christmas, but somehow they got it right. When parents and pastors teach the real reason that Christmas, a day set aside and recognized for the Son of God coming to earth in the the flesh, then hopefully more will repent of their sin and accept Jesus as their Saviour.

    Parents that lie about Santa Claws (play on words) must face the truth that sometime in the future their children might feel, “They lied about Santa and possibly lied about Jesus.”

    Our goal should be more like Jesus, who never lied. God is not a man that He should or could lie!

  23. I want us to ban leftist from the whole friggin country
    Send them yo the middle east see how they like it there.


  25. Attacking Santa Claus, what a bunch of Loony Tunes people R becoming.

    Saint Nicholas of Myra was a 4th-century Greek Christian bishop of Myra (now Demre) in Lycia. Nicholas was famous for his generous gifts to the poor. He was very religious from an early age & devoted his life entirely to Christianity. Introduced in the U.S. in 1845 as Kris Kringle. Pennsylvania he is usually called ‘Krishkinkle’ but in New York he is ‘St. Nicholas’ or ‘Santa Claus’.
    Liberals stop the nonsense, U will ruin a children’s holiday.

  26. Can’t these crazies be happy with anything they want to change everything give it a break now they want Santa clause to be a woman haven’t they heard of Mrs clause. Get over with you stupid wants if you don’t like the ways and traditions don’t practice them and go to another country because we don’t need you changing everything.

  27. Gerry So you Christmas nuts that are so full of Christmas joy and cheer,think that killing other people who may not share your view is the way to go,have you ever researched Christmas to see where it originated,you do know that Santa Clause doesn’t exsist don’t you,you do understand he is a figment of mans imaginations,you do know that he is religious Icon or idol,the traditions of men make the word of god of none effect,no doubt you may even confess to being a Christian,so much for the love of God in you.

  28. Harvey D Schneider True Santa is a myth and a lie,but what about that whole Christmas myth nonsense,Yeshua wasn’t born on December the 25th,he was born in September/October during the feast of sukkot,and Yahweh doesn’t use pagan festivals and traditions to get people to repent and be saved,Yeshua said if he be lifted up that he would draw all men to himself,that the problem with Christians,they seem to believe that if they make a confession of or speak a creed that it is enough,and no supporting evidence of ones faith is required,when I see those who claim to be believers and practice these pagan rituals,it make me wonder about them,christmas is no where found in scripture,and yet your pastors who should know better teach that Christmas is the reason for the season,that show me and the world just what kind of frauds Christians really are,with out the fruit of the spirit being exhibited in you life(which Christmas isn’t) why would the world desire anything that you have.

  29. These are the very vocal minority. Best advice is to ignore them and do what YOU want to do. They have a mega-phone and loudly insult people. But nobody converts unless they allow themselves to be intimidated. Screw ’em. Push back; this is America and I ain’t giving up my rights without a fight. For example, my Sister-in-Law was married to a guy who the family thought he was a jerk. After divorce, sister in law married a bigger jerk who decided to intimidate some family members with saying he had a gun and knew how to use it. I suggested getting a restraining order and the universal family response was “they don’t work”. I received my intimidation thru a letter as the wife and I lived on the other side of the state. I wrote back thanking THE MORON for providing comic relief and where he could stick his threat. The family thought I was stupid but I received no more threatening letters. My secret was laughing at him and showing I wasn’t afraid of his threats. The moron was neutralized. I met his blustering bravado a few months later and gave him no quarter. End of story. Screw ’em.

  30. It’s very sad that there are always a few that are not right in the head& therefore they want to change everything they don’t like! Regrettably it’s not wise to ignore them because time & time again it’s been proven that the squeaky wheel gets the grease! The more they shout without anyone against them the dipwads in power give in to shut them up! I really would hate to see that,I’m a man 67 years old with long white hair& long white beard, a round belly & have played Santa for many years & love seeing the smiles on the faces of all ages, not just kids. I do hope these crazy don’t get there way. Over the years I’ve gone to many denominations of church’s & while they teach of God & Christ, they also enjoy Christmas & Santa, I hope everyone has
    a great Christmas & a wonderful New Year!!!

  31. Please spare me this nonsense about a war on Christmas when all you’re concerned about is the sex of a fictional character. Who gives a rip if Santa Claus is male or female, white or black or brown; isn’t the true purpose of Christmas supposed to be about the birth of Jesus. Granted, we truly don’t know what month of the year Jesus was actually born. The earlier term Yule may have derived from the Germanic jol or the anglo-saxon geol, which referred to the feast of the winter solstice. It’s only been since the early 20th century that Christmas has been a secular family holiday, observed by Christians and non-christians alike. Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th. However, for those who continue to use the Julian calendar, instead of the Gregorian calendar for their liturgical observances, this date corresponds to January 7th. Armenia, the first country to adopt Christianity as its’ official religion, celebrates Christmas on January 6th. In Ethiopia, where Christianity has had a home since the 4th century, they celebrate Christmas on January 7th.

  32. But Harvey, in reality, Christ wasn’t born on Christmas. So let people do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. I believed in Santa when I was young. I’m 66 and haven’t believed in him for some time now. But remembering how happy I was to get more excited each day closer to Christmas, gives me a warm feeling and a smile.Something I don’t get from many things these days. I think people are more accepting of Satanic worship than Christmas. That’s so very sad. So, to all of you good people out there, have fun this Christmas, however you celebrate it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  33. And ALL of you GRINCHES, find something constructive to do to keep your minds busy and out of everybody’s business. People these days, don’t seem to be happy unless they find something to complain about. Try smiling. It’s contagious!

  34. I believe the Santa Claus Fairy Tale is based on the description in the Bible of the 3 Kings visiting the SON of GOD after he was born and brought him GIFTS, of course, WHAT King would come empty handed..?? So now, we have Santa Claus bringing Gifts/Presents to the children on Christmas, as we BELIEVE that Jesus was born then/around that time, and WHAT is so WRONG with THAT to make it a little “MAGICAL” for children..?? Kids LOVE this “Fairy Tale” about Santa/Christmas, and for the live of me, I CANNOT/will NOT ever understand why we need to bring this to an end when even GROWN-UPS enjoy a little “Christmas MAGIC”….WHAT could possibly be so WRONG with “BREAKING” away from the normal, grey day to day activities for a while, just ONCE a YEAR, and TURN it all into something “SPECIAL”, that is how I will always REMEMBER Christmas since I was a KID and so I will ALWAYS stand by THIS/OUR TRADITION, which also CONCLUDES the year, EVERY year on a LOVELY/MYSTICAL note….

  35. If you look around at every thing that is happening you can see that we are entering the last days. I BELIEVE JESUS IS GETTING READY TO RETURN HERE ON HIS EARTH. HE CAN’T BE PLEASED AT HOW THINGS ARE BEING DONE WITH US.

  36. Buddy–The Holy spirit will not be removed even for a short time,as far as Sin is concerned,it would not be necessary,Sin is the transgression of the law 1 John 3:4,and most believers are already well versed in Sin sense they practice what the bible calls sin on a day by day,hour by hour basis,the mark of the beast is Sunday worship and include those who take the words of men over the words of our creator,look it up the witness of God(Yahweh) is greater than the witness of men and it also includes the wicked who have forsaken Yahwehs laws Psalms 119:53,Yeshua Messiah will return at a time of his choosing not ours,the day and hour will be on the last day at the last trump of the feast of Trumpets,in some future year unknown to us.

  37. Jim Hunt,
    Saint Nicholas was a real man, born around 300 A.D. He gave anonymous gifts to kids in his town, and helped poorer families come up with dowry money, so their Daughters could get married.
    After he became a Priest and then a Bishop, he started the tradition of richer people giving extra to the Church, so the Church could give gifts and food to the poorer people at Christmas time.
    After he died, he was declared a Saint.
    As the name Saint Nicholas was translated from one language to another, it became Sinter Claus, Father Christmas, and various other names.
    The fat man in a red suit is actually from the poem, “The Night Before Christmas”.
    The Real Saint Nicholas dressed a lot like Jesus and the Jews he had lived among had dressed.

  38. Saint Nicholas was a real Man who loved Jesus, became a Preist and started the tradition of anonymous gift giving.
    The Poem “The Night Before Christmas” is where we get the idea that he was a fat little man in a red suit.
    He was not and never will be Satanic.
    He would not have wanted to be the center of the holiday. He believed his place was kneeling beside the Manger!

  39. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi,Behar,Hillary, Carrey, Waters, She-pard, the lemon, Ocasio-Cotex are just some of the poster girls in the godless deranged NAZI Commie Demoncrat party!!! Here is just another Liberal LGBT useful idiot on display!

  40. Sad to say, the war on Christianity has been going on for years and most blatantly overseas. Anyone who thinks islam is peaceful, you need to get your heads out of your asses and get real. One hundred per cent of anti Christian violence is islamic related, the same goes for a lot of ani Semitism. Sad that people here in the USA can’t live and let live. If it doesn’t affect you, why complain? If you don’t like seeing Nativity scenes, Santa Cklause, Christmas Trees etc don’t look, just that simple. But don’t ruin the season for those of us who believe in and celebrate Christmas. This traditon will go on forever regardless of your intolerance. Maybe since you don’t believe in Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Christ, you may want to forfeit any holiday pay you might get or any Christmas bonus, as it’s Christian rlated. By the way, we rarely hear of violence against islam, attacking muslims and destroying or defacing mosques, why is this?

  41. Gee Robert, you think Santa Claus is fake. For your information, the legend of Santa Clause is derived from the legend of St Nicholas of Myra, Turkey. He lived during the later years od=f the Roman empire in the 3rd century and he was known for his generosity to poor people. He did exist, check it out. He’s revered in the eastern Orthodox Chrisrian Church and churches are often named after him. The Santa Claus wo know today is more German or Dutch in tradition and is far removed from the devil as csn be. Sadly Christema has become more of a commercial thing over the years that is for the most part a retailers cash grab.

  42. I think Mrs. Claus should be a woman for sure. Santa? Nah… leave the old fart be as he is. I kinda like the guy.

    Now those elves….



  45. I’m so sick of groups, American citizens, no less, who have celebrated and benefitted from Christmas all their lives, that suddenly, for ungodly reasons, that want to end or change it. My take on anything like this is, leave the original alone. If it was white or black, leave it that way! Male? Leave it that way. Theres nothing wrong with liking or celebrating someone that isn’t like you! Stop changing a good story,
    that brings happiness around the world just because it isn’t YOUR story! Because it doesn’t represent YOU! You have the right NOT to celebrate or participate. Leave the original story ALONE!! Make your own without infringing on those that do!

  46. It’s not just a “war on Christmas”, it’s a “war on Christianity”. It’s also part of the Lib’s “war on President Trump” because, if we stop celebrating Christmas our economy would crash and unemployment will fly back up to where it was. Which is what they want because, under President Trump our economy is great and our unemployment is at all time lows and they don’t like that…

  47. Santa Clause is based on a real person. If anyone is energized enough they could find a similar character almost around the world, maybe with a slightly different name and appearance but always male because the real person was male. I have seen many different people, both black and white, impersonating Santa. If a woman wants to grow a beard and impersonate him be my guest.

  48. Is this atttitude really assiciated with Christmas? I did not realize it was okay for Christians to use the vocabulary as many have here today and on previous post on this site. Ee need to be careful calling others hypocrites.

    Christmas was originally a pagan holiday and the Catholic Church edtablished it as a Christian Holiday.

    They could not get people to stop the pagan holiday so they just declared it a Christian Holiday. What right did we have to do that if we feel these liberals do not have the same right today.

    I am more concerned about people in the Church that profess to be Christian’s yet speak and use tactics similar or the same as non-believers. I think we drive more away from Church than Liberals.

    Do you think maybe that is why so many are leaving all Christian Denominations today. They see what we are and do not want to be like us. Most Christians today say “do as I say not as I do” that is the mesage they give their children through examples they model in their home.

  49. We are not the first generation of Christians God has not been pleased with. There have been periods in history where Christians acted worse than today. We all had beter be thankful for God’s grace, mercy, love and forgiveness.

    I admit with each month we get worse and get further from God. We had better start trying to get our own lives in line with God’s teachings. We had better build a personal relatiions with God instead of celebrity preachers.

    Many today put more emphasis on being entertained at church than learning or hearing the Gospel.

    For years all I hear about one mega church at Christmas is THEY HAVE LIVE ANIMALS COME THROUGH THE CHURCH AT BEGINNING AND END OF CHRISTMAS SERVICE. After service children can pet them. What about a message of love of God and others even if we do not agree with them.

  50. A Christian expression of being hurt by a woman?

    Where is the I pray for her; We both made mistakes; I ask God to protect her; I will not forget, but I will forgive and nit talk badly of her? I am not perfect nor is any other mortal person. I must forgive in order to be forgiven

  51. Why do we let them bother us so much. We do it to ourselves. I have had people say prove there is a God and I will believe for over 50 years, my reply for them is prove there is not and I will stop believing. If they persist in wanting to argue I simply say, “If God wants you he will get you and if he does not you had better hope my belief in eternal life is wrong”.

  52. Fr Tom, Dianne, you both are absolutely right. St Nick was/is a man and God’s Not Dead, he lives inside those who truly believe in him. God bless…

  53. Agreewith you Gay, Trangender are driving people that say “let them do as they wish” against them because they want more than the right to be equal, they want to force everyone to bow down and kiss their feet. I am ready to fight back where I once supported them.

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