The View hosts just gave out one ultimatum about abortion that we can all get behind


The View has become a staple of political thought for your local Karens.

Joy Behar, Whoopi, and the rest of the harpies on The View say some of the dumbest things you will ever hear.

But The View hosts just gave out one ultimatum about abortion that we can all get behind.

You ever wondered why there are so many Karens out there causing hell and making everyone’s life miserable?

Well it takes a lot of time and cultivating to create a creature so ruthless and stupid as a Karen.

But one of the main ingredients needed to make a Karen is an endless supply of idiocy.

And, unfortunately, there is an endless supply of idiocy that comes every weekday live on TV from The View.

Literally some of the dumbests thoughts known to man have come from that show.

It’s amazing that God would ever make a person so dumb as a co-host of The View.

Well out of all the dumb things the co-hosts of The View have said over the years, they might have said something we can all agree on.

Joy Behar has called on women to go on a sex strike to protest against a possible overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Behar blurted out with her god-awful voice:

Women in the world have conducted sex strikes in history. In 2003, a sex strike helped to end Liberia’s brutal civil war, and the woman who started it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2009, Kenyan women enforced a sex ban until police political infighting ceased. Within one week, there was a stable government.

Most men would be in full support of The View’s viewers going on a sex strike.

We already have too many Karens running around ruining everything.

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