The Vatican is financing a movie that will make you sick to your stomach


The Vatican has a tremendous pool of resources at its disposal.

To grow their capital they invest some of those funds in various projects deemed profitable.

But their latest investment will leave you in complete shock.

Normally the Vatican is very cautious with how it invests the Catholic Church’s funds.

They make these investments to grow their resources and then proceed to donate much of the funds to charitable causes around the world.

But this time, the Vatican decided to invest in a biopic of Elton John that includes a gay sex scene.

Breitbart News reports:

It is unclear why the Vatican is using their funds to support the production of a film containing a gay sex scene when it is clearly in violation of Biblical principles.

Either the Vatican made a grave error and failed to vet the movie . . . Or someone inside the Vatican made the decision unilaterally and should be removed.

Once Catholic Church members discover this news, Vatican officials could find themselves in hot water.

What do you think?

Is it inappropriate for the Vatican to be investing in a movie featuring a gay sex scene?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. if he has the money of all those folks so very poor still sends him money, and he spends on this kind of stupidity, those Catholics should wake up get rid of him (aprecursure of the anti-Christ), or stop sending him
    money just keep at the local parishs.

  3. I’m sure that makes all the people that put money in the offering plate very happy that their money is going to save souls for Christ.

  4. Not surprised! The Pope is an apostate at best & at worse the false prophet. My belief is he is the False Prophet in Revelations.

    Catholic’s need to flee, but I doubt most will.

    They are tied to the church with unBiblical mandates that only the Catholic Church has the real.. full.. absolute, truth.

    They have ignored the truth of the Bible for centuries, that its faith in Jesus the Anointed One of God, (God’s Only Son) that is the “Rock” the church is built on – Not the man Peter, who’s name means rock.

  5. This Pope is constantly saying things that are not in agreement with Catholic teaching or any Christian teaching. Bishops are constantly correcting what he says. Perhaps he should retire.

  6. This just further identifies the “woman” (which represents a religious system) of the 17th & 18th chapters of the Book of Revelation. Pay special attention to verse 4 of chapter 18.

  7. It’s more proof that the Catholic Church is just another false religion. Pope Frankie is an obvious Globalist/Communist and shows it with things like this.

    The Pope is the “Vicar of Christ”? Look up the definition of the word “vicar”. It means instead of, or in the place of, or a replacement for. So this Pope is the replacement of Christ on earth? This Pope who has come out time after time supporting the dictatorial Globalist/Communist is now supporting ABOMINABLE homosexuality?

    Small wonder then that the Catholic Church has never done anything about its priests sexually abusing the young boys in the congregation, eh? They are in FAVOR of it!

  8. I was educated in Catholic schools and went to Holy Ghost Seminary in Phia. I find the pope a disgusting human being and communist and have denounced my faith.

  9. As a Catholic I am ashamed of the crap the Vatican has been dong. It does not surprise me about the gay movie since that is what most of th men running the Vatican are. Time to change the Rules and clean house This Pope is a disgrace. Priests should be married men. And all of them should be given lie detecting tests to make sure they have no perverted thoughts about kids

  10. I agree with Sandra. This pope has from the first been opposed to most things Biblical. Yes, the false prophet or possibly the anti-Christ. I cannot believe this man even knows the Lord.

  11. I grew up Catholic and these discrepancies haunted me to the point where I find myself making excuses “rationalizing” these controversies.. I really don’t know what to make of it particularly myself as a gay “defector” and staunch abstinent looking now at anything beyond procreation as bestiality.. I realize we say “hate the sin, love the sinner”.. but in these cases where do you draw the line and say “Wow, now am I an accomplice?” And “Are THEY leading ME down the Road to Perdition???”

  12. This stupid idiot should be excommunicated for impersonating a pope and kicked back to hell where he hails from…… and Obummer the anti-Christ along with him. AMEN!

  13. I don’t feel it is appropriate, no. At least it is not appropriate if the Vatican is still into doing the Lord’s work. I know things change throughout time but this is absolutely mind blowingly wrong!

  14. Woe to those who call Evil Good, and Good Evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet….Isaiah 5:20
    “I’d rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God, AMEN”

  15. Just how many choir boys the Pope molested? He made a point in his papacy to legitimize sodomy, pedophilia, destroy the supremacy of Christianity, elevate Islam as equal, nevermind the adversarial position of that abhorrent fake cult. When it’s all over he will be erased from the annals of the Vatican they way of Pope Alexander VI ( Borgia). He is as close to being the Anti-Christ as they come.

  16. Pope Francis is the enemy from within! His sudden appointment and the forced retirement of Pope Brnedict is extremely suspect! Francis is an open borders, one world order nazi criminal that should never be Pope! I stopped supporting the Catholic Church once Francis was appointed! Everything he does supports his one world order views
    And this movie investment proves it not to mention his views on abortion and gay marriage! The lord will not be kind when Francis is held accountable! He should stay out of world politics too but as a pawn of Soros , he cannot!
    God save us from this insanity!????

  17. No surprise here. I’ve known my whole life that Catholicism is FAKE Christianity.
    It’s a man made religion that’s origins can be traced all the way back to the Roman empire.

  18. Fortunately, this money comes from a once per year collection, called “Peter’s Pence”. Very little of this particular collection goes to what most American Catholics would consider saving souls for Christ. American Catholics have begun to realize over the past years that there are corrupt officials in the Church hierarchy and have demanded reforms. This news is very sad, but not totally surprising, and demonstrates the need for continued efforts to root out the bad apples in the Church.

  19. Jay: I think you speak for many other Catholics that have walked away from the Catholic church because of this radical Leftists Pope. This man is truly insane, a total disgrace and does not not represent our Lord Jesus Christ or GOD. Especially now he is using money to finance this nonsense ?? He truly should be excommunicated and send back to his own country. Soros must be so proud!!

  20. I notate on all my contributions (checks) for Saint ********* projects only. I researched a rumor that the Vatican was supporting organizations who were pro-choice, pro-illegals, etc. I asked my church how I could ensure my donations would not be going to those causes, thus the notation on my checks.

  21. I don’t find anything wrong with he Catholic Church investing in a film that has a sex scene. I believe nature created gay people as a way for birth control. Can you imagine how many people would be on earth if everyone was straight, married and had children? I do not believe there is a God. If there was one, how could he let all the terrible things that happen on earth in countries around the world happen. I have no idea how the world was created with things to sustain life. Thank goodness humans are at the top of the food chain. If there was a God, he would be so busy watching over everyone. Does he eat, sleep, shop?

  22. The biggest problem is I can’t figure why those people do what they do… It seems at times even Satanic. but who knows? Even sinners can be saved… I prefer to keep my distance… and try not to judge remembering that God loves my enemies as well as me.. Look at Jonah who was sent to prophesy over the destruction of Ninevah.. Just a sign of how unpredictable people (particularly “The Vast Masses of The People”) can be they repented and gave heed to the Word of Jonah… Stranger things have happened.. although I’ve kept my distance from The Church of my birth since High School (1970).

  23. This Pope makes it hard to consider anything he does good for Catholics. Instead of spending the money to help pro Life causes to save babies, he finances this drivel. It is enough to make us join the Lutherans, Catholic doctrine without the Pope, married priests, emphasis on family. Looking better every day.

  24. I agree with all the comments. This Pope has done many things that I do not believe follows the teachings of the Catholic Church. There are many times I have been shocked of the actions of some priests and the coverup by the Church. But I have come to grips with all this nonsense. The human beings – the Pope and priests – do not make me feel that I cannot follow the word of God and the teachings of the Catholic Church. I love the Mass and the Catholic Holidays and, as I said, the teachings of the church – “Do unto others as you would do onto yourself” No human being – Pope or Priest – can destroy my Faith in Jesus and the teachings of the Bible
    Anne M. Rubeo

  25. Is he just an opportunist “playing it safe”? I prefer to “stand my ground”.. I come from a Catholic family who virtually hog tied and bull whipped me into homosexuality which I later renounced.. We’ve been extremely distant and it doesn’t look like that will change in this life time. They forced me into therapy as if i were ‘in denial” regarding my sexuality.. even the therapists there claimed “abstinence” an anti-social personality trait. I had to dump them too. I’M CURED DEO GRATIAS..

  26. Sandra, I agree with you. History would tell us that from Rome has always come corruption, deceitfulness, sexual immorality, idolatry, etc.
    We need to pray hard for our relatives and friends that God will open their eyes and mind to the biblical truths.

  27. Anne. I am in agreement with you. We only need to look to God not to humans. We have good priests and bad priests. And as every one knows Pope Francis is a Jesuit,and the are left leaning priests with anti church agendas. I do agree that Francis i a radical left leaning Anti Christ who should be expelled from the church.

  28. He is a Jesuit, the order plus Vatican guidelines, FORBIDS Jesuits from becoming a pope. He was the head of the Jesuit Army, guilty of murdering Innocent civilians plus selling orphans of the people who lost their lives to known PEDOPHILES. The children were never seen again. Francis is a SATANIC PEDOPHILE, who sacrificed his first born, a SON to SATAN himself on the same altar where Mass is celebrated. BTW, he was arrested in 2014 and again in 2018. In 2018, he was handcuffed and ready to be taken away, but his body guards intervened, beat the two men with no mercy. Both were hospitalized. Francis got away in a car. I have not heard on any this year YET! In one way or another, he will disappear, murdered or whatever. His POWER as pope was removed a few years ago. What really gets my feathers ruffled is that the world ignorantly believes he is the pope. More information is on YT : TRUTH UNSEALED.

  29. I think that Pope Francis is basically a nice guy, but a lot of things he says and does are unaccountable. I don’t appreciate his criticism of President Trump for being against “walls and not having open borders”, which is absurd. We can’t just let thousands of people walk into America, although I have nothing against legal immigrate and some of my best friends who I see every day are Indian, South Vietnamese, and Turkish. I don’t know how the pope could knowingly contribute to a movie that shows graphic gay sex. Some of the Catholic Church’s biggest problems have come from pedophilia in the church. I think that priests should be allowed to get married. A lifetime of chastity is unnatural, and the only reason the Catholic Church has it is to keep the children of priests from acquiring church property, which may have been true in the Middle Ages but certainly isn’t now. I also think the Church should allow women to be priests. If these changes aren’t made soon, the number of people attending mass is going to dwindle to nothing in another 50 years.

  30. It is not the faith that is wrong. It is how the ‘administrators’ conduct themselves. The religion is GOD’s. Man has corrupted it. We must not let them continue with this. If the only way we have is to with hold donates then that is what we do. There a number of good parts to the church, those are where I donate.

  31. Catholics, Mormons, Methodists ALL MAJOR RELIGIONS are just POLITICALLY CORRECT SWAMP CREATURES, WHO CARE MORE ABOUT numbers and dollars than REAL RELIGION.

  32. I am not Catholic but I do know what the Word of God says about these things! I have many gay friends but I am not their judge. The Man upstairs is and they are aware of how I feel on the subject!

  33. It is about doing the right thing! Who are we as judges of others? Faith, Hope, and Love, and the greatest of these is love! Love may exist among all people, all age groups, all races and both genders, including those suffering with requited genitalia!
    Let he without sin caste the first stone!

  34. But, yes, it is inappropriate! As for the Pope- if you really want to learn about this Pope and all the Popes read their histories- you will be astounded that so many were sinners- murderers, debauchers, and thieves!
    My advice is don’t look for Godly Perfection in earthly humans! Just do the right thing!

    “He will come again to judge the living and the dead!”

  35. Hey Thomas; Don’t denounce or renounce. Come back, don’t leave. Yes, our One-Holy-Catholic and Apostolic Church is in trouble and Francis is the major cause. It is up to us, the Laity and Religious, to halt this filthy decline. Don’t pull a Martin Luther and leave, stay, help fight & let’s defeat this evil.

  36. As a Catholic I disagree with this Pope on many issues. Many Catholics are fleeing the church due to his
    policies, all I can do is pray that this Pope realizes what he doing to destroy the Catholic church.

  37. As a Catholic I disagree with this Pope on many issues. Many Catholics are fleeing the church due to his policies.

  38. We all know this Pope is all about One World Order and is the anti-christ and indicates the beginning of the 7 years until the end. He has always creeped me out and I have never felt he was pit there by God but rather from evil. Unfortumately most religions have become political machines that take the peoples money and rather than being spent on helping the poor and improving others lives, the money is used for selfish reasons, salaries, beautiful churches, and politica issues. I personally hope he is removed or impeached or that God takes him down in some way. if he is the beginning of the end, then I am ready.

  39. This has been the worst Pope in modern times. Many Catholics feel that this man was put into the position of Pope by the same people that are controlling Hollywood, most media agencies and other outlets that push decadence and anti Christian ideals. This Pope has single handedly driven away many Catholics. The last strong Pope we had was Pope John Paul ll and there seems to have been a feeling of unsettledness since his death. This Pope is not from Europe and his views and handling of church affairs has been terrible and not in line with previous European Popes. He isn’t bringing in more followers with his “liberal” views and has driven away current Catholics with his “liberal” views and actions. He is another piece of proof that there is some sort of conspiracy going on in the world. There is no way Euoropean leaders are voluntarily turning over their nations to Muslims and other foreigners or that the Pope hasn’t stood true to his faith in different instances or that the entire world is pushing the mixing of races at every turn, without a much broader “plan” being executed. The billionaires that control the media, banks, colleges and many politicians are destroying the world we live in. The plan is to have a “few” controlling the masses and it is working. This Pope is a prime example of it.

  40. There may eventually be a broad division between the American Catholic church and the church itself. It may eventually involve all of North America (Canada and Mexico) and truly hurt the church financially and in its world influence. Too many people are forgetting that the church does a great deal of good and it seems like only the bad is spotlighted. The Catholic church is the reason we have the majority of the hospitals that we have, ever wonder why so many have saints names? The church introduced charity and has run many “soup kitchens” and shelters. People forget that the YMCA is a Catholic based organization. This current Pope is not a typical Pope and seems to have been put in place by the puppet masters that are causing chaos worldwide. The US government and other governments have used the church to help them many times, especially in certain countries in which the governments only way into a place was through church assistance. This can’t be a one sided view but the current Pope and church need to be overhauled and many people, including this Pope need to be removed.

  41. Agree Barbara..I still keep my faith in God and still love my church however I do not pay any attention to this Pope…I do not consider him my pope…he is a disgrace to our religion but he isn’t the religion. I will no longer donate to funds that go to Rome. He lives like a King and peaches to those of us who actually work for a living…I refuse to keep him.

  42. Pope Francis is amazing. He must hate his own Church. He has not punished pedophiles, and now he is promoting gay sex and lifestyle. The Catholic Church is definitely in decline.

  43. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like this Pope. I am Catholic and I don’t agree with a lot of things he has done and I surely don’t agree with this. If he doesn’t believe in the Bible how can he be a man of God? I will think hard before I give again at mass unless it is for our parrish. He should not be allowed to be pope.


  45. The Vatican should be changing their ways to reflect true humanity including the fact that many people are LGBT+. While I don’t support religious mythology, at least this pope is doing the right thing.

  46. This is the reason priests are doing what they are doing and getting away with it. This pope has destroyed the Catholic Church and it’s time for him to be replaced with someone who cares for God and the Catholics of this world There are so many people out there that can use the money to survive but he gives it to a movie that is full with sin. He needs not to participate with politics of this world and Hollywood. It’s time for him to take care of the church.

  47. I wish it were possible to foment this much angst against the fraudulent American monetary system. It has created/enabled far more moral turpitude and evil than the Pope.

  48. It was merely an observation on my part. But yours is off base. While money is indeed the root of all evil, the current debt based, and interest bearing monstrosity in place today defies/supplants what God supplied us. That in my mind makes it a Luciferian substitute. If you truly wanted to truly understand the nefarious situation, I would direct you to the Grace Commission Report.

  49. Should be enough to look at the life of the Apostles and in particular Paul ex Saul. Yes, let’s talk about murderers and sinners… Then swing back toward the Old Testament and Moses playing Sorcerer making water spring from rocks without God’s blessings.. Evil necessities evidently on the parts of the Sinners and a question of conscience. I guess that’s why we always resort to Jesus for the true role model of constancy in the Faith. In God We Trust.. all others need not apply.

  50. Some people here are avoiding the real story of the Pope doing Satan’s handiwork by interjecting smokescreens (and thereby deflecting ) about money and other nonsense ( not saying that these evils are not also being committed by the wayward Pope ).. You will readily observe them, esp those who have eyes to see & ears to hear…

  51. Not surprised since Swanky Franky is a sellout to the NWO and the Muslim-loving UN. Why not promote homosexuality, too boot? I like EJ’s music but his lifestyle repulses me.

  52. Why are you attacking the US money system here when this is about the EVIL doing’s of the Pope? Just what are you attempting to accomplish? If you hate the money–don’t light any more candles–give envelopes or send any more gift cards to Popey Frank ! lol

  53. Since 1920 the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by Communists opening the door for sexual predators later on and growing coming out since 1970’s. AS A result, the Church is so corrupt in many aspects with corrupt money, lies and cover ups along with youth and children being physically poisoned. Therefore this Church is very sexualized and the spiritual life and light is going out particularly in the Americas and Europe. This means more than half of parishes will have to close and the funds dry up because the multitude of Parishoners are either leave these churches or leaving the faith for the Eastern Orthodox or Protestant denominations. The Roman Catholic Church in the West is going to become extinct within the next 20 years due to the supporting corruption of the Vatican and the great apostacy of the False Prophet Pope Francis.

  54. Another church here in Johnstown PA closed this week. Although NOT a Catholic church it is just another one of the many many churche closing down all over USA AND EUROPE—Jihadist Mosques are springing up LIKE DOG MUSHROOMS in their place…ALSO, Churches ARE FLOURISHING AND BEING REBUILT IN RUSSIA BY THEIR GREAT PRESIDENT PUTIN ! Russia will come to America’s AID …FOR IT’S VERY SURVIVAL..WATCH ! RET US ARMY

  55. This is our illustrious pope indeed. This guy isn’t exactly fitting the bill. How do we change him? He is making deals with Obama. Whoa.

  56. “Is it inappropriate for the Vatican to be investing in a movie featuring a gay sex scene?” Wouldn’t this depend upon whether or not the scene presents the sexual activity in a negative light? How many ecclesiastical bodies even have policies concerning their endorsements of graphic depictions of sins? There remains the matter of non-sinful sexual relations. Per traditional values, all of it is considered obscene. Just to note, the Church of Latter Day Saints and other Mormon churches will not give their stamp of approval to any work of art or documentary that shows violence, gore or sex, and they are probably not too particularly fond of nudity, profanity and drugs in works either.

  57. In my opinion, most of the priest are gay anyway. Why else would they hide behind the robes and continue to molest little boys.
    I am not saying ALL gays do this. Actually I have several gay friends.

    While I do not go along with the lifestyle it is their business.

  58. Officially papal renunciation is done at the sole discretion of the Pope, so short of making him an offer that he could not refuse, nobody would be able to get him to retire.

    By the way, are you a citizen of the Vatican City? If so, then you belong located there. If not, then you, as a “100%” lover of the Church overseen by the Vatican, ought to try your best to become a citizen of the Vatican City, instead of a mere parishioner, private advocate or private contractor.

  59. A majority of Roman Catholic priests are not known to have molested children. Most of them are unlikely to have had romantic affairs at all. A majority of the men known to be homosexual are not also known to have molested children. In general, most men who are citizens of civilized organized nations do not molest children. Even most men who are felons do not molest children. We have to understand that, in many contexts, a small percentage of the population can be responsible for a majority of certain kinds of incidents or events; much like the Pareto distribution. Even so or on the other hand, just because a percentage figure or fractional figure is not sufficiently large to form a majority, super majority or vast majority does not mean that the percentage is insignificant. A percentage of any problem that exceeds one percent can be catastrophic in some contexts.

  60. The question there is not the numbers. The controversy should revolve around society’s inability to address this issue with resolve and resolution.. The context of the incidents is being totally overlooked. The social perceptions and social pressures or dynamics that are affording these “opportunities” is not being addressed. And most controversial of all WHAT IS IT ABOUT THE VICTIMS THAT MAKES THESE HEINOUS ACTS SEEM JUSTIFIABLE.. not to blame them for more than likely we are addressing an issue potentially of merely conventional interests being misinterpreted. conventional ‘wisdom’ vs Divine Inspiration or ‘wisdom’ acquired through prayer rather than hearsay.

  61. The most upsetting thing is how non-pedophiles sometimes go to great lengths to shield child molesters who share the same workplace or professional ranks. As we know, it goes beyond the Church. There have been many incidents in the Boy Scouts of America, various Hollywood casting agencies, various youth outreach programs and various little league sports teams, and the list goes on. Even journalists, news outlets, law firms and law enforcement agencies sometimes drop the ball, when sought out for assistance. As for how some victims react, all too often they cannot stop looking up to and admiring “heroes” in positions of prestige and authority even after having been abused by them. It’s almost like some victims would rather be exploited and potentially threatened than go unnoticed or be effectively snubbed. That is the power of “cult of personality” or psychological phenomena like it.

  62. the pope is man and subject to all the foibles of man. His action does not in any way de-certify the Catholic Church.

  63. Debbie, Catholicism is not a fake religion/Christianity. The people that run it are not good from time to time. Look at Jimmy Swaggart as an example of the Protestant faith’s errors.

    So hold your judgement and look at the Church as a whole. It is good and does good things.

  64. Every denomination of people, who believe the biblical story of Jesus and personally accept the corresponding salvation, is splintered off from another denomination except for the denomination that is doubly-headquartered in Rome and Istanbul, as that overall denomination is understood to be directly or indirectly pioneered by disciples of the apostles of Jesus.

  65. There’s nothing “Christian” about the RCC. Never has been, never will be. All these Catholic priests/Popes will burn in hell for misleading the flock.

  66. Catholics all over the world has a problem with this Pope. He is dividing the church. Diving means weakening, which means destroying.
    Most Catholics are trying not to Judge. This institution has survived 2,000+ year. God is allowing this to happen for a purpose.
    I am constantly trying to see the purpose of “wrong” things that are brought to the surface. I have realised that it may take 20 years before I realize that something totally senseless had a very deep meaning.
    Maybe this division is making people wake of from their slumber, because they are forced to take a stand like never before in recent times. Just a thought…

  67. So true. History buffs know this has happened before. The rest are ready for us to join them and wish for it to happen again. Someone so close to God mocks Him with this Elton John’s Rocket But blasphemy.

  68. This Argument on why one individual does not believe in God is full of false comparison and other breeches of logic. Check out Aristotle prior to your next post. You will be ahead of the pack intellectually and maybe relieve in God.

  69. Man if Donald Margolin doesn’t sound as stupid as anything I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. Idiots like him is a lot to do with the state that this country is in these days.

  70. I’m a practicing Catholic and I am appalled by this. I have absolutely no respect for Pope Francis, who is a liberal to his core. I believe in separation of Church and State – and the Pope needs to be concerned about why Catholics are leaving the Church in droves, instead of his need to welcome gays. I miss the greatest Pope of my time – Pope St John Paul II. We will give money each week to support our parish but no extra funds will be given to the Catholic Church until this Pope, and his liberal views and actions, is replaced.

  71. Separation of church and state does not exist as respected concept in parts of the world beyond nations that are republics in some fashion. The Vatican City is itself church and state, so we can only imagine how the leaders of that institution really feel about nations that lack an official national church under the branding of some variation of “Christianity” friendly to “Catholicism” or the Vatican.


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