The VA is threatening an elderly Marine widow with eviction over what she said about the Bible


The Department of Veteran Affairs has been plagued with scandals.

And California has been known to be one of the most radically progressive states in the country.

But what the California Department of Veteran Affairs told an 84-year old Christian woman will have you seething.

Artis Breau, a widow residing in the California Veterans Home, has been the long-time host of the home’s Bible studies.

She’s volunteered as a chaplain and led Bible studies for the past decade.

Artis and her late husband moved to the Veterans Home in 2010.

Her husband served in the Marines with the famed 82nd Airborne Division during World War II and with the Air Force during the Korean War.

During their stay at the Veterans Home, Artis made it a priority to lead the Bible studies.

But last September, officials issued warnings to her when it was claimed another resident stated he lost sleep because of a conversation about heaven and hell.

The officials claimed this was tantamount to elder abuse and emotional abuse, which is illegal.

In mid-December, the Home informed Artis that her volunteer status was being suspended indefinitely because of the ongoing investigation.

But the only thing that should be investigated is the Veterans Home’s treatment of the widow of a war hero.

Instead, Artis is being threatened with eviction should she continue to lead Bible studies for those that voluntarily attend and wish to learn more about the gospel near the end of their life.

One organization is making it their mission to protect Artis against what appears to be religious discrimination.

“CalVet’s treatment of this widow is shameful,” Pacific Justice Institute attorney Matthew McReynolds said.

“Throughout this process, we have been deeply disturbed not only by the lack of constitutional guidelines, ineptitude, and lack of due process in the investigation, but even more by the notion that discussing religious views on the eternal state of the soul is somehow elder abuse or emotional abuse.”

Artis’ husband fought to preserve the freedoms now being threatened by America’s very own Department of Veterans Affairs.

It should be no surprise this scandal is coming from the leftist paradise that is California.

But our veterans and their families deserve better.

What do you think should happen to the officials in the VA who are allowing this gross violation of practicing your faith? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I’ll wait until I hear more information on this. Something doesn’t sound right. I want the whole story, both sides, not just the one side.

          • I believe you misunderstood the ones who think there is more to this story. We are not questioning the horror stories of VA hospitals, we are just questioning this one. Something doesn’t sound right and I would like to see what is missing from this story, if there is even in fact a story. I may be totally wrong, but I am willing to wait to see before I pass judgement.

        • If you’re waiting for Paul Harvey’s ” The rest of the Story” the VA doesn’t have the answer, and they’ll wiggle out of it when they are bushed far enough. Gutless bast***s.

          • I think some one should turn those turkey’s who at falt, I am a disabled service conneted, VA and I have never known the VA to to be bious, about any person, their is an old saying, “THERE ARE, NO ATHIEST’S FOX HOLE’S,AND THE ONLY COLAR IS RED” Which boils down to this [the person who listened to the sermen, is from ” HELL”] I have sent a copy of this to the VA admm; in WASHINGTON DC, who ever is behind this , I can garinte, they will be delt with, the O.I.G will be looking in to this Iam a VIET NAM VET I also knew the people who are doing this were [ PAID OFF ].

          • I can guarantee you that there is Atheists in fox holes. We know there are Atheists in foxholes because we know there are atheists who have survived foxholes. We can talk to them. We can listen to them. Please do not assume things that are not in evidence.


            NO ATHIEST’S FOX HOLE’S means there are no atheist fox holes just for atheists! Those atheists that survived must have been in the CHRISTIANS’S FOX HOLES hence those atheists survived solely because of the prayers of the CHRISTIANS! And you cannot dispute that ever. The evidence of the Christians prayers working is the fact that atheists survived at all.

          • There sure are dead Christians in war but there are no doubt many more atheists since God will answer the prayers of true believers before those that reject Christ Almighty.

          • Who would want to memorialize an atheist who doesn’t believe in the afterlife promised through Christianity? Who would want to visit a grave of someone who doesn’t share the Christian values (do atheists even have funerals? If so, why? what’s the purpose?). Atheists are damned to hell for eternity and whether you believe in heaven and hell is irrelevant to me. There are memorials for Christian soldiers because Christians memorialize their dead. Simple as that.

        • You should be paying closer attention, because this is happening more and more!! And if you are waiting to hear about these things on any of the liberal news, forget it!! They never re-report anything on any abuses toward any people of faith, unless it’s Muslim! Our religious liberties are under attack!!

          • Sweetie, not only is that unfair to say, but it is also not true at all. The story about the teacher forcing the child to remove the ash from his forehead was on liberal news, for a great example.

          • Exactly. This is an attack on religious freedom. If it was a muslin you would not hear anything because nothing would be done to a muslin.

        • me thinks you sit on fence so as not to take a stand, how comfortable is it I wonder. I’ll side with the vet wife all day long. Only libs attack religious folk, need I say anything more. wonder why they are so afraid of God? I bet the first word out of their mouth when danger or tragedy strikes is . . . GOD help me.

          • As an Atheist, I can guarantee that I do not attack any religious person for their beliefs. And just like you, I don’t want to be preached to. I do not try to convert anyone and I expect the same respect. I can also guarantee you that I do not call on something that I don’t believe in when times get tough. That would be like you calling on Santa for that present you want. You don’t call on Santa because you believe he doesn’t exist and I don’t call on god because I believe he doesn’t exist. (For the record, I also do not believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, bigfoot nor satan. And I don’t call on any of those either when times get tough.)

          • You don’t try to convert anyone because you allowed yourself to be converted. You weren’t born an atheist. You were born Christian and most likely have made several of your sacraments before you allowed someone to convert you to IMO, the sinister atheist cult.

            Don’t even bother saying it isn’t so either. You’ve been around awhile now and just remember what you commented because I do.

          • Nobody is born a Christian. You might have been raised a Christian, but you were definitely not BORN one.

          • That’s simply not true at all. Those of us that do not agree with a woman’s right to murder her unborn child are born Christian because we know for sure that the child in the womb is a human baby born in the very likeness of Jesus. You being an atheist could never know such joy of carrying another life in the Christian realm of reality.

        • Amen. An unborn is a human being and abortions is murder if not then why is it if a pregnant woman is killed the accused is tried for 2 murders

      • Name calling? Seriously? You do realize this is America and I am entitled to my own opinion even if you don’t like it. And all I said was this story doesn’t sound right. Sounds like there is a few missing pieces and I would rather wait for the whole story then quick to judge something that could be false. But you continue with the name calling because that solves everything.

        • First please clarify if this is the Vet home at Solvang, CA that is run by the state of CA, or another. Then ask the proper administration for a formal explanation of the proceedings to make a decision.

          • The article refers to it being state run. However, the VA subsidizes veterans’ home, and is supposed to protect residents. Emphasis on “supposed to.” I lived in one in Massachusetts, and residents were terribly mistreated, even left to die.

          • Excuse me? When did I say anything about the 84 year old woman? Wanting to wait to see if this is really a story and that it happened like it was reported isn’t saying anything against her. It is questioning this story. And from what I am reading, I am not the only one who things there is something wrong with this story.

        • If you are not a Christian that’s ok. So shut the hell up. You’ve said enough your’re just stirring up s××t with your fishing and you’re getting bites. If Christian’s would ignore you ,you would disappear into the hole you crawled out of. Bye,Bye

          • Actually no. I am here to stay. Reply or not to me, doesn’t matter to me, but my voice will not be shut down just because you don’t like what I am saying.

        • There is no judgement of anyone from a true Christian. God himself will judge each one of us one day for our words and the way we have lived our lives. It doesn’t matter weather or not a person believes in Heaven or hell – they are real. One day you and I will be judged by the same Jesus that lived a perfect live and thru his sacrifice gave us the opportunity to be forgiven. When you do face Him and you will – it will be to late. Faith is believing in something unseen – anyone can believe in what they see.

          • Do you also believe in bigfoot? Santa Clause? The tooth fairy? I mean, according to your logic, if you can’t see it, then you must believe in it.

        • Thank you for everything you’ve written here. I am a fellow atheist who believes in treating all humans (and animals btw) with respect. I do reserve the right to voice my opinions on religious beliefs that have no basis in reality yet motivate followers to behave abominably toward anyone not subscribing to their particular peculiar tenets.

          Of course everyone is born an atheist – which is why where you grow up is so determinate of what you will believe as an adult. I proudly call myself a “born-again atheist” – came into the world with an open and inquiring mind. After much time observing and considerable research I’ve found that only atheism withstands the test of reason – no “faith” required.

    • If the resident who lost sleep because of a conversation about heaven and hell was forced to attend a voluntary discussion, then whoever forced him should be fired. The woman did nothing wrong.

    • GO back and read starting at But last September and you will see what started it all that lady does NOT half to come to Bible reading and needs to let every one alone I do not know why she has done what she did I can only guess she has hard felling toward this good lady

      • I read this story three times already. It still doesn’t add up. I am not the only commentator that thinks so either. As I said, I just want to wait to see if all the evidence comes out. I never like to assume things that are not in evidence.

    • It could be true, it only takes one person to say it’s happening and for the media to rewrite it. I agree, get more facts. But it is in california and they do things like this because they hate God. Report it to the VA in DC.

  2. The jerk who complained about the widow’s Bible study, and the VA jerks in Washington should be fired immediately for their gross attack on this poor widow. There is no excuse for the jerks treatment for the lady.

  3. Instead of threatening this widow because she teaches the Bible, there should be more studies of God’s Word! These foolish people why deny the Lord Jesus will find out sadly that He will deny them before His Father in heaven, and they will spend an eternity in Hell! I don’t say so, The Bible does . . . and the Bible doesn’t lie!

    • I agree Spencer, also, why do they have to abuse all the other people from hearing about Heaven, which is what most older people want to hear. Instead of punishing them why not just remove this one man. I’m sure there are many things to do for an hour while these other people read the Bible together.

  4. First and foremost, the complaint was there on his own free accord. This was not forced on the individual.
    The lady had been done this for more than six years. Since when does the VA in any form has the right to violate anyone religious freedoms, no matter what the reasons are, seems like a case of government over peoples choice. Whom is in charge of this Vet Home should be terminated. No more infor is needed in a freedoms case.

      • Just for fun, imagine that a Sunday School teacher was to wag a finger at someone and roar in a voice of thunder, “Since you don’t believe as I do, you will go to Hell and burn forever!”

        That might qualify as elder-abuse.

        But if she said, “It is not in the Father’s will that any should perish” and that the very men who had connived to crucify Jesus were later told, (when they later believed) “Repent and be baptized every one of you and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost” — well, that should be a comfort to anyone and not a death-threat.

      • These places have chaplains. As do military installations.

        I do so wish civilians would get just a little info before commenting on military and veterans issues.

  5. These people trying to remove religion from everywhere should be countersued or charged with depriving people of their rights under the constitution.

  6. President Trump needs to get his people involved with this immediately. As stated these bible studies are voluntary and have been going on for decades. All because 1 resident claimed he/she lost sleep, maybe it wasn’t because of bible readings but because she was just restless. To many MEME MEME MEME’s in this country and not enough if you don’t like it move along

  7. The bible is a history book- all she is doing is teaching history. I remember seeing in a church in leaded glass window “Prayer doesn’t change things, people do. Prayer changes people. She is an elderly woman; leave her alone.

  8. As a born again christian I made a statement some years ago about how the people of God would pay the price for our faith, but we have something that the devil can’t take away Jesus is living in us they can’t take that away, but the case about this good lady who is doing what the Lord tells her to do will not be stopped. I believe our president should fire these devil workers instantly. I hope The people of God will
    join hearts together and pray for this woman I say in the name of our Lord Jesus name she shall win.

    • MR. KING, THANG YOU! when I entered the armend forces in 1967, I ,just like [ ALL ] VA or service conneted MEN AND WOMEN took an oth” to up hold and to protect, and defend the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of Americia, SO HELP ME GOD”.

  9. It’s a crying shame that this Marine’s widow is being subjected to such elder and emotional abuse by these VA officials! They should all be fired.

  10. To block the fact that Heaven and Hell exists is taking the facts out of knowledge, one of the worst things possible

  11. The resident that complained is feeling convicted and they don’t like it. He (or, she) is wanting someone to tell the Bible Study leader that she is wrong and to retract what she said. This person doesn’t want to hear all of God’s Word.

  12. I’m not a believer in any religion but I am also sick and tired of the treatment Christians receive from such scumbags trying to play God! And yes, I am a veteran of both the US ARMY and the US AIR FORCE. These little bastards should all be fired and prosecuted!

  13. Someone claims to have lost sleep over a conversation of heaven and he!! —- BS. cali-gay-fornia should be separated from this country and left to drift off into the Pacific — never to be heard from again. This is absolute BS coming from someone within the VA. A continued investigation — why would something so simple require an investigation ????? If there is an investigation — it should be of the VA not an 84 year old Veteran’s wife.

  14. How can anybody that puts out an article like this about a Marine widow,not do his or her home work?? The 82nd Airborne is an Army unit ,not a Marine Corp unit. The 82nd is based in NC. . That being said the people in charge of that VA facility should be replaced immediately ,this lady is being denied her solemn rights as American citizen. There is no need for an investigation.

    • Agree

      Hey I’m a christian..but I marine in the 82 and in the air force.makes me question how real or fake article is..if real get it right or you lose credibilty if fake maybe trying to cause Christian’s to lose credibilty.

    • How many veterans do you need to have tell you that this is pretty much how we are treated? And, I notice that when another commenter refers you to a source, you say you don’t like that one. So, you’re just here to be negative?

  15. The Bible doesn’t teach us there is eternal hell fire. It tells us when we die we go to sleep until Jesus comes. Then there will be a loud shout from all the Heavenly host to reveal His coming. Jesus will resurrect the righteous dead and righteous living and call up to Him (in the clouds) to take His people home. The wicked shall remain in their graves and wicked who are alive at His coming will die. Then the wicked will be resurrected after 1000 years. After resurrected they will be consumed by fire for a very short time until there is no more evidence of sin. We serve a loving God NOT a vengeful God. There’s more to this but giving only highlights. There’s nothing to be frightened about where our dear Lord is concerned. He is righteous and just. He doesn’t want anyone to not be with Him for eternity. But He gives us freedom to choose Him or not. If you don’t, that’s the choice. He will never again allow sin to happen. He loves so deeply that’s why eternal fire is quick and eternal. Not eternal lasting. The supernatural fire can’t be quenched by any man only by God. Just like Sodom and Gomorrah. They are no longer in existence. Read about that story. This dear lady is teaching what she knows. God will teach truth. This TRUTH! Like I said there is more info (texts etc) I’m leaving out due to space given here).

    • Uh, Deb, better read your Bible again. Hell is for ETERNITY. satan and ALL who join him there will be there forever. And the moment we die our soul goes to either Heaven or Hell.

    THINK AGAIN. VA.!!!!

  17. This is only happening because she is a Christian. I think it is a violation of her first amendment right to free speech. Christians don’t always agree on everything. A good example is the comment by Deb that there is no Hell fire. Jesus is clear about this. He said that those who don’t believe will suffer the Hell fire. In the explanation of the parable of the wheat and tares this is made very clear. Here Jesus says thte tare (non believers) will be gathered first and thrown into the fire angels will then gather the wheat (believers) the believers will then be taken to heaven with Him.. He speaks of the Hell fire other times in the Bible. We also have people who have had near death experiences and have been in the Hell fire and returned. I personally don’t see how anyone can deny what Jesus says. Just my thoughts Deb. You are free to disagree.

  18. Amos 8:11
    Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:

  19. The Democrats are already attempting to silence the word of God now. They must all be Atheist’s, because every time you turn on a News station, you hear of another anti-activists group attacking God or his word. They will feel the wrath of God in Judgement Day.

  20. Deb, to say there’s no eternal hell means there’s also no eternal life then. You cannot have eternal life in heaven unless there is an eternal hell. Hell is forever as is Heaven. My understanding is if you are cast into the lake of fire, you are not going to die instantly, but feel that fire burning and melting your body over and over for all eternity. Hence, eternal hell.

  21. I read on the blaze ,that the lady is an evangelical Jewish believer in jesus and that it didn’t sit well with the resident chaplains, she had the conversation with the man that complained on a one to one basis

  22. I am not a religious person but the va needs to leave her alone. She did nothing wrong and the people that want to hear her should have every right to, others dont need to listen. Untill its resolved she should teach the bible in her apartment and tell the others to go to hell.

  23. If indeed the VA is dong this then someone needs to be fired. As far as the units once a Marine always a Marine. He may have volunteered for the 82, all that us irrelevant. The issue is the VA and what they are doing.

  24. California has become a Un-American state. If she were a minority or illegal alien nothing would have been said or done but because she is a American they what to nail her to the cross.

  25. I think the VA should leave the lady alone. She does not seem to hurting for the guy with bad dreams…maybe he feels quilt for the life HE led. I am so concerned about States like CA. who has no respect for themselves..much less the American public. Just take a look at how CA. actors/actresses live. Give people big bucks and they ruin there lives. None of them seem happy. And look who their state representatives are!

  26. This is ridiculous, the one’s who should be held accountable is the V A them self’s for the treatment of veterans, this is just another thing they should be ashamed of.

  27. As a Vietnam Vet, I find it shameful. As a God fearing Christian I find it sacrilegious. As I revere the U S Constitution, I find it deeply un-America….

  28. First the 82nd airborne is the U S Army and never heard of a California Dept. of the VA so this is just another B/S story.

      • State, county and local governments have offices that handle veterans’ affairs. I don’t know why you refuse to inform yourself, but go on commenting without info.

        • ACtually I have tried to research this story and all I can find about this is on biased right wing news. I have found that when I can’t find it anywhere but on very biased news (on either side) the story tends to not be true. Now I am not say thing is the case regarding this one, but I would like to find out more than just on one side.

          • Again, you disregard comments from actual veterans. I have lived in a soldiers’ home, and yes, I am a woman. Is that why you can’t get your brain around the issue? You don’t have to determine which way any news source goes politically, they are almost all reporting on problems with veterans’ affairs. There is too much history of veterans being experimented on without consent, being denied appointments, and other problems. I give up. You just are being obnoxious.

          • No, I am a person who doesn’t want to judge someone without all the evidence. As I had already stated, I have been trying to research this story but have yet found any other articles except on very right wing news sites. I find that fact particularly disturbing when it comes to verifying this specific story.

            Now I totally believe most of the horror stories about VA hospitals so I totally understand that this could happen. I just want facts not speculation. Not just a few articles on the right wing new sites with nothing else to verify this story.

          • You have to realize that this will not be broadcast on the liberal media stations ,it doesn’t work for their agenda .

          • Oh that is bull. The story about the teacher that removed the ash from the boy was all over the news, left and right. Stop assuming things that are not in evidence.

  29. I pray everyone would read and study God’s Holy Word, the Holy Bible. Then they could find out there is an Eternal Heaven and an Eternal Hell fire. You have to believe and accept Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died on a rugged cross for the atonement of our sins, as your personal Savior by confessing your sins and asking God’s forgiveness. As a Believer you don’t have to worry about hell except for loved ones that are not saved or anyone else for that matter. I’m not infringing on other Religions and what they believe, but this is what I believe 100%. God Bless us all including President Trump and America, the country I love. God is so good.

    • Which part do you think god loves the best about Trump? His thousands of lies? His twice divorced? His infidelity? His mocking disability people? His name calling to anyone who disagrees with him? His disrespect of women? His hatred for another human beings that are different color skin? His lack of knowledge of even the simplest things about the bible? The giving to the rich and taking away from the poor? These are all things that Jesus told us not to do.

      • Kaci Stahl, I have seen you in SO MANY Conservative sites. All you do is post on these sites to cause trouble!! All of you Ignore her, I promise you she comes on these sites to stir $hi+! Now, the fact that the story says he was a marine in the 82nd Airborne has to be wrong. As many have stated, the 82nd Airborne is army Not Marines. ?? So something isn’t right in the story. As for the man who complained, I worked in environmental services for 5 years at a nursing home. They move people in wheel chairs into group rooms so that they are not stuck in their rooms all day. Perhaps he was trying to nap while she was leading her Bible Study group. The staff should have taken him to his room so he could rest, rather than leaving him where he had probably been for too long. There is more to this story than what was reported. I am a Christian by the way so you all kind of know where I stand on this issue.

        • Geronimo, we all know ks is an atheist troll with nothing at all better to do than post on conservative sites such as this one. It is so hypocritical and thinks anyone at all cares of its non-religious beliefs even when she quotes the NT ironically. All it wants to do is spew nonsense and tell people it’s okay to murder the baby growing inside the womb because that baby isn’t a baby until it recognizes itself as a baby.

          Going forward, that thing ks will be ignored. I hope it self aborts to rid the world of it’s asinine nonsense.

        • Sir, with all do respect, I am calling you a liar. I am only on this conservative site, as far as comments are concerned. I have never written any comments on any other conservative site but this one. I also have supported comments that were made by Christians on this site and were right along with Christians in being upset about some articles. So tell me again how all I do is “stir $hi+!”.

          The 9th Commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

      • Oh, here we go! All roads lead to Trump for Liberals. After reading a bunch of your comments and holding my tongue, I could not contain myself any longer because I knew that our President would be blamed for this problem at a VA retirement home. Wether true or not, it is another baseless attack on Christianity as well as the Constitution. Please spare us your arrogant and sanctimonious rants. You may think that you sound logical and reasonable but you clearly show your biases. BTW, I was raised in the Church and still a believer but I have not attended church in decades. Now I see history repeating itself in my adopted Country??

        • You are mistaken my comment as to blaming the president for this VA problem. I was replying to someone who thanked god for Trump. If you read more of my comments you will see that I actually stated that I do not hate Trump.

  30. there is a California dept for Veterans.They operate several retirement homes for Calif Vets I know because my brother is in one. they do a good job for vets.As for this lady lets hope she can continue what she is doing.I am also a vet Navy and a Christian.

  31. I haven’t read all the comments, however I never heard of any Marine serving with the 82d Airborne Division in World War II. The 82d is an Army Division. Also there is the Federal Department of Veteran’s Affairs that has received much criticism and rightly so and there is a California Department of Veteran’s Affairs that would be separate and distinct. It is usually the State’s responsibility to fund and maintain state Veteran’s Home and here in Washington the Washington Department of Veteran’s Affairs does a pretty good job. The US Army has a retirement home in Washington DC and the Navy has one in the Gulf Coast area. I believe they have now been combined administratively and they may be run by the Federal VA (I hope not). In WW II and Korea every soldier had a dime taken from his pay for the “Old Soldier’s Home” and later it was raised to a quarter. I have no idea what it is now. Residents forfeit a significant portion of their military retirement pay to live in either home, but residents are taken care of to the grave.

  32. The VA (federal) subsidizes veterans’ homes all across the country. They are supposed to provide oversight, though my experience was that was only a gesture. I’m sure the veterans’ home in DC is nice. They are much more likely to be visited by dignitaries. The one I lived in for a few years in Massachusetts was filthy. Residents were robbed and intimidated by staff. I got out as soon as I could.

    They charged residents twice what they charged prisoners. Yes, Massachusetts charged prisoners $5/day. They charged disabled and elderly veterans $10/day in 2008. I left shortly after that. It was horrible.

  33. I would not take umbrage with the VA as much as I would California. It sounds like the wackos have even infiltrated the VA in this questionable state.

  34. Very disturbing. Yet another example of secular overreach on their way to atheistic domination. Thanks, Democrats.

  35. They are threatening to evict her for leading a Bible study. Why not ask the attending people if they want her evicted. The article does not say the Bible study is killed, it just says she is not to volunteer to lead the Bible study or be evicted. Sounds like someone wants to take over the Bible Study and that is up to those attending if they want someone to lead the group. Maybe the lady is saying no she wants to keep leading, that isn’t mentioned. I know we had a good leader in our group for five years and than his wife got sick, than we got a leader who thought she knew it all and didn’t want to listen to different opinions as to the meaning of a sentence. Finally the group was down to one, her, and that was the end of that group meeting and that might be the answer to this group also. And maybe someone else just wants to be leader and is moving against the lady in secret meaning behind her back. Happens all the time especially when new people join groups and right off the bat want to change the mission of the group.

  36. It’s been said by Dante and quoted by JFK that the hottest places in hell have been reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintained their neutrality. The comment about atheists in foxholes doesn’t apply to atheists who WERE in foxholes and forgot what it was like. Jesus said if they hated me they’ll hate you too and that if you’re serving the Lord you WILL BE PERSECUTED but to rejoice and be exceeding glad because great is your reward! Just remember someday EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.
    The Watchman

    • I see you are still not grasping what Atheism is. You can’t hate something you don’t believe in. Do you hate bigfoot or Santa or the tooth fairy? I am glad you found what works for you and I respect your choice. But please do not preach to me. I am not trying to convert you and I expect the same courtesy.

      • Shut up kaci, no one wants to hear your atheist crap! Please ignore her every one, as Geronimo said earlier, she comes on conservative sites to spew her atheist venom!

        • Jay-Jay, name one other conservative site that I post comments on. Hell, for that matter, name any sites that I post comments on. In case you are unaware, the First Amendment gives me the right to comment anywhere I chose.

          Explaining what an Atheist is would not be considered “spewing Atheist venom”. It is called a fact. Why are you so afraid of facts?

  37. She is not forcing religion on anyone. It is a group of people that get together to study the Bible. People may be invited to join the group but no one is holding a gun to their heads & telling them they have to attend. This is California & we know they’ve all gone nuts. Anyway Christians have the right to be Christian, if you choose not to be that’s your choice.

    • Are you aware that President Obama is no longer in office, hasn’t been in office for over 2 years and this “story” just happened? You can hate President Obama all you want, but you can’t blame everything on him.

      • and you can hate on PRESIDENT TRUMP all you want too but it still doesn’t change the fact that he is THE PRESIDENT!!!

        BTW, obama is the very reason the country is so divided at this point in time. That criminal shouldn’t have ever been POTUS. PRESIDENT TRUMP will be draining the swamp and the left swamp creatures will all be imprisoned soon enough. Bank on that.

        • First, I don’t hate anyone, not even President Trump. Second, President Trump seems to be the one who is hiring the swamp people to begin with. How many of his staff has been indicted so far? So far, Mueller’s team has charged eight Americans once affiliated with Trump’s campaign or administration, 13 Russian nationals, 12 Russian intelligence officers, three Russian companies, and two other people. Tell me again how many of President Obama’s staff was indicted?

          • You’re so full of hatred and it’s obvious from all of your comments. Where have you been these last few days? You should be aware that of the Americans that were indicted by Mueller, NOT ONE was charged with anything related to collusion or anything related to President Trump. The Russians who were indicted will never be charged. That whole thing was a farce and a witch hunt created by obama administration and crooked Hillary. Wait and see how many people from the obama administration get charged with treason for trying to overthrow a sitting president put there by the American people. You’re only intelligent in your own mind.

          • I think someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Why all the hate?

            PS: President Trump is still under investigation. Just saying.

          • Same side every day. You see hatred because you’re full of hatred. It’s probably in part to you being an atheist asshole.

            PS: you’ll always be an asshole……everyone is saying it.

  38. Those at the VA should be fired. She has a right to have Bible studies as she has had them for 9 years now. The complainers have the right to not be a part of it just like she has the right to have them. Some people are just born whiners and complainers.

  39. I believe the VA employees should be ashame of themselves. They are taking her rights away from her.
    If a person does not like what she says, they do not have to listen. DUMB, DUMB.

  40. This is another government problem need to check it out if anyone is Infringing on a Christian that is a Big Violation of Our Constitution as Written so they need Fired Prosecuted real Jail time we have to stand up to these Un-American officials and get them out of any position with the government for life

  41. I would be really pissed, but, if the writer can’t get the facts straight, how can you believe anything that is said. If her husband was in the marines, he did not serve with the 82nd airborne division since that is an Army unit.

  42. For the person who claimed he couldn’t sleep because of her Bible teaching, it is because of the SIN in his life – he is under conviction. So why prevent her teaching because of this one person?

  43. I hope everyone understands that this is a Veterans home run by the state of California NOT the federal government. Most, if not all, states have a Dept of Veteran’s Affairs…..this article refers to CalVet and the home run by the state of California. People…this is California….of course they would pull this crap!!!

  44. Just remember – if you vote for any DemonRats, they will jam socialized healthcare down our throats. And it will be run by the same group of inept, impotent, incompetent, bureaucratic buffoons that are managed the VA healthcare system. If the fed can run the VA, how the hell can they handle the entire country???
    Every federally elected politician must be required to only use the VA system. Watch how fast it is fixed !!


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