The University of Georgia just got the worst news imaginable about this “Kill Whites” College Teacher


Irami Osei-Frimpong is a black teaching assistant at the University of Georgia (UGA) who advocated killing white people to help black progress.

When the school caught wind of his racist views, they gave him a free pass.

But now, the university just got the worst news imaginable about the racist teaching assistant.

Osei-Frimpong is known as the racist teacher’s assistant at UGA who got into hot water for advocating killing white people.

He also likened southern white people to “autistic kids” and “sociopaths.”

He even claimed that white people who post pictures of themselves on social media holding guns are “terrorists.”

The university investigated the racist situation and did nothing, despite his obvious racism.

But that decision just came back to bite them.

Multiple UGA donors have decided to pull funding because the university kept the “Kill Whites” college teacher around.

Campus Reform reports:

Some University of Georgia alumni say they will not donate to the school again after administrators didn’t take any disciplinary action against a teaching assistant who made controversial comments such as “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.”
. . .
However, as reported by Campus Reform, the judiciary panel, which dealt with Osei-Frimpong, ruled there were no “facts which are material” left out of the TA’s application to the school. As a result, Osei Frimpong faced no disciplinary measures.
. . .
“UGA won’t get a donation from me! NO! I will send my money directly to my niece on campus,” Dr. Catherine Sullivan, a graduate of UGA, told Campus Reform. “UGA has some major explanations to give and I don’t want to hear them! This is totally unacceptable!”

Sullivan also accused UGA of having “double standards,” when it comes to issues regarding conservative and liberal speech.

Another donor who told Campus Reform he wishes to be unnamed said that he hasn’t donated to the university since the Osei Frimpong incident began: “I haven’t donated to the university and don’t intend to until he’s held responsible for his actions. The university is trying to sweep this under the rug and judging by the lack of coverage in the mainstream media they were successful.”

But funding isn’t the only problem UGA created for itself by keeping around a racist teacher.

Some parents and high school students have begun looking elsewhere for their degrees, saying they don’t want to attend a school that supports racism.

Critics argue UGA had it coming to them.

UGA couldn’t honestly expect to turn a blind eye to racism and get the golden treatment.

They say Osei-Frimpong got a pass because he’s black.

Everyone knows that if Osei-Frimpong were white and made similar comments about blacks, he would have been denounced, fired, and sued.

But since a black person said it, he got off scot free.

This is just another example of racism against white people in academia.

Do you agree with University of Georgia donors pulling their funding in retaliation for the campus giving an anti-white racist a free pass?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  2. UGA is a demagogue, it is being racist and disingenuous in affiliating with the violent culture of leftists. Antifa riots and assaulting people for wearing a hat that supports another ideology come to mind.
    The facts in this situation of a person of one race calling for the killing of innocent people of another race
    leave no ambiguity. The teaching assistant is being racist as well as criminal without facing any lashback.
    He is putting American lives at risk.
    UGA is failing the people and taxpayers of Georgia who expect equal respect and opportunity for every single citizen. UGA is lacking in discernment of right and wrong.

  3. I wouldn’t allow my grandson to attend that university or any other university that I found out taught such hate! I don’t understand why this person was “fired”! if he’d been white, Asian, Spanish or any other race calling for death of “blacks” they’d have been fired, sued & never been able to get another teaching position! people find out about who’s teaching America’s children – starting from pre-K to graduate school! God bless America!we are all God’s children – “red, yellow, black, white”!

  4. Amazing! Again I posted something and the censors must not have been able to stand the truth, and they did not post my comments.

  5. The only time I had a post refused was yesterday. I quoted an email from HRC who was in a psychotic fit and used swear words. I don’t speak or write swearwords. It was removed. It was the quote that in part said that if she loses they all hang together. It sounds to me like she was admitting criminality for the whole bunch of them. And that is what is being exposed, she did lose and they all will hang together if there is any justice in the American judicial system!

  6. Clearly the UGA needs to be closed permanently . This needs to happen as an example to other colleges that hate speech that calls for the murder of the innocent comes with a zero tolerance policy !

  7. These universities, colleges across this nation are filled-up with leftist professors indoctrinating students with leftist propaganda. Probably better to go to a trade school.

  8. Absolute, pull all state and federal funding. It’s time for people to wake up, stop allowing the color card to be used. Anyone can do whatever they set their mind to doing and work as hard as necessary to obtain it.
    Enough with these irrational and illogical brain dead educated idiots.

  9. Does anyone else see the irony. If a white person does what this man did then everyone hollers racist. Then that white person loses their job and anything else depending on what they did. A black person does the same things they get to keep goin. People in this country need to start asking themselves, What’s wrong with this picture? Again, what’s wrong with this picture?

  10. You will have to look LONG and HARD to find ANY university, nursery school, middle school, of high school that doesn’t inform their “teachers and “professors” to INDOCTRINATE.
    THAT is the way the “left wing loonies” (COMMUNISTS) believe they will “take over” this country by BRAINWASHING the GULLIBLE children.
    They are following alinski’s “rules for radicals” (the DEMOCOMMUNIST handbook) to the number, by POISONING the minds of the next generation. Look it up..

  11. Get used to it ..I too, have had “posts” removed. I did not swear , but only posted FACTS.

  12. This idiot might want to tread carefully…maybe he should be looking over his shoulder…what he advocates might just come back to bite him in the ass!!

  13. They should not receive any taxpayer funding either. People are getting tired of this crap. If we are ever to have racial equality then we have to stop pandering to idiots like this. He should be fired and not allowed to teach anywhere again.

  14. Thanks, Emerald Matrix. I’ve been trying to remember who said that they’d all hang together if she lost. It shows that she was fully conscious of her own guilt, aware that many others had committed crimes against the nation, and that President Trump would order an investigation of them all. And I wonder if HRC is the only one who said it. Time will tell if they really do “hang”, that is, receive punishment for the crimes they’ve committed.

  15. This situation is so disgraceful – yet typical in the liberal crapholes called ” institutions of higher learning” WHAT A JOKE!!!

  16. The state of Georgia just banned killing babies. The University of Georgia sanctions a black wing-nut who wants to kill white people. An amazing paradox.

  17. He talks about freedom….that some whites will have to die for the blacks to be free. I’m sorry did he miss the corse in the civil war, & was he hiding under a rock the last 8 years? If memory serves me right I do believe there was a (usless) black president for 8 years. How much more freedom are the black racist people looking for. I must just be unwoke…..

  18. I agree with the donors and all the supporters should boycott everything that UGA does until they fired the teacher. they should no better.

  19. This “individual” is a psychopath teaching our young?! In today’s world where even the elementary schools are indoctrination centers, colleges are being taught to kill whites? Now, who is the terrorist? One who takes a selfy with guns, that alone is stupid, or one who advocates for murdering whites or ANYONE else, for that matter? I would absolutely pull funding of any kind from this indoctrination center! Freedom of speech is one thing, but this far surpasses the “freedom of speech” thing. This is closer to soliciting murder by suggesting murder. This moron should be marked as a terrorist, if he is not already! The days of “higher education” used to mean that you went to a college of your choice for a quality education. In today’s world, almost every college teaches young adults how to think THEIR WAY! Learning a trade is sounding better each and every day!

  20. All that we have to do to stop all of this in its tracks IS ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY. In all areas. And, give the law breakers justice and jail time. Done. But never think that will happen because we are too far down the tube.

  21. I am fed up with all the special treatment afforded the negro in America. They get away with everything. Turn on the TV and what do you see but negroes everywhere and yes… every add is teeming with them. I’m sure it’s not their doing but it makes you think you’re in black Africa. I’m sure even they want to be treated like everyone else.

  22. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Colleges around the country that support this type of racial bias. I am white and I have many black friends, in my profession as well as my Church Choir, but when it comes to having these type of individuals with their deranged racial views, teach our new generation of students, that is where I draw the line! Fire the SOB now! “teaching position’ for him is beyond national pride, standards and our future of this great nation!

  23. I have heard that the Africans don’t want the blacks coming there, they don’t like the blacks from the west. I mean the black real africans.

  24. That Racist SOB is lucky that no one has taken him out !
    It may still happen and he has no one else to blame !

  25. When ALL people are treated according to their character and personal honesty, only THEN, will we be equal. Racism is now a common label that left, hateful, liberal loons use for anything they do not agree with. Administration is afraid of violence that is implied if they treat people according to their character and intellect. In short, admin is afraid of threats and criminal reprisal. The rest of the population is just sick and tired of the double standard

  26. Very good post and question, Colleen. When I look at the picture from AH-PINGPONG I see someone who looks like he had been smoking marijuana for a while when making his statements. Thus, channeling my Democrat party ways, I say that AH-PINGPONG is a relative of Barack Obama (maybe a son) and a current member of the Choom Gang.

  27. Luckily for Hillary and Company, though, we have a “judicial system” or (allegedly) a “legal system” and not a “system of justice.”

  28. Does this stupid TA realize his comments could engender a violent backlash? Some people do not like being threatened.

  29. It seems the only people that are charged with & prosecuted for (made up crimes) are white/straight/conservatives. All others get a free pass to break all the laws the want.

  30. If I had any kids attending UGA or any other colleges, universities that allow this type of behavior by a teacher or professor, they would be taken out of that school. No way that institution would get any money from me. With all the indoctrination going on, I would give my teens 3 choices; trade school, military service or if they were hell bent on college, they would have to pay for it.
    Kudos for the parents, alumni pulling their dollars, they should also pull their kids out of the school.

  31. the demo communists could never win a legal non-fixed election without idiots like this clown.this idiot is poisoning our kids from behind the backs of the parents,,IF YOUR KID IS IN UGA, PULL THEM OUT ,DO NOT SUPPORT THIS SEDION AND TRAITORUS BUNCH OF COMMUNIST FOOLS.

  32. Accountability (for ANY disparaging action) is a thing of the past. How sad! The university continuing to allow this racist to be employed sets a precedent for future unethical and vitriolic behavior. Human decency hardly exists anymore.

  33. I am sick to death of the double standard that has taken hold in our country!! God forbid if a white person made remarks like this against a black!! Not only would that white teacher would have been fired ON THE SPOT, but the NAACP would be right suing the college and start rioting!!!What happened to equality????
    This college should be face financial ruin and anyone contributing to UGA should stop immediately!!!!

  34. About darn time Negro’s have been getting a free pass since I started school in 1971. The supposed equality for all generation BS if I knew then what I know now I’d be extremely rich cause I would have sued Cumberland county NC and the Feds for the inequity and inequality that I received from public schools. When blacks were not allowed to go unpunished for anything and everything, they couldn’t receive a grade below an unsatisfactory or “C” depending upon their grade level they were also disruptive never had to turn in a punishment assignment until I called a teacher on the reason why that’s when the school rules were changed cause I took it all the way to the school board and it was placed in my school records that from that point on that if the disruptive students didn’t have to do punishments don’t expect me to do them cause when I finished my assignments my nose was in a book. Any Negro ever read War and Peace and Sung Su The Art of War before the 7th grade I don’t think so. And the WELFARE Queens riding in their WELFARE Cadillacs the students that wanted to learn I had no problems with it was the one’s who didn’t want to learn had to stay in school till graduation so mama could get rich off the backs of my parents then me when will these LIBATARDED DEMORATS Get the picture you wouldn’t want me as a Governor or President cause my 1st executive order would be to DHHS To all those states that WELFARE recipients are leasing a LUXURY VEHICLE all the free crap would cease and We know what causes babies we will only pay for 1 mistake for the rest you are on your own.

  35. Someone that is mentally unstable,
    This guy is a example of what’s going
    on world wide.
    South Africa is a prime example.
    People die there just for being a farmer. I like to know if he is a muslim, and who he is connected to.

  36. There are many reasonable comments here. The fact of the matter is, Racism should never be tolerated, regardless of who is supporting it. The liberals love to call President Trump a racist, but he is no such thing! I think that liberals use the term ‘racism’ as a tool or weapon when they don’t have anything else, but they don’t understand what it actually means.

  37. This happens to me a LOT; while they state that I have said something already, whenI have not, they simple must have me on a black list.
    This UGA instructor MUST be held accountable for his actions. Firing would be a first step.

  38. What is so appalling to me is that such hateful language would not be tolerated by those on the left if it were made by a conservative. It seems to be okay if it denigrates whites since blacks now feel justified because of the past racial history. Perhaps if blacks would take time to realize that we no longer live in the past and that our nation has changed, such racists/hate-filled rhetoric is no longer acceptable. The college should be branded a haven of terrorists since they sanction this kind of ideology.

  39. Racism is racism no matter who says it. If he is actually advocating murder to advance one race over another race he should be fired with prejudice immediately. No one should get a free pass or be held down because of race or gender. SHOULD WE CHECK HIS GENES TO SEE IF HE IS RELATED TO ADOLPH HITLER??!!!!! I worked for years in a largely minority school district and had to watch carefully what I said and how I did things to avoid getting hammered by the double standard not only for race but gender.

  40. Now that I’m reading some of your comments, my own comments were dropped as well and I don’t make objectionable comments. Just the truth and not even opinion! What is going on! Censorship of our Free Speech??

  41. He did not learn the History of this Great Country and he is filled with hate for the White Race! Why didn’t he go back to Africa if he hates it so much here and can’t accept the Majority which is still White. People don’t have a say which skin color they are born with and we all could live together in harmony if the Educational System would not engage in this kind of rhetoric!! UAG fire him or suffer some consequences!

  42. I grew up in a small southern town and we had many black families. They had their school and we had ours. Their school became in really bad disrepair and needed replacing. The town didn’t have enough money for that and the city council decided to bring them into our school. This was 6 years BEFORE desegregation. No one raised a fuss, etc. On the Monday they came in, they were assigned to their appropriate class and yes, they were nervous. Surprise, by the end of the 1st week, it was as if we’d all come up from 1st grade together and everyone got along. Personally, I despise people who want to keep a rift between blacks and whites. Many of our blacks went on to college and succeeded in life, not just whites. And I will always call my class mates ‘friend’ and mean it.

  43. If that teaching assistant was a white person there would be no question that the assistant would be gone months ago,probably without a nudge from the public. here is hoping your money dries up Double standard and murder should not be condoned.

  44. Oh gee money talks, but could Irami Osei-Frimpong really be talking about Old Bill, Hillarious Hillary, Comedy Comey, Mousey Mueller etc and all the White Democrat Politician’s male and female that have kept the black down and out for years.

  45. One of the problems of all of these people we spoil to get in their good graces is because we HAVE spoiled them…….it happens every time – regardless of what color they are …..and the sad thing is they all want the death of the ‘white’ people… they wouldn’t have anything without the ‘white people ‘ and when the ‘W’ people are gone they won’t have anything again ……………stupidity plus ! oh, there will be a few, but not many…

  46. Wait, wait, wait a minute. This guy gets a pass. Everyone knows that only white, old males are racist. He should get reparations, a big book deal, interviews on MSNBC, CNN, etc and a big promotion from UGA for spouting the “truth about America”.

  47. Conservatives aren’t really welcomed in many places….my ‘name’ is not accepted on many of these……guess I should say “please” more often….lol

  48. Talk about a rotten apple in a barrel. How many students could he poison as a teacher? I would fire him on the spot and charge him as a terrorist! Hopefully he would be placed on probation and lose his teacher certificate.

  49. I couldn’t help noticing: Mr. O-F made a disparaging remark about Autism Spectrum Disorder sufferers. That’s discrimination against the handicapped, isn’t it? Or supposed to be? I guess nobody is ever going to give a Spectral an even break. Why? Because they’re the Class Weirdos–and the butt of everyone’s jokes. And the jokes don’t stop even when the jokesters are supposed to be adults.

    Well, somebody had better explain, both to UGA faculty and administration and to the snowflakes they seek to appease. Leaving the Spectrals out of your Grand Cliental Coalition is not such a good idea. Spectrals tend to be very literal-minded. Justice is all they live for, because justice is all they can hope for. Deny them justice, and they’ll seek it any way they can get it.

  50. As a former UGA student only 5 years ago, it’s about time that people started pulling out their funding to that school. There are a lot of problems and UGA does nothing about them. Luckily I never met this professor. But I think that if we are going to stop University funding from any level, private or government, the University of Georgia should be amongst the first to watch the cash stop. These public universities behave like private colleges anyway. They aren’t treating students fair and unbiasedly. Now students have to worry about attacks from professors based on their skin color? Why should any money go to them?

    PS I’m currently taking a certificate course at GA Tech because of this comment. I refused to even look into the same course at UGA because ironically this teacher came on news saying this a week before I was going to sign up with a school. I was only days away from giving UGA a phone call and give them my hard earned money. Their competitors now have my enrollment, money, and the ability to teach me without concern for my safety.

  51. A Federal Investigation of the University is imperative. All classes should be suspended until there is a
    final report. There is a desperate need for true justice and it is about time to deliver…DO IT NOW!!!

  52. Just think about it…If it wasn’t for the so called “slave trade” back in the old days bringing them back from Africa this black POS would probably still be in Africa and his best job would be a “spear chucker” at best with a bone through his nose. And he has the nerve to say this. I don’t so much despair about him saying it I am “total confused that WE let them get away with it” IT’S OUR FAULT THAT WE LET THIS KIND OF THING HAPPEN AND DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! If you are a LOOSER like this POS, a liberal, DemoRAT then you get away with EVERYTHING!!! If a Republican, Conservative clears his throat (like what they do to TRUMP) then liberals etc. want to throw you in jail and impeach you!! It’s like we have the “fox guarding the hen house”

  53. You are never going to see universities like georia and several others in this country stop these ignorant people from denouncing any ans all people that do not agree with their twisted ideas because many of them applaud their threats. this should tell you what the mentality of the so called leaders of our educational facilities are teaching and preaching to our future leaders nd that should scare the he.. out of you! These schools are all receiving taxpayers money from the federal government and that needs to be stopped immediately until the schools learn that they are not allowed to make the rules just to suit themselves and their slanted and biased ideas.

  54. Linda, I admire your attitude and the attitude of your classmates…this is the only way to squash racial hatred and bigotry in adulthood.

  55. I agree that people should not support UGA. He should have been canned and banned. My husband is a Southern boy and he always rooted for Georgia Football (except when they were playing Tennessee) but I bet he won’t be doing it again this year.

  56. Time for our government to stop all AID to the universities for all they do is preach hate and indoctrinate the students. White students need to smarten up and fight back.

  57. Let’s have a race war and get ot over with. This is what the Black Democrats want. So, let’s do it. I fir one am sick and tired of them always playing the race card. If the social media CEO’s would be honest, they would agree that the blacks get away with anything. Right now the Sicial Media CEO promote this type of behavior. I wonder who they would fight for if there was a race war. The white people should let them go after the White Dems who back and promote RACISM

  58. You know something real ironic….that no one mentions when talking about the slaves being brought over here, it was Africans that sold their fellow brethren to the whites to begin with.

  59. This is true. I once had a discussion with a very intelligent, well educated man from Ghana. We weren’t discussing anything of a racial nature, when two young black men in the restaurant we were at started yelling about something (I don’t know what…and don’t care). Their language was filled with profanities and they were very noticeable. I didn’t say anything, but the man I was with looked at them and then said to me: “We are not like that where I come from. American blacks are lazy and ignorant.” I told him that not all were like that, but he replied: I haven’t encountered any who weren’t. I don’t think black people are ignorant in general; it depends upon their upbringing….same as for whites.

  60. It’s not just the black lunatic liberals that want a race war….the ignorant white liberals also want this. What do they think the black ones are going to do with them if there does come time a race war errupts…just like with the whore stormy daniels, their going to use them, then when they have no more use for them, their going to be thrown out like yesterday’s trash

  61. “Ending discrimination is straightforward: just don’t discriminate for anyone.” This was said be a distinguished jurist in the 60’s. It is still true today. How would you expect a white man man making similar remarks about blacks to be treated? Until the University of Georgia treats this black racist just as they would treat a white racist, they deserve NO support of any kind from anyone, black, white, yellow, or red.

  62. it’s not only just about his blatant racism, but his call to murder white people, that goes way beyond racism. i can’t imagine why any school would allow that to go unpunished. the very least he deserves is to be fired, with no severance pay or benefits. he should be arrested for a hate speech crime and the incitement for violence against a whole race of people.

  63. First of all I am a registered Republican – I voted for Trump & I would vote for him again or if he was not running again for the next republican who might be running in his stead – however I see no need to advertise my political choice by wearing a hat or anything that announces my political choices – its my business & that’s how this should stay – I have a right to vote for Trump the same way other people have a right to vote for who they feel would be better or who in many instances is NOT Trump – & all the stupid – brain dead celebutards & old Nancy Pelosi should just keep their BIG mouths should & stop causing all the problems since Trump has been elected.

  64. I use to tolerate blacks even had some as friends. But our black neighbor tried to steal some of my 90 year old mothers land through what is called Adverse possession. Claiming land that belonged to a neighbor by claiming you took care of it for fifteen years or more. They took us to court but lost because they lied and made fools of them selves. Since then I have no use for black retarded self seeking trash.
    They proved what crap they were and I hope nothin but bad for them.

  65. Look at South Africa where the blacks kicked out the white people from their homes and farms. Now the blacks are in charge and have nothin. Good for them.

  66. The donors are individual free men and women, and they have the perfect right to place their funds wherever they like and to withdraw them from wherever they like. So the question at the end of the article is a little silly. Of course, if they are angry and upset about the lack of action against this TA, they are right to pull their donations. The better question is, will enough donors pull their funding the wake up the UGA administration? Better yet is to ask if their is any way tax payers can demand that government funding be pulled from this school? (Answer: probably not.)

    I am more than a little disturbed by the school’s mealy-mouthed excuse that the guy didn’t put anything untrue on his application and therefore they have no reason to discipline him. Do they think they can only punish their staff and faculty for their initial application and then they are never to be held accountable for anything they do after that? Absurd!

  67. Missouri State made the same mistakes and lost big time. This stupid college must think their actions were fine. Time will tell but MO got the message, so will this State college.

  68. The donors are in the right to not donate and support UGA. That RACIST Teacher needs to be fired and lose his Teaching License. He is only teaching Racism and HATE

  69. When institutions and our justice system follow the rule of law and ethics with blinders on to race, creed, religion and gender then we can be righteous. A disease of seething hatred by individuals and groups alike who are by the very nature targeting those they resent and despise with extreme hostility are anywhere be it a teacher, or a judge. Their target does not matter if it’s a child in a classroom, an elderly person, or a handicapped veteran. Our society is sick and because there aren’t any repercussions for such vile behavior, it has become acceptable. We’ve become a society that is so afraid of be accused of being racist that we’ve actually become racist by siding with the angry hater.

  70. A donor is someone who gives something they DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE in order to support those they donate to therefore any donor still giving to this university when they supported an individual who advocates murdering people of one race to PROMOTE the progress of his own must be seen as supporting that racist belief as well.

    Since a DONATION is not something required of people they have every right to cease any donations to any group or person that advocates actions that oppose their own views.

    Especially when that group failed to do something with someone in a position of influence over students who blatantly advocated violating the laws of this nation against murder etc. all in the name of promoting ONE RACE above another.

  71. Anybody here or on any website or photo or public situation who advocates killing needs punishment. He is right that posting MAGA hats with people holding rifles is a form or terrorism, it’s really another form of the KKK, not even light, but dark and screwed up. Yes many rednecks are sociopaths, it was proven during Jim Crow and even now when a creature like George Zimmerman was supported when he hunted down Trayvon Martin. That was exactly the situation and when I heard a jury member call him Georgie after the trial, is showed the insidious siding with a criminal is has been in plenty of trouble since that trial with domestic abuse, and even tried to sell the gun that killed the teenage who had no record.

  72. It’s time to remind people that “racism” can go both ways. This bum is a Black racist, and that really is just as bad as a White racist. Equality *means* equality. He should be treated exactly as a White teacher would be who said the same things about Black people.

  73. perhaps the people holding rifles were only showing their support for the nra and not terrorism. your assuming you know what they were trying to portray when you don’t really know at all, so that is an unfair statement. lots of people are sociopaths that aren’t what you call rednecks, so that is also a false statement. just because you want it to be true doesn’t make it true.

  74. This call for violence needs to stop! From College assistant profs to the Congress,, they should all be called down and dismissed if it keeps up. No excuses. We don’t care what color, race, religion or whatever they are, they are inciting hate and violence and this is NOT ACCEPTABLE, NOT AMERICAN! Stop being p.c. and stop the b.s. Everyone should be treated with respect and if they aren’t, get them out!

  75. It’s really sad when the people running a university start losing their spines and start kowtowing to specific groups that do nothing but target hatred and lies about other groups. If you’re lgtb or black, you can say anything you want about anyone else and get away with it. If you’re white and/or conservative, you’re censured about almost everything! The Bible does predict this though. It says people will become lovers of self and will become darkened to the truth and will start calling “good” what was once called “bad”. They will only listen to what they want to hear and will do anything and everything to prevent any dissent from their opinions!

  76. I went to school with blacks, served in a almost all black Army unit in Korea, worked for a Small Loan company in the arm pit of the world, Newark, N.J., and then in a large hospital in a 80% black hospital. I met some really great black people but the majority were crap. Lied, stole, used false identity, murdered babies everyday of every week and mostly by black doctors, wrote bad checks, made threats over the phone that they would murder me and mine. Had to have cops sit in my office in case one of these nut cases did show up. But the hospital Bd.Of Directors were afraid to cause a stir for fear of being called racist. Well they, and all the rest can stick their Racist fears where the sun doesn’t shine. And if whites and the USA are so bad, leave and go back to the Congo and stay there

  77. And that Dumbass probably doesn’t even know that . It’s the Ignorant Leftwingers who Need to be removed from teaching our children , since they are not even qualified ! He probably got that line from whinfrey , see made a similar statement ! The thugs stick together , the Educated move on .

  78. It’s called an “ obama” , remember all the Corrupt things he and his people did but because he’s 1/2 black , no one would call him out . These type of creeps learned from his example and lead !

  79. It’s called an “ obama” , remember all the Corrupt things he and his people did but because he’s 1/2 black , no one would call him out . These type of creeps learned from his example and lead !

  80. No not just you, they are sensoring all Conservatives. I had mentioned a remark
    once about Obama, nothing really abnoxious or bad just facts and they said it was inappropriate. !st Amendment is in very dire straights.

  81. UGA has made their bed, now they have to lie in it. Nothing short of a public apology and possibly a new Head Master and Board of Trusty. There is plenty of other schools of higher education for people to help or attend.

  82. Exactly…….I went through much the same. Just like any group there were good and bad, i.e., those who were willing to work to improve and those who weren’t. Those who worked went on to success like Ben Carson did and kudos to them. BUT even they’re abused by the whiny slackers who thinks the world owes them a living.

  83. There are many of us Southerners that feel the same way. We were friends as children and parents got along as well. There are racist out there but don’t put us all in the same league. I love people and that means from all walks of life.

  84. It should not matter what color this terrorist is, he is a TERRORIST and should have been fired immediately. Schools and Universities that practice this dispicable hiring and lack of responsibility need to be held accountable and not only should not be funded by reasonable people but NOT FUNDED BY THE TAXPAYERS AT ALL!!! Write your representatives to stop funding these leftists that brainwash out young people to stop funding them with our taxes. Boycott these agendas!

  85. The university should suffer the consequences of allowing such racial hatred to exist I applaud those patrons who have stopped their financial support. I hope many others will follow in their wake.

  86. Osei can come up here to New York and I will personally give him a 308 caliber lobotomy, the POS!

  87. I wish I was a person who was known to donate to the university of Georgia so I could stop donating and tell them why.

  88. Praying it’s the absolute BIGGEST donors who are backing out & withdrawing their financial support.
    MAGA/KAG †
    TRUMP 2020

  89. You should be honest and change your screen name. You are the antithesis of the REAL “Joe the Plumber”.
    MAGA/KAG †
    TRUMP 2020

  90. Students should not receive federal funding for loans, school should not receive federal funding or state funding….idiot should not receive any employee recommendation when removed from employment,

  91. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Muslim Demoncrat Party & RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception,Fake News(Russian Collusion & Jussie M hoax)the list is endless!And the clueless minions that follow them!

  92. We went through the same thing when I was in school. We ate lunch together, danced at dances together and that was in the 60’s. Since Obama it’s like everything is worse than ever. And if you really listens to the democrats that’s who is causing this divide. They brainwash people with their rhetoric and the media keeps saying it over and over again until the blacks think it’s true. We need a truth telling social media and news show. Mom always said, if you say it seven times they’ll believe it.

  93. And that is the way I grew up as well. I have no idea how or why this so called teaching assistant is so racist but he is the one in the wrong. Most people feel the same way you and I do Granny. People are people, some are great, some are OK and some we would rather avoid. However, the ones with hate in their hearts are the ones that cause stife and trouble for all and those are the ones to either avoid, or try to re-educate. This guy and his name appear to me to be someone that might just be from another country originally and has brought with him a very bad hate. Someone needs to sit him down and tell him the true facts of most of America today. IF he cannot handle it or doesn’t believe it, then he needs to leave, just like the radical muslims we are having so much trouble with.

  94. I’ve been watching this type of blatant racism growing unchecked every month. B. Hussein Obama the Divider in Chief is the catalyst for the new degree of hatred coming from the left. Particularly black dems. If you took the time to ask one why they hate President Trump so much, they would parrot something they heard on cnn or another fake news outlet. I know that sounds racist ( they would parrot) , perhaps it is? However, just as I read in posts above..if a white person in any job were to say that blacks need to die for whites to excel (paraphrased) , they would be fired, sued, possibly arrested or maybe even assaulted ? Am I wrong? This is just racist hatred for anyone who supports our President. What country are we in ? I’m 60 years old and I have never seen this much division in my country since the late 60’s. At that time frame I could see the plight of those who were protesting. Now it’s like if we don’t agree with killing police, beating our neighbors who vote differently, burning cities, kneeling for the National Anthem, etc. we are targeted for death. Dramatic?? No way, just ask that ass wipe who holds a position of authority in Georgia. He’ll be happy to fill you in.

  95. How can he be a teacher when he does not know our true history. The white southerners he mentions were all Democrats. I grew up in the “Solid South, Yellow Dog Democrats”. They were call this because “they would vote for a yellow dog if it was on the Democrat ticket”. Also the KKK was formed by White Democrats in Massachusets in 1849 and they came south to kill blacks because the blacks in the South were all Republicans back then. It wasn’t until Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpston putting the blacks on the “political plantation” that there is a poverty and welfare mom problem. WAKE UP BLACKS. Stop whinning and moaning and wake up to all the opportunites you have. Look at all the blacks who are promnent and use them for an example and get off of “Al Sharpston’s Plantation” of self pity and slavery.

  96. I can’t wait now for Alabama to put a good stomping on Georgia. They beat them all the time but I hope now that they will win by the biggest margin in their history.

  97. Of course. Obama and his husband set back race relations at least 60 years. Everything now about racism is on Obama, the absolute worst president in the history of the world.

  98. This is racism at it’s worst. This nut is pushing genocide. In case some folks don’t understand that word, it’s murder of a race.
    It’s about time racists of color begin being treated the same as white racists.

  99. That happens all the time on here. I have tried to post many things and they delete them immediately. And it’s truth and never vulgar.

  100. It’s not just the DONORS STOPPING THEIR DONATIONS, what about all the parents that have children going there to get an EDUCATION??? How could they ignore the VIOLENCE SUPPORTING school and their professors? They should pick a College that respects this country and believe in a QUALITY EDUCATION for their children?

  101. Send in the Ohio National Guard, they will bring some order and sanity to the joint.
    Party like it’s 1970.


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