The United Nations is trying to create this sick new “human right”


The UN is a medium for the globalists’ so-called “progressive” agenda.

Like the radical left, their goal is to get everyone to conform to their ways.

And now they’re trying to create a sick new “human right” out of thin air.

The UN Human Rights council is trying to claim abortion and doctor-assisted suicide as “human rights.”

A draft of the proposal states that UN member nations must guarantee “safe, legal, and effective” forms of abortion and “facilitate the termination of life of afflicted adults.”

Crux reports:

An advanced, unedited version of a ‘general comment’ on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by the United Nations Human Rights Committee wants to define abortion and assisted suicide as a human right.

“Although States parties may adopt measures designed to regulate voluntary terminations of pregnancy, such measures must not result in violation of the right to life of a pregnant woman or girl, or her other rights under the Covenant,” says the draft, placing the life of the mother ahead of that of the unborn child.

The comment also says that States must guarantee “safe, legal and effective” access to abortion when the life of the pregnant woman is at risk, or when carrying the pregnancy to term could cause her pain or suffering, “most notably where the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest or is not viable.”

It also says that governments should guarantee “boys and girls” access to a wide range of affordable contraceptive methods, and prevent the stigmatization of girls seeking abortion. Furthermore, they should guarantee girls have access to post-abortion health care “in all circumstances, and on a confidential basis.”

In addition, the draft comment Crux had access to also calls on States to allow medical professionals to provide treatment to “facilitate the termination of life of afflicted adults, such as those who are terminally ill, who experience severe physical or mental pain and suffering and who wish to die with dignity.”

The globalists’ goal is to cement abortion-on-demand on an international level.

The so-called “Human Rights” Council is trying to erase the basic right to life.

But without the right to life, no other rights can exist.

The globalists at the United Nations have no regard for the value of human life.

This is the same organization that named Israel as the worst human rights violator in the world.

In 2017, the UN Human Rights Council adopted five times more resolutions condemning Israel than for any other country in the world.

This is why President Trump ordered then-Ambassador Nikki Haley to withdraw the U.S. from the UN Human Rights Council.

Do you think Trump made the right move in withdrawing the U.S. from the UN Human Rights Council?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  2. The UN, which has a standard far from the basis on which the US was founded, is seeking world government with the US to be subservient to it. This action is comparable to the two worst decisions ever made by the Supreme Court, namely approving abortion and attempting to re-define marriage. I am very pleased that the US stepped away from the Human Rights Council. The US has been the primary supporter of the UN, but many of the countries of the world care little about the US or its values. The statement just given is hardly a human right, as it legalizes that which is absolutely wrong and apart from the US.

  3. If someone wants to die so badly, they should be allowed to-I don’t know about that being a “right” but government should just look the other way. How many people have died after life support was withdrawn?

  4. I think we should stop any more money to the UN until the start doing things right again. They are working against their original charter, which was essentially good for the world. Today that has been taken over due to the fact, that the false citizen, who became president tried to ruin the USA. Now we have a real president, who is trying to correct the blaspheming, that took place during the last eight years, before his presidency. Thank god we have a real president of this country now, not some want to be Muslim dictator named Obama. President Trump is a true leader, of the free Christian world, which is what should have happened when Obama was elected but wasn’t because he was a liar Muslim, ” traitor to the USA”.

  5. I believe this stems from the claim that the earth is overly populated so some must go – or never show up in the first place. What better way to ‘crowd control’ – kill the babies and anybody else that wants to die – and dress up the murders with the title ‘human rights’ – the UN is pure evil.

  6. bj is absolutely WRONG about that idea . . . you radicals always take it too far. The U.N. has lead many peace-keeping actions throughout the world and is about THE only way at times to come in to protect many people from the brutal slaughters of tribes against tribes or religions against one another. The way it is now, the USA can veto most moves it finds that hurt us. Your solution is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I don’t agree it (abortion) should be a human right, but you guys take it way too far – – if it does not agree COMPLETELY with what you think, you want to get rid of it!

  7. I agree. The UN has served and will continue to serve as a tempering influence. Trumps approach to this is made out of ignorance. And there may be darker reasons.

  8. Begin the right to termination of life with the progressive left. I would like to see the practice become widespread among those “afflicted adults”.

  9. I believe you should be able to end your own life if you have a end of life illness or a bad quality of life a person would not want, can end it in peace in their own homes, w/ doctors assistance.

    But I think we should take the U.N out of the U.S. I don’t think this is a U.N matter.

  10. The REAL reason the UN wants this to happen, is because nearly ONE THIRD of the UN members are Moslems. The goal of Izlom is, and always has been, world dominance. Their fake pedo-prophet told his followers that wherever their foot touched, they would RULE THAT LAND.

    Moslems DO NOT ABORT BABIES. So having 4+ wives to breed, guarantees they WILL become the dominant population over time. And the more countries overrun by these people, the more representatives they will have within the UN. England has over 10 moslem mayors now.

    Once their population grows, their people begin to run for various political positions…usually pushing their women to the forefront, because the PC idiots buy the victimization ruse these taqiyya practicing deceivers puke on them, and they’ll elect them.

    And where they become dominant, they vote for their own, and win elections in cities, towns, countries…not for loyalty to the country they have invaded…islam forbids loyalty to ANY but the rule of islam and moslems. Shariah Law will overrule eventually.

    And the globalist who use the moslems, leftists, antifa, and false flag actors, to do their dirty work, are BIG on global depopulation…and the slaughterhouses of abortion, harvesting baby organs, blood, etc., also helps their tyrannical agenda.

    I am NOT anti-anyone, I am anti-Islam, which is a politically ideology implemented with force. Any group that calls for killing those who refuse to convert to their belief, IS NOT A RELIGION I am an islamoREALIST! And people better wake the hell up!

  11. Muslims in this country will destroy it they are no good they want to take over the United States we should ship every Muslim out of this damn country report every damn one of them now they will never become Americans they will force their lifestyle have never really enjoying their laws on to the American people if they are allowed to

  12. Muslims in this country will destroy it they are no good they want to take over the United States we should ship every Muslim out of this damn country deport every damn one of them now! They are now in our U.S. government! Bewar

  13. Muslims in this country will destroy it they are no good they want to take over the United States we should ship every Muslim out of this damn country deport every damn one of them

  14. The U.N. – a worthless, anti-American organization. Wait, maybe I’m writing about the Democrat party. No, it’s the U.N. The U.S. needs to leave this outfit completely and stop ALL funding to it. The U.N. can then move its headquarters to Venezuela, Tehran, Havana or some other Godless paradise.

  15. ” And other rights ” apart from right to life. What are those rights? This is just another reason why we should withdraw from the United Nations and evict it from our country.

  16. I believe that death with dignity is a human right. The difference between abortion and assisted suicide is that the party whose life is being terminated is not consulted in the first example but whose opinion is sought in the second example. I don’t know about you but this makes a world of difference in my estimation.
    Heck, the Catholic Church condemns suicide but praises martyrs. A martyr is a suicide victim by a more acceptable name.

    I too think that the UN is a worthless bunch. During the Cold War it seemed like nothing but a rubber stamp for the USSR and now it is an anti-American, anti-Israel, NWO organization. No tears from me if it ceases to exist.

  17. Doris, your ignorance is amazing. President Trump just told the nations that have not been paying their fair share to start paying. Why should we pay the majority of the U.N. bill? If The United Nations is believe to be so great then all nations involved should pay their agreed upon amount! That is what President Trump has said! Is he wrong for pushing for fairness? Is he wrong for telling participating nations to pay their fair share?

  18. Before you know it they will be exterminating the sick, elderly and unwanted unborn. God help them all!
    They put Dr. Kevorkian in prison for aiding people who chose death to living in pain from debilitating disease. What’s next? Soilent Green?

    I have no use for these people and their warped way of thinking. President Trump is right in withdrawing from these sociopaths

  19. Israel MAY just BE “the worst human rights violator in the world”…according to what they are doing to Palestinian Christians. TruNews dot com has the uncomfortable truth about the evil of Zionism, and Israel

  20. Trump said we should get out of the UN. Now we know why, the Nazis and Commies have taken control o the UN. This newly created scam is for nothing more than to place more people under Communist Rule. The Nazis are willing to enforce it also.

  21. It is time for America to tell the UN to float down the River and go to Cuba or Venezuela. the faster the better.

  22. Malissa Millano, it is time to go back to prostitution land in California, you lost and Abrams should stop being a cry baby.

  23. OUR Constitution says we have the right to “…life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.” The right to life is for EVERYONE, especially the unborn, who are unable to defend themselves. If the UN-American, UN-needed and UN-wanted U.N. don’t agree with that, they are free to set up and PAY FOR their little clubhouse ELSEWHERE.

  24. Every baby born deserves to grow up in a society that cares about and strives to nurture him or her. That is NOT right wing christian America.

  25. Israelis take wounded ‘Palestinians’ to the hospital after they have killed, or tried to kill Israelis. And do you actually believe Hamas would allow something called a ‘Palestinian Christian’ to exist?!

  26. “…if it does not agree COMPLETELY with what you think, you want to get rid of it!”
    Tell that to the statue destroyers.


  28. You sound exactly like the liberals! When they don’t like something they want to control it or ban it. The UN is a bunch of corrupt thieves that want a one world order. Dump these corrupt SOB’s!

  29. Doris, your comment is just pure ignorance! If you’re going to comment on what someone says please try to get it right! President Trump wants fairness. Like everyone paying their fair share. We are sick of being taken advantage of. Perhaps you would like to donate your personal money to support the UN?

  30. We are a sovereign nation! The U.N has no rule of right to impose their progressive will on us! They have changed and evolved into a far left organization attempting to undermine world governments on our dollar! It is time to save money and open up office space of charge them rent. It is time to get out and follow our Constitution and the will of our citizens!

  31. too bad the moslem babies weren’t aborted; then maybe there wouldn’t be so many of them. having children after being mutilated is pretty difficult for women but mo doesnt give a damn; more concubines waiting in line for the brutalization of the female being.

    the U N is a joke that is not funny. what have they really done for humanity??? and the survival of babies, in the womb and out???

  32. Truth u would’nt know truth if it hit u in the face u idiot too many of u progressive lunatic’s out there who know nothing about the reality’s of LIFE, problem is someone like u was’ nt aborted which would had made this world safer sad this world has to deal with no common sense FOOL’S like U!

  33. The UN is the worlds largest crime org as they do human trafficking (includes children), rape (know some one who witnessed that) gun running, murder and any thing they can get away with. Due to diplomatic immunity any time one of them is caught, they scream diplomatic immunity and are just thrown out of country and the next scum bag moves in and sets up shop for what ever crime he or she will commit next. Yes we need to get out of the UN, remove their diplomatic immunity and put them in jail if caught committing crimes here.

  34. Time to kick the U.N out of America. Maybe they can find a new home among the more radical nations and we can resign our membership. An even better idea would be to take the liberal democrats with them.

  35. How can one compare assisted suicide with abortion.With assisted suicide the individual Knows and looks for help Right or Wrong.In Abortion the individual has No Choice.Totally,totally different.What Jerks!

  36. The Nazis thought euthanasia was a human right, too, and they generously spent a lot of money to facilitate it.

  37. I think the U.N. needs to be taken out of the U.S. & put on an island somewhere. Y do they have to be in the U.S?? They R nothing but a bunch of Liberal & Communist.
    All these diplomats come here, disrespect our Laws, & so do alot of their children. We don’t need this disrespect here in the U.S.

  38. WHAT the UN is advocating is called “Eugenics”, as in get rid of the old & sick, & abort the fetus/baby that is less than perfect, or on a whim.

  39. You two are beyond ignorant. The UN has been invaded by those who push this idiotic demagogue agenda for one purpose and that is a one world government where you’d be castigated for saying anything against it. The UN has done very little to nothing in stopping anything for years now because they want the upheaval to push that agenda along with being financially corrupt to the core…..and on our dime.

  40. And the UN is backing the play of destruction and stooges are too ignorant to realize that. The Muslim infiltration is a big part of it as well as Soros who’s always hated this country since we whipped the NAZIs Hitler of which he was a part.

  41. We should cut off all money that we give the United Nations. why should we put out all the money and they and they don’t do anything for us but try to tear our nation down.

  42. Get out of the U.N, kick them out of the country and do not give them another dime! This organization is out to rule the world under communism. Another case where the elites want to keep theirs control everyone’s decisions pretend they give a crap and still want everyone to give 99% where they keep most of it and we all live in poverty. I can rant on but we all got the idea of that garbage organization!

  43. Kick it off the planet! They thrive off others problems and suffering. We are a sovereign nation and to protect our sovereignty we need to dissolve any and all association with them!Oh Russell I agree!

  44. The UN can ‘serve’ just as well from somewhere else. And since they’re so big on abortion, they shouldn’t have a problem with their dubious enterprise being aborted from our country.

  45. Why is it that these cretins that think ‘some must go’ always consider themselves too important to lead the way?

  46. Because there is a big difference between doing what is easy, the coward’s way out, and doing what is right.

  47. mark, the UN has, for the most part, reps from Muslin countries heading up their ‘human rights’ division. And they all hate Israel. Truenews, from what I have seen of it, appears to be nothing more than another anti-Semitic, Muslim supporting, extreme left site, trying not so successfully to frame themselves as unbiased. Are you that gullible or do you share their leftist hate?

  48. Eric, can you name any left wing atheist institutions set up to do anything for them, other than promoting abortion or expecting government to do it all?
    It is an easily verified fact that Conservative Christians do more than any other group to help those in need. Even FEMA, after any disaster, mostly just helps to organize the Christian relief groups that show up.
    Yet here you are displaying your blatant bigotry towards those that actually do the most.


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