The unholy alliance between the Obama’s and Hollywood just went full circle and Trump is terrified


Since leaving the presidency, Barack Obama has gotten close with the Hollywood elites.

His entire family has been cashing in big working with them.

And now the unholy alliance between the Obama’s and Hollywood just went full circle and Trump is terrified.

There may be no time in President Trump’s presidency where he is more vulnerable to Joe Biden than right now.

The country is miserable as the government forces them to stay home, and if they dare leave their houses, most of the country is forced to wear masks on their faces.

Democrats have forced the economy to a standstill, with more businesses than any point of Trump’s presidency being shut down.

The prosperity of 2019, where the economy was stronger than it has been in decades, is over, and many doubt that it will come back any time soon.

And meanwhile, the mainstream media is pushing constant propaganda around coronavirus, claiming that Trump is going to cause upwards of one million deaths due to the Chinese virus. 

All the while, Joe Biden is largely silent.

He has been hiding in his basement, rarely leaving for any public speaking engagement.

This means that he has less chances to say stupid things, unlike before coronavirus, where he would say something dumb virtually every day.

But while Biden isn’t speaking up, he has many of his high-level supporters speaking on his behalf.

In a major turn, one of those figures has become former President Barack Obama. 

While Obama reportedly didn’t want Biden to run, and refused to endorse him for many months, he is now hosting major fundraisers for him, along with his wife, Michelle Obama. 

Most recent was a fundraiser headlined by both Barack Obama and Hollywood heavyweight George Clooney. 

They both hosted the virtual event, which had tickets ranging from $250 to $250,000, to support Biden in his campaign. 

While footage of the fundraiser isn’t publicly available, it is reported that the two supposedly praised Biden for his “empathy and decency,” while spending most of their time bashing President Trump. 

According to Deadline, the two bashed Trump for his federal budget cuts, along with him “unraveling” geopolitical relationships around the world. 

“Obama also urged those on the call that even though Biden was doing well in the polls, that should not be taken for granted,” Deadline reports.

With Biden not being able to speak anywhere without making a fool of himself, we can be sure that Obama will be speaking out much more, and he will use all of his Hollywood allies to amplify his voice.

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