The UN was infuriated after Trump smacked them with a loss that Christians will cheer


President Trump is unafraid to take on the globalist United Nations (U.N.).

He refuses to stand down when dealing with them.

And the U.N. was infuriated after Trump smacked them with a loss that Christians will cheer.

If there’s one thing the U.N. despises, it’s Christians standing up for their values.

They continually push anti-Christian policies, including the promotion of abortion around the world.

But Trump is standing up against them, and for the second year in a row the U.S. has kept abortion-related language out of a U.N. Security Council resolution for women in crisis and conflict.

LifeSiteNews reports:

For the second year in a row, the U.S. kept abortion-related language out of a UN Security Council resolution on women in crisis and conflict. It is a victory for the Trump administration, which has been pushing to eliminate the phrase “sexual and reproductive health” from UN documents. It is a blow to Europeans who insist that abortion be funded as humanitarian aid.

The U.S. had wanted to go further and eliminate from the resolution any reference to other documents that mention the term. U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN Kelly Craft said after the unanimous vote to adopt the resolution, “We cannot accept references to ‘sexual and reproductive health,’ nor any references to ‘safe termination of pregnancy’ or language that would promote abortion or suggest a right to abortion.”

Under the Obama administration, references to “sexual and reproductive health” appeared in two versions of the recurring resolution on Women Peace and Security, promoted by France and other European nations and supported by UN Women and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. This week, the Trump administration was willing to break with the typical practice of reaffirming all previous iterations of the resolution in order to avoid reference to them.

This comes just months after Trump called out the anti-Christian agenda of the United Nations during an address in New York.

Trump truly understands just how anti-American the U.N. is, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he chooses to completely pull out of the U.N.

Do you think the U.S. should leave the United Nations?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. The reason white racists in America love abortion so much is because they can exterminate those nigga babies before they grow up to rob liquor stores and gas stations ahahahahahaha

    • Correct, that’s why Planned Parenthood was established by Margaret Sanger, a Democrat, and supported by the Democrats, the party of crooks, thugs, bigots, hypocrites, liars and hatred towards anyone that is NOT a white racist.

      • Democrat formed the White League which murdered 70 – 300 duly elected black representatives at the Colfax Massacre then a few weeks later at the Thibodeauxville Massacre then the Pattersonville Massacre. The White League Democrats later formed the KKK, which terrorized and killed blacks, Jews, and Republican whites.

        • Yes, it’s true that Margaret Sanger established the abortion industry. Her words were that “colored people are like weeds and need to be exterminated.”An evil woman. Unfortunately more black women need to know just how she spewed hatred towards them.

          • And let’s not forget Hitler and the Nazi’s got their ideas for “extermination” from Sanger and her other Eugenicist buddies in the 1930s. Fact- look it up.

          • I’m Asian America raised in MS, deepest south you can get. a ten-year-old boy witnessed the real true hatred of the black folks. worse of all the NAACP and the SPLC are the black slave masters accepting bribes from the demorat party ever since the reconstruction to now. these two communist groups should be banned and not receiving federal funding for their criminal voter fraud, buying a vote for their favorite candidates for many years. I’m so glad I had the lessons on the MS History, US Constitution, War Between the States, and the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx. that’s why i’m a republican voter ever since i cast my first vote

          • This is a reply to Izib. Hitler and the Nazi’s also got their “extermination” ideas from the muslims which were both allied in WWII but for the extermination of the Jewish people.

          • Of course Hillary would admire someone like Margaret Sanger. Birds of a feather stick together. Nothing more needs to be said.

          • Margaret Sanger also wanted to force black people to be sterilized so they could not reproduce because she saw them as a burden to society because they tended to have more children but those children grew up to be less productive than whites.
            The democrat party has always been closely aligned with racism all the way back before the civil war.

    • so You’ll be voting Democrat to ensure the murder of the unborn goes unchecked? why do ya think Democrat’s have demanded abortion? Joe Biden is on record thank’s to C-span saying “we have no choice but too remove them from society” He was another like B.Clinton who called young black male’s ‘Super Predators’ did you enjoy your history lesson? your welcome fool

    • not white racist leftwing white and black and all others who are democrats. but u r right that’s what the democrats wanted it for

    • Thank God for abortions, which keep the number of libtards under control. Since abortion was declared legal, over 50 million libtard-to-be subhumans were aborted – regardless of color.

    • I believed USA should get out of U.N.. USA just kept on giving and giving to U.N. anti-USA policy. Hope Mr. Trump will to tell the U.N. Civil council or whatever they call it to think twice they are charging U.S. troops for
      helping fight ISIS or killing our enemies. Obama let the U.N. do what they aimed to do with our arm forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. U. N. must take their Office in New York city.

      • The United States was conned into joining the UN in the first place by none other than Eleanor Roosevelt, a true progressive and communist sympathizer. She was the one who pushed for the commie, her dear friend, Alger Hiss, to be our representative in the drawing up of the UN Charter. That tells it all.

          • Hey ice man please don’t collect your Social Security if that is what you think of FDR. Also you probably feel the same about LBJ so please don’t apply for Medicare. Just go away and die in poverty.

      • As someone who has been deployed with “UN” troops I can say without doubt that the UN would have a very weak if not nonexistent military force left if we were to pull out American forces, and support.
        I for one would agree with pulling out of the UN. American troops are currently put in harms way repeatedly, under the command of UN Generals. Our troops are given orders that get many of us injured or worse, following illogical orders from people who do not seem to care in the slightest about the lives of the US soldier in the field. European Generals who have no combat experience at all, are giving illogical, and at times illegal, reckless orders, which our troops are expected to follow without question. We are being injured while we are performing duties that have no connection to US interests in any way. US troops are basically used as UN cannon fodder, and the American tax payer is paying for the privilege of doing so.

    • Yes!!! We pay 60% of their funding and also have to pay for all of their work we’re doing around the world with our money and the lives of our military. It’s time they step up and start and quit pocketing our money for themselves which you KNOW is happening. They’re as crooked as our congress.

    • wouldn’t that make the liberal piss to high heaven if trump takes out UN and its terrorist criminals off US soil? make sure the property is not part of Nudi Yakee, make it a separate state for solely for all military veterans and those returning from their foreign duty, a place to jump-start their new career. the ex-UN building can be converted to cater as vet hospital; homeless vets, and hospital/clinic. this will be the 51st state like R.I. why not entertain this federal property a second federal military fort to protect the aged vets? lotta potentials and not a single damn thing the leftist can do about.

    • Some Americans have wanted us out of the UN for years. That is what the Timothy McVay blowing up the Fed building ordeal was all about. I say get us out of the UN. They try and make their resolutions American Law. They have gone so far as trying to adopt the restrictive gun laws of Australia and England, making them binding in the USA. I don’t want a group of people who no US citizen voted for making laws that US citizens must abide by. I love how President Trump operates. He doesn’t back down from anyone, doesn’t have to.

  2. “Trump refuses to stand down ” – precisely why the radical, delusional, left is out to destroy him. I pray for our President Trump daily.

  3. I sounds like it would not be a bad idea. I just don’t know where this will put us in future dealings with other countries. If we stay in, we need to take a firm stand for the right in every situation. It is our duty as a leader to do what is right and to stand for right. We need to always be sure to shun the wrong. Morals are never debatable. There are things which are black and things which are white. We should never compromise when there is no really gray area.

  4. the U.S. should leave the U.N. because is a very unproductive to a certain degree of rules of policy
    to a certain country like the U.S. especially with president TRUMP because he does not agree with
    the U.N. and I do wish the U.N. should move out of new York and move to Europe and good luck.

  5. Why do we pay for the dictators of the world to have a platform to bad mouth the USA? Let them pay their own way somewhere else. U N diplomats stomp all,over our laws and then demand we bow down to their elitist views and rules.

  6. I believe it would be foolish to “pull out” of the UN. However, we should STOP our abnormal funding and demand that EVERY participating nation pick up their fair share. In addition, the UN should be INVITED to MOVE OUT OF THE UNITED STATES — they are NO LONGER WELCOME !!

  7. I would not pull out of the UN, but I would damn well get them out
    of New York. They just come here to freeload, shop, and bash the U.S.
    They have a bloated bureaucracy bigger than most countries.

  8. The only reason the UN wants this is so later they can force certain ones be it Christian, Jewish, white, Black, red ,yellow to have forced abortion against their will. An attempt to take family value, choice, and take full control.

    • Isn’t Bernie now talking about the need for Abortion all around the globe? If he or several other of these far-left Dem fools get into power they will do all they can to have US taxpayer dollars pay for this if not directly then through our funding of the UN. These globalist wet dream is a one world government run by the likes of them. NO Thanks!

  9. The ONE WORLD DEMON RATS want ALL of Africa STERILIZED!! It is very subtle in their FOREIGN policy but some how they are NEVER CALLED RACIST!! The “CANDIDATES” of the DEMON RATS were talking about it on stage calling it a CLIMATE RELATED DISASTER!!!

  10. Heck yes, get US out of the United Nothings.(UN) and the United Nothings out of our country. I think they would do quite well in one of those marvelous Muslim countries. I’d love to see UN diplomats break every law on the books somewhere else, I’m sure they would be treated a bit differently than they are here.
    The UN is always quick to attack US, but always have their collective hands out when they need funding or help.


  12. I know the USA pays a lot to the UN. What do we get in return from them? Is it worth it? Can we live without it? What are the alternatives?

    • What you got was a security council vote authorizing the from both the security council and general assembly to defend Kuwait from Iraq. Pappy Bush played his cards right. I think in my 63 years it is the only legal war I have seen this country fight.

  13. II totaly agree that the Unoted STate of AMerida should get out of the UN and tell them to move their headquarters out of the Unoted State.

  14. We do need to stay in just because we have veto power. We do need to move.their headquarters to a muslim country. In a muslim country if the delegates get stupid and break their laws they would be punished their way.

    • I agree with Vincent Lovely that we should remain in the UN so we will know exactly what they are planning. However, we should maintain our veto power. We should pay only our FAIR share and tell the UN that they need to move their headquarters to another country. The move will relieve NYC budget, free parking and a host of other priviledges that UN members take for granted.

  15. The only good,thing about the dem terrorists that are in office is that most of them are old and they will die soon. The sooner the better.

  16. The UN is not an America friendly organization, in fact, it’s more of an enemy than a friend. If I were Trump I would drop kick their asses out of the US and force them to move their headquarters back over to Europe, where they belong! Thinking about it, I wonder how deep the UN is in the pockets of George Soros?

  17. I second the motion of responder Lago Manny. The sooner the U.S. leaves the U.N., sells the U.N. building, and the U.N. moves out of the U.S. the better it will be for us all. The organization is totally Satanic and globalist.

  18. We should absolutely pull out of the UN they only want to rule the planet with their outlandish laws and resolutions. They should all go home to wherever that came from abortion any way you look at it is still murder as far as I’m concerned and I may not be the most religious person out here but I do know right from wrong.

  19. We should pull out of the UN and then boot the rest of them out of the country. They have outlived their purpose. If the remain intact let them set up in a middle east country since they love the Muslims so much.

  20. It MAY not be such a BAD idea to CONTINUE to be a “THORN in their side” by staying in. ALSO: make the REST of those “DEADBEATS” pay their fair share. And, charge them exorbitant RENT for their building in NYC for housing those REPROBATES. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA Keep America GREAT AGAIN).

  21. Get us out of the UN the UN has caused wars and got the United States in to UN winnable conflicts
    They Hate us but use us and abuse us get out now and kick there asses out of the United States

  22. The UN has been Useless for decades, expects the US to fund and supply soldiers for their causes but what do they do for the US? When they put countries like China, Saudi Arabia, or even Iran on human rights communities- then accuse America of human rights violations for putting Illegals into detention Centers (btw the UN has refugee detention centers around the globe with far worse conditions) Why should we continue to be involved with these fools? This organization was begun to keep world peace following WWII and during the cold war, so both are now done and the need for the UN is questionable.
    NO, I say get out. The fact is, if America were attacked or in need, we have no reason to believe these so-called woke globalist fools would do a dang thing to help us- they have shown time and again their level of disdain for us and we spend way more than all those other liberal idiots who talk a good game yet do not pay their own UN bills. Let them go- think of the funds we can save. And if the US wants to help around the globe we are more then capable of doing so without daddy UN telling us what to do. Just like the American people are a better judge of what to do with our own money in regards to charity than giving it to any of these Dems to steal it and lie to us about what they will spend it on.

  23. The old League Of Nations failed, albeit a bit more quickly than the United Nations. Some of the ideals sought were a lot less achievable than had been hoped. The United Nations has also proven to be less beneficial to the United States than the early proponents had expected ; in spite of our having tried to set it up with better rules. Equal value in votes by small countries allowed them to not be overwhelmed in the sessions, but pressures upon them by certain countries still often pulled them back under the controls of those certain countries quite opposite in ideals from those of America. Eventual veto powers granted to Security Council members China and the Soviet Union (now Russia) have worked severely against the USA on many critical occasions. Member nations of the U.N. and several other protective groups (NATO, etc.) have leaned on America to carry the heaviest burdens both of military actions and the financial costs involved. Our current President, Donald Trump, has now insisted upon those countries contributing more toward their own defenses, both financially and militarily. Diplomatic immunity has been abused by smuggling forbidden articles into the US inside diplomatic cases. Also incidents have occurred during which persons have abused traffic laws, and some others, including sexual assault. The United Nations is not very much of a “friend” to the USA. We should divorce ourselves from the U.N., kick the U.N. out of the U.S., and use that expensive piece of real estate for some much more worthy cause —- benefitting the United States Of America !!!

    • Tom Streets; You have stated our reality quite well. Thank you. Believe it or not, I have personally felt the abuse Diplomatic immunity can prevent US citizens from seeking justice. A car accident was cause by some diplomats from another country and they were not held accountable for the damage they caused . Nor were they held responsible for the damage caused to my personal property as well. So I can only imagine what other horrors they have smugly gotten away with.
      As a child, I can remember one of our field trips, from school, was to the United Nations. I remember the pride I felt when looking at all the flags flying outside and our teacher telling us these countries all represented countries working together for the benefit of the world. And how we all should feel proud that the United States housed this great institution. Well, we all know what follows pride according to the bible, don’t we?
      If we are carrying more than 60% of the expense for the UN then we must have it removed from the US immediately. You can not buy loyalty. We already know who are true allies are and shouldn’t be held hostage by those others.

      • You mean like the ambassadors wife who ran over the kid on his motorcycle then high tailed it back to US. Guess turn about is fair play.

        • Jack: I never said it was fake news. Where in my very short comment to you did I even imply that? But what happened, it’s not tit for tat. Wrong is wrong whoever is committing the crime. I was only expressing my personal experience. But I’ve read your comments on other stories( and here) and it’s quite obvious you are a Democratic that hates President Trump. So I just can’t understand why you will come on this Conservative site in the first place and then attack others? What purpose does it serve? Most are just ignoring you. But I am entitled to defend myself when you showed hostility towards me when I was only replying to another’s comment.

          • Linda I am going to surprise you just for you I actually voted for tRUMP in both the primary and in the general

            However I had my reasons and it is paying off in spades ♠️.

        • No she meant like Matthew Broderick who killed two women in a head on collision in Ireland and got away scott free. Anther leftist democrat celebrity that enjoys lecturing the rest of us. Do as I say not as I do.

        • Jack: Your outward hatred for Trump is quite apparent in your postings. Especially your childish( sorry for the name calling. But it’s true) way of showing it by typing his name tRUMP. So I truly do not know what you meant by your comment you had your reasons for voting FOR Trump and it’s paying off in spades. And frankly I don’t give a damn. I just can not tolerate the total disrespect shown to our sitting president at every turn. For no reason. I grew up in the era when you showed respect for your parents, grown ups, the authorities and especially our president . And believe me Jack, that was not easy at times .I served under one that I hated. I saw MANY a president come and go and some of them made me sick to my stomach. And most recently examples have been Clinton and Obama. BUT I still showed respect for their position. Publicly, at least. But I made SURE I voted and hoped they would be replaced. The Democratic party has made it their mission to be as hateful and spiteful as possible and support the most insane policies (abortions to name one) ever. And block Trump at every turn. And yet people like you follow them blindly just because you hate Trump because of his personality flaws . And what has it accomplished?? Costing the tax payers millions on their constant witch hunts and now the impeachment of Trump. Brilliant!!
          Well, at least for now, this still is the United States of America and you are most certainly entitled to your opinions. But I just wish you would find another forum to spew your hate there. And if you could, stop centering me out to vent on. Please? I’m too old to deal with this s***. But I will if need be.. Thank you.

  24. If Trump pulls the US out of the UN we don’t have to worry about the UN getting out of America because when Trump pulls us out and quits giving our money to them they will fold like a busted poker hand, the UN exist on taxpayers money, we fund the building pay all utilities, taxes and other bills, what country do you think will pick up the burden of financing the UN like America has done? that’s why the UN will go like an over rated TV series, cancelled.

  25. Our immigrant father taught us to love and be willing to die for our God, country and future wife. The 3 of us went to New York Military Academy (so did Trump) and two became commissioned officers (USMA’56 and Norwich University’60)
    At NYMA I was taught to revere and fear God and to have the Bulldog tenacity of Stonewall Jackson … I believe Trump received the same wisdom and instructions.
    Keep praying for our administration.
    Prayer is work but it works.

  26. The UN is mostly a bunch of Muslim Countries that hate us with a passion … most of the other countries are moochers that are unfit to even be call ed a country ! We should throw the UN out of the USA !

  27. The UN is basically is anti-american and votes 95 pct against our interests. It bills us billions of dollars
    for useless and unnecessary costs for the running of the UN, it provides nothing we need and most we
    don’t in the case of hundreds of spies and diplomats who misuse our laws and actually get away with
    murder in our name. Dump the UN and give them 2 years to go some where else to sell their New
    World Order ideas. Cancel all requirements applied to this country and its citizens supported by the UN
    and turn the UN building and grounds into a law rent housing for the poor. AMF.

  28. Maybe I will get flamed, But I have always felt that you cannot fight and create change from the outside looking in. Many of you have commented on how the U.N. is anti- American and fights to defeat American efforts, well what would happen if they didn’t have to because we weren’t there? On the other side of the issue I 100% agree that the U.N. needs to be totally gone from the USA. Let some other country(s) support their lavish events and the lifestyles of the delegates, especially the ones from the so-called Third World. Diplomatic Immunity, no taxes, no rent, and the list goes on. It’s all total BS. The U.N. is one of the biggest PROBLEMS this planet faces going forward.

  29. Did anyone ever hear about rubbers? Abortion problem solved. Oh! I think we should seriously defund the UN, and if we stay only pay a small portion. Or possibly get a free ride since we just about funded it since its start. Remember the old saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We definitely do not want to be blindsided.

  30. Hell! I’ve been promoting getting out of the UN for decades. It seem that the UN is in direct conflict with the free and open society we try and promote in our country. They want to be in charge and everyone to bend a knee to their bull!

  31. sexual and reproductive “health” is not conducive with “KILLING BABIES”. reproduce means what it says, and not meant for the democrooks killing pleasure. the U N has been sucking us dry of funds to promote baby killing world wide, we should not be in that business. if a person wants to kill their offspring, why bother having them in the first place, and then expect people like me to shell out the cash for such a dastardly practice, NO WAY ! tell the U N to take their sick group somewhere else, and cease and desist the funding of them. we CANNOT buy friends. if they can’t do for themselves, try a different system of governing. ours may not be perfect, but it’s a sight better than any other system in this world.

  32. I agree let’s get out of the UN and withdrawal from all international treaties.

    We don’t need the rest of the world let’s just isolate ourselves here in North America cut all trade and ties with the rest of the world.

    After all they are all communist over there and terrorist. They sure are not red blooded Americans. Right

    • There are currently 47 terrorist countries in the U.N. so yeah it would be a really good idea to get out of the U.N. and not give them any money.

  33. As for leaving the UN, no. There must be some sane reasonable voice at this community of nations; let it be America who stands up with courage and fortitude for the dignity and sanctity of life.

    • Bob, if you believe there is any “sane reasonable” voice at the UN, you are delusional. The UN was created to keep peace in the world and prevent another world war. It has done a miserable job of keeping the peace and mostly exists now to put down the United States and Israel. We need to save some of our money and pull out of the UN. Let the organization set up shop in some 7th century middle eastern country.


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