The UN just got caught red-handed in a New World Order plot that will terrify you


The United Nations has no regard for U.S. sovereignty.

Their entire agenda is against the values America was founded on.

And they just got caught red-handed in a New World Order plot that will terrify you.

Around the world, the UN has assisted in disarming lawful citizens with their “Small Arms Treaty.”

Thankfully, President Trump removed the signature John Kerry signed on the disastrous treaty.

But apparently, the UN isn’t done trying to take away the firearms sovereignty Americans enjoy.

New job listings on the UN’s website are looking for Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration officers for their New York office.

Their duties include planning the implementation of widespread disarmament on U.S. soil.

The Truth About Guns reports:

The United Nations has a lot of job openings listed on their UN Careers website. Among the job listings is this one: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration officers who will work under the UN’s Department of Peace Operations throughout the world. Including, apparently, in the United States.

The job listing for the position mentions a duty station as the UN’s New York City headquarters.

“This position is located in the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Section of the Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions (OROLSI), within the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) in New York. New York is classified as a hardship “H” duty station and family duty station. The incumbent reports to and is under the overall supervision of the DDR Section Chief.”

How does the UN describe the mission of a Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration officer? Just what it sounds like.

“Acts as a Focal Point for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) components for two to three missions, responsible for planning, support to implementation and evaluation;”

The UN is pushing this while operating their headquarters on U.S. soil, and with massive amounts of funding from the United States.

In fact, no country gives even close to the amount the U.S. does to the UN every year.

22% of the UN’s budget comes from U.S. taxpayers, with the closest country only paying half what the U.S. pays.

Do you think the United States should stop funding the United Nations?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I’m not happy with Trump because he has not done anything about the U.N.
    We should pull out of that organization immediately, and give them no more money.
    We are giving money to an organization so they can have 16 year old kids lecture us on climate change.

  3. Defund this SATANIC organization, take back all the properties and diplomatic standings, close down all the buildings and require them to vacate the property in New York or buy the property and be subject to all the laws and taxes of the state of New York and of the United States. Do not give any diplomats associated with the UN any immunity or preferential treatment. They must pay for the security of their property and not use any foreign military armed or unarmed to provide security in this country.

  4. too bad NYC & NYS politicians are so far left, or they would evict the UN, confiscate the land and use the space for some more suitable and useful purpose – and there is so much need for such valuable space in NYC.

  5. Joseph Morgan SR; Absolutely correct!! But I do not support pulling out of the UN, as Uncle Hoppy suggested. We must be kept in the loop of their devious actions. I do want them OFF US soil though. They have no right overwriting our laws and more importantly our Constitution.

  6. Just last November, a little boy was killed by a pitbull. It would not have happened if someone had shot the creature before it attacked!

  7. Linda M. I agree with you totally, and Trump will not allow them to succeed in disarming us, that will not happen, he has much on his plate and has had all along but, he has made it quite clear how he feels about this !

  8. And you are the BIGGEST THREAT to being level-headed You sound like you hate this country, then leave it forever and ever, AMEM, you IDIOT.

  9. President Trump needs to send the UN an eviction notice. Give them 45 days to get out of the US. And, by the way, the US should not give the Useless Ninnies another cent. Oh – and all the non-US citizens employed by the UN need to get the eviction notice too.

  10. You’re lousy speller but I wonder how the U.N. would make Americans turn over their guns.
    For the life of me, I can’t figure out how they would pull that off.

  11. A prime requisite for the U.N. Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration officer is the ability to run faster than a speeding bullet!

  12. The U.N. has slowly been taking over things in the U.S. for many years. we have been giving more power to them. I believe it was Clinton who turned over the National Parks to the U.N. I have believed for many years we should kick them out of the U.S. They are a corrupt body with one world agenda. They want to tell all countries how they can live. The one world government would be rules by the wealthy like George Soros and other crazies.

  13. I have always wanted the U.S. to kick the U.N. out of the U.S. . This and them wanting the Representative of Iran to come to New York with his spies is ANOTHER reason. GET OUT STOP PAYING PEOPLE THAT HATE.

  14. Throw the UN out of the USA … and we do not need to give them a damned dime ! Their presents are a drain on us and their ambassadors break our laws at will knowing they will be awarded immunity !

  15. We should have gotten the UN out of the US years ago. Thankfully, we now have a president that can now do that, and he should do it ASAP.

  16. EEUU needs to stop funding UN and do not allow to keep their headquarters in our soil, we must reject their wicked agenda against us and to prohibe Americans to participate en sus evils plans. IT IS TREASON AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY IN OUR OWN LAND.

  17. The United States must get out of the UN and get the UN out of the United States- first stop all funding. Then tell the other countries to take their act elsewhere.

  18. I’ve thought for years that we should get out of the UN, kick them out of America and rent their building out as either office space or apartments for Americans. As an organization they hate this country and are bleeding us dry. Also, if they want to disarm American citizens, they’ll regret it.


  20. I would love to accept a position with the UN. Then I would use my death taser on them. I am too old now to do anything like that, but, I can wish it! lol

  21. I agree Ken Love. They have been using black helicopters for years to spy on us. It is dangerous to allow them to remain in our country and we are stupid to allow them to remain.

  22. there is NO such thing as “united nations”..They operate under that moniker to fool the idiots into thinking we live on a “united” planet..All the young “mush for brains” liberals who have been co-opted by their communist teachers really swallow that garbage..World history (if told honestly) makes it quite clear that “nations” have NEVER been united (at least not willingly) War has (usually) been the result of one nations interference with the sovereign rights of others. There is NO WAY I will EVER surrender my constitutional rights to ANYONE…

  23. Hey jack if you won’t stand up for the US then get you chicken ???? butt out of here we only need those who are not so yellow and will fight.

  24. Most definitely they should not be funded by us. They’ve been a disaster from the beginning. Granted they’ve done some good. Not enough to warrant their existence. A noble idea that’s been corrupted.

  25. For the U.S. to fund the U. N. Is criminal. Those allowing this should be deported along with all illegals.


    In his book, “Soros on Soros” he writes, “I do not accept the rules imposed by others… in periods of regime change, the normal rules don’t apply. Soros said, “Next to my fantasies about being God, I also have very strong fantasies of being mad. Or, “I Am A God, I Created Everything, I control America and Hillary Clinton.” And let us not forget his worst statement though probably the most telling, “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work.”


  28. The President should drop out of the United Nations, it is the biggest sad joke ever. We Americans pay to keep it running, of course we pay the most money, our taxes at work. New Yorkers pay for extra police to protect their embassy. Take a minute to think, if they were productive, there would be no problems between countries. Also, who elected them to tell us how to run our country? Do they tell the mid Eastern countries, China etc. Not to abused their people? Do they confirm dictators for abusing their people. Has anyone heard from them about pollution in many of those countries.

  29. Kick the U.N. OUT OF THE U.S.A. We dont need them to tell us how to run our country. Bad enough we have the dumbocRATS trying to destroy us from inside our country

  30. The UN needs to be removed from this country because they are a bunch of do nothing hellbent on destroying America from within. They consist of antisemitism and being a threat against our sovereignty. They also back the demonrat communist party. That alone makes them a threat. TRUMP/PENCE2020

  31. The US needs to make the UN headquarters move to another Country. The US should Cut funding to nato and the UN by 50% or no more than their second largest donor.I think Donald Trump for exposing the fact that US taxpayers have been on the hook for most other countries. Also the un is pushing a fake global warming agenda man made that is. They keep setting dates and when the clock runs out they start over again.

  32. does this also mean they will now take illegals out of NY to ? I mean after all their here illegally and our law saids they can’t stay and you can own guns if your not that stupid and break our laws . I carried for over 40 years now and never robbed or shoot up any school or church . iam not that stupid . there will be open wrs bebor this is over and you can thank the democrats for that .

  33. I hope the UN tries this. They would be putting armed non citizens on us soil. That is called invasion. I would be surprised if any of those “officers” return to their office. Japan rejected invading the US because of the consequences. Very little has changed.

  34. The United States does not need to be in the UN any longer. It’s time for the UN to go. We the People should get out of the UN and kick them out of our country. Stop paying them any money, we have supported them long enough. Its past time we stop giving our hard earned tax dollars away. Get out now and stay out.

  35. I’ve been hearing this hiring in New York crap for a while is disturbing.time to go to the armory and buy another nice toy!

  36. That office in NEW York needs to be SHUT Down, ALL assets SEIZED, and ANY diplomat working in the U.S. in this office for the sole purpose of DISARMAMENT be taken into CUSTODY. They need to be declared SUBVERSIVE to the Sovereignty of the U.S., Their VISA SEIZED and CANCELLED, and removed from the country PERMANENTLY. When the U.S. says that our SOVEREIGNTY will not be OVERRIDDEN by the UN or ANY OTHER entity, we should mean it. The UN needs to be reined in PERMANENTLY, and STOP all $$$ going to the UN until they MEET our DEMANDS (NOT a request). Enough is ENOUGH! Any U.S. politician going along with this should be HANDCUFFED and removed from office PERMANENTLY, charged with TREASON and SEDITION, Section 3 Article 3 of the U.S. Constitution and sent to PRISON immediately with NO chance of parole. This is SERIOUS business. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  37. I think the UN was at one time an important instrument of peace among nations but lately it has become a place of bureaucratic nest where every country with very few exceptions are not contributing their fair share, this has continued for years where the United States has became their main support at the backs of the citizens of the United States, this cannot continue and if other countries are not collaborating with their part of the cost, the United States should withdraw from that institution that after all it has become nothing but a white elephant that does nothing and is extremely expensive to maintain.

  38. Well if you remember Obama gave them the right to oversee elections in this country. That was outrageous but I didn’t hear any complaints
    Trump was right all along. Dump the UN into the East River. This is our country you Globalist scumbags.

  39. Totally defund the United Nazi’s and that means every program to include the World Bank and all of its subsidiary operations. Then charge the United Nazis what everyone else in NYC pays for their Gas and Electric Utility to include Water and Sewer. If they fail to pay any bill within 30 days it is due, shut all utilities off. Revoke their Diplomatic Immunity as a mater of course and gradually force them out of the US and off of US Soil.

  40. Some one needs to start a petition to pull out of the UN and also remove them from the USA. I would but do not know how, but I will damn sure sign it. We need to get a petition to President Trump to do this. I am not the best on computer knowledge but like I said I will sign it and help all I can.

    The democrats are using the UN to help in gun control.

    It is costing the tax payers too much money and going against our Constitution.

  41. Sorry but if we dump the UN and throw them out of our country totally. Confiscate every thing in our country that they own to reimburse the American people for a little of what they have been steeling from us, take this money and the money we have been wasting on them and use it to improve life for Americans they will go bankrupt. Without us they are a toothless rabid dog .

  42. We ALL know where this is heading.
    The reality, tho abhorrent, is to prepare for the worst and pray for the best!

  43. The UN has become a toy of the Global Order group that wants to rule the world and to hell with the individual nations. Time to shut them down and get the building back into a productive status for American benefit. The UN has too many crooks and deceptive morons now. Nobody listens to them any more and they are costing us a ton of tax dollars and then we have to listen to them belittle us.

  44. GET US OUT OF THE UN NOW! Send the head office from NY to the worst place in Africa and see how many show up for work the next day. THAT will show you how “usefull” the UN is when “NO ONE” shows up!

  45. Cut off the money to the United Nazis and they have NO global agenda.But you better drain the swamp too and hang each and every idiot who has thru the UN implemented any unconstitutional stipulations against the people of America. ESPECIALLY the gun grabbing heathen (obo)who helped institute them.

  46. Cut off the money to the United Nazis and they have NO global agenda.But you better drain the swamp too and hang each and every idiot who has thru the UN implemented any unconstitutional stipulations against the people of America. ESPECIALLY the gun grabbing heathen (obo)who helped institute them.

  47. The Benefits and support of the U.N. has never been in favor of the United States.I have never supported being afilliated with the U.N. and never will.Time to pull the plug

  48. Move the UN to Brussels or to Vatican City. Remove our Funding if other nations don’t pay timely and their fair share. Demand that the UN not interfere with the US Constitution & Bill of Rights by promoting organizations, activities on US Soil, Press, or Governmental Activities contrary to the Constitution & Bill of Rights or the USA will withdraw from the Organization. Tear down the United Nations building as there are likely so many spying devices built into the building that the risk is greater than maintaining it as a governmental office building for the US Government and Agencies.

  49. Defund the UN now!!! They are a terrorist organization! They want world control and have for a long time!

  50. Time to leave the U.N. We don’t need them, and why should we give any organization that doesn’t like our culture any money? Trying to take our culture away is Tyranny!

  51. We have an epidemic of spies in the USA, because of the UN.
    Tell the UN to get out of the USA, and Make America Great Again.
    The USA should Only fund the proportionate share “not one cent more”

  52. I think comments above cover my thoughts on the UN. The League of Nations did not work. Apparently, the UN has fallen into a similar state. Withdraw our membership, close the doors, send members home use our dollars for worthwhile causes that don’t harm us.

  53. You guys do realize that President Trump does not have “all authority”. Why do you think so many things President Trump wants to do has been handed to the courts. The do nothing Democrats and Rhinos are constantly blocking him at every turn. If you really want President Trump to have the options that you want him to have (as I do also) then vote the people out of congress who keeps so many of these things hung up in court!

  54. You guys do realize that President Trump does not have “all authority”. Why do you think so many things President Trump wants to do has been handed to the courts. The do nothing Democrats and Rhinos are constantly blocking him at every turn. If you really want President Trump to have the options that you want him to have (as I do also) then vote the people out of congress who keeps so many of these things hung up in court!

  55. We have to vote republican. Let’s hope they will not give the UN so much power as the Dems have. If Hillary had been elected we would all be disarmed by now. We the people have power. We need to realize that the powers that be only will do what we allow.

  56. Do what thye left does. Send folks down to their office photo all job applicants and post on line.

  57. Remove our UN funding and re-direct the money toward something useful? Wow! What a concept! Has anyone mentioned this brilliant idea to our politicians?

  58. Haha! Great point!
    Satan is still an angel of darkness! We need the kind that brings light and exposes the UN for what it really is! Loved your comment!

  59. Uncle Hoppy-Go ahead and be unhappy with Trump. It is your funeral. Trump has only had three years in the presidency.He cannot, nor can ANY president achieve EVERYTHING in just three years. Can you not be happy with the astounding job he has done so far? He will take care of the UN in time. He has already expressed displeasure with the UN and Pelosi and Company fights him every step of the way. If you think YOU can do a better job, start campaigning for the job and see how far you get with being stopped every inch of the way. It is getting to the point where I think that why do we even have a president as the entire congress, Hollywood elite, sports idiots, LGBTQ and many American citizens think THEY are the president. God, your response absolutely disgusts me. You need to learn how to think before you respond to anything and that goes for the rest of you that think you know better and you know whom you are. Now, are you going to fess up and be good?

  60. I certainly agree with this previous comment “America needs to pull out of the UN and kick their headquarters out of New York!”
    Why should American fund this worthless organization; all through the years the UN has accomplished little or nothing.

    Dr. Demento

  61. The United States of America is, in fact, an exceptional country. It stands out in history as
    a nation where the people are the final Sovereign Power. Through most of history, and even
    in recent history, this is not what a majority of the world’s nations understand and recognize
    NOW. That is not to mention the influence of the radical Islamist are gaining in the UN. It
    is also the reason for the Security Counsel. They don’t want an armed populace in their countries
    for obvious reasons. The left-wing, government adoring, loonies in THIS country don’t want an
    armed populace. This is also for obvious reasons, citing the mess in Virginia is a good example.
    We the people simply can not allow this to happen.

    However, I have said for years that the U.N. should be re-located off U.S. shores for the simple
    reason that it became a hot bed of espionage the minute it opened in San Francisco, and now,
    New York. I am thinking Iceland, Bermuda, or the Azores; they are islands, which would restrict
    the “diplomatic” personnel dramatically. As long as we have the veto on the Security Council, we
    can stop this. The problem is yielding, or bowing, to the left-wing loonies in this country that don’t
    want to recognize the lessons of history regarding how totalitarian regimes have operated, AND the
    cost of ignoring that.

  62. The UN is angling to become the One World Government. They have built camps in remote areas of the US to house those who fight the disarmament. The Democrats know that US soldiers will not attack their own so the UN is standing by.

  63. Its funny how the people at the top have their ears to all the posts and take one or two and repeat them at will for their own end…but then thats as far as it goes. It gets dropped and dragged and dragged and dragged untill its no longer relevant or the other side can pull something to wipe it from Americas minds. They keep saying its not a game…but nothing EVER gets fixed. WHY? No one ever goes to jail ….at least no one youve ever heard of in the real world. Theyve known this was coming for many many years. I read it in documents when I was young. How can they possibly say they didnt know? How can there possibly be no proof? Its smelling more and more like a big pile of pig manure. And they just keep saying next what they know we want to hear , to keep playing us off.

  64. They know very well whats going on and they know very well what people want in real life…yet…….

  65. I must agree with Mr. Balls. But I would also offer this suggestion…Moe the UN headquarters to Antarctica “the world peace established site” then only fund the average amount paid to the UN by Our country. I do not advocate removal of private arms. In history no country that allowed the people to have arms has ever been a dictatorship.

  66. Jack…This country lost many good men and women to keep you free so make use of that freedom and Get the hell out now before someone accidently runs you over with a truck. You might need to use a dictionary program for your post.

  67. I agree. Get out. Throw our the UN and sell the land to a developer for new taxes.
    The UN is the most anti-American insitution on the planet. Long live self- determination and national sovereignty. Long live our Constitution and our democratic republic. Shut that Godless totalitarian hole down

  68. Absolutely! Maybe we should stop paying taxes until we see an accounting of where every damn cent goes. We Americans work hard for our money, we don’t want to fund the UN, and so we should have some say.

  69. It has over time mediated many peaceful resolves to conflicts. It is the only place each country can voice its concerns be whatever that is. Whether other countries care or not is unimportant. What is important is a venue for all nations to have a means to speak to the world. To dismiss the UN is to dismiss open discussion and creates a closed isolated world. The US is just one of many and the richest of those our financial obligation should be greater. However, there should be a more equitable bases perhaps using the GAP of GDP for each country’s share.

  70. Lets put some blame where its suppose to be or where it came from? Previous liberal regimes that have bowed down to the world. Check some of the things Trumps has done or attempting to do regarding making changes with the UN. Have you noticed the Liberals don’t back him and spend so much time with frivolous money wasting things like the Impeachment based on no real crime. Yes it is time to get rid of the UN or get them in line for what they are suppose to be doing? I’m really disgusted with the UN and the liberals!!!!

  71. Sounds like you have been in the koolaid again? I’m not sure you are able to or can open up your mind. I would like to see your reaction if someone where to attack you and someone came to your aid and was armed, and saved you.
    Also as a combat veteran I hope you read R Taylor’s comment, although I’m sure you will not have the slightness idea of what he means and your freedom to spout off like an idiot.

  72. What do you have against Antarctica?? It’s beautiful and peaceful, unlike the UN. Move them to the middle of the hottest desert.

  73. jack, you are EXTREMELY sick and a LIAR!!!!!! You are also a traitor and need to be locked up. You are very dangerous. Since you hate this country so much, MOVE to the commie or muslim country of your choice. You will have no freedom, but you do not deserve any. And PLEASE take an English course. You are an idiot!!! You don’t even know the difference between “secede” and “succeed”.

  74. jackass, it is people like YOU who are the biggest threat to world peace!!!!! And there WILL be peace when Jesus returns. TOTAL PEACE. But you won’t be around to enjoy it, as only those who belong to Him will be here. You will join your master satan in Hell where there will NEVER be peace

  75. The UN is very dangerous. They are a satanic organization and want total control over us as do the dems and the muslims. All three take their orders from satan and will lose. God and those who belong to Him will win in the end

  76. david, that may have been true years ago, but the UN now is extremely corrupt and anti-American. We owe them NOTHING!!!!!

  77. Betty, yes, they are very dangerous. But they are satanic. They cannot fight God and win. The One World Government will be when Jesus returns to rule. Then there will be total peace

  78. The UN needs to be made to abide by the laws of the United States, and held acountable for obeying the Constitution of the United States while operating on United States of America soil, or made to leave this country, taking all military personnel and equipment with them, and if they do not agree to abide by this, then all UN personnel should be treated as an invasion force and handled accordinly.

  79. The American people need to comondere the property and drive the enemy’s of America into the sea right down the street. Then establish their own rules for radicals.

  80. It’s time Trump pulled America out of the UN permanently and threw them off American soil. Let them open their global offices somewhere that wants global rule, we dont. It will save us a while lot of money by not finding the UN. We pay the most to them. Time to stop. Get rid of them ASAP.

  81. Thanks Paul. I thought about poor ol’ Jack’s lack of proficiency in the English language. Wish the UN would secede, and after doing so and having no power they would just fade into history. Ignorant, foolish Jack has a problem sounding smart. He lacks that credential.

  82. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  83. Remember the UN is a means to voice each nations concerns. Just because there are media elements such as Culture Watch owners of this information site who have an agenda that suits their particular political view of the world doesn’t make this article anymore valid than one that spells out nothing but sweat harmony of the UN. There’s to much anger and hatred in this country now and media sites such as this one Culture Watch have found a way to make money by tapping into that hatred and attracting readership with hate articles like this one. I like to add a fresh unbiased comment. Due to my reasoning and subsequent comments conflicting with the owners agenda I have been removed from several biased hate mongering sites. I suspect the same will occur with this one to soon. Don’t believe every thing you read.

  84. I couldn’t agree more. We don’t need them, they need us so they can be funded. We pay the bulk of their funding so let them try to function without us.
    They have no right to dictate to this country about guns, or for that matter about anything.
    KICK THEM THE HELL OUT and pull out of all their agreements and see how much longer they will function,

  85. When the U.N. Was founded, it did a lot of good. But unfortunately, they let in too many nations that turned it 180 degrees away from its original intended purpose. While I do agree that they need to move their quarters eksewhere, I do not think we should pull out, nor should we give up our position in the security council. I say this for two reasons. 1. The organization needs balance, and also the hope that maybe we can help restore it to its original purpose. And 2. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The sad thing for me personally about the move is that the U.N. Used to be a favourite hangout for me when I was in NY. I loved the idea of all nations coming together in peace, and was naive enough to think it would always be that way. And I love learning about other cultures, their cuisine, their customs, and the way they dress. It’s so tragic that an organization that once promoted international understanding has now gone to the extreme of trying to decimate each nation’s sovereignty under a one-worid dictator.

  86. The United Nation does what their name implies. They unite nations against America. Now they ask Americans for funding just so they can screw us with our own money. Why don’t we do the logical thing and kick them out.

  87. Throw them out? Yes
    Sell the building to developers? Definitely not.
    The UN building should be converted to a facility to help homeless veterans. It should have an outpatient clinic, job training facilities, and apartments for veterans use until they can support themselves.

  88. Abolish the UN. Started as a good idea but became unmeasurably corrupt. No accountability. Cut all funding and introduce merit based designation. Impossible

  89. Need to let every man, woman or whoist that sign up for the UN confiscation gun squad that they are taking their life in their own hands because no red blooded American will meekly hand over their guns, so try to take our guns at your own risk

  90. Throw these Commies out of NYC.Renovate the building and convert to condos offices and stores.They can move to Tehran.

  91. Pat: Please forgive me for interjecting on your comment to Uncle Hoppy. But all he was expressing was his disappointment in President Trump not following through with his claim about doing something concerning the situation with the UN. Not that he feels Trump isn’t a good president. Heaven knows congress (the demon party) has done nothing but disrupt and try to block Trump at every turn, these past three years. Or even before Trump became our sitting president! They have made it their mission to destroy our great nation and they truly felt that evil woman Clinton was going to be our next president.So when Trump won the elections fair and square, that really set their evil plan back.
    I don’t care if a Leftist is running for dog catcher, vote against them!! Vote for a true Republican in any position. We must take control back in congress and hopefully we will finally see justice for great country. GOD bless President Trump and our great nation!!! Thank you.

  92. That is a great ideal, because they are the ones that are being kicked to the street when they lose their job and homes, they are the only real people that are fighting for our country.

  93. That is absolutely true, everything that he has tried to do has been blocked by the democrats, if we don’t get the democrats out of office we are going to completely drown, everything is underwater right now, and the only thing we can do to be saved is put GOD first and vote the democrats out…even if President Trump is voted back in this year, and we don’t get the democrats out, it will be the very same thing in another 4 years….God First in everything that we do…

  94. You will never straighten the UN out, they all are working to destroy us, when our own people of America is taking up for the Muslim’s and lsIs and bringing them in taking what should be for our military personnel, and other Americans, look at them destroying the bigger cities, and the democrats are paying them to do it, I think George Soros has opened up his banking account to the democrats to pay these people to destroy us, they are being voted into the government office’s and very blatantly talk about killing President Trump, and the National security is doing NOTHING about it. We have to vote them out and try to get all republicans in..

  95. Chuck-I agree. The UN should get out of town, so to speak. The buildings they used would be great to house the homeless, but, something I just found out is as with the Federal buildings that are no longer used do no belong to them. They did not buy them and leased them instead which is probably what the UN did, too. If they leased them, only the real owners can do something about that. I bet they won’t because they want the income from a new renter or “leaser”. I just thought I would put this out there for everyone. This is a very sad situation, though.

  96. Jack that just goes to show that you are a complete idiot, and you need to go live in one of the Muslim countries, have you ever even opened a BIBLE??? There is never going to be peace on this earth until Jesus comes back and in the mean time we Americans are suppose to stand up against people like you, our enemies, just like God did.. you are and enemy to the US, when you like in any country, you are supposed to stand up for your own country, and if you don’t, you like all the democrats should be tried for TREASON..

  97. Linda M-I appreciate your response. I still feel the way that I expressed to Uncle Hoppy. I am for Trump-very deeply and am appalled by what is happening. You do not know that I spent about 8 months doing heavy research into our government and the people in office. What I found out would curl your hair. Most people do not know what the real truth is nor do they know what really happened nor is happening. For instance, Nancy Pelosi, when she became an adult (about the time JFK was still alive) and her father was also alive. Her father was deeply involved in the Mafia. That is how she learned how to be and do criminal activity. When Nancy became an adult she got involved in human trafficking and still is today which is only one source of her income. That should explain why she wants open borders along with other Democrats. What they do to kidnapped babies and children made me vomit when I found out. I won’t go into disgusting details. I also have many, many reports on the backgrounds of those sitting congresspeople that shows that over half of them also have criminal backgrounds. The point here is, I know too much, enough that I can legally go and shut all of them down. I am waiting for the right time to do that. I also want everyone to know not to give up hope. There is something wonderful happening that we will all hear about in the near future. It will shock the Dem’s to the core. Now, I stand by my response to Uncle Hoppy because others will also read it and then think deeper and see something they did not think about before. I love Donald Trump and worked my fingers to the bone, so to speak, fighting FOR him. I had to step away from that work for a short while because I was at my computer up to 12 to 14 hours a day and it was really getting to me to where I had to put a note attached to my computer that said “breathe” and “smile”. What Uncle Hoppy said got to me and I had to respond not that it makes me feel any better. Thank you for your response.

  98. Pat: I can only IMAGINE the horrors you have learned concerning the demon party and GOD bless you for all your efforts in exposing it!!!
    I have to admit, when Obama was voted into office, twice, I never knew how evil and devious this American hater was! Until I heard some of his comments. Especially stating he hated this country. When Trump became our new president, I said “thank GOD” and all will be right now. Again, never fully understanding how deeply implanted the demon party has gotten into our freedoms, thus pushing for our great country becoming part of the NWO. And still are. Soros? I never heard of him either until these passed 3 years. But in my defense, as all as I have been alive, I have NEVER witnessed such dirty tactics the demon part has used, over and over again. I don’t think anyone was aware of the demon parties corruption. Until President Trump came into office. I can remember when the Democratic party did represent the people of the US. But those days are LONG over!
    Well, Pat I can only HOPE and PRAY what you wrote comes true. Because I do not want to lose our great nation . And of course you are entitled to your opinion. But I truly feel Uncle Hoppy didn’t mean to disrespect President Trump. But again, we are all entitled to our own opinions and I stand with you for caring so deeply for the US and it’s citizens. GOD bless….

  99. david, I hate no one. The hate is on the left, as they have thrown God out and satan has taken over their party. JFK would not be allowed in the dem party today, nor would he want to be a part of it. I was thrown off the FOX news site, but that has been the only one so far. Thanks for your comments

  100. It is long past time to remove the UN from US Soil and to stop paying for the subversion of US Sovereignty and Interests.
    The UN needs to be given 60 days notice to vacate, because on the 61st day the utilities will be turned off as preparation for rehabilitation and upgrade. Anything left behind is declared “abandoned property” and will be disposed of as the USA sees fit. In the interim, UN Delegates and Staff and all UN employees that are not US Citizens to have their ability to travel outside of clearly specified and restrictive areas terminated.
    What to do with the buildings and grounds.
    Make them into a VA Service Center and convert the space unneeded for this purpose into Low Income Housing for Veterans and their Dependents.

  101. I don’t get why they’re in New York confiscating guns. Obviously, they should be down south or out west where all the Trump Cultists are, the White Supremisists who hate everybody who isn’t them, you know; the ones with all the guns and hate. The Nazi-types and other failures who can’t accept that they got left behind and it was THEIR own fault.

  102. Barbara
    We should all be on your page!!!!!
    It’s the most Un American thing that can happen to our Nation.
    Lest we end up in a civil war or worst yet have a holocaust on our soil.
    NO GUNS. . . .

  103. The U N is a hole in the ground that we the tax payers throw millions into every month with no return except to have the UN try to take away our rights .
    We need to either pull out completely or cut funding by 2/3 or more. Either that or get out and then tell them to find another building somewhere else in another country.

    Or just kick them out with a two week notice

  104. I agree to the vet part.
    We should have kicked the UN to the curb years ago. They smile, take our money and stab us in.the back. ENOUGH, TRUMP GET US OUT NOW.

  105. The UN , does that now stand for UN Nesssscary ? It is time to get The United States out of the UN and kick the UN out of the United States .
    Not only do we fund 22 or more percent of the UN budget but we host them in a headquarters built with taxpayer funding and free of charge . UN Diplomats are immune from laws and persist at breaking our traffic and parking laws at will . They seem to cater to every country in the world right or wrong and in any dispute , The United States is always wrong . Wrong until they decide to get involved in some war or action and expect America to lead the way sending troops and equipment .
    This organization created by America in an effort to keep peace in the world has descended into a worthless gang of third world nations dictating their will to other nations ever since the death of UN Secratary General Dag Hammershold in the late 1950’s . Murdered by Congolese rebel forces while on a fact finding trip during the Congo wars . His UN marked plane attacked and shot down . Then with Kruschevs despicable display , pounding his shoe on the speakers podium and Castro’s declaration of Communism after ousting Batista with US and UN help . Now every third world crap hole nation feels that they can thumb their noses at the major powers that helped them build their countries .

  106. @Wyatt
    It’s even worse than you depict.
    With the number of moslem majority countries, they represent a sizeable voting block, a block that consistently votes against the interests of the United States [and in truth the interests of most of the Civilized Nations of the world].
    It is long past time that we deny the 3rd world “elites” such easy access to the USA and in particular the Financial Hub and Cultural Center that New York City is and represents.

  107. @ Babs
    I believe I have a better idea for repurposing the UN Building and grounds.
    Turn it into a VA Service Center with any space not needed for the Service Center being converted into Low Cost Housing for our Veterans and their Dependents, with Disabled Vets having first call on any vacancies and whatever remodeling accommodations are needed to be made at Taxpayer Expense.
    With as much space as would be made available I can see a very wholesome and inviting environment for our vets, with room available for clubrooms and all sorts of entertainment of the sort enjoyed by vets of all ages.
    All on top of a modern and First Class Service Center
    We would be turning what most American Citizens currently view as an eyesore and a disgrace into a place where our Citizens who have given to the country into a showplace of what it means to be an American Citizen.

  108. Out as fast as we can get them out and pull our funding which is about 60% of their funding which they spend frivolously on themselves and watch them fold

  109. The UN attempt to disarm the citizens of this country will work out about as well as any local or state or federal attempt–there will be many patriots who make them pay dearly with their blood. And I suspect that bands of citizens will come together to take out as many of them as come along.

  110. I have been against the UN for 40+ years! We need to stop playing their games while they plot to overthrow this country! Throw every single one of them out of the USA! PERMANENTLY!! How dare they presume to decide ANYTHING for ANY country at all, but especially here where they’ve had a free ride for decades! Let Soros replace the funding we’re so foolishly supplied!

  111. Excellent idea! I agree! But get those lying leeches OUT PERMANENTLY! When you find a snake nest of vipers, you get rid of it! Permanently!

  112. And after whining for months how they were once again underfunded (the poor babies had to close the BAR at 5pm!), they still managed to vote THEMSELVES a big fat PAY RAISE , among other “critical” ways to waste money! GET THEM OUT OF THE USA. Let them get more money from Soros! He can afford it.

  113. The UN is a communist based organization from the start aimed at destroying america from the get go. Kick it completely out of the USA, send it packing to Siberia.

  114. Yes, Stop funding them and kick them out of town. As it is we have too many enemy’s living here in our Country as it is. No reason to fund them too!

  115. That nice UN building could provably be converted over to a housing and treatment center for homeless and disabled vets using the 22 million we now give the UN . NYC traffic and parking problems would ease as no UN officials or Diplomats would be using their positions and diplomatic status to ignore traffic laws and parking regulations . And as their headquarters building sits on some lovely prime river front property , perhaps a nice public use park could be built .
    Let the UN relocate to Venezuela , Biafra or Bocabotswana or one of those middle east countries they cater to so much .

  116. Throw them out let all the people we give money to pay for them put headquarters in Tehran. That can fund them with some of money spent on all the terror cells.

  117. I’ve never thought the United States should be obligated to the UN. We should make our own decisions and not have to have other nations approval. Everytime something the US wants or agrees with China and Russia vote against us. We shouldnt put ourselves in that position. Get out of that corrupt organization as soon as possible. The strongest and most prosperous nation in the world doesnt need them.

  118. Nobody needs them, Stan. The UN is the most corrupt and antichrist organization on the planet. It is the creation of Satan in the great scheme to organize a one-world government and install the man of sin as the president of the world. People everywhere should realize this and work toward destabilizing and obliterating this antichrist organization. Christians everywhere should pray to the Lord asking him to destroy it.

  119. POTUS needs to send a letter to the UN that specifically explains that the United States Constitution gives an INALIENABLE RIGHT to US citizens to Bear Arms. He needs to FURTHER EXPLAIN That this right in accordance with the LANGUAGE of the times is NOT limited to pistol and rifle but includes mortar, cannon, sword, battle axe and in fact EVERY WEAPON OF WAR given to any soldier.
    Then he needs to explain that ANY action taken by the United Nations to attempt to REMOVE this INALIENABLE RIGHT will cause POTUS to withhold any and all funding for any purpose to the United Nations.
    Then let them suck on that for a while.

  120. We need to get the UN out of the US and we need to get out of the UN period. We are not the world police nor are we the world food bank and hospital. The UN has no business over the US citizens at all.

  121. The UN add was posted to the New York office the day after Christmas, people need to keep up with what’s going on in this country, I’m sure the leftists have been planning for a long while some sort of takeover, just like the crazy Virginia governor wanting to disarm the entire state then the country ,in my local newspaper here in Kentucky there was an article about Virginia police setting up a police recruitment center a 3 minute walk from the police HQ and are offering $47,000.00 a year for recruits, recruits here are paid $39,000.00 a year,they need cop’s to enforce their tyranny because the cop’s in VA. aren’t going along with it ,and they should realize people from KY. most likely won’t go along with their plan’s for disarmament either.

  122. WHEN YOU PRY MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!!! The constitution of the USA is the only thing that separates USA and the rest of the insane UN’s agenda of one world order!!

  123. We should never have signed up for the evil represented by the U. N. and they have only gotten worse, we need Christians representing our interest who believe we have the right to fight for our countries Constitution and the rights it provides for all..

  124. @Danko
    You can add to the statement from POTUS that any attempt by any person operating under cover of UN Authority who attempts to violate the Rights Guaranteed to US Citizens under the US Constitution on US Sovereign Territory will trigger the immediate severance of ~all~ utilities to the UN Headquarters building, starting with the sewage system and another utility to be cut off every 24 hours until the UN is OUT OF THE USA.

  125. I just watched a very serious video on YouTube, it’s 20 minutes long but very informative look it up ,Rosa Koire,UN agenda 2030 exposed.
    It also explains why the massive flooding that went on last year was never in the news.

  126. We All know the Un is a corrupt organization and should be dis-banned !!!! Very soon !!!!!! Tell All the Citizens in All the Countries the UN supposedly represents about their Un-lawful Agendas !!!!!

  127. No surprise. The UN is the World Council of Fascist Dictators and Despots. They uphold Totalitarian regimes as their tool to destroy national sovereignties along with Islamic regimes and terrorist organizations for their One World Government. The UN has several allies as these: The Illumanti, The Bilderburg Foundation And especially the Open Society Foundation Worldwide funded and orchestrated by the Great Warlock George Soros, who is one of the richest men in the world. There are other rich crony elitists in the world uphold the tyrannical UN World Council along with multibillionaire corporations. One of their biggest clients also would be the Communist Chinese Government using its capitalism to be a dominant world power for the UN’s benefit.

  128. The only purpose for a ‘UN’ (ugly numbskulls), a League of Nations, or any other collection of bums, is/was to over power the UNITED STATES IF AMERICA. Since the world scum collection can not out fight the US it tries to force the US to be so embarrassed that we will give up the protection afforded to the citizen by the founders to prevent the world of fools from taking over the country. Eject the ‘UN’ garbage from the country and save the tax payer billions of dollars now being wasted on scum bums world wide.

  129. Instead of stop funding the UN entirely at once, let’s do so in increments. Hopefully they will see the error of their way and step back knowing that U.S. is ready to divest fully.

  130. @Bob Pascarella
    We can re-evaluate our funding of the UN ~after~ we have ejected them from the precincts of the United States AND had the Re-dedication Ceremonies for the new VA Service Center and VA Housing in/on the grounds of the ~former~ UN Headquarters.
    That complex was paid for by the USA [IE Taxpayer Money] and our Veterans should have First Claim on the repurposed facilities.
    A Plan: Give the UN 60 days notice to have the building and grounds vacated. On day 61, cut the utilities in preparation for a rehabilitation/upgrade project. Any property of the UN or any member nation left behind to be declared abandoned property and disposed of as seems most beneficial to the people of the USA.

  131. The United Nations believes itself to be a world government. The UN should be disabused of that notion very quickly.

  132. If the UN tries to disarm US citizens especially with armed troops they will violate federal law. Armed foreign troops on US soil is invasion and will be met by US troops both regular and irregular. That is called war. We can finally eliminate the UN

  133. UN is just global communist at work ,their accomplices here is the Dem/communist party,make no mistake of that.CUT THEIR FUNDING TO 1$ more than than the next highest to USA.Relocate them to CHICAGO.(It’s worse than Cleveland.)

  134. Ahem,if you were paying attention you would know they are already here.This virus,an opportunity for civil unrest, martial law,gun confiscation,arrests and internments,a coincidence,mandatory vaccinations?The NWO/Dem/Communists aren’t after Trump,the are after US and AMERICA.HE IS JUST IN THE WAY! Hang on to your guns.Anti Trump is anti US and antiAmerican.VOTE THIS UNABASHED OUT IN THE OPEN NOT HIDING COMMUNIST NWO DEM PARTY COMPLETELY OUT!!!Trump and NONRINO Repubs 2020!! GOD BLESS AND SAVE TRUMP AND AMERICA.

  135. Get us out of UN now, defund the [email protected]@rds and get them out of our country. Also give the blankety-blank Soros his walking papers, don’t know where because his own country won’t even let him come back because he is so EVIL! It wouldn’t do for me to become president!!

  136. US needs to get out of the UN and put the money toward paying down the bloated deficit. I see nothing good the UN has done for the US and other countries. They have no legal jurisdiction in the US or other countries.


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