The U.S. Navy just handed LGBT activists a victory no one saw coming


Left-wing activists are always searching for a cause to undermine traditional American values.

And the LGBT lobby is particularly forceful in its pursuit of pet causes.

Now the U.S. Navy just handed LGBT activists a victory no one saw coming.

Activists can push society in a certain direction in the blink of an eye.

The United States military went from “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to outrage over Donald Trump’s reversal of an Obama-era decision allowing transgender soldiers to serve in combat roles in a relatively short amount of time.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, which is why left-wing activists have been successful in moving culture their direction.

And now LGBT activists just got a big win from the U.S. Navy.

CNN reports:

Multiple film and television projects celebrated Harvey Milk over the past few years, and now he will get his name on a Navy ship.

He should be commended for his military service, but some believe putting his name on a ship is overtly political in ways other ship-naming honors may not have been.

There’s a growing concern the LGBT lobby used bully tactics to further their agenda, particularly to the detriment of religious freedom.

Naming a ship after Harvey Milk might only embolden activists to push for more concessions from people like bakers, florists, and photographers.

Should the U.S. Navy name a ship after LGBT activist Harvey Milk?

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  2. With a long list of very worthy ex-servicemen and women to pick from, the Navy
    decides to honor an ex-service man whose only contribution to defend his Country
    was as a driving instructor!
    This action, in my opinion, is a direct slap in the face of veterans who distinguished
    themselves in battle defending this Country.
    This has nothing to do with his sexual orientation – gay or not, he didn’t do anything
    to deserve this honor while many brave men and women did.

  3. Robert Armistead: I am thoroughly disgusted hearing this news so thank you for voicing how I am feeling !! No wonder we are the laughing stock of the world, and it’s certainly not because of Trump! It’s because these cry baby alphabet people starts throwing their temper tantrums and PRESTO, they get their way. WHATEVER they want!!

  4. .If the US Military aren’t ambivalent and getting itchy they should owe Republic. Again words like are liked keaves in the wind. Plenty of PUFF but no HUFF!!!!!!

  5. It will be interesting to see how the Navy handles all the criticism
    aimed at them – because there will be!
    How they can claim they didn’t give in will probably produce a big
    laugh – and further criticisms!
    We’ll see.

  6. Robert Armistead: You know Robert, since even our Navy wants to disrespect the true hero’s that SHOULD have our ships named after them, instead of after Harvey Milk the gay driving instructor. Why don’t the go the whole nine yards and paint it pink too? And give it the nickname the good ship lollypop!! This way EVERYONE will know what our military is being turned into !! I am watching in total horror our great nation crumbling before my very eyes and I fear there will be no turning back.

  7. You build esteem among your men by the presence of a leader in front of you who commands the respect of those who follow him or her into battle. Being on a ship named after a gay man will only disgrace all men and women who serve on that ship until it is finally given a name change. That’s human nature. We want acceptance of all and each in our society; however, we revere those who gave their life in battle or earned the respect of the community and we honor them naming streets, ships, fields et-al after them to exemplify their lives having ultimate merit. How does this gay diver reach that level of recognition.? Frank J. Stangel, J.D./ U.S.M.C Recon retired.

  8. I think it is time for this country stop wasting time with worrying about political correctness and inclusion issues and begin to work on our failing infrastructures and border protection.

    We have wasted enough time and money on impeachment and saving illegal immigrants the Democrats should look at their successes and think what was I thinking! Every failed city in America (Detroit, Trenton, San Francisco and etc.) has democrat leadership to thank and if we turn America over to them we deserve what we will get, corruption, favors to special interests, and a general decline of America as a world power.

  9. No! . . . He served his time dishonorably as per Navy Regulations AND as a REPROBATE, which is against God’s word. This is an ABOMINATION.

  10. Yes we need to honor people that were probably abused or neglected as children and have developed mental disorders to the point they are confused about their sexual identity. That’s nice.

  11. Slavery was an injustice which our country ultimately had to address.
    This PC culture is tearing our country apart and they know it. Chaos is good for the left.

  12. Why is this any kind of surprise?

    EVERY institution that was created to defend this country has been steadily usurped by its enemies. DOJ, FBI, HS, DoE, police, courts, Congress now the military.

    And through it all, where have our “brave defenders” been hiding? Anyone seen them around? Oh, and what about the arch-conservative GOP? Are they even in existence any more?

    Conservative media? Don’t make me laugh! Everywhere you go you see Liberals dominating commentary while the site punishes Conservatives.

    R.I.P. USA. A nation too STUPID to survive.

  13. Let’s not get carried away with sentiment.. For one thing as we know our Patrimony and Founding Fathers America is all about SELF-government… We speak of SELF-evident Truth.. When are these premises never true? Never.. What America in the end is about conscience (accountability) and Wisdom (Divine Inspiration through prayer…”the invincible Word of God”).. so as the earliest settlers should be reminding us particularly at times like these America is about PIONEERING IN THE FAITH.. taking “the road less traveled”.. The Bible speaks of times where we must stand our ground THOUGH EVERY MAN A LIAR (that “trapped behind enemy lines” feeling).. How does that “pan out” in The Good Book “Eli Eli lama sabachtani” (Lord, Lord, why have You forsaken Me..) The point is to rescue and feel secure in prayer and being realistic about THAT and THEM.. your inner sanctum.. If that is threatened then your Faith and honesty are also questionable…

  14. It’s a different world we are living in and I fully beleive it’s going down hill on a slippery slope. We really need to get back to a value system of right and wrong. I beleive God created a world to be ruled by the laws on nature and man is bound and determined to change those laws. There was a reason to create maie and female. It keeps the whole creation going. Male and male or female and female can’t recreate . By braking the natural laws of nature over a period of time mankind will follow the way of the dinosaurs into extinction.

  15. Alan Sears wrote a book, The Homosexual Agenda, and detailed the fifty year plan to change American culture to accept this deprivation. Unfortunately, it is on target.
    It is essential for parents and grandparents to educate our children to this deception.
    If you read the Bible, Paul told Timothy this would happen. Peter warned of it also. A sign of the last days!

  16. He was a Diving Instructor not driving – just saying as several here have repeated what you wrote –
    That said I don’t have a huge issue with naming a ship after him and I think if you scratch the surface of this there’s more he may have done to distinguish himself – or more to the story – I do want to add I agree there’s a politics aspect and there are many more brave seamen that deserved this honor perhaps more than Harvey Milk

  17. You are looking at all wrong. Think about it. They named a fleet oiler after him. That is a slap in his face. 😉

  18. As hard as they try to normalize homosexuality it will never happen. Abnormality is always going to be pointed out as freakish & unusual & it should be. I don’t hate these people but when they say they came out of the closet my first question is who put you in the closet to hide your sins? I think if they were honest; their shame put them there! God is a forgiving God

  19. I fully agree with your comment. Most of these alphabet people are pushing their agenda and don’t care about what the general Christians believe. They are bullies, but I hope they answer on judgement day.

  20. Navy ships should be named after people who have contributed to this country. A political advocate for the LGBT crowd is not contributing to the whole country just a very small group of people with big mouths. This crap has to stop and stop now. People have to fight back against this invasion of our values and ways of life. Stop it!

  21. Right!! One must wonder who the eff made this decision… probably the same ahole command structure that decided to convict seals of killing enemy muslims?

  22. Actually, it will be a domestic war, only a “civil war” if Washington, Mexiforni, NY and their PC culture wins. In that event, the nation will be short-lived thereafter.

  23. They’re not “bullies” really at least they would never say that about themselves. They are more unconscionable and incorrigible.. I believe this is because their materialistic “ideology” precludes a true “conscience” in their lexicon because not tangible. Rather they think of themselves as the true political ‘scientist’ with a ‘twist’.. Instead of conscience they would allow for “objectivity”.. but without conscience it seems their dialogue calls for deaf ears to all criticism.. And in fact this is what we’re experiencing. Their psychology is lopsided, monolithic and tunnel vision in short wholly delusional which why they lend themselves so well to terms like “dreamers”.. an autocratic state in other words a state of social oblivion notwithstanding their own self-indulgences.. Personally think we take them too seriously.. Somehow we must pray (?) that they find comfort in their own conscience and not find social balance through brow-beating others…getting no where.. That is the key to their social dysfunction..being more conscientious and hashing out tensions with equilibrium and equitable conclusions rather than self-interest and vindictiveness.

  24. It should come as no surprise that the current senior officers were, for the most part, appointed in the Obama-era. Most of them couldn’t hold a candle to the men with whom I served in the Submarine Force for 20 years, Men like Fluckey, Ramage, O’Kane and Street (to name the Medal of Honor recipients from the submarine force who received it while they were alive). Only Red Ramage had a ship named for him, as I recall (at 86, my memory has been known to go a little AWOL, now and then). It’s no wonder the rank-and-file refer to those whose offices are in the E-Ring of the Pentagon as: The Pampered Princes of the Puzzle Palace.

  25. What’s being “vomited up” by these occurrences is a “blind spot” in our social demeanor that has needed to be addressed for some time and that is the inherent danger for the potential of social conflicts that is materialism. As a former Biology major I can confirm that this psychology is the driving force behind scientific research today.. What materialism is doing is creating the delusion that conscientious thought is unnecessarily burdensome and that “dialogue” (how can that be possible?) suffices in hammering out potential errors in judgement by “sharing” ideas or experiences.. This they are calling “the scientific method” or “objectivity”.. This type of reasoning creates a personal delusion of selflessness, and excessive altruism and generosity known to them as their “humanity”.. Conscience to these people is not a part of the equation because unscientific because intangible since “of the spirit”.. This has got to be their demise.. Although largely materialism based on “conventional wisdom” and pragmatism fostered through empirical application their conclusion is TRUTH IS RELATIVE which contrasts any form of conventional reasoning. One need only resort to the famous pamphlet of Thomas Paine during the pre-Revolutionary years COMMON SENSE to understand that Revolutions are born out of this and not personal or opinionated conjecture. Civil Rights introduced to them the concept of “righteous protest”.. again treading on thin ice by pretending to be an issue of conscience (which “looked good on paper” but of course was not heart felt). So re-“gifting” a part of our history by some yet undigestible (Slavery) this objectivity takes on a most belligerent bellicose and merciless semblance of psychological warfare between parties precluding bi-partisan dialogue through debate, discuss, consultation with ultimatums.. It’s truly a war of nerves but they have everything to lose since their paper tiger is merely public humiliation at this point and not guns or violence.

  26. I”m a college grad (’76) and would feel the same about college.. I know you understand why. Conscience has nothing to do with any of their decisions. They pride themselves about their “objectivity” but this seems to delude them into feeling authorized to micromanage, and place their environment in a fish bowl.. Well, I’m no one’s puppet and I don’t stoop to flattery to get along with my neighbor.

  27. I get it, it will have a long hose that get rammed into the tank of the receiving end of the hose…stupid act to name it after someone who was forced to resign for being gay, but guess the LGBQXYZ lobby has a very strong lobby

  28. That’s the “ticket” … Those numb skulls think they have Christians under their thumb by rendering judgments they seem to call The Second Coming or Final Judgment since they are not burdened by issues of conscience.. Their “consciences’ are replaced by “objectivity” or self-indulgence most remarkably cited in the contentions regarding “dreamers” and “relative truths”.. So when we look at it under a microscope their “ideology” since totally lacking a concrete grounded human element “conscience” is dependent not only on fantasy and imagination to give it credence and “clout” but occult phenomena preying on doubts and superstitions of their listeners notwithstanding allusions to witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, santeria and devil worship more or less heartfelt and practicable..Again impotent vs The Word of God..lest we fall victim to their power of suggestion (Black Power).

  29. Plain and simple, he is not worthy of the standard set by service men and women before him. When you name a Naval vessel your matching the name to mission of the ship and the honor of the history of the name. The Navy needs to continue their high standards.

  30. With all of the naval heroes why name a ship after Milk. Now they will have all the oil they need to do what they do.
    Things just keep getting worse and worse in the USA. Who’s came up with naming a ship after Milk?????
    Be want you want but do not bring me into your world. I was in the Navy but would not join it now.

  31. The military isn’t anywhere close to the military I served in for 23 years. It is a sad commentary to witness the destruction of our country from within. The minority of the abnormal has bombarded our culture with accept us or else campaign. It is and always has been a mental issue and not accepted. Now it has gotten to the point of changing laws, added curriculum to be taught in schools as normal, flags, parades across the country to put your sexuality out in the streets and thumb your nose at those who won’t accept an abnormal lifestyle. Folks have lost their lively hood, personal savings because they don’t agree with that lifestyle. It wasn’t enough for them to go to a business that had no issue with whom they shack up with, they had to destroy those whose religious beliefs prevented them from providing products/services. Enough is enough, this agenda of dramatically changing our culture has been going on long enough. The previous administration done more damage to our country then the previous 20 years and now so many have turned a blind eye to the abnormality of what has been pushed down our throats to accept or pay the price. It is abnormal, will always be abnormal and a rose by any other name is still a rose. The silent have allowed them to further their agenda to the destruction of our country.

  32. Homosexuals are mentally defective degenerates! They make up less than 5% of the population in America but they account for over 50% of all known HIV cases and 40% of pedophiles select victims that are of the same gender!

    I know I am NOT alone when I say I am SICK of being FORCED to accept this EVIL!

  33. This is sick. Kind of reminds me of San Francisco. If you go to S.F. You will notice that a lot of the men ride bicycles without seats so that they can enjoy the pole that the seat is usually attached too

  34. Correction; Another poster is correcting us that Milk was a diving instructor and not a driver instructor. But that point is neither here nor there. Milk does not deserve the attention he is now getting. And he certainly does not deserve to have a US naval ship named after him, plain and simple…..

  35. John I agree with you the democrats have no shame. The LGBT ????️‍???? are pushing themselves on everyone and everything. It is wrong it says so in the Bible. I am one that will never agree with anything they do or say. To name a ship after a gay man is just crazy!!

  36. Sorry for the mistake – the item that I saw said “driving” and I just repeated it.
    Doesn’t matter too much – the Navy still had many worthy vets who did quite a bit more for their Country than Mr. Milk.
    Like dying for us, e.g.!
    I wonder how sailors will feel about serving on it?!

  37. They work with a War of nerves and their “secret weapon” is to be deliberately and shamelessly sadistic..(“my word against yours”).. but unfortunately for them they are largely suggestive and irate or attract the suggestionable.. the more suggestionable your are the more credibility you give them.. This was my downfall thinking these were people who would eventually “put their cards on the table”.. Their answer to that was “Oh, well, I guess it’s time you thought about taking your life.” in other words, they deserve no credibility.. The only premise to secure common ground or equal footing is basic biology or human anatomy. When they are agreeable to answering to the fact that the human body is a reproductive organism capable of procreation then you can think about talking with them. Otherwise expect sadistic evasive comments and barbs.. APPROACH AT YOUR OWN RISK.. To me as you might well imagine, and in my case includes family members THEY ARE THE PERSONIFICATION OF HUMAN DEATH TRAPS…. and “talking things over” will only lead to jail time on your part so DEATH TRAPS AND JAIL BAIT.. steer clear…

  38. Right, like an oil tanker is appropriate for LGBT oriented perverts. They need lub.
    Navy guys will rename the ship the lube tube.

  39. By now fighting is house to house.. they get that deep under the skin that you’re doing all you can holding your ground to safeguard your sanity.

  40. Correct–America is now so polarized from all of the massive destruction of our culture due to the diabolical PC agents and their Lame stream Media..and the years of dumbing down the over all population.. that a hot Civil War could break out at anytime- Wait till next November after Trump wins re-election…you ain’t seen nutin yet..keep your powder dry ! Ret US Army. PS: Keep your eyes on Virginia…

  41. I think of them as messianic liars… something like “an abomination of The Holy Spirit” and as we know The Bible teaches this is the only Sin that can never be forgiven.. In other words they tempt people with that to drive them down the Road to Perdition viz a viz Dylann Roof. They jail bait..with their mercurial barbs and sadistic hyperbole calculated to confound at the anti-social nature of this form of engagement.. But no.. you’re not imagining things.. It’s sadistic and it’s done deliberately to traumatize like a back stabber trying to trading places paralyzing the imagination. Blood sucking lecherous parasites.

  42. Don’t you know Hitler had the final word on European “culture” POLITICAL SUICIDE.. who exposed their fatal attraction for aesthetics over ethics. Europe should be thought of (particularly The Old World of Absolute Power through Dynastic Monarchies) as having been a device strictly to dupe the senses with EYE CANDY… like voyeurism is/was strictly a visual experience… This is why it is so easy for the Libs to substitute Hitler’s name when it comes to racism.. Which is what they insinuate that Slavery and Racism in this country were all about “raging hormones” “stud farms”,.. and lecherous profiteering all lending themselves to an aesthetic at the gross forfeiture of every ethical consideration hence virtually a crime against humanity or at the very least another form of organized crime.

  43. Assign them all to carriers and catapult them off the ship one by one ! The service has no place for faggots and lezbos !

  44. Definitely. VA and SC where their eyes are glued and keep uncomfortably conspicuous like their re-match.. My “take” tho is they need a Beauregard who will “fire the first shot”.. Their inclination seems to tell them that pre-emptive strikes always loose.. But Sumter is not indication since The South and particular Beauregard at Sumter were dealing with armed trespassers on eminent domain or SC GOVERNMENT property. I mean thinking “outside the box”. What if SC had given them a “pass” that these “troops” were there for peaceful intentions.. An invasion would have been all too inevitable making their eviction equally imperative (like potential enemy combatants)..

  45. I’m thinking Dylann Roof was their “last best hope” for any massive White attacks.. I think most white people deal with the fact of Affirmative Action as definitive in psychological reparations due to that “crime against humanity” slavery and assisting the Black man in dealing with his anger management problem due to the infuriating and emasculating conditions endured by their ancestry in bondage..(Snore) ever bringing him up out of Slavery (organized crime) which Reparations allowed to infatuate with visions of sharing in political corruption or embezzlement and direct access to all treasury funds. (The Promised Land).. Well, it looks like Obama’s Presidency should have been enough to warn them that they actually don’t have and will never have Constitutional protection in the event of any “problem”.

  46. who in charge? people need to refuse to serve on vessel with this name! how about renaming the vessel JESUS CHRIST? forgive us JESUS for letting the devil sneak his slimy way into our lives!

  47. What a disservice to the men and women who will serve on that warship, named after a HOMOSEXUAL sodimite, what a disservice.

  48. Trump just happens to be commander in Chief of all military, so maybe he will put a stop to the Navy naming a ship Harvey Milk, after all he did put a stop to transgenders from joining the service in order to get taxpayers to finance their surgery and upkeep for the rest of their lives, so every one that is against this travesty drop a letter to the president and your house and senate reps

  49. IT IS A WELL-ESTABLISHED FACT THAT MEN WHO SAY THEY ARE “DISGUSTED” BY GAYS are actually afraid of them, and unsure about their own sexuality. After all, what’s it to you who somebody else likes to have sex with? It’s none of your GD business, is what it is! And pointing to the bible– I bet Jesus would have been kind to a gay man, because his message was all about LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. But you people aren’t REMOTELY Christ-like; I don’t think he would agree with your definition of “Christian”! I don’t think he would like all the hate that is spewed on sights like this, all the non-acceptance of others, all the cruel things you say when you don’t like somebody…did you grow up thinking everybody was always going to agree with you, or what? Or are you just scared because you know your hero s actually a DEEPLY flawed human who acts like a spoiled child, and you think he might LOSE????

  50. Right. Christ does say LOVE THY ENEMY.. so currently we’re trying to begin to say “love the sinner hate the sin”.. Anyone would tell you that at face value “love of enemy” seems like a superhuman undertaking.. So I wouldn’t be too depressed about people being “disgusted” by gays.. if we remember it is merely the implications and not necessarily the practioners. Not to “micro-manage” but I think the misconceptions come with the perhaps false impressions gays give to the public in that “acceptance” seems to mean “promotion” “sponsorship” and in the end possibly direct participation.. Maybe “disgust” is just another way of disputing the expectations which seem obvious to “them”. Social perceptions can never be verified with consulting the ones who are uncomfortable so if you’re not willing to stand up to the plate and ask those people why they feel like they do don’t assume they harbor ill will.. In the end as we know EVERYONE thinks he doing the right thing not just gays.. and EVERYONE will always say at the end of the day I ONLY MEANT WELL… OR I WAS ONLY TRYING TO HELP.

  51. Good response, Michael!
    Also, I think his “…well established fact…” is a big pile of BS.
    I don’t care who a gay sleeps with or does whatever with. I am not afraid of him and I know my own sexuality.
    The whole piece is a good example of psychobabble. These know-it-all pseudo analysts are, as a great writer said, “…full of sound and fury,. Signifying nothing.”
    My book is clearly fiction; these psychoboobs get by by using sesquipedalian words
    and disguising simple thoughts in purposefully thick, lawyer-type prose. Nuts!

  52. The fact that foreign powers will aid different sides of any massive clash among Americans, it is bound to turn into a world war. The fact that the same kind of civil unrest we are seeing in the United States is also being seen in other nations further complicates matters. A world war between globalists and nationalists seems inevitable.

  53. The United States Navy leaders probably would’ve liked to honor the late John McCain, best known for his career as a United States Senator, but that wouldn’t have made much sense, as there is already a ship in service named after his long-dead father and long-dead paternal grandfather, both best known for their United States admiralty and who share the same name.

    Unsurprisingly there is a ship named after Gabby Giffords. And for what? Is it because she is a female federal politician and a control advocate who was unfortunate enough to be shot in the head by lunatic product of globalist policies? The United States judiciary did not even have the decency to sentence him to death. What does that tell us about our system?

    That being stated, can we please have a shout out for Michael Anthony Monsoor and Michael Patrick Murphy?!

  54. There is nothing sacred in this country with all of the ingrate politicians, liberal judges, and perverts pushing to close America as it was built by our forefathers started to a third world POS country.

  55. Well said, other than being queer he is no different than any diving instructor. Harvey Milk was a disgusting human!

  56. Harvey spent too much time on ship in the barrel drinking cream. Harvey had a cabin boy he treated like a brother and every night in the pale moon light they corn holed one another.

  57. This is absolutely discusting. It is truly a slap in the face of all the men and women that died in places such as Pearl Harbor or sailed on the USS INDIANAPOLIS. The Navy should drop it’s head in shame. This person milk had to resign in shame by the standards of the Navy. Being homosexual is a choice that people make and the majority of America men and women disagree with that choice. God created Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve, or Pete and paul for that matter. God Bless America and please show the Navy just how WRONG THAT IS. I for one am old Army vet. I would go to the brig or prison before ever even stepping foot on deck of a ship named after a disgraced homosexual.


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