The transgender lobby is freaking out after a top comedian just destroyed their agenda in one Tweet


Transgender activists are becoming more and more extreme by the day.

They want to force their agenda everywhere, including in schools.

And now the transgender lobby is freaking out after a top comedian destroyed their agenda in one Tweet.

Canadian transgender activist Jessica Yaniv, who was born a man, but thinks he’s a woman, has made a name for himself in recent months.

Yaniv forced a small business owner to shut down her waxing company after she refused to wax his genitals, as Culture Watch News previously reported.

Now he is going after gynecologist offices, complaining that he was denied examinations, and that he will file a human rights lawsuit against them.

In response, Ricky Gervais, who is one of the most popular comedians in the world, responded in a mocking Tweet: reports:

Needless to say, the Left was furious, with them targeting Gervais as a “transphobe.”

In reality, he was just speaking common sense, which is “transphobic” to the radical Left at this point.

Do you think the gynecologist offices were right to deny Jessica Yaniv?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I Corinthians 6:9-11 (KJV) says, “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you.” Paul condemns fornication alongside homosexuality in the very same verse. Paul’s words in I Corinthians 6:9-11 indicate that coming to Christ means giving up fornication, too. I’ll take the conservative Christian opposition to LGBT rights seriously when the condemn fornication alongside homosexuality just as strongly.

  3. I Corinthians 6:9-11 (KJV) says, “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you.” Paul condemns fornication alongside homosexuality in the very same verse. Paul’s words in I Corinthians 6:9-11 indicate that coming to Christ means giving up fornication, too. I’ll take the conservative Christian opposition to LGBT rights seriously when they condemn fornication alongside homosexuality just as strongly.

  4. Of course they should be able to deny this mentally disturbed transgender a female examination!! What are they supposed to be examining and looking for anyway?? This creature is just looking to make money filing these bogus law suits. She/he could care less how many people’s life’s are being disrupted because of this craziness!!! She/he is just a pathetic fool! I never really liked Mr. Gervais . But I have a new respect for him now.

  5. If this fiasco goes to court, I hope it’s before a judge with common sense
    and the case gets thrown out. I also hope what’s her/his name gets stuck
    with court costs.
    All this POS actually wants is money. His entire act is patently a sham to
    win money from any person or group who denies h/h service.
    The whole situation is disgusting.
    Someone ought to tie h/h down and use tweezers instead of wax – one
    curly at a time.

  6. That’s Jessica with a D for you, Sir’s.
    For social media fame, money or both, that gender confused being is whoring himself out for gain.
    it’s a swindle with the Canadian government’s blessing.

  7. That’s Jessica with a D for you, Sir’s.
    For social media fame, money or both, that gender confused being is whoring himself out for gain.
    it’s a swindle with the Canadian government’s blessing.

  8. vasu, you are a fool. You do not even know who God is. You have rejected Him and have no understanding at all of what the Bible teaches. And of course Christians are conservative. God is not a liberal!!!! The dem party threw God out and satan rules them.

  9. Putting a Ferrari symbol on a VW bug doesn’t make it a sports car.
    Cutting off his tallywhacker, and stuffing himself with female hormones, doesn’t transform a man into a woman.

  10. I’m a gay man and think this whole trans thing is a mental illness and if not that then just attention getting bu11$hit!

  11. Why is everyone saying she/he. It is a he and will remain a he until the day he dies. He can have his tally whacked, but he is still a he. He can have fat or silicone put in his breasts, but he is still a he.

    If I have both legs and both arms cut off because I don’t want to be a man, do I suddenly become a slug crawling along the ground because that’s what I want to be?

    What if I want to be a horse, and I have both arms cut off, and two legs sewn in their place, then get a small elephant trunk sewn where my tally whacker used to be, am I now a horse? This is nuts and should be treated as such.

  12. Someone should drop this dude/chick whatever it is, off of a cliff in the grand canyon. Problem solved.

  13. This Transgender thing is a FRAUD. They are Queer and think society will accept them if they say they are a woman. I don’t understand where the women are I guess they don’t want to be solicited for sex by a woman with male equipment.

  14. “Jessica” is not a female. He is a pervert who claims transgender status to try to get his perversions okayed. The women who refused to wax his balls were in the right, and HE does not need a gyn doc as HE does not have female internal organs and does have the cock and balls of a man. This is the kind of person who gives truly confused “transgender” people a really bad rap.

  15. PLAIN ENGLISH: If you haven’t had they trans surgery yet, how the hell are you going to get the check-up. You have got to be kidding me!!! Just some one else wanting to be relevant!!!

  16. This insanity against common sense must stop. Boundries need to be formed and maintained. Social standards must be put in place.

  17. Vasu,
    As Jack Lemmon said in the movie “Mass Appeal”, YOU really should invest in a portable pulpit.

  18. The Dr should have examined and told this idiot that he has a growth that must be removed immediately. Wack no anesthesia at all just wack. Then he could use a gynaecologist with no problem.

  19. This is Soo boogas, nothing there to examine, this it needs a rubber room in a mental hospital before it hurts itself or others.

  20. Vasu,
    As Jack Lemmon said in the movie “Mass Appeal”, YOU really should invest in a portable pulpit.

  21. Your wrong. He was born a he and “he” is whoring himself out. He wants to get his jolly’s by forcing an OBGYN to examine him. Satan has free rein right now. The road to Heaven is straight and narrow and few will make it. All you can do is stand your ground with these people and stand on God’s side. That doesn’t mean hate these types of people. It means pray for them because they are lost souls.

  22. Vasu,
    As Jack Lemmon said in the movie “Mass Appeal”, YOU really should invest in a portable pulpit.

  23. Wondering where he thinks the gynecologist is going to put the speculum to check his cervix, uterus and ovaries???
    Transgender is a psychiatric disorder as NOTHING, even hormones, nor gender “reassignment” surgery will ever change the fact that HE has male DNA in every cell in his body!
    Changing sexes is a biological impossibility!

  24. when you become a lunatic left, you will never accept any reality in life
    because you can longer accept any real explanation in life. IT MEANS
    YOU ARE TOTALLY ( NUTS ) plain and simple right.

  25. Maybe the gyn should have granted the demand and treated him to a full female gynie exam. I am sure after he was up in the stirrups and the gynie got out the tools to open the passage so he could do a proper exam the transgender female would have changed his mind. I would suggest an extra large speculum as his sexual organ could certainly handle it. After all a female has no problem with the speculum being inserted. So to my gyn friends out there go ahead and give them the female version of a gyn exam. I think they just might figure it out on their own that they will never truly be a female.

  26. You misquoted the KJV translation of I Corinthians 6:9-11. In King James’ time there was no word ‘homosexual’. KJV uses effeminate. Nevertheless ALL sins bear equal penalty – death, unless the sinner(Every last one of us) accepts Jesus as Lord and repents of ALL sins.

  27. Jonathan Yaniv is an opportunist. He lost his suit against the waxing salons. He will lose this one too. He is just trying to Game the system. He is a despicable human being. Rebel Media has followed the this fake for awhile. He also has pedophile tendencies.

  28. If a M2F transgender has not yet had sexual re-assignment surgery there’s nothing for an OB/Gyn to check.
    I mean where’s he (the doctor), to stick the speculum, “up the anaus”..?

    Also, how is the OB/Gyn to obtain cervical cells from the he/pseudo-she’s non-existent cervix..?

    Then there’s the fact the he/pseudo-she has no ovaries or uterus to check for cancer.

    But since both men as well as women can get breast cancer, a mammogram can be ordered; but any doctor can order a mammogram

    The insanity of the LGBTs is unbelievable!

  29. No wonder they call ‘transgenders’ all mentally ill. They prove it 24/7/365. Now the LGBT activists have declared a massive destructive WAR on WOMEN. The LGBT totally disregard and ignore that 165 million American biological females have protected rights of safety, security, personal space and modesty in BIOLOGICALLY designated female facilities, including bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, showers, bedrooms for school away events, women’s shelters and even sport competition for females where they are ROBBED of trophies, awards and scholarships.
    The Center for Disease Control says:
    ” Sexual violence is common. 1 in 3 women experienced sexual violence involving physical contact during their lifetimes. What are the consequences? The consequences of sexual
    violence are physical, like bruising and genital injuries, and psychological, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The consequences may also be chronic. Victims may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and sexual health problems.”
    There is nothing more threatening than having a biological MtF VIOLATING biological women’s rights to safety, security, privacy and modesty in biologically designated female facilities. These mentally sick transgenders have NO right to enter these facilities. They are
    dangerous, selfish creeps. There will be ZERO tolerance of these mentally sick people invading biologically designated female facilities and causing at minimum, anxiety, fear, stress, emotional pain, embarrassment, harassment, PTSD and at worst assault, and rape.

  30. I think that the transgender thing could be solved fairly easily.If a man says he is a woman even if he has cut his balls off a hormone test would confirm what you are so if a confused man thinks he is a woman science will tell the truth. I am still traumatized from seeing a video of Bruce Jenner wearing a dress and trying to walk around on high heels and looking like a sick Flamingo. Why doesn’t someone tell him that he is not a woman and is making a real fool of himself he is a real jackass and that stupid voice he uses makes him sound more moronic

  31. Vasu is an habitual demorat posting kook and unwanted contributor. As least, we were spared this time his 10 page long copy and paste screed against the President which ends with a link to “Demotards for” or something like it.

  32. Actually most Christian churches teach abstinence. Which is to say no fornicating. It is not their job to follow their congregation around and enforce these guidelines. People want to condemn believers because they believe Gods words but they are very selective about interpretation. The Christian faith also teaches that God forgives and we as believers are encouraged to walk in the word of God and follow his guidelines but if you read the whole bible you will come across the verse that says God gave us these rules because they are beneficial in living a happy less complicated life but there is also a verse that says we are to strive to do what is right but God does not expect us to succeed in being perfect because “after all we are just dirt”. Referencing how we were created. If we as human beings were able to live a sinless life we would not have needed God at all. He sent his son Jesus Christ to redeem us not make us perfect in the eyes of the world. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  33. Eww, you’re making me feel all oogy and a bit ill. I remember cheering for him in his gold medal performance at the 1976 L.A. Olympic decathlon. When I heard about his transgender proclivities, I first thought it was a joke. When I realized it was a true story, I was in shock. Whatever became of the man?

  34. Transgenderism is opening doors of debate in just about every realm of western society. People have to ask what bathrooms are they to use now and can a once man-altered to a woman compete with female athletes. This issue is dividing America and is bringing sharp debates from the devilish Democrats and the righteous Republicans. The transgender issue is things that are against the laws of nature. It is against the normal order of things and this is seen in the sports areas. In a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a study was done to prove that suppressing testosterone levels in men trying to be something they are not is not enough to suppress the strength advantage that they have over little girls. They are bigger and faster and very much stronger than the little girls that they are competing against. And of course, the devils called Democrats in the House are downplaying the significance of such findings because they just don’t care about the people that are going to be hurt by these freaks trying to be something they are not. Surprisingly no one has ever seen a transgender woman trying to be a man ever join a football team. It is ludicrous that a freak of nature has to try to prove something he is not by roughing up little girls in a sports event that is not something that he should be participating in. But the devilish Democrats want people to believe that they are all equal. Science and just plain common sense have proven that there is a natural difference between men and women, and they are not all the same. The dorky Democrats believe that men trying to be girls do not have the advantage of true girls. This study proves once and for all that they do have an advantage. Just because a man puts on a dress does not make him a woman. There is nothing in all creation that will change the fact that he is a man. The paper makes mention that these men have an “intolerable” advantage over women. There is nothing that is going to change this fact. The sad reality is that the Democrats will reject the proven truth and still hold on to their lies like they do with everything else that is false that they hold to. The paper goes on to point out that hormone therapy is still not enough to make the playing field equal between men and women. There are just too many differences. A man’s muscle mass returns to normal at times because of muscle memory. There is nothing that will ever change the truth that a man is a man and a girl is a girl. Genetics cannot change and there is nothing that the doctors can do to change the sexual identity of a man or a woman. A person can put on a costume but that does not change who they are on the inside. All that transgenderism proves is that a person is living a lie. The Democrats want to force people to accept the changes and make things unfair for everyone else. They have tried to pass an equality act that would make it illegal for schools to keep men from competing with women in sports.Ilhan Omar is a supporter of this kind of legislation. She does not believe in the science behind the report. The country would love to Omar compete on a pro-football team after making such remarks. She holds that there is no advantage present. One day on the team and she would see that she is completely wrong on the matter. The devils in the Democratic Party are trying to feminize men while at the same time hurt womanhood. For a man to compete physically against a girl is just ridiculous and should never happen. President Trump is sure to veto any such bill coming from the Democrats. There is no reason or proof that men are equal to women. There is just too much physical proof and evidence that proves that they are not the same in many ways.

    According to new research from Boston University shows, what most of us knew already, that people who believe themselves to be something that they are not, even when relating to sex, have high rates of mental illness. While the correlation between the denial of one’s own nature and mental illness shouldn’t surprise anyone, what might is the rate. As high as 78%. Sarah Ketchen Lipson of Boston University’s School of Public Health told Reuters that her analysis of 2015-2017 data from the Healthy Minds Study showed that students who identified as trans, non-binary, or “genderqueer”, were four times as likely to suffer from mental illness as someone of their gender that does not. This sort of data should be enough to slam the brakes on every one of the real-time social and psychological experiments being conducted upon our culture and our children in the name of exclusivity or diversity or whatever the left is pushing lately. Sadly I don’t think Lipson’s words will have much effect on the vacuous parents that advertise their level of woke through their non-binary middle schooler on puberty blockers and anti-depressants. They will still insist that they are not forcing this abuse on their child for social points among their fellows, they will confidently assert that their child wouldn’t be a cutter if it weren’t for all the terrible conservatives judging and oppressing. Untreated mental illness, psychological suffering, and depression are not the sorts of things we should want for any part of our population, however small. But those identifying, or being identified by their parents, are not the only ones that suffer. Critics of ANTIFA will have their lawfully owned firearms confiscated through “red flag laws” while social justice warriors demand that we allow transgenders in the military, an occupation with already all too high suicide rate. I’m sure our combat readiness will not be affected by units being forced to make time in the training schedule for trans-awareness classes. School-aged girls will be forced to compete against, and share showers with, boys claiming to be girls. Losing scholarships because they are unable to compete with males, or dropping out because they don’t want to shower with boys that are more than likely mentally ill. These examples are not the extreme, they are just the beginning. These examples aren’t even hypothetical, they have already happened here, not to mention the insanity that takes place in Europe and Canada with this. Kids being suspended, people being fired, and even arrested for not using the “correct pronoun”. This is literal insanity, brought to you as usual by the left.
    “Transgendered” who make up less than one percent of the population, and the other perverts now rule the rest of us by demanding that we accept them as our rulers and have coerced us into allowing them to brainwash and recruit our children into their perverted lifestyles. NO ONE RULES OR TELLS ME WHAT I MUST ACCEPT YOU WILL NOT MAKE ME DANCE TO YOUR “SICK DEMENTED PERVERTED LIFESTYLE! YOU NEED MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING NOT CODDLING BY THE demoRACISTS! And one more thing if you think that they will protect if the mooslims should take over your sadly mistakened.The scum will give your names to them and then you will be TERMINATED PERMANENTLY! Get your head out your ass and codsack out your mouth and get some counseling for your own sake cause demoRACISTS could care less about you.


  36. Your chromosomes don’t lie, born a man you will always be a man no matter if you cut your junk off or not. This doctor was right to refuse this disturbed MAN service. You don’t get the right to have a woman touch your stuff because of your delusions to be a woman

  37. This guy needs to be locked up in a funny farm. Society should not be wasting time on these people. They are very sick people. This insanity needs to stop.

  38. Linda M – I would add to your pertinent comments that this confused “person” may also be perpetrating fraud on the Canadian health system insurance if he expects them to cover a bogus procedure. I submit that he is trying to “make himself feel” more like a woman by attempting to do things that are uniquely feminine in nature. It’s also his attempt to force everyone to agree with his premise that he is a woman. Unfortunately, it’s only in his mind and common sense says that he missed the lesson on human biology when in school…

  39. Anyone’s not accepting of their gender has mental issues that won’t be fixed with surgery. Stats prove that with the number of suicides and those that can revert back to their given gender.

  40. Christine – The “Rules” as you put it, are not optional. These rules are “sin” & sin separates a person eternally for God – Sin sends a person to hell.

    One must be “born-again” – to have a spiritual birth, & where by a person becomes a child of the Living God. Before that we not God’s children, but His creation.
    (Reference John chapter 3)

    When a person accepts Jesus as his Savior & makes Him Lord of their life, they are saved.. redeemed. A born-again believer will sin (sadly), but will not live in sin. Living in sin is the difference. If you can live in your sin, you’re not a Christian.
    Homosexual & the LGBTs worship their sexuality. They’re trying to re-write God’s Word to show HE accepts their sin.. God doesn’t.

    LGBTs can be saved, but not to live in their sin.

  41. Rebecca – I think you mean “psycho “.
    Sex charge is biological impossibility. Real men & women do not become the opposite sex.

    This “Yaniv” is a mentally unbalanced pedophile; & he’s dangerous!

  42. The gynecologist was well within his (her?) right to refuse to examine this mentally ill meshugas individual who belongs in a mental institution! More power to the doc and to Rick Gervais!

  43. This pile of garbage reminds of a lawsuit brought to a California court by somebody
    claimig his civil rights had been violated by his parents faliure to get his consent to
    circumcision and the judge telling him and his lawyer he was counting up to three
    and had already two before he physically kicked them both out of his court…
    Now I wonder if any court of law from the country that had prime ministers of the “quality” of the TRUDEAU’s will have the unmitigated gall of ruling on this idiocy…

  44. I have nothing against homosexuals as long as they recognize they are FREAKS OF NATURE as are dwarfs,
    midgets, lilliputians, bearded women, etc,. of the curcus crowd but from there to pretend recognition as a
    “gender” is too damned much….
    I couldn’t care less what they do behind closed doors but sure as hell don’t want them as teachers…
    And finally, could any of them tell me what are they driving at…?????
    Because to my knowledge, the outcome of homosexual intercourse doesn’t produce even a barren hybrid
    like a mule…..

  45. Jacob Mandelblum: I think I remember this story. Is this that older man that brought a lawsuit against his parents? Or is it another fool? Well, thank goodness that judge had the good common sense to see right through their garbage and put both he and his lawyer in their place! Let’s hope this “Jessica” will face the same justice. This person is truly very sick mentally and is just looking to make money .

  46. Is there any actual evidence that any gynecologist office did in fact deny Jessica Yaniv? The unnamed office’s supposed remark, “we don’t serve transgender patients”, does not seem like something a clinic company would convey to any prospective patient. They would say or write something more to the effect of the following: “We are unable to treat patients who are male or transgender female. Would you like a referral?” The clinic likely would not want to break the law.

    Ricky Gervais is just being a comedian. There is no need for folks to accuse him of being adversarial toward transgender females in general. Why has the tweet been deleted?

  47. Firstly, not everyone is doing that. Secondly, in some jurisdictions, presumably nowhere in the United States, the law requires it. Also, a set of conventions concerning this has already been long-established in professional circles. I didn’t make the rules. You didn’t make the rules. Whatever. It does not hurt anybody to simply play along with some of the ideas commonly held by people afflicted by gender dysphoria, whenever addressing one of them in the third person.

  48. kwm57 : Thank you, for sharing TRUTH !!! It is sad that people are more concerned about experiencing “stigma” in life than about facing and accepting reality. The loss of “sanitariums” (mental hospitals) less than one lifetime ago has pacified some people ; but the harms of not treating mental illness have been far greater than society’s “benefits.” People with gender dysphoria who try to change their bodies instead of correcting their mindsets have only multiplied the harms to humanity, overall. It is genuinely tragic !!! It is so sad that people have rejected the truth given from God, and exchanged it for lies from Satan (the devil), thereafter to be abandoned by God to their own deranged minds. (Read Romans, Chapter 1.) Consequences do happen !!!

  49. Culper Ring: I do not know how Canada has their medical system set up. If it’s strictly clinics or you can see a private medical professional for your particular need. But, in my personal opinion this ” Jessica” person is not a transgender. Which again, in my personal opinion, “transgender” is a mental condition. Not a physical abnormality. When I was growing up, we never heard of this term. You were either a homosexual or a cross dresser. Just a side note here. But getting back to my comment, this “Jessica” person has claimed he was ” this way” since he was 6 years old. Looking back when I was 6 years old, I was a tom boy. But that did not make me gender confused. ” Jessica” still has his full male genitalia and has never had any hormonal treatments. So there shouldn’t be any confusion as to what doctor he should or shouldn’t see. He is just trying to sue whoever he can just for the money.
    Again, in my personal opinion, this world has enough to be concerned about without catering to these people that need serious mental help instead of trying to sue everyone that isn’t going along with their distorted thinking.
    Well, that’s my opinion Mr. secret agent man. On a personal note. I hope your Thanksgiving was a pleasant one? Come to think of it, there’s another story here about Colin K. having a meltdown about people celebrating this holiday. So I suppose in his eyes I am not being PC. Well, who cares? Not me. My late mother was half Native American and we always celebrated Thanksgiving. Not for the turkey. But because it was one of the few days of the year we all could be together. That was our Thanksgiving day!!

  50. Shame shame you need to love the skin you are in. Most do not do that.
    You get 1 DNA life so take care of it.
    Next life come back as a female bird fish tree bee what ever should be.
    Till then be true to yourself and go from there.

  51. Good for you, Ricky!!!! You go, guy! Thank you for having more respect for common sense than for political correctness.

    People who feel they are the wrong sex are confused, not in the wrong body. Something must have happened to them in their early childhood (whether they remember the incident or not) that caused a warping in their thinking that makes them confused about their gender. Confusion should be treated by a mental health professional, not a surgeon, and the sufferer should definitely NOT have their confusion reinforced and “celebrated” by society agreeing with them for fear of being labeled as haters.

    You know, there actually are women (and maybe men) who fall madly in love with non-human objects such as bridges and buildings and trees, and have intense romantic feelings toward these objects and want to marry them. So far, NOBODY feels compelled to legitimize this confusion and celebrate the love of these people, much less to give them a ceremony and a marriage certificate, or even some bizarre surgery to satisfy their confused cravings. No, they feel sorry for them and hope they get the mental help they need. Or, they just laugh at them. In my opinion, transgenderism belongs in this category. There is a time when it is appropriate to tell someone that their feelings are just plain wrong, no matter how intense the person’s feelings are and how convinced they are that they are in the wrong body. Every single feeling someone may have does not have to be legitimized and celebrated. Feelings can be WRONG, and should be dealt with as such. Treating aberrant feelings with a scalpel does not help the person at all because it does not address the true issues, which are mental. Rather it is tantamount to physical abuse and mutilation.

    People with OCD are compelled to do bizarre repetitive behavior because they hear a voice or have a thought in their head telling them that if they don’t, something horrible will happen, like a plane will fall out of the sky and people will die a terrible death. The voice or thought feels so real that they believe it no matter how ridiculous the thought is, no matter how it flies in the face of reality. In a case like this, should those dealing with them call 911 and warn of the impending tragedy? Should they celebrate their compulsions because to do otherwise would make them a hater? Would doing so help the person at all? Rather, with the proper psychological treatment, people who SUFFER with these WRONG feelings can actually be freed from such bondage. Gender CONFUSION should be addressed the same way, as a mental CONFUSION.

  52. Good one Ricky!! Tell me…did you teach Daenerys Targaryens’ dragons in ‘Game of Thrones’ how to breath fire? Good job on that one too. I’m sick of this catering to an unfortunate minority of less then 1%. Self-important, self-righteous petulant children. Some of these morons, like Yaniv, are denying their real issues. Instead, the Left has emboldened them to keep making our jelly-spined yellow-belly politicians to be guilty about…what? These people have a sexual disorientation & need Mental Health intervention. Not a piece of candy & told to go bother someone else. Check the link:

  53. Most democrats do believe the science and know the results. Doesn’t matter – they champion the
    alphabets because they see a voting block they can count on……and do they ever need more votes!!
    It’s the weakassed sports authorities who allow this fiasco to continue.
    No man-woman tranny should be able to compete with DNAwomen in any physical sport.

  54. Just a side note:
    In Pilgrim times, “Fly-Fornication” was an acceptable given name!
    If interested in weird names, see Bardsley; “Curiosities of Puritan
    nomenclature”, pub. 1888.

  55. “transgender” (short; “tranny”) is becoming, like “Xerox”, a noun by common
    usage – like so many other words.
    “Make me a Xerox of this”, etc.
    The word itself is incorrect anyway! “trans” means across, over, or beyond.
    “Transgender” protocols do not go from one sex “over” or “across” to another
    sex – that’s permanently set by ones DNA!
    Despite the base meaning, people are going to use it as a noun anyway!

  56. The ridiculousness is getting to the point that LGBT activism is potentially splintering, such as into “LGB” separated from “T”, and “LGT” separated from “B”, or even just “LG”, with the rest on their own. If not enough incidents exist of persons being murdered, mutilated, battered, assaulted, bullied or ostracized, just for being homosexual, bisexual or transgender, then the political alliance may have no need to remain strongly unified. Seemingly straight people and L/G/B people of the cisgender disposition are none too pleased anyway about the burden transgender people may impose upon taxpayers and health coverage systems.

  57. It is indeed kind of like how illegal foreigners are referred to simply as “illegals”. Quite the hoot. The political crowd who sees fit to whitewash the breaches of borders and the overstaying of welcomes, by foreigners, has thus far avoided referring to them as “undocumenteds”.

  58. Tony Ward – “Judgmental..?” NO, biblical.
    Or are you unaware that Jesus the Son of God died for sin..?
    Or may be you think Jesus himself was judgmental, when HE said sexual sin was sin..?

    Also, judging sin is not judgmental. Jesus said we are to judge, right from wrong, good from evil.
    Jesus also said we are to be holy as the Father is Holy. How is a person to be Holy “IF” they don’t judge.
    This whole “judgmental “ issue that is thrown at Christians is a farse!
    First, the judgmental being referred to if the last judgement – Only God judges.
    Second, there are plenty of passages where judgment is passed on ppl’s sin.

  59. Christians have to be careful of being self-righteous. We are all sinners. Weather I tell a lie to gain something material our someone w/ the lifestyle of an alphabet person like this Yaniv character…flaunting like he is, or a homosexual Man blending into society & not flaunting. GOD wants you to achieve his goal for you in the time GOD gives you. Me; he who stole & the humble homosexual Man have a better chance to be forgiven if we keep GOD in our Heart, Mind & Spirit. Yaniv is a psychological basket case & needs to accept that he needs Mental Health Intervention. Right now he’s enjoying the spotlight in a very wrong way. Stealing or not flaunting but still practicing a sexual lifestyle is no justification for sinful behavior. We must all change or attempt to make a change to the fuller life GOD wants for us.

  60. Culper Ring, Playing along with whack-O-Ism will NOT be something I will ever do. That only legitimizes the whacko thoughts, and I won’t be a party to that. Next, professionals that have generally accepted these premises are doing what I won’t do and that is legitimize whack-O-Ism. Next, although some “off the wall” countries may have laws requiring people to use terms that are incorrect and will be incorrect forever, I am not impressed. You, obviously, follow such fads and accept such premises, but that does NOT make you right. I will not play “Let’s be politically correct”. If it’s a spade I will not call it a pick. They are to different tools. Sorry if you get upset or disagree with me, but I assure you I will not lose sleep over your feelings.

  61. He needs mental health help not women’s doctors help he needs to bend down and look between his legs and take a look at his organ and come to the realization, he is a man outside and a women in his very weak mind.

  62. Now there’s a new name “transphobic”….to call people who disagree with you. “-phobic” means there is fear involved. People who disagree are not necessarily fearful…they just DisAgree. It’s America, folks.
    It seems there are more and more people every day who are “Logic-a-phobic”. A fear of using logic? Makes about as much sense…
    I might as well add that you can’t change genders just by dressing up, pretending, imagining, claiming, etc. It’s a bio-cellular thing that people don’t understand, and you’d have to change virtually every cell in your body. Not possible.

  63. Steve Johnson – Jesus said, “It is for this reason that a ‘man’ leaves his father & his mother, & takes a wife” Matthew 19: 4, 5, 6.
    Jesus here (& in the other Gospel’s), is referencing the Creation Of Adam & Eve; which is in Genesis chapter 2.

    Jesus also states, God created them male & female. God created sexuality for both procreation & pleasure. It was God that instituted the 1st marriage, which HE blessed. That marriage was a union between a man & a woman.

    God never throughout the Bible (OT or NT), establishes any other marriage. God does however condemn homosexuality.

    Also, Jesus condemns any sexual relationship out side of marriage; HE called it sin.

    In Romans chapter 1, we see homosexuality as a curse from God in men & women who rebell against Him.

    In Leviticus chapter 18, the same discription of a man lying with another man, (as he would lay with a woman) is given. This isn’t a sleeping arrangement! It’s a direct reference to sexual intimacy, between a man & a woman.

    The sin of the Canaanite was 2 fold. They worshipped Ba’al, offered their children to him as a burnt offering. And they participated in every deviant sexual behavior; homosexuality was only but one of those sins.
    God says in Leviticus chapter 18 that HE threw the Canaanite out because of this reason. God warned the Israelites not to commit these same sins.

    You’re trying to split hairs, to call homosexuality acceptable, it’s not! It’s a sin!

    Jesus never rescinded the sin of homosexuality. He died for the sin of homosexuality!

    Homosexuals can be saved, but they are not saved to live in sin – No one is.

  64. CAT650 – Good Ppl don’t go to heaven! Simply put, no one can be good enough.. or earn heaven.

    That’s because salvation is a free gift from God, & that’s so NO MAN can boast “He did it himself”

    Only ppl who are redeemed, saved, born again or washed in the Blood of the Lamb go to heaven.

    Homosexuals can be saved like anyone else. If you ask Jesus to be your Savior, confess your sins, ask for forgiveness & make Jesus Lord of your life you can & do receive salvation.
    But….. NO ONE is saved to continue living in sin! Homosexuals want to live “IN” the sin of homosexuality & call it righteous or acceptable – Not Happening! Jesus died for sins.. for the sin of homosexuality; & God is not giving rescind the sin of homosexuality!

    Also, those homosexuals & transgender’s who say they were born this way, “they weren’t”! We are born with a specific SIN.
    But…. even if that were so (it’s not), Jesus said, “You must be born again”.

    We are all God’s creation, but we are not all God’s children – Because we must be born again into the family of God.
    So, all sinners.. homosexuals, must be born again. And being born again means putting off the sins you lived in before, & Living God’s Way.

  65. You hit it right. “Trans-” is now misused widely since transgender became attached
    to the pathetic efforts to change sex.
    BTW: Your comment about shifting gears is another co-opted verb-to-noun instance.
    What everyone calls a “transmission” is, in an accurate form, a “transmitter” (of power).
    You might be interested in some of Noam Chomsky’s early works on linguistics. He’s
    a genius the government roundly hates because he shows how the “ins” twist language
    to disguise the real meanings of their programs.
    I saw a vid a long time ago with a panel of commentators whose focus was on science and
    related fields. They were asked whom they thought had the most impressive intellect;
    of all the people with whom they had contact. Of the four panelists, one said John Von Neumann
    and the other three all said Noam Chomsky!

  66. Sandra, you are throwing around accusations. Why don’t you try to get to know the people around here before being so judgemental?

  67. Chaotic Neutral American – I’m not throwing accusations around & I’m not being judgmental!

    First, the term judgmental is taken out of context.
    Christians are to judge. The judgement we can’t judge at it the “Judgment Seat,”. Only God can judge & send someone to hell.
    Second, I’m not throwing around accusations, I’m answering posts. You may not agree with my answers, but they are based on the Bible.

  68. Your answers are not the problem. Your attitude toward Steve Johnson is the problem. You claim that he is calling something acceptable when he did not. This make you look like a liar, whether your are such or not. Clean up your act, please.

  69. Chaotic Neutral American – You’re the “Judgmental One” – You’re the one accusing me!
    You are most likely an atheist – you certainly aren’t a biblical Christian.

    I’m answering from a biblical stance, which can be clearly seen throughout my post to ‘Steve Johnson’.
    Now, “If” that ‘stance’ bothers you.. oh well, so be it, it is my biblical position.
    I am a born again Christian – I don’t/won’t apologize for the Bible or being a Christian.

    And, please, “get to know ppl”? This is not the local coffee shop or the local debating team it’s a blog site & it is impersonal.

  70. My first response to this story and the other fiasco with the waxing was to just do it. The estheticians should have used the materials on hand and waxed him whether they knew how to or not. The gynecologist should have examined him. I know what a speculum feels like. They should have used one on the only entry he has and charged him for it.

  71. Vincent Lovely – I like your thoughts, b/c I thought the same thing.
    Give him what he wants & let him scream! Because that’s what he would have done.. SCREAM!

    But it would have been used to destroy these sane professional ppl even more.

    There is no truth in this “Gender Insanity”! Thank God the judges saw through this insane opportunist! Even if it was too little & too late! He has been called out!


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