The Supreme Court just showed us again that they can’t be counted on to preserve Americans’ liberties


The Republican Party keeps telling its voters that if they win they will put conservative Justices on the Supreme Court.

But time and again conservative jurists have failed to stand up and deliver the rulings one would expect.

And the Supreme Court just showed us again that they can’t be counted on to preserve Americans’ liberties.

It’s almost a guarantee you have heard from a Republican candidate for Senate or President that if they win they will make sure conservative Justices are put on the Supreme Court.

Well, either they choose terrible jurists or they are lying to us all.

Over the past several decades, the conservative picks for the Supreme Court have been a bunch of swings and misses.

Just look at the past several conservative picks for the Supreme Court.

First under former President George W. Bush we got Chief Justice John Roberts, who is most famous for bending backwards to make sure that Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court.

Then we got Justice Alito, who actually hasn’t been that bad considering and who has so far been a more consistent conservative throughout his tenure on the Court than many of his counterparts.

But then former President Trump and a Republican-controlled Senate seated Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett to the Supreme Court and nearly all of them have failed to live up to their hype as being consistent conservative Justices so far.

And here is just the latest example.

A woman named Barronelle Stutzman who is a devout Christian, a great-grandmother, and owner of Arlene’s Flowers & Gifts has been targeted by radical homosexual activists to provide flowers for their same-sex wedding.

Since she refused to provide flowers for their wedding, as it would go against her religious beliefs, the state of Washington sued her for violating “consumer protection.”

And as Stutzman took it up the courts she ultimately filed her case with the Supreme Court begging them to take her case after the Washington State Supreme Court ruled against her.

Instead, the “conservative court” turned a blind eye to her pleas for help and refused to hear the case.

Out of the supposed six conservatives on the Supreme Court, only three, Justices Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch, wanted to hear the case, which was below the four necessary to grant the case a hearing.

So much for Justices Kavanaugh or Barrett being hardened Christan conservatives.

Since they refused to take this poor lady’s case, now it is destined that every leftist-run state will start to persecute Christian business owners in the court of law.