The Supreme Court just made a massive ruling on President Trump’s transgender military ban


President Trump introduced a transgender military ban in 2017, keeping good on his promise to end Obama’s military social experiments.

But some rogue lower federal court judges appointed by Obama have been blocking the ban just to “stick it” to Trump.

And now the Supreme Court just made the ruling on Trump’s transgender military ban that everyone has been waiting for.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Trump administration may begin to implement its ban on transgenders in the military while cases on the ban make their way to the court.

The vote was a 5-4 majority with all of the conservative judges voting in favor of the ruling.

This is one of President Trump’s first major wins with the help of newly appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Fox News reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed the Pentagon to restrict military service for transgender individuals while the Trump administration’s policy is litigated in the lower courts.

The ruling reversed the orders implemented by lower courts, which had prevented the Pentagon from proceeding with the plan. The issue brought a 5-4 conservative-liberal split, with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan voting to keep the block on enforcement in place, while the five conservative justices, including Justice Brett Kavanaugh, voted to allow the policy to go into effect.

The court’s decision, though, does not apply to the policy’s legality, or President Trump’s authority to issue the ban. The decision was simply related to the policy’s enforcement while the case continues to go through litigation at the lower courts.

The ruling came after the Justice Department requested that the Supreme Court bypass the lower courts and decide the issue—a request the high court rejected on Tuesday, instead directing the case to work its way through the appeals and lower courts.

Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec praised the Supreme Court’s ruling in a statement Tuesday.

“We are pleased the Supreme Court granted stays in these cases, clearing the way for the policy to go into effect while litigation continues. The Department of Defense as the authority to create and implement personnel policies it has determined are necessary to defend our nation,” Kupec said.

This is a significant win for President Trump and our military.

Millions of Americans were sick and tired of the social experiments that the military had to endure during Obama’s eight years.

And Donald Trump promised everyone in 2016 that those social experiments would be put to an end.

The military is a no frills operation whose goal is to defend the homeland, not cater to Social Justice Warriors.

The reality is transgenderism is a mental issue. And soldiers on the frontlines must be able to rely on the men in the fox hole with them.

Americans are looking to President Trump to rebuild our military to the strength it once had.

Implementing the President’s transgender military ban is the first step to doing just that.

Do you think President Trump is right to ban transgenders from the military? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Long overdue beginnings of straightening (no pun intended) the armed forces. Almost every military person I have talked with over the Clinton and Obama years said bringing people who had gender identity issues and dysmorphic sexual practices was a bad idea and they felt from “uncomfortable” to “completely pissed off”, some even to point of resigning. None of them like the idea that they might be forced to closely associate with people whose behavior did not conform with their physical status. They expressed fear of being exposed to HIV-AIDS, having their nude bodies eyeballed while showering, and worst, getting some disease as a result of blood transfusions. They also referred o the high incidence of alcoholism and illicit drug use by those who live a distorted lifestyle, and as to how reliable they would be in combat particularly. The Army was the first to introduce black men and women into it’s forces, but this was a distinction based a racial background and nothing more, so that simile does not apply in this case. Additionally, we have seen prominently public figures choose a sexual transformation achieve that reassignment and then decide they wanted to return to their birth gender state. The emotional and mental turmoil of such activities renders that persons to a reduced condition in a group that works best in gender identity homogeneity and constant readiness for whatever may dome.

  3. D.H.Conner is absolutely correct in his analysis of the transgender issue.
    I have known and worked with many vets and active military people and their opinions are
    totally in line with almost all military personnel.

  4. Absolutely agree with the above replies. The military is no place to try social deviance experimentation. The transgender populace is far too suicidal to trust our country’s defense to. It is a mental disorder, plain and simple.

  5. I am retired Military
    Men are men not fags
    My son liked having women in as he had lots of rockers so he seldom went to sleep without sex.
    That was not the case in my time in the service.
    This is good for men
    Queers make life in the military terrible.

  6. There is turmoil and confusion in the minds of these people, why would you want this in the work place? Why would you want this in the military services to our country. They don’t need it!!! They are on the airwaves, in the movies, in our bathrooms and preparing our food, these people go through hell trying to decide what they are, we don’t need to know!!!!

  7. I am retired military with 23 active duty years with 7 being a Basic Military Instructor. The is no place in the military for gender disphoria, period. Being in the military is a way of life that has it’s own set of rules tempered with a discipline unlike any in civilian life. There were already issues with sexual harassment and assault from males to females, generally speaking, and throwing in those who already have issues with their sexuality doesn’t bode well at all with the medical treatments required as well as the surgery and time a way from the job. There are other medical issues that keep folks out of the military and any sexuality or gender disphoria issues should be no different. The military isn’t setup to fix your mental and medical issues related to your sexuality. The job is national security and nothing should distract us from accomplishing that mission.

  8. I believe these men & ladies are doing there job, no matter what there gender is, let the do there job and leave them alone. They are not tags like some of you put it, you need to learn what tags really mean

  9. They are an abomination GOD doesn’t like their ways and neither do I. They don’t belong in our military at all. They have issues. I sure wouldn’t trust one to fight by my side they are pure evil. Oh and for all the fags out their the rainbow belongs to GOD and he wants it back. You can use the donkey as the demoncrats use for their mascot because you all fall under that category.

  10. God created TWO genders…male and female. If you are really a Rev. you would know that anything else is an abomination to Him. There is no room in the military for someone with a mental disorder. Would YOU want to put your life in the hands of someone who is that confused??

  11. You are 100%right
    You are what you have Beetwen leggs
    It’s the mind telling them diferent no deferent then be multiple personalities or any other different mind works
    You can think and belie but you are not woman or men at least you born with parts that are identical to your own Sex
    I Suport every human been for who they are and if you think you should becwoman or men that is your own belief so be what ever you are Not my Busnis to talk Obout.
    If they want to serve in army forces it is a big risk of sexual activities,rape abuse and more,I belive is not safe for transgender,
    It is sad but for their safety they need to avoid work that involves majority man or woman
    Some people see them as sex object or some people hate them

  12. ….Rev m hyatt , .DON’T TRY TO TELL THE MILITARY HOW TO RUN .,!!! . I WAS IN 4 YRS.. WE DIDN’T TOLATRAE , THE GAYS TO WELL. !!.. they have different ideas how things should be run.. sharing close space was tuff.., felt INVADED, THEY WERE NOT UP TO STANDARDS.,!!! THANK GOD , THAT , obozo wasn’t arround..!!

  13. They are exposed to abuse sex humiliating acts
    It is their own mind telling them deferent,
    I’m a woman with female parts
    You can think you are woman but you are not if you born with male part
    If your mind tells you diferent then be who you think you are
    I got no problem with anybody
    So be who you are and it’s own busines keep it to your self
    If you happy with that all matters
    They can’t compeet with a real woman or real man
    Because they were born with diferent body parts
    And our Midia is pushing more and more so you can see parents dressing 3 year old as boy or girl because they like blue or pink;
    Army Not for them they are risking rheir life’s

  14. I served 23 years in submarines and we had to depend on everyone to do their jobs and to do them right. In an emergence opening the wrong valve would cost the lives of every aboard and depending where they in the oceans of the world the submarine might never be found.

  15. President Trump is right, there should be no transgenders in the military. They are not sure of who or what they are, how can they be strong enough to fight for our country? They can’t .

  16. At 86, I never expected to be incessantly informed of the horrible failure of my parents that failed to ask me at age six if I felt like I was wanting to act and look like a girl? One neighbor showed me the difference and it has not been forgotten! 63 years of marriage with 3 great grandsons later, I do not look back wondering what percentage of all males working with me were really plumbed the same way?
    Why is it in this age of civil liberties, its part of “social-justice”, the only kind apparently not yet fully embodied for all of our species, into the social system as one calling for giving up our children to the experts out to make sure they don’t need to have their plumbing altered to fit a mind set confused by the system.

  17. I thought I made it very clear that I disapprove of them being in our Armed Forces. How you misread that I don’t know, but if you did, that’s on you, not me, if so. With a rather robust number of negative aspects, I would have thought anyone would understand my position.

  18. It just might be that the people who had that done to them just might come back and sue the government because they allowed it to happen even though that person went into the service just to get it done, and then may want the taxpayers to pay for it. It’s another pandora box, look it up.

  19. The Military is there to fight wars. Not social engineering. I spent several years in the Naval Amphibious Forces. It is not a place for experiments. This type of crap started in the Obama era and now it’s getting worse! I still don’t understand men and women together on war ships.

  20. Thank you. Experience is the best teacher. The Armed Forces are not Dugway proving grounds, where mistakes can be discovered and corrected. They are the people who are where the rubber hits the road, and lives are at stake in fulfillment of the mission. They should never be used or abused as by Clinton and Obama as playgrounds for social experimentation. I enlisted in the Corps to fight and if it so happened that I died for my country, I knew what I was getting into from the get go. But not at the cost of proving or disproving some idiot’s social theories to be right or wrong. Trust was the watchword, and those who are confused about their sexuality are always preoccupied by that dysphoric feeling and fear of being become known for what they are. Those who would bring up the issue of the Spartans, whose homosexual relations were an accepted part of society, need to remember such activities are not a normal part of our society. If they were normal, 95% of our citizens would be homosexual, and for lack of sufficient procreation, our nation would rapidly become extinct.

  21. Rev: It is time to BAN all transgenders and other LGBTQ perverts from society and put them where they belong: a mental institution (or any Muslim country, if you prefer).

  22. You do understand pregnancy though. Pretty obvious that men and women are forced or allowed to serve together on something like an aircraft carrier, where there are a million and one nooks and crannies, they will get together. Then we are short a crewmember because she is pregnant. Just not a clear headed thinking at all. Women do not belong in direct combat: it is instinctual in men to protect women at all costs. If not instinctual, then second nature, assuming we were raised by parents who knew what reality was and acted accordingly.

  23. Look, gay guys and gals. Most men do not want to be approached by gay people or transgendered and most all straight men will like the idea that “The Supreme Court has ruled that the Trump administration may begin to implement its ban on transgenders in the military while cases on the ban make their way to the court.
    The vote was a 5-4 majority with all of the conservative judges voting in favor of the ruling.” So if the gays want to play house please consider doing it outside the various military branches.

  24. Nasty. Immoral. UnAmerican. I guess it’s not “all men are created equal” but “some” men “are more equal than others.”

  25. Yes and what is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE is obummer’s BS deal where they could get a free sex change when they joined. Holy crap, but what else could you expect from that freaking maggot? Look at Michael lol!!!!!!!!!

  26. I am extremely sick of CONSTANTLY hearing about gays and their rights. I want them to crawl back in the closet where they came from and shut the hell up. We don’t owe them a single frigging thing. And something that just infuriates me is all the different types of faggots. It’s real simple, there’s gay and there’s bisexual, THAT’S IT! All these weird BS names they come up with now…. that’s in their world not ours, geez DO NOT FORCE THAT BS ON US! It is not a part of our lives so we shouldn’t have it shoved down our throats- NO PUN INTENDED I PROMISE LOL!

  27. All psychologist and psychiatrist say transgender people have mental issues, thinking of being something you are not, is not rooted in reality. The military trys to discharge all people displaying mental illnesses or better yet, not allowing them to be accepted to join in the first place. We have enough loonies running around our streets, we don’t need them in the military.

  28. That is why Obasturd was such a miserable fool, among other things. His old lady was disbarred in Illinois, which ought to have been a huge red flag to all. The “church” he attended was run by a “preacher” (EX-Marine) who ranted racist hatred towards whites, blamed Jews for all of society’s ills, and was just generally a rectal orifice. When you listen to this filth for 20 years, you acknowledge it and incorporate it. As a novelty, 1/2 black and 1/2 white, with an African-born scumbag for a father and white prostitute for a mother, living until age 10 in a Muslime country, he was damaged goods form the get go. Living with his white grandparent, in his late teens he chose a dyed in the wool Communist for a mentor. For some reason it escaped me that Obasturd made the Armed Forces responsible for thee transitional sex assignment . But, I suspect there are many things he pulled the wool over, so I plead mea culpa and thanks for the enlightenment.

  29. If you are really a man of God pray for their healing, but don’t put them where they can get others killed because they are not mentally whole.
    Rev. James Daffron, PhD

  30. Totally! If anyone believes that becoming homosexual gay or lesbian is normal; they had better take a biology class to know that it’s not!
    Pushing this transgender crap in our public school system is totally wrong & we need to stand up to these left wing loons!

  31. Thank You, Betsey. Just doing what comes naturally. After all, one should learn something in 72 years, shouldn’t they?

  32. Cathy, tho I agree with you, your misspelling and poor sentence structure are atrocious! Are you not from the USA and have trouble speaking English? Or, are you just uneducated or lazy?

  33. I agree. There is NO PLACE in society for these confused people. We have been told to pray for them. I do pray that God will wipe them off the face of the earth. I have around 70+ great nieces and nephews going through educational institutions. It seems all are expected to visit a counselor, who then disturbs their minds into thinking they should be a different sex or that they must have been abused at home. I think 90% of the people saying they were abused comes from the school counselors. And now the kindergarten teachers are to talk to about sex in the classroom. WHERE ARE OUR SCHOOL BOARDS, AND IRATE PARENTS??

  34. I spent 6 years in the Army . I must say it’s scary to think there may be a person in the bunk above you or besides you that is gay. What are they thinking ???? when you are in the shower , etc. I would not want someone thinking about me versus thier job .
    Sordid behavior , thoughts etc have no place in a military environment . We were there to defend our nation and get the job done , not to be concerned about what your fellow soldier was thinking about You.

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