The Supreme Court could be days away from destroying a massive Christian monument


While Christians simply want to be left alone to practice their faith, liberals can’t help but stand in their way.

They are constantly working to trample on religious liberty.

And the Supreme Court may be days away from working on their behalf to destroy a massive Christian monument.

Liberals constantly abuse the principle of separation of church and state to justify outright anti-Christian laws.

But at the same time, they wait on Muslims and atheists hand and foot.

Now, their latest push is to remove a World War I monument in Maryland, simply because it is a cross.

They believe that because the nearly 100-year old statue is a religious symbol that it should not be maintained by the government.

In the next few days, the Supreme Court will hear the case and decide whether to take it down or not.

CNBC reports:

“The justices next week are set to hear arguments over whether a giant, four-story World War I memorial cross located in a busy Maryland intersection and maintained by the government can remain standing.

The case, which touches at the core of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, is the most significant dispute over a public monument to reach the top court since Chief Justice John Roberts took the helm.

It comes before the court in the wake of controversial orders connected to abortion and a Muslim inmate’s religious rights during execution, and just a month after the justices said they would hear their first major gun-control case in nearly a decade.”

While the Supreme Court is beginning to move in the favor of President Trump, it will still be a close vote.

It will also be a defining moment for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

He has the opportunity to show America whether he is going to stand up for the people who defended him during his confirmation process.

As a devout Catholic, and a conservative, it is likely he will stand up and support letting the statue stand.

But there’s no way to be sure until the vote occurs.

Do you think Justice Kavanaugh should allow this religious statue to stand?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. I would love to see citizens coming together in peace and respecting each other’s differences
    including religion. A country divided against itself will fall.

    • If it were up to Christians we could come together and have peace. Unfortunately we have too many Communists in our Government Nationwide and they don’t believe in God. That’s the answer and it’s very simple. Wherever Communists have infiltrated their goal is to take God out of the Country they are trying to overthrow.
      Until we the people kick them out and restore God into our culture then we will never have peace. Muslims fall into this category also. They want too destroy all religions and make the world Muslim.

      • Religions are like tribes. They can’t accept other tribes. No one religion is any better than the other. Remember the Christians had the inquisition and killed many non believers. We need to accept all in peace.

      • It is not the communists that have removed God from almost everywhere in our lives, it is Satan and his many groups, LGBTQ, atheists, non Christians, and Muslims. Sadly the Christian institutions have been silent. How many voters ask the politicians are they a Christian? Something is wrong when ONE person can have your Christian rights removed, or three people can have God removed from the public schools, but allow a room set aside so Muslims can do their prayers. It is the silent Christians and those with apathy to allow God to be removed from their lives.

      • They can try to destroy what ever they want, BUT they can’t destroy what is in our hearts, mind and that is JESUS!

    • I have worked alongside every race and religion I can think of and hundreds of nationalities. Never had any problems and a lot of minorities came to me for help because I treated all of them with the same respect. What I see going on in our country now has been brought on by the left and started with the Obama administration. There are bigots in all races and nationalities but they are all in the minority of citizens of the world. Instead of trying to remove inferences to something and pretending to be offended by it , we should embrace our differences and all live in peace. There are only two true races in the world , good and bad.

    • You are correct. I am an Agnostic and this monument has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with honoring W.W.1 soldiers. The government should be ashamed of itself for even considering this idea. Also the separation of church and state means that the government shall endorse no specific religion, not ban all religion.

      • If this has nothing to do with religion, then how about we add a Jewish statue, a Muslim statue, a Satanist statue, a Buddhist statue and any other religion that we missed, along with the Christian statue? Not all WW1 soldiers were Christian. Not all Americans are Christians. By just representing one religion and no others, is going against the Constitution.

        1st Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

        By having one religion representing the US, that our government maintains, is against the Constitution. Add more religion statues or remove this one to uphold the Constitution that our government will not uphold one religion over any other.

          • I have. Question is, have you? Contrary to the right-wing belief, other religions have been in the United States since the 1800s, some since the beginning, including Muslims. And let us not forget about the Native Americans who were here before Christians and who fought in every war alongside us (well, course after we stole their land and forced them to live in reservations).

        • “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”
          The Second Amendment. It has been around for many, many years! The Demoncrats are trying to delete it. Why would they want to delete it? So they can make decent, honest citizens criminals! It worked in Nazi Germany. That’s why the Demoncrats want to destroy it!

    • Thanks to the anti-American rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and also putting anti-American muslims in government positions! Silence and lack of actions gives consent! So who really is at fault those that do Nothing but complain or those that do and allow these anti-American rhetoric! You Americans better watch out for fraudulence in all election everywhere and stop this!

  2. Why can’t EXISTING MONUMENTS be left alone?? Why do the Liberals and DemonRats have to remove EVERY VESTIGE of anything THEY do not personally believe in or support?? That’s NOT how tolerant, loving, SANE PEOPLE behave!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

    • If it were up to Christians we could come together and have peace. Unfortunately we have too many Communists in our Government Nationwide and they don’t believe in God. That’s the answer and it’s very simple. Wherever Communists have infiltrated their goal is to take God out of the Country they are trying to overthrow.
      Until we the people kick them out and restore God into our culture then we will never have peace. Muslims fall into this category also. They want too destroy all religions and make the world Muslim.

    • ALL leftists are enemies of the Republic and should be treated like the cockroaches they are.
      God will judge them… Allow US to arrange the meeting.

    • “That’s NOT how tolerant, loving, SANE PEOPLE behave!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!” You stated it well. Fing liberals and Democrats are not tolerant, loving, SANE PEOPLE! F Democrats.

    • Hellllllllo? I “Know” you’re not calling democraps tolerant loving and sane! Those brainless of the age of the living dead don’t know what those words mean.

    • I agree with you but please leave out the snarky reference to democrats, it makes the rest of us look bad. I am a historian and hat it when I see Southern Monuments defiled and other monuments such as this. This is our combined history. The past is our future, least we forget.

      • You cannot change history by erasing it. Instead, embrace it and learn from it. History only repeats itself because of ignorance.

    • People who want to remove all of our monuments are no better than ISIS who destroyed all
      historical and religion symbols throughout Iraq. Christians have to stand up to this and get all
      these crazy representatives out of our Government. Either that or prepare to arm yourselves
      because the time will come we will have to run them out.

    • smart! Seperation of church and state was never ment for this or even to makle prayer in school wrong . It was simply to stop the government from making a religion mandated by the government so as to keep our personal religious free from interfenence!

      • Law was set to prevent establish an official religion of the country. That is why ALL religions are allowed to exist as long as they do not attempt to over throw the government. Simple.

          • You are so correct. It is a sad state we don’t teach more of it in school today. I have a hard time believing how ignorant the Millennial’s are of our past and Bill of Rights and Constitution. We are in great danger of loosing our freedom and their future. We need to step up and teach our history. All great empires taught their children their history.

      • It doesn’t say separation of church and state. It says that the government shall not endorse any one religion over others!

  3. leave all our statues alone and learn the lessons from each….it is all our history whether you think it is bad or good….take and lead from the good and learn from the bad…but that doesn’t seem like what is happening….it is all or none….I hope we get back to sanity again or America is lost…..and we are the best beacon in the world so lets save it….

  4. If the so called supreme court rules to take down the CROSS…then Americans must make the SUPREME COURT a worthless organization. They do NOT stand for the principals that this nation was built on nor do they follow the Constitution!!!!

    • I don’t believe the new Supreme Court will take down the cross. That is the least of our worries. We need to take back our government. The Progressive Communists have taken over our education system. I remember when all people in the academic field could get up and speak their piece including communist, liberals, conservative, all religions and colors and be heard. Today the academics and progressives shout down any one that disagrees. They can’t be heard. Freedom of expression of ideas no longer exists on our campuses. By the way does anyone remember Fahrenheit 451? Big Brother is now taking care of us.

  5. This simple elegant memorial should be part of the National Historic Sites…or donate it to the Marina nearby or a church

  6. Time to stop bending over backwards for the liberals and leftists in our country. The cross I am sure was erected to honor those that served honorably in Thst war. Stop destroying our heritage.

  7. IF any of you are REALLY serious about preserving CHRISTIAN anything, you MUST come out against the most popular religion on Earth which happens to be tax funded breaking our Constitution . Even members of the ACLY band Satanists plus every other religion supports this one.
    It is NOT that I really want to do away with it, since parts of it I also enjoy on a very limited basis.
    BUT. IF enough of you come out against this thousands of years old religion those that are determined to do away with Christianity will allow it so they can keep theirs.
    The old religion I am talking about was condemned in 1 Maccabees, by Daniel, and by Christ Himself.
    It is called Athletics and is the worship of Zeus, also called Baal Shamen who , by the way is SATAN!

    • I have officially heard it all now, my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks are evil, good gosh. Although I have felt tortured by some games they’ve lost before lol.

    • I’m all for removing Satanism wherever it rears its ugly head. Satan is hard at work in our world. Let’s not give Satamists the religious legitimacy they seek.

  8. The court rules for it to come down we are one step closer to a civil war. Only this time it will be gun owners against the government. So if the government thinks it’s worth it. Bring it on b4 my grand children have to live in a country gone to hell and not free.

  9. I agree with you Patrick. Why does America let the bad try to run America the way they do? I believe Judge Kavanaugh will make this right, he is a good man and a Christian.

    • Agree, James. This debate was “settled” once before with the comment that should a cross need to be removed from public property on US soil then all the crosses (and Stars of David) should thus also be removed over the graves of the tens of thousands of dead that lay buried in France after two world wars.

  10. Those that are liberal and demorats, think God is simply removed when any symbol is removed. Out of sight out of mind. This maybe to ease their minds of trying to believe there is no God. They will have a rude awakening when they stand before Him on judgement day. Each one of us will give an account for our lives, Jesus will either be a savior to those who believed and enter into Heaven, or a judge that WILL sentence those who do not believe to Hell forever. They will remember that cross and they should have made a different choice, but in hell it will be too LATE. I am so glad that very soon Jesus is coming back to take the true Christians home to Heaven. Are you ready for this event? Those left behind it will be to late to change your mind.

  11. Leave the Cross stand, the people that put it up were mighty proud and loved our beautiful country. Christians beware. Bev

  12. If the Monument is allowed to be destroyed, that would be “Discrimination” in it’s worst form. If you do not believe in Christianity, the monument is only a piece of cement. It only means something to a Christian; therefore, you would be discriminating against a “large” number of individuals unless you take down every other Religious Groups symbol. This should include removing all the clothing that identifies as of the Muslim Faith. It might even begin to affect Priest & Nuns outside the Church Buildings.

    • You are right! I am an Agnostic and if I don’t defend every monument that these a——s want to take down, then I am a destroyer of history. I also expect you people to defend the Confederate Monuments and any other you might disagree with. This is our history. I have no problem with adding new monuments that contradict old believes but you don’t hide our past by tearing it down.

  13. They need to take down every satanic,muslum related or any other non-Christian monument because taking down a cross is discrimination if their’s arent also torn down. We can’t have discrimination now can we?

    • EXACTLY RIGHT!! But would anybody do it, that’s the problem. Everybody takes all the left’s absurd ridiculous BS and whines and bitches about it, but nobody does a thing, – and our enemies know that we won’t. Some day we will have had enough and ‘somebody’ will, but who will that be? …and when??? NOW IS THE TIME! What in the hell are we waiting on?? Before the bastards are allowed to take down a single more Christian item of any kind—— let it be known that if our God is not allowed- neither is anything related to anything muslim. This is America BY GOD- we can’t let those scumbag pieces of stinking nasty garbage take that privilege away from us!!!!

      • Your attitude is wrong. I am an Agnostic and I will fight to keep the cross. This is a monument to WW1 Vets. Until religion stops acting like tribes and starts acting like thinking modern humans I will not support it. Religion is for the weak minded as it is today. We won’t advance until we recognize that god doesn’t care about us and the god is the thing that stared everything.

  14. It is ridiculous to even consider taking this down. We are a Christian nation, founded on these principles. Read George Washington’s inaugural address. I am tired of the Constitution being twisted to suit the opinion of a few people. Take away the rights of the muslim congresswoman who would not pledge her allegiance on the Bible or to our country. This has always been a part of the process, and anyone who can’t do it should not be allowed to serve this country. There are muslim nations that would cut off our heads if we even mentioned the name of Jesus! We cannot continue to prosper except as one nation under God. His Word is true, and no one can change that. No one can avoid the consequences of not following His Word. If not now, it will be later. God cannot lie. Oh how I pray for our nation. Please do what is right!

  15. God should never be taken away from any thing. . Republicans should make a stand for God and for the American people. Democratic fight hard for what they want. Democratics do not belive in God. god must win.They are doing what the illigals want.

  16. Are we coming to a point in our thinking that any and all statues and monuments that offend our personal way of thinking be destroyed. Example: Washington’s statutes–or namesakes–. He was one of our founding fathers, the first president of our nation. But he owned slaves. Should we remove all memories of him? He lived in another time where this was the norm. Of course, that has changed…thank goodness. But should we remove all memories of him? It doesn’t make sense. And this beautiful cross…because it offends the few, should the majority let it be moved or destroyed. It bothers them that it stands. Get over it. Stop obsessing and move on. This has been in place for longer than you or I have lived. It harms no one.

  17. It is God who has made this country great. We need to stand up for God and honor Him as our forefathers proudly proclaimed that we are “One nation under God!”

  18. Do NOT take the Monument down. It is a part of our History, and we need to protect that. We are here
    today, because of the people that were responsible for the Historic Monuments.

    Don Mallick Feb. 25, 2019 4:41 PM PST

  19. It should STAND!! ALL of our old Historic Monuments should be left standing, they are the history of our country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

  20. Don’t rewrite history. Understand it for what it is and teach our children the importance of looking at our magnificent history as a country, and explain that this is why we are as we are.

  21. I don’t care how hard the stupid brainless dorks try to destroy history the stupid hard head dumbasses can never change it. IT WON’T GO AWAY

  22. Why are we even talking about this? Our founding fathers, our currency and everything about the U.S.A. is based upon GOD (no matter what YOU believe!) If you don’t like our constitution and the way North America is, then leave!!!!!!!!

  23. These Liberal Democrats are getting out of hand with their Ant-Christian war and if they take down our Christian WW1 statue Then I think that all of these Islamic Mosks should be destroyed as well. Christianity has been the first American Religion and should not be destroyed or eliminated from the American Christians. What is good for one is good for another.

  24. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; ….” Establishment of religion – just what does that mean? Could it mean that the federal government can not declare a national religion, like England did back in the time when the colonists came to America? I think so, personally. what does make no law prohibiting the free exercise thereof, mean? how about just what it says. shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Erecting monuments showing their faith in God and to respect the people who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country is indeed a exercising their right that is suppose to be protected by the federal government. No where in the United States Constitution is there anything about separation of Church and State. What Article and Section in the Constitution says anything about that? Show me where I’m wrong. Give me the Article and Section of the US Constitution, which is the Law of the Land.

  25. the Demon’s are hard at work and have been for over 2000 years and their are more Christian in the world today than any time in History, I believe the Demon’s, Spirit and flesh are losing .

  26. DS traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted lib demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party & minions!Don’t forget RINOs(McSally,Alexander,Tills,Gardner,Lee,Grassley,Collins,Romney, Rubio, Roberts,Flake, etc)they’re just as bad!Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  27. Whatever government entity that currently owns the land this cross is on just sell it to a private organization that could then donate it to a Christian group. I hope the Supreme Court Justices will read the Constitution and realize there is NOTHING in it that speaks about separation of Church and State. What the Constitution does say is that there will not be a church that is the official church of the United States!

  28. This was the reason we came to America. We wanted to have the freedom to worship as we pleased. Now the haters of Christianity have been allowed to cause problems during the previous administration. He emboldened them to do things like this and to spread their hatred. It is time for them to get out of our country if they are offended by anything we do. Good riddance.

    • Thank You for saying it just the way it is, Our Last Muslim President brought his kind in by the thousands while we all sat and watched it, Now we must take a stand, I an 80 year old American Veteran am offended by the practice of all Muslims, Domination is their Goal, We Christians realize that, An American Religious Revolution is in our Future if we continue to Christianity from America, JUST WATCH !

    This cross and even confederate statues are history and how it was at that time in history. Destroy that and you have nothing.

    My guess would be, though, that John Roberts, having moved to the left will have the deciding vote and the cross will be removed. I hope a civilian group picks up the cost, moves it to a private location and erects it again. God has blessed our nation; we’ve simply forgotten to than Him. God must be weeping!!!!

  30. The cross needs to be left alone. It has been there for 100 years. This nation was founded in the right of christian religion. Don’t tear it down. It would be terrible to do so. If this happens then all churches no matter what the religion should not display any religion symbols on any buildings at all. And that would be ashamed.

  31. God and bible has been within our government since the beginning of country. Thomas Jefferson. “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.
    That means the people didn’t want government to make any laws relating to creating a religion or preventing the freedom of a a person from worshiping in his religion. It was written to aid the people to keep government from making laws against their freedom of religion. Not (as many think) to keep religion out of our government. Our forefathers were very religious. If you look at our government buildings, there are biblical carvings all over the place. Who is the foundation of this country? The God of the bible. What is the standard for our constitution? God’s word, the bible. This is a Christian nation. It will never be anything else, or it won’t exist at all. God bless America.

    • carol…I agree with you, except that there is no mention at all about a separation of church and state in the Constitution or any other document. It was only mentioned in a private letter sent by Thomas Jefferson.

  32. The only thing that is going to stop this is to start reciprocating. Do they think we like all of their monuments. The answer is NO but since this is supposed to be a free Country we accept it. Why should we when they don’t.

  33. Our founding fathers gave us freedom OF religion, NOT freedom FROM religion. And libs keep screaming tolerance, but they have NONE for anyone who does not agree with them. And they are all for diversity, but that ends with Christianity. Libs just live on hate. They are very sad creatures.

  34. Taking our God away is TOTALLY acceptable and if those scumbag maggots think they can do it then they have to tell the unwanted and unwelcome muslims here that they can’t have theirs either. ….but no they wouldn’t do that would they? Seriously, think about it.

  35. Christians were here first and gave us the Constitution so we could have religious freedoms that we could not have in Europe,our forefathers said we would have freedom ,only as long as we followed the moral doctrine of the Holy Bible,were men practices Gods laws ,that without the respect for life and justice to govern by we would not stand.We must have morals and respect for these laws for without them we wold not be free men ,,but would be ruled by tyrants. The United States was founded on these principles and without them we will perish. GOD BLESS AMERICA !

  36. This monument is part of our country’s heritage and history…it was erected to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to retain this country’s freedom. To tear it down, to appease these Godless, anti-American, radical leftwing commies would be an insult to those WWI heroes, and all true Americans!!!

  37. This CROSS has been there all these years and not one person has had a problem with it? The CROSS also has fallen soldiers names engraved in to it. I strongly believe it is very dis-respectful to tear down such a beautiful monument. My heart will sink if anyone ever destroy’s such a standing symbol of PEACE. This CROSS has NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY. “THIS CROSS HAS “EVERYTHING” TO DO WITH “PEACE” AND “LOVE” AND represents a SYMBOL of (“RESPECT”) FOR FALLEN VETERAN’S. PLEASE Let the CROSS STAND!

  38. This is America we have values. These monuments and statues are part of our history like it or leave. We are a country who allows a lot of leeway for other peoples opions but you just don’t tear things down because it doesn’t suit you. This is out history for better or worse. They are there to remind us, “to remember when”. What are we teaching the next generation? The courts needs to have hands off!

  39. I am getting sick & tired of people destroying our monuments. They are inanimate objects and cannot possibly hurt anyone. It’s time to stand up to these morons and tell them if they don’t like America or her monuments to pack their suitcases and leave.

  40. I walked every day for 5 years to and from school pass this tribute to peace and honor to the brave men that died in WW1 it was simply to us kids a tribute to those who gave their all in that horrible nasty conflict,
    which was known as (the great war) prior to the time we could get involved in the next one. I never looked at this monument as a religious shrine but as a tribute to the men who died for us. I am now over 84 years old and will hate to see this tribute torn down to please any group of folks that feel a symbol to peace is any way a blot on our nation. If that memorial goes A small part of my childhood goes with it.

  41. Does this monument represent anything Christian? Were all those who died Christians are did they all believe in Christ or that even Jesus died on a cross? Commies hate the cross even when Christ is cause of the symbol. This honors those who died in the war, not Christs resurrection from the dead. What is the difference of this and Arlington Cemetary? Hate is a terrible but frequent thing. What if we wanted to destroy all statues, pictures etc of elephants or donkeys for political reasons. This is just as dumb as that. .

    • They are not just your Forefathers but mine as well. To display just one religion and no other is against the Constitution. Something our Forefathers fought for. To fight against this is unpatriotic.

  42. So, it’s OK for our tax dollars to pay billions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, but not this Cross that has been there for nearly 100 years, something is very wrong here.

    • Why are you against taking care of women’s health issues?

      Planned Parenthood isn’t about one religion which goes against the Constitution.

  43. Leave this lovely cross and OUR religious rights alone demons. I also agree they should not be allowed to destroy our historical legacy (be it good or bad, it is what it is.)

    • You can have your religion, just not on our government’s property. The very first Amendment clearly states that our government will not just be one religion. If you want our government to represent your religion then you need to also add other religions as well. It is an all or nothing proposal, per our Constitution.

  44. Tell the scotus to SHOVE it up these A$$e$ if the try to remove it ,have a emergency vote to save it ,after all the constitution say WE THE PEOPLE not we the supreme court ! ! ! ! !

  45. The WWI monument should be left alone. It represents the brave men and women who fought and those who gave their lives for our country.

    • The problem is that the monument doesn’t represent ALL the brave men and women who fought for our great nation, it only represents the Christian ones. Shouldn’t we honor ALL the people who fought for us?

  46. That “CROSS” Is A Show Of Respect for the fallen Soldiers. Honestly, when I was a kid we buried our family pet and I made a small cross out of two sticks to mark the grave. And to represent the fallen beloved animal. Just put the “CROSS” there so we would not forget our little pet. This “CROSS” is the same thing. My pet had no Religious connections of any sort. It was just a beautiful grave marker. Simple as that. Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day People.

    • You are insensitive to the feelings of the Jews. Jesus was a Jew and they hung him on the cross. Since then, Jews are very hurt at just the sight of a cross. When the Jews came through Ellis Island from Russia, they wouldn’t make an X on the paper for their signature, because it looked to much like a cross. Instead they would make an O. In Hebrew, that was pronounced, Kike. Which is how Jews got started being called Kikes in New York.

      • That Cross is a GRAVE MARKER. Nothing more. What is the big hairy deal. I am ashamed of everyone who wants to tear down History? Because, we are taught either in school or in life. That History will repeat itself! Unless we are reminded of our past mistakes. Anything you think is racist or Biased? That means you remember the past and present lessons. Never to be repeated. I do not like shoving issues under the rug? Or tearing them down! Allow them to stand for things that will NEVER be tolerated again in human history. People were made to learn from mistakes. If one of these monuments represents a past mistake of any kind? Please allow it to stand to inform the next generation of how History played out. That we are a kinder, more loving intelligent people. And POINT TO IT! Say what is in Your heart! This way NOTHING is FORGOTTEN.

        • The monument isn’t in question. It is the use of a single religion as representation for all fallen soldiers. Not all solder are or were Christians. Please respect the other religions and the other fallen soldiers who want to be remembered for their own religion and not under a false one for them.

          • Okay, I will play along? Then why has it took 40 or 50 years or more? For someone to realize there was some kind of biased? Looks to me like someone forgot to mark their people’s graves with all the other Religious emblems? And maybe your mad at yourselves for being so forgetful? At least someone stepped forward and put a Cross up. ( I would like to know when the Cross began standing for “ONLY” CHRISTIANS?) Jesus was hung on that CROSS. That stands for all folks. Believer’s or not. He gave mankind a gift. His life. And if you choose not to believe in him. Okay. Regardless, the man gave up his life. With the thought of saving everyone else’s lives. That my friend is a Pretty nice Gift. I would be flattered by it. And it is not hurting anyone or anything. It is Just a nice gift of LOVE.

          • OK, lets continue playing a game and suppose the marker was the star of David? Or the Symbol of Islam? Or the Dharmachakra? How would you, as a Christian feel about that? Would you feel like you were not represented or would you feel like you do now that at least there was a marker for the fallen soldiers? Would you feel flattered?

          • YES I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO HAVE ANY OF THE EMBLEMS. Because I was Not Forgotten and maybe a Prayer was said over my Grave. I would be very Grateful. (I am very sorry that nobody thought to put a different marker down before now?) I think folks get all caught up inside their heads. We have a couple things in Common. 1.) We are all human beings. 2.) We have a deep love for Goodness 3.) We all respect our hard working war hero’s (They are ALL Hero’s to me.) 4.) Most importantly? We are ALL on the same TEAM. Because We ALL Love The LORD! He Loves ALL of us EQUALLY. Regardless, of what cross medallion or emblem that tickles each individuals fancy. The fact that someone thought to put up a Religious Relic (At a fallen Soldiers Field) is Amazingly Thoughtful.

          • I totally agree with 1 through 3, but you lost me with #4. I am an Atheist and I do not believe in your god. Now I would never disrespect you in trying to convert you and I expect the same consideration. Stop assuming things about people just because you believe. If you are a believer, great, awesome, but stop your thoughts there. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Your rights end where mine begin. To put it simpler, you have the right to swing your fists all you want, but that stops when your fists hit me.

            There is no reason to have a religious monument. They should have just had one non religious monument for ALL the fallen solders.

          • Remember this monument is from a war fought 100 years ago! It was how people did things “back then” …to make it all inclusive….like people want can always take up a collection to rebuild it. It is a HISTORICAL monument…of course to be completely PC you would need to go to ALL the military graves and redo ALL the markers as well…in the WHOLE world. Of course this would be seen as an insult to the memories of those who erected these memorials…sometimes at their own expense, because of the love…and appreciation they felt to the fallen.

  47. No! The cross is offensive to Jews. It can be replaced by a menorah, one of them candlestick things, with LED’s instead of candles, unless you can find a Rebbe that wants to keep them going. Or, you could put up the ten commandments, they come out of the Jew’s Torah, that too would be acceptable. But, by all means white people must be sensitive to the feelings of the Jews. It wasn’t very long ago that there was a holocaust.

    • No! The ten commandments are offensive to Atheists and Muslims and Buddhists and any other non Christian believers. I believe that an eternity candle would have been better. Or something non religious.

  48. Just because you are a Jew does not give you any RIGHT to love Jesus anymore than I do? I have NEVER heard such a painful biased remark in my entire life. Yes SIR, Jesus hung on that CROSS for YOU and ME! JESUS loves me exactly the SAME as he love you. NOT ONE BIT MORE. I get the feeling you think because you are a JEW just like Jesus that you are somehow better than me? That is extremely insulting Sir. I Love Jesus with every ounce of my being. I would give my life right back for him! Now, here is some information for you. WHEN I SEE THE CROSS I see a Gigantic Sacrifice that Jesus made for ME. I PROUDLY WEAR A CROSS to remind me of that Unbridled LOVE that Jesus bestowed on ME and YOU. Yes, I cry when I look at the cross! Because, no one has ever loved me like that. Except Jesus.

  49. This cross is a symbol of honor and sacrifice of the brave individuals who believed in doing the right thing. Most importantly those brave individuals both men and women came from different walks of life. Some who helped in World War One and Word War Two were not US citizens but they held strong beliefs about doing the right thing unlike the soulless demon-craps who will get a very rude awakening. Each choice one makes good, bad or indifferent becomes one’s passport to Heaven or Hell and there are no second chances. No lies or manipulations can hide the truth of the darkness of each soul.
    I had a major life changing aha moment when I learned the truth of who I am. It took me almost two decades to adjust to my new reality and continue to live as it now exists. While it has beyond amazing perks, it has many responsibilities which are not for the weak of heart or weak of faith. My unique gifts help people, animals, and the natural world healing and protecting them. At times certain other gifts come in handy. I have always been a warrior for Heaven in each lifetime. One of the most respected psychic mediums in the world instantly knew who I was. Have even been investigated by a Father at the Vatican. After a lengthy investigation it was decided I was who I claimed to be. Also learned there are many more like me in different ways that are also here on earth. Of all the things that humans can destroy on earth, never forget Heaven has the power to destroy individual sectors or all of humanity leaving the animals and natural world to flourish. Whether you believe or not, God’s greatest gift to humanity was free will as are the consequences when one abuses the free will of others. Each gets to choose their fate by the choices they make in each lifetime. Choose wisely. Blessings & Grace

  50. First Amendment “the government shall make no law” Not hard to understand unless you’re a liberal.
    Nothing in there about mentioning God, praying, displaying, maintaining, separation or any of the BS the insane left and atheists claim. Simply; no laws, period, end of discussion.
    And that prohibition should definitely apply to the IRS 501C rules
    Happy Easter


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