The Super Bowl blocked a pro-life ad in favor of this disturbing ad that will make you sick


The Super Bowl has become disturbingly political.

One of the most watched sporting events in the world is being taken over by some activists to push an agenda.

And the Super Bowl just blocked a pro-life ad in favor of this disturbing ad that will make you sick to your stomach.

The pro-life group Faces of Choice, a nonprofit organization that highlights survivors of abortion, was barred from running an advertisement during Super Bowl LIV.

You can watch the denied Super Bowl Ad here:

Despite meeting all of the criteria to have their ad run on Fox during one of the world’s largest sporting events, the group was blocked by producers at the network.

Lyric Gillett, founder of Faces of Choice, discussed the trying ordeal.

“We were one of the very first people to submit anything to them. We met every single stipulation that they asked for and every time we met the line they moved the line further to request something else,” Gillett said.

So Faces of Choice was asked to jump through several hoops, but they were ultimately denied.

Meanwhile, an advertisement for hummus featuring two drag queens was approved.

In a vacuum, that might not raise any eyebrows, but the fact that men dressing up as over-sexualized women has become mainstream while supporting the lives of the unborn has somehow been pushed out of the Overton Window.

Radical leftists are determined to push this agenda because it furthers their ideal of radical egalitarianism, i.e. there are no differences between the sexes.

Drag performer Kitty Demure recently pointed out that drag is not appropriate for children, who will inevitably be watching the Super Bowl as roughly 100 million people worldwide watch the game.

Demure argued that promoting drag to children is akin to promoting stripping or prostitution.

This has become acceptable for mass consumption, but pro-life groups are literally being censored on social media and television.

Leftists at the social media site Pinterest actually blocked messages from the pro-life group Live Action by labeling them as pornography.

So hyper-sexualized men in women’s clothing is normal, but defending babies is “porn.”

This bizarre schism is a sign of a broken culture.

The Left has sickened the culture for decades, and we’re approaching peak decadence.

It’s frightening to think where the Left might try to push the culture next.

Do you think it’s fair for a pro-life ad to get banned from airing during the Super Bowl?

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  2. Shameful thing to happen. Our world is being taken over by Evil. The left needs God but they are too stupid and Evil to see it. God help us all.

  3. Dear Fox News I find it extremely offensive and not at all in line with the values that made Fox the number one network. What rational can you provide to do something so immoral and offensive as a DRAG QUEEN ad on the Superbowl time frame and to block a pro life ad to show it. You are losing your viewer base rapidly and will likely never recover it.

  4. Shameful thing to happen. Our world is being taken over by Evil. The left needs God but they are too stupid and Evil to see it. God help us all.

  5. This is not acceptable. If the Faces of Life met the criteria they should be allowed to air their ad. However, being a venue available foir all to see, The Super Bowl is not an event that drag queens is a proper issue for viewing. This is a basicly deviant behavior that should be normal for the world that considers this acceptable. It is not acceptable for general audience. It is also not acceptable to bring drag queens into grade schools to read books to children. They are not innocent actors in educational or instructional audiencs. The authorities should not allow this.

  6. This is not acceptable. If the Faces of Life met the criteria they should be allowed to air their ad. However, being a venue available for all to see, The Super Bowl is not an event that drag queens is a proper issue for viewing. This is a basically deviant behavior that should be normal for the world that considers this acceptable. It is not acceptable for general audience. It is also not acceptable to bring drag queens into grade schools to read books to children. They are not innocent actors in educational or instructional audiences. The authorities should not allow this.


  8. Is there anyway to find out at what point this trash is advertised, so I can turn my set off for 10 minutes just to make sure no one in my house has to see such garbage. Even thought in the past we have purchased hummus that will not be happening moving forward.

  9. I was just starting to watch football again. This just showed me why I left in the first place. My whole life I was a huge football fan and would follow every aspect of the game. No more. Roger Goodall needs to go. Owners of the teams need to figure that pout and fire him before football is a lost cause. Fans need to stand up and make noise and show how upset they are by turning football off. The fans are the ones that control everything about football if they would do it with their wallets and quit giving our money to them.

  10. What are the mothers who abort going to say to their unborn when they meet in heaven and are ask, why did you do that to me.

  11. NFL is far left so this does not surprise me in the least !!!!!! Ever since the kneeling protest and the NFL allowed that to go on I have banned the NFL period. No games watched No merchandise bought and all NFL I did have burned !!!!!!!!!!
    That’s the best I can do to let them know how I feel about them !!!!!

  12. what organizations & companies are advertising during Super Bowl? contact them let them know you want to supporting their activities any longer. It seems like money is only thing that matters to some in America any longer! Lord help us JESUS! no Super Bowl for this house!

  13. I see no reason the ad should be banned except that it would upset the pro choice crowd. Whether or not it was dropped in favor of the commercial featuring drag queens can not be proved. None the less, an ad featuring drag queens should not have been allowed as there are millions of people who watch the Super Bowl who will be offended.

  14. We don’t support the NFL in any kind of way and we don’t allow their garbage on any of their properties. We made that decision when they allowed that lunatic Kaepernick to disrespect our country and spew his hatred of our police officers. We don’t need their trash on our properties.

  15. Philip I very much doubt that a lot of mothers who have aborted will even make it to heaven unless they have really turned their lives around and asked for God’s forgiveness. In which case their SIN will be forgiven and remembered no more. Our world is turning out to be so EVIL!! It is time for people to get their head out of you know where and get on their knees and ask to be forgiven.


    Children are innocent and certain protections have been criminalized to ensure that adults do not take advantage. Similarly, the same standards hold regarding sexual deviants, including drag queens. Parents are responsible for ensuring that children are protected from perversions. Sad, that the many parents will likely properly refrain children from watching the Super Bowl, as it was once considered family entertainment.

  17. The left is in satan’s army. That is very plain to see. satan will rule for a time and he has the left to do his bidding

  18. More then this. With tyrant Bloomberg pushing his tyrannical GUN CONTROL ad for president. I will not be watching.

  19. Truly sad and disturbing how the NFL chose to support the Leftist agenda(s) than standing up for these innocent souls being murdered via abortions. Their choices speak volumes about their morals … Super Bowl will not be viewed by anyone in my home!

  20. Fox’s marketing department must have despots who are pro abortion and some who are Drag Queens. Why else would they be airing a pro Drag Queen ad and suppressing an anti-abortion ad.

  21. Why is the NFL so afraid of a Pro Life ad? Why do the think a drag queen ad is appropriate? Shame on NFL but guess the whole kneeling during the National Anthem thing tells us a lot about the NFL management’s history of bad decisions!

  22. God warned us the latter days will be like the days of Noah.
    We’ve been given a short grace period to repent and return to our Lord.
    The road to heaven is narrow, and wide is the road to hell.
    Time is short. Think about your eternal life.

  23. “Drag queens” ? So what?! I wish the right wing would stop linking its opposition to abortion to its opposition to same-sex relations or linking their opposition to abortion to things like school prayer. It makes abortion look like a “religious” issue rather than a secular and nonsectarian civil rights issue which applies to all mankind, including atheists and agnostics.

    If pro-lifers *really* want to end abortion, it’s going to have to be bipartisan. Pro-lifers must inevitably reach across the aisle and convince Democrats, feminists, and liberals to distinguish abortion from arguably victimless crimes like marijuana; convince Democrats, feminists, and liberals on secular grounds that the unborn are legal persons (secular arguments are religion-neutral, and thus applicable to *everyone*, including atheists and agnostics); convince Democrats, feminists, and liberals to see the killing of the unborn on par with domestic violence and/or hate crimes against LGBTs; and convince Democrats, feminists, and liberals that it’s possible to protect humans in their earliest stages of development as zygotes and embryos, without taking to draconian measures involving violating a new mother’s privacy and civil libertiesin this regard.

  24. Vasu Murti, You are missing the point….as usual. The point is they won’t run a pro-life ad, even though the group jumped through all the hoops. But, they will run a drag queen ad. So, why won’t they run the pro-life ad? And abortion is not a merely religious issue. It is also a moral, ethical, scientific, cultural issue. It became a political issue when the 1973 Supreme Court twisted the right to privacy amendment to include the killing of human life. Usually for no reason other than convenience. If you had been to the “Right to Life” march in DC just a few weeks ago, you would have seen signs that said “I am an atheist, but science has convinced me to be pro-life” So, there goes you “secular argument” More & more people of all stripes are becoming pro-life, not just because of religion, but also because of science. And morals and ethics. Atheists & agnostics are not immoral or unethical just because they are not religious. And they are more than welcome in the pro-life tent.

  25. What a shame but God said the world would become this way in the end of time, “Calling good bad and bad good”. The only thing that will change man is for Christ to come back and set up His Kingdom. If Christians wouldn’t watch the game, do you think it would make a difference?

  26. Only one thing will put a stop to this insanity: $$. If the NFL sees viewership and revenue nosedive, and the hummus company (notice it was not named – what are they afraid of?) stops selling hummus, only then will the message sink in.

  27. Why is anyone surprised at this turn of events. There is a culture war in America, and the traditional and family values oriented people must battle the forces of secular humanism, and the radical and extreme progressive movement. Stay strong.

  28. I’m pissed off! These survivors of abortion should be allowed to speak their minds! To Hell with Pro-Choicers! Pro Choice Is A Lie!
    Christ is truth that never dies!

  29. Right, of course not. Fair, not even close but why would anyone be surprised? If you’re a liberal it’s only fair and right when it goes in your favor and everything else is wrong and unjust. Don’t watch anymore. Don’t care for left sided crap!

  30. When the over-paid scum-bags started kneeling for the national anthem, that’s when I vowed never to watch football again. My vow is still intact.

  31. There are 2 Fox channels and I’m thinking this is the Disney one as Disney is all about genders I can’t believe this is the Fox News Channel

  32. It’s not. Fox and Fox News have the same ownership but totally different administration. As for deciding what ads are allowed for the Super Bowl the big question is how much is decided by the NFL vs the network airing the game.

  33. I haven’t watched NFL games since opening season of 2004, and about their commercials this year, they’re just as perverted as the liberals that want another Sodom and Gomorrah!

  34. Too bad Fox u can not have it both ways.This is sick and disgusting.I believe America wants what you were not what you are becoming.So sad!

  35. Since Fox and the NFL will not stand up for pro-life and air this dynamic message, PLEASE make sure you tell everyone you know it exists and have them watch it here ! We can not let anyone silence us and our morals!! GOD bless the survivors and may we pray abortions will cease to exist soon…… Thank you!

  36. It is disgusting , Filthy , dirty , perverted and I can just keep going with my description of the filthy stinky liberal left! The ultimate goal of the liberal left is to remove all and I repeat all moral limits! They consider morality and it’s definition to be offensive . Make no mistake they will continue to slip in their unnatural lifestyles and ideas into any and every medium they can . They will persist until there is no gender and no Christianity and no laws limiting what they can show or do! All Christians and anyone who has a conscience and any morals need and must stand against the filthy stinky liberal left at all cost! The Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are and will be the inevitable outcome here in America if God’s people are ignorant or complacent! 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober , Be vigilant ; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion , seeking whom he may devour .

  37. Are you still watching the NFL? Many of you said you gave it up due to the “kneeling” BS. So QUIT WATCHING this crap!

  38. Pat, it’s just the regular Fox channel. They have a channel like ABC, CBS, etc. I rarely watch it, so don’t know what shows are on. It is not FOX News. I just checked and Maury is on right now

  39. David Joe, the dem party threw God out and embraces satan and his lies and hate. satan will rule for awhile and it is all falling into place. satan has the dems, atheists, communists, muslims, and all others who deny God in his army. But they CANNOT win. When Jesus returns satan and all who belong to him will be thrown into Hell for eternity and we will be free of them

  40. Parduc; IF your comment was directed towards me, I will explain. My adult children do not like sports, but they USED to love watching the funny commercial, that appeared during Super bowl. But when these kneeling nonsense happened, they were forbidden to have it on my TV. Plain and simple. And since I told them about Fox and the NFL not airing this important topic, they fully agreed with me by not even having my TV set on the Fox channel when watching their gaming shows.
    Good enough for you?. Thank you.

  41. Have watched Fox and felt they were “top drawer “. Showing ad of drag queens has changed my mind. I am finished with Fox and Hannity My grandsons will not watch the super bowl. We will go to the movies

  42. All that the NFL and the TV networks (all of them) understand is $$$. Although I will be watching the game, I will note all of the sponsors and NEVER purchase anything from any of them. Follow the money!

  43. I would like to know if the “Fox” mentioned is the sports network or the news network (ie Fox Business and Fox news. I do not watch the sports parts of any that allow trashing our flag that so many have died and suffered (then and now) to keep it free. You may not respect it that is freedom but degrading it in my view is not allowed. A proud Vet (disabled but still going)

  44. “Time to stop watching the Super Bowl and send a msg to Fox they are not what they were good bye”

    Way ahead of you Peter. I’ve already informed Fox that they are no longer in my viewing index, for anything! I also advised the NFL that I will not be viewing ANY of their future broadcasts and while I seriously doubt that it will bother the NFL all that much, it will at least, make me feel better.

  45. Pure evil not watching the superbowl not purchasing sabra hummus any more shame on them for promoting drag queens and homosexuality and pushing evil on children world needs to know about faces of choice the realities of abortion how demeaning planned parenthood is how demoralizing it is! Killing the innocent treating animals better than unborn babies. Lord help us! We will continue to be the voice for the voiceless, we will be the pro life generation! Thank you President Trump for believing the sanctity of Life! America will be pro life again!

  46. It is time to ask TRUMP to write an executive order to eliminate discrimination in advertising. Writing to fox with our complaints might help.

  47. Linda M: Not directed to you. My comment was directed to posters who often claimed previously that they “stopped” watching the NFL, but now they are whining here after they still watched the Super Bowl.


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