The SJW mob is furious at one late night host for a shocking reason


After constantly attacking anyone with a different opinion than them, “woke” social justice warriors have run out of targets on the right.

So now they’re eating their own.

Now the mob is furious at one late night host for a shocking reason.

Late night comedian James Corden is perhaps best known for the Carpool Karaoke bit on his show.

He’s also known for being woke and going after people who “fat-shame.”

Now Corden is receiving heat from the outrage mob for portraying – as IndieWire critic Zack Sharf put it – an “effeminate gay stereotype” on the new Netflix movie “The Prom” even though he’s heterosexual in real life.

One perturbed leftist tweeted:

“Why on earth would they hire James Corden… a British, straight, TV show host that cant sing… to play a gay American Broadway actor… next to the amazing Andrew Rannells, who fits the role perfectly?”

Meanwhile, in the very same show, actor Andrew Rannells is a gay man portraying a heterosexual man.

Yet, where’s the outrage there?

Director Ryan Murphy is openly gay and essentially has carte blanche in Hollywood.

He also has a long track record in television and film of writing gay characters and hiring gay actors.

Rannells responded to the criticism of Corden by saying:

“In the same way that James can play the gay character, he’s also given me an opportunity to play a straight character, which is not something I do all the time…As much as [Murphy] takes [an actor’s sexuality] into consideration, I think ultimately he’s looking for talent and parts, and he’s given me the opportunity to play this part which maybe another director wouldn’t have cast me in, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.”

Not only are the activists not giving Murphy the benefit of the doubt as to why he cast Corden, but they have a bizarre view that actors in their real lives must be whoever they’re portraying on screen, which is a ridiculous proposition.

This cancel culture mentality bullied Scarlett Johansson out of playing a transgender man, so now that particular project is dead.

Leftists know how to destroy things, but building something is a different story.

And Hollywood could be their next target.