The radical Left is turning increasingly violent and innocent Americans are under assault as these shocking incidents show


Incidents of violence against hard-working Americans is becoming an everyday occurrence.

From college campuses to the streets and highways of America, it’s becoming unsafe to be a conservative.

And innocent Americans are now under assault as the radical Left is turning increasingly violent as these shocking incidents show.

Politics in America has largely been a peaceful battle between two, or three competing philosophies.

Sure, there were a few duels in the 19th Century and one could argue even one war.

But for the most part, in the 20th and 21st centuries, politics and governing has been done through the ballot, not the bullet.

Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, that seems to be changing.

Just this past week we saw a 34-year-old Antifa supporter arrested for assaulting a 15-year-old who committed the “crime” of wearing a MAGA hat.

There were more Antifa riots in Portland, where police informed innocent bystanders they were on their own. In one case, police watched from a distance as Antifa thugs attacked a reporter.

And on college campuses it’s becoming dangerous to even be a Republican.

Just a few days ago a video surfaced of radical leftists attacking and destroying a College Republican table at UC Santa Cruz in California, spitting on an American flag and threatening students who dared to be exercising their first amendment rights.

And in New York City, the policies of leftist Mayor Bill DeBlasio have left the police helpless, even as thugs attack cops, destroy police cars, and beat up innocent people.

Unfortunately, these attacks are becoming all too frequent and some believe it is part of a concerted and organized effort by the Left.

It has long been a socialist tactic to use violence and intimidation to try and shut down free speech that they don’t like.

Many political observers believe this violence and destruction is one prong in the socialists’ effort to take over the country and impose their failed philosophy on America.

The situation in Portland is a perfect example of how the fascist thugs known as Antifa use violence to claim that things are out of control.

The police are forced to retreat, and watch things go bad from a distance due to liberal politicians in charge of the city.

Then when things get too bad, they pass more laws and ordinances to strip away the rights of all citizens.

Meanwhile the liberal media ignores the attacks, and in fact on more than one occasion have been complicit in attacks by promoting the thugs that perpetrate them.

And the media joins with liberal politicians in promoting lawlessness by ignoring laws they don’t like and defending the lawless acts of illegal immigrants, gang members, and so-called activists who run rampant in major American cities.

But this lawlessness is not limited to liberal bastions like New York City and Portland.

Recently a retired police officer was punched in the face at his 50th birthday party in Nashville.

A woman mistook his red hat for a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat and pummeled retired NYPD detective Daniel Sprague causing an open wound.

The hat actually said Make Fifty Great Again.

And in Florida a van plowed through a GOP registration tent, destroying the tent and nearly running down the volunteers.

As we get closer and closer to the November elections, expect more violence, more lawlessness and even more attacks on law-abiding citizens.

Have you witnessed acts of violence or intimidation by radical Leftists?

Share your thoughts and experiences with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. I love in a conservative city in Colorado, the last place they want to come. Here we believe no matter which side of the aisle your on we don’t appreciate outsiders coming in for trouble. We can argue amongst ourselves but we will stand together to fight these basement dwellers.

  3. What about conceal carry? When these thugs start attacking why can’t we just shoot them?
    What is the point of conceal carry or even owning a gun if you can’t defend yourself?
    Now the police just stand back and watch. Are people so blind to what the democrat party is doing to this country?

  4. I feel we are truly experiencing what my uncle’s described to me how the Nazi’s SS conducted themselves during WW2,in this country right now. The demon party has legalized violence against anyone that isn’t part of their insanity! Young people. Older citizens or anyone for that matter, are being assaulted and the police are ORDERED not to interfere !!If we do not stop this insanity NOW, the demon party will complete their ultimate mission of TOTAL control of all of us and we have become part of the NWO!! It will only get worse for all of us and we can’t stand by and allow this to happen!!We must take action!! Pray for our great nation and President Trump…
    I commend the previous 5 posters for their comments. So true!!!

  5. Linda, yes, there are bad times coming. We must fight evil. I pray for this country and our president daily. There is evil in our own government. You are correct that the goal of the dem party is TOTAL control over every aspect of our lives. The worst thing is that they have indoctrinated the young people to believe that their sick agenda is right

  6. If a Leftist attacks you, BUST THEM UP twice as hard! . . . let them know that their THUG tactics will NOT be tolerated – even if it means a FIST in their FACE. Enough is Enough!. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. Conceal carry is the answer-bring it snowflakes. I didn’t serve my country to put up with a bunch

    of punks!!!!!!!!

  8. Man has truly shown how weak minded he/she truly are. Our Lord is right around the corner for making his warnings come true. As in Revelations. EVEN SO. COME LORD JESUS.

  9. Small hand gun (I carry a .40 S&W Shield) , a 4-inch ice pick is easy to carry in a jacket pocket and you don’t even have to take it out, just bump up against your enemy. Lots of other things you can do…….

  10. ANTIFA punks and similar trash- Being tough and scary isn’t so hard when you’re attacking people who are non-aggressive and non-combative- Try that stuff with someone who gets excited by violence and welcomes conflict- Someone like me- See what happens-BUT- and this is VERY IMPORTANT – MAKE SURE IT’S TRULY WHAT YOU WANT, because when you get hurt, and I mean badly hurt- And you’re screaming and pleading as you see your own blood jetting out of a hideous, maybe fatal wound- Don’t think I’m going to back off and let you go- I won’t.- And guess what? THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE LIKE ME- Just waiting for you with your little black mask and outfit. So if you come, COME HEAVY, BABY.- Remember you’ve been warned.

  11. Why have these people not been classified as domestic terrorists ?If their motives are innocent why do they hide their identity behind masks ,hoodies and dark glasses? If they are not classified locally the federal government needs to add these groups to their watch list . If these were white a supremist group I can bet they would have been arrested .

  12. Hey simple solution shoot them. I am perfectly happy to shoot anyone who threaten me in any way. Sounds radical, no it is not. It is self protection. If the rest of you protect yourselves the lefties will stop. Start shooting.

    You want to see the Portland pice start enforcing the law shoot the antifa thugs.

    Start shooting and all this violance will end over night.

    Start shooting the lefties

  13. This is terrible that this ANTIFA group is allowed to do what they want.what the hell happened to OUR RIGHTS. Im so sick of this crap. Plus the cops are told not to interfere thats BS. Its time for us to take a stand and not let these violent groups take over this country. We have to stop these vicious Monsters. We The People are so sick of these Libs for trying to take over everything. Enough is Enough, they need to be stopped.

  14. If ANTIFA comes threatening me they will get a clip or two emptied in their direction … too damned bad if a few of the cowards are killed !

  15. Intimidation is not and will never be a successful to change people way of thinking. These individuals will suffer more than the people they try to intimidate. We are a Country of Laws and of FREE SPEECH don’t try to take them away.

  16. There is an old saying: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil in America is for good men/women to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)
    Many are willing to stand for righteousness and justice, and it may just take a revolution or civil war to initiate lasting change. We must understand that:
    “We maintain our peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression!” (Ronald Reagan)
    If we soon (and I mean soon!!!) do not stand for what we believe in as disciples of Jesus and citizens of America, we will fall for anything…. The war (at this point) is not physical (though the violence is ramping up) it is a spiritual battle beyond the veil. What we do not pray against in the spirit realm, manifests in the natural.

    Same is true if we do not decree a thing to be established in the heavenlies, we will not see breakthrough. We are on the cusp of major change in this country, and the consequences can be good, or they can be bad. It will depend on how the righteous react. I do not condone a violent reaction to these thugs, but it seems no one has really fought back at their cowardly attacks, so it only emboldens them. Let’s see what would happen if they received their own medicine! They would think twice of attacking those who have had enough!!!

    That being said, I will leave with the words form a 19th century theologian Abraham Kuyper: ***When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your call, and peace has become sin; at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and foe, with all the fire of your faith***…be blessed

  17. Trump needs to declare that the leftist loonies are a domestic enemy and an enemy of the people. Only COWARDS attack like the Antifa weaklings do. They are too STUPID to realize that some people carry and will use it to stop them, since the police cower at their sight.


  19. My thoughts are that these people need to be arrested right then and there. I too feel if this isn’t brought under control, good people will have no choice but to defend themselves. Also, one things for sure, those that have sinned and not changed, those that are doing these things also, and more are going to feel the wrath of Jude 14-15. History does repeat its self and the consequences are going to be very harsh.

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  21. After years of being assaulted by right wing gun nuts, it’s hardly surprising that a few incidents of retaliation are happening. With the rise of the Thump fascist tyranny supported by alt-right racists, the American patriots are beginning to fight back as the Resistance did against the Nazi’s. Until the alt-right is brought down, the violence to restore the USA to a democracy will likely escalate.

  22. HCB, What part of the 2nd Amendment do you not understand? If you don’t like it start the political process to get it changed. That’s how it’s done in this Republic. BTW, the fascist clap trap that you espouse fits you ‘exactly’ !

  23. ANTIFA is a criminal adolescent group of young adult Communist Fascist Bullies. They hack and hijack the internet to find out our personal information to prey on us for murder and mayhem. Also ANTIFA goes on the internet and connect with MS13 and the Mexican Palastinos Drug terrorists to trade illegal arms with them to use in murder plots against anymore they will.


  25. Genesis 50:20 why not have recorded messages on a fiery Hell for all eternity and some to protect those putting the message out. Even if one believed it would be worth it. Those young people are afraid to face those opposite opposition toe to toe. They need salvation which is the main message in the first place.We shouldn’t allow them to stop it from going forth and being heard. They blast, we blast louder! If they hit we hit back. Praise the LORD of LORDS ! All shall be judged by their acts and the things they speak. Give HIM Glory.

  26. The democratic party has turned into the party of uncivilized beasts. When a few of these radicals get killed by citizens protecting themselves, maybe they will wake up. Democrat–violence, Republican non violence civilized.

  27. They think they have the police on thier side and there won’t be a backlash. There will be a backlash and they aren’t going to like it much, At least the survivors (if any) won’t.

  28. Start PULLING OFF THEIR MASK PEOPLE!!! Ever notice,…They get totally flustered, slowed down,..and disoriented suddenly!! START YANKING PEOPLE!!

  29. HCB, it is the DEMS who are the fascists. You have no clue. The goal of the dem party is TOTAL control of every aspect of our lives, and YES, we WILL fight back against them!!!!!! And this has never been a democracy so how can we restore it to one???? It is a Constitutional Republic. Not only are you a sick hate-filled liar, you obviously flunked history

  30. Your POTUS is the biggest instigator of all this! He blames the left for everything! When he lies & misleadings puts the American public in that mode! Even at this time with this virus he lies 80% on the time! When the American working people on the right open their eyes & sees this man is a con artist they will thing different. & It will all come out down the road! The biggest problem with the right no comon senice to see thru it!

  31. your 3rd grade education is showing there kid. HCB see how stupid you are, we aren’t a democracy and never will be.


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