The Pope made a surprising decision about the Church’s sexual abuse scandals


The Vatican has been playing damage control ever since the clergy abuse scandal was uncovered.

Catholics all around the world have been calling for change right now.

But the Pope may have just shot himself in the foot with this move in the aftermath of the scandals.

The U.S. Catholic bishops were set to vote on proposed protocols to help prevent any sexual assault cases in the future.

But Pope Francis and the Vatican just told the American bishops to delay a vote on any action.

The Vatican said we don’t want the victims to “heal on our timeline.”

The Guardian writes:

In an abrupt change of plans, a US conference of Catholic bishops has delayed any votes on proposed new steps to address the clergy sex abuse crisis following an intervention from the Vatican.

The president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops opened the group’s national meeting on Monday by announcing it will delay any votes on the issue that has been rocking the church for at least several months.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, of Galveston-Houston, said the delay was requested by the Holy See, which asked that the US bishops wait until after a Vatican-convened global meeting on sex abuse in February.

The church, he said, should not revictimize survivors “by demanding they heal on our timeline”.

DiNardo expressed disappointment at the delay on the vote but also told the US bishops: “I remain hopeful that this additional consultation will ultimately improve our response to the crisis we face.”

The delay in the voting drew some skeptical and critical reactions.

“We had this agenda, we were moving forward on these documents, this was our goal,” said Bishop Christopher Coyne, of the Vermont diocese of Burlington, and the communications chair for the three-day conference. “And now … it will look like we don’t have to come up with much.”

There is no detriment to allowing the US bishops to enact real change to prevent this from happening in the future.

But Pope Francis’ goal in doing this is to make himself look good after all is said and done regarding the abuse scandals.

He wants to make it seem as though he is reforming the Catholic Church from the top down, instead of the bottom-up.

But he isn’t exactly getting away with it.

Many of the bishops were critical of the move by the Vatican to delay the vote on protocol changes.

Catholics all across the world want serious change to accountability within the Church.

But it appears Pope Francis just wants to ensure that his legacy isn’t tainted by this massive scandal.

Do you think the Vatican has been handling the abuse scandals properly?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Noore talk no waiting for yet another “commission report”. Go forward NOW and stop kicking the can down the road.

  3. This guy is evil. Every time he speaks I see a white obama. Evil, dishonest, and destroying from within. Pope Benedict was removed for nefarious reasons. The Cardinals need to take control and fix our church. God bless us all.

  4. I truly wonder what percentage of Catholics priests became a priest only to get close to little boys. It is clear that many of them could have done so, and it’s so pervasive. I just wonder.

  5. Stop waiting , you know what what happened and who it is, so just take action now, the pope is trying to kick the scandal under the rug . And hopeing it would go away. Or get the people who have done this despicable thing to disappear.

  6. The Pope baffles me. I have questioned what Bible he reads and uses that I do not several times but this is just wrong on many levels, in my opinion. I guess his comprehension of “suffer the little children” and mine are far different in the ways they are to reach Jesus.

  7. Apparently this guy is like so called President Trump. Doublespeak, and now wants to get credit but refuses to take any blame.

  8. Time does not heal all wounds! Christ took on the sins of the world. Can he forgive these acts of hiding the sins against children?

  9. It’s time to confront the elephant in the room– the mortally sinful homosexual conduct of the Catholic clergy. By delaying a cogent corrective response to clerical criminality and its ongoing coverup, PF’s shameful cowardice only serves to legitimize the depraved actions of the lay sodomite community. By tolerating and accommodating sin, PF only perpetuates it. As a result of his reprehensible inaction, the Pontiff should resign — IMMEDIATELY.

  10. Catholicism is Not a faith of God, they think they are God on earth and Jesus Christ on earth, No Man can forgive you of your sins ONLY JESUS can and NONE of them are holy or above sin

  11. The only Doublespeak of President Trump is because democrats try to block everything he does. He says what he wants to do and gets things started, then along come the democrats to delay, block, and resist. They want to make Trump look bad even if it hurts the country.

  12. I feel it is the beginning of “The End Days ” – Evil is showing within the Church & it is so sad for those that have tried to follow “The Good” ~ The Ten Commandments ~ Shame Shame on what has happened to Rome & those that are suppose to teach & show examples to the followers. Our Church is not Catholic any longer & this Pope is leading all to Hell !

  13. And yet another reason I refuse to participate in/with the church I was baptized in 64 plus years ago. My mother was a devout Catholic. She ensured all of her children were baptized Catholic. It’s on my Army Dog Tags. It’s on all of my brother’s Army Dog Tags. But THAT church back when she had all of her children baptized back in the 40’s and early 50’s isn’t this church today. I refuse to participate. All I seem to get from the church these days are mailings from the Archdiocese of Seattle demanding money from my deceased mother and father for their “tithes”, etc. My Dad’s been dead for over eight years, my mother longer. Yet the “church” keeps demanding (not asking) for “donations”. Nah, that and the molestations regarding one of my brothers back in the early 60’s by at least one priest was enough for me. With my Mom’s blessings I declared a quasi-separation from the church. Though I agreed I wouldn’t go to another denomination I haven’t and will not attend any more Catholic masses. So, they can do whatever they want. It makes full sense that the pope wants to delay any new “rules”, etc. for his underlings. It gives them time to cover up or otherwise get everything out of their system or to purge their records and seek acceptance for what they chose to do. Either way, I’m no fan.

  14. I’m the youngest of five boys in our family. I’m 65 yrs. old now. I was baptized catholic early on, probably before I could wholly open my eyes and did the whole Catholic thing “religiously” (no pun intended) until I was around ten or eleven years old. Mom woke up one Sunday and told us all we weren’t going to church with her. She said she had some business to take care of with the priest (i’m leaving his name out of this. He was a very decent man.) That day I learned from my oldest brother that at least one of my older brother’s was repeatedly molested by several of the priest(s) at our little, local church (in the 50’s through the mid 60’s). We grew up in a pretty staunch small, rural catholic community that hyped a Catholic K-8 school, a Catholic 9-12 High school AND a Catholic college/monastery and nunnery. When the first opportunity came for my parents to get us out of those Catholic schools we were removed and moved to the new, public schools. Mom cited the molestation as the reason for moving us. When the head priest was informed of the molestation’s he denied every bit of it, though there were several re-assignments that included sending a couple of priests elsewhere. I know of two who were re-assigned to the “monastery” at the local college. By then though, Mom was done taking us there. She would go to mass by herself except for midnight mass on Christmas Eve. We all went to that one. One priest in particular would drop by our house on Friday and eat fish with us while he visited and held private mass for us. He seemed to be the only one who wasn’t screwed up. But this whole Catholic molestation, sex abuse, etc. situation has been happening for as long as I can remember. From what I’ve read? Much, much longer than that. It’s one of the Catholic’s worst kept secrets. IMHO.

  15. Stop the money and I bet you get results. I stopped back in the 70’s and only give to local charities and I make sure where they donate to. Just stop the money to the pope and he will get the message.For instance Catholic church donated to this caravan at the border, cancer association gives to planned parenthood, girl scouts to planned parenthood.

  16. Aren’t you the liberal demon. You have NO RIGHT to discuss religious sentiments or the pope although he is your brother in SATAN. Do you realize the bible tells you to respect your government and pay your taxes. I despised the Clinton and bozo but didn’t act like a low life asks about it. One day you will reap what you sow.

  17. No he won’t be able to forgive them. Not because he doesn’t want to. But you have to confess your sins to God through Jesus Christ. Also you have to confess to your victims and ask for their forgiveness. Won’t happen. These trashy children rapists/molesters are to evil.

  18. Pope Francis, a great Pope, is handling the abuse problem in The Church wisely.
    Unlike some who want a knee-jerk reaction, the Holy Father has wisely organised the fullest investigation into the whole matter – world-wide (not just here and there) – and he has even opened up Vatican files for the fullest investigation – an unheard of move.
    The Holy Father is clearly seen to be correcting this awful problem in The Church TOTALLY and forever. He does not want this country making plans and another making other plans. He wants a world wide correction.
    Pope Francis is certainly fits the fisherman’s shoes extremely well.
    And just as certainly he needs our support and prayers to overcome this satanic attack upon The Church as well as other such attacks by the modernists.
    He DOES NOT need a Catholic Infallible Brigade (CIB) telling him what to do and what not to do.
    After all, he IS the Vicar of Christ and it is a characyeristic of the real-Catholic that we be obedient to him.

  19. Yes; this is a horrible sin to have been hidden/covered up for ANY time, but especially for so long.
    However, the Church is the trinity: God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. THEY have not changed.
    Of course, we MUST eliminate the guilty of the acts AND the cover ups by being sure they are prosecuted and removed from our Church. While I do not negate these shameful activities, and I do not minimize them, it is my understanding that there are just as many instances of school teachers who are just as guilty, but we rarely hear about this segment of society. They, also, must be held to account for their evil.
    Let us stay focused on what is good and just in “our house,” and work to eradicate what is not.

  20. This demon does speak for God he speaks for Satan. To use an underhanded statement attempting to negate the atrocities the evil men within the Catholic church is not only a win against man it is an Atrocious SIN AGAINST GOD as well as our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. The SHAME this EVIL man is bringing against the Church shall land his EVILNESS a coveted spot in Hell. Obviously no one in the Church is going to begin proceedings against him and throw him out of the Church. Meaning the evil priests bishops cardinals and whoever else they have in the higher echelon of Satan’s minions are in control. The entire church will be brought down in judgment by the wrath of God.

  21. Let’s give him a chance and see what he does. If he focuses on ensuring the problem does not reoccur, and deals justly with the abusers, he may, and I say only, may continue as pope. But, if his focus is delay, deny and cover up, he will be in a heap of trouble.

  22. Years ago had a boy in neighborhood go to become a priest. A few months before that was to happen he left and come home. Told us all what lying hypocrites the catholic church was and priests were, he could not become one too. Years later neighbor raised in catholic church and schools “Why do you think church has SO MANY orphanages? Not hard to believe as I grew up right up street from big church and school and two 2 story brick buildings for nuns and priests to live in. After high school on Fri and Sat when I was coming home from partying would see figures going between building, this was 1-2AM.And have said since day on Pope is communists.

  23. Remember,The Pope in Reality is just a man.Religion has placed a gigantic weight on these individuals who want to serve Jesus.I have personally met in semi-private audience with Pope John 23rd.I spoke with him and could feel the humility,kindness and Strong Leadership the Catholic Church needs for its Followers.Catholicism was an offspring for Groups of people to get together and Believe together in one.There have been several groups evolve,Baptists,Lutherans,etc.All our religions feel they are Godly.In Reality Jesus is the only True Savior.Pope Francis was put in his position after having our current Pope Retire.I have never seen a Pope Retire.I can only Assume that Pope Francis was put in place to change all Catholics thinking.Right or Wrong.Pope Francis,if one looks deeper,has the personality to handle these allegations,yet he doesn’t seem to care as much as I would.Truely,what kind of man can see such gigantic wrongs being done and cover them up.Here he is,Pope Francis.God Bless You!

  24. Maybe we should remove tax free status until they clean up this mess. He wants to bury money so these people can’t get it. Lock church down.


  26. Pope Francis makes me sick. I was once a devote Catholic. No longer. I consider myself Christian but have basically given up on the Catholic church with all the pedophile and sexual active priest.

  27. Leaving the church because of sins committed by our priests, would be like leaving Jesus because of the sin of Judas.

  28. Throw the Church out the window, include the cover up hierarchy, and find God in your personal heart. You do not need them, they will tell you; you do, so they can keep the flames fanned. But grow up spiritually and pray privately and do personal good. You do not need them. Remember this is the same group that for many years cut the scrotum off of little boys so they can sing higher notes in their choirs.

  29. [ hope that the bishops who voted for this leader can under stand what the catholic people are upset about. he is trying to make himself recognized as a leader but is really a loser, which upsets the people which he is to lead. he has done nothing about priest problems except delay, delay, delay.
    when I attend church on Sundays I pray that God forgives me for wondering what else the Pope can do to the church. he is the leader of the church but want’s to become a pollical person, that he should recognize is not his position.


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