The PC Police put American icon John Wayne in their crosshairs with this absurd demand


John Wayne is one of America’s most beloved actors of all time and has starred in some of the biggest Westerns in Hollywood history.

But a 40-year-old magazine interview just resurfaced that has the PC police losing their minds.

And now they’ve put The Duke in the crosshairs with this outrageous demand.

In a resurfaced 1971 interview with Playboy Magazine, John Wayne is accused of saying “racist” and “homophobic” remarks.

The Duke, as he is known, is accused of saying he believes in “white supremacy,” at least until “irresponsible” black people became more educated, and that Native Americans were “selfishly” trying to keep their land.

Wayne was referring to affirmative action in his remarks.

When asked which films he considered to be perverted, Wayne listed “Easy Rider” and “Midnight Cowboy.”

Because of the social media uproar and the PC Twitter mob, a major airport in Southern California is faced with the prospect of changing its name.

But John Wayne’s family is fighting back.

From Fox News:

“We hope America remembers John Wayne as we do: a devoted family man, great friend and cherished actor on the big screen, as well as for his continuing work to find a cure for cancer through the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and the John Wayne Cancer Institute,” the John Wayne Family wrote in a statement to Fox News.

“It’s unfair to judge someone on something that was written that he said nearly 50 years ago when the person is no longer here to respond,” the statement continued. “Regardless of color, ethnicity or sexual preference, [our] father taught us to treat all people the same, with respect.”

Most people think it’s unfair to judge someone based on what they said 40 or 50 years ago.

But the PC mob can’t stop finding things to be offended about.

For years the social justice warriors have fought tooth-and-nail to tear down historical American landmarks and statues and even rename schools that were considered “too offensive.”

Some are even demanding statues of Thomas Jefferson to be taken down.

Of course, we know this outrage is not only ridiculous but cheapens the truly egregious acts worthy of true outrage.

This latest outrage by the radical left targeting John Wayne shows just how crazy the PC mob has become.

If John Wayne we’re alive today, how do you think he’d respond to the leftist PC mob? Do you think John Wayne Airport in Orange County should be renamed?

Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. We can stop all this right now. The Constitution gives the people the power.

    We, each individual citizen of America, are the government. The 2 billion rounds of ammo that the Obama administration bought belongs to us. All government property firearms, ammo, ect. belongs to every U.S. citizen. All government buildings belong to U.S. citizens. We are the government. The people we elect are stewards, elected to watch over our assets. If they do not do their jobs lets’ fire them. Your Fired! Vote these commies out of office. If they turn against the citizens then we invoke the 2nd amendment and do what the founding fathers intend us to do. We take back our country.

    We are a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. We vote for people to be stewards thru the electoral process. If these elected officials go against the principles contained in the Constitution, the minority, must be U.S. citizens, has the right to take up arms against them. Most of the majority of Citizens are hard working and don’t follow what the stewards that they elect are doing. That’s when the MINORITY, must be U.S. CITIZENS, takes over. We hold the stewards that we elect to their oath of office. We use their voting record as proof that they are going against the Constitution and violating their oath of office. We put them on trial by electing out own judges within the minority since we are a REPUBLIC. If found guilty we revoke their CITIZENSHIP and deport them. If they come back to our COUNTRY we give them life imprisonment or execute them.

    In a democracy, whatever the people desire is what becomes policy. Therefore, if a majority of the people decide that murder is no longer a crime, in a democracy murder will no longer be a crime. However, not so in the American republic: in our republic, murder will always be a crime, for murder is always a crime in the WORD of GOD. It is this immutable foundation that has given our republic such enduring stability, for since man at his core does not change, he continues to need the same restraints today that he needed when the BIBLE was written thousands of years ago. It is the rights and wrongs revealed in the BIBLE that have provided the moral and institutional standards for our REPUBLIC.

    Taken from Keys To Good Government according to the founding fathers by DAVID BARTON

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
    At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, Franklin was queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation. In the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention, a lady asked Dr. Franklin “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy.” Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.”

    People who don’t believe in God are pushing CHAOS upon Good godlike people. These are the people who have a set agenda and are trying to destroy us. (Fake news, ect.) All laws come from GOD not MAN. (The Ten Commandments) You don’t believe in God therefore, you don’t believe in any law. You are therefore not a law abiding CITIZEN since all our laws come from GOD. Non-believers Quit pushing CHAOS on the American public. Quit trying to control American citizens.

    Why would anyone even try to destroy a baby’s life or even try to take away a baby’s life? Why would anyone try to destroy America? These people either have a hatred for law a biding citizens who have done nothing wrong in there lives or want to own us and control our way of thinking. These people are sick and are using our government for their own personal gain. This has to be stopped. Their play on words has to be stopped. Could it be that they have been brainwashed or held hostage by some terrorist Organization, or maybe Drug Cartel group. We the people (we are the government they work for us as stewards) must put a stop to this and restore the original meaning of our U.S. Constitution.

    Jesus Christ said, “Seek the truth it will set you free!”.

    This is what they are doing to America Right now. Links below. They don’t want you to know what they are doing. Be attentive for all of us must work to stop them.

  3. The PC crowd is evil – and evil knows no boundaries. They will attack anything or anyone, anytime who does not agree with them – no matter how absurd their mindset is.

  4. Lee Sullivan I agree 100%. They are not only evil but totally insane to be offended by words and actions by good and great people long before most of these crybabies were born. They know nothing of life, good or bad but crave the attention their insane words and actions bring.

  5. The “Progressives” need for people to react emotionally so they do not think or look past the words. This is just another attempt to create a controversy and the fact that have to reach back 48 years to an interview of well known and respected star and twist his words shows just how desperate the “Progressives” are. Always remember the object of the “Progressives” is “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”. Make sure you always point out the facts to children and others who will listen.

    People also need to remember that Affirmative Action was abandoned in the 1970s for quotas and double standards. Affirmative Action was created by business in California before the “Progressives” took California over. You still had to actually be qualified for the job but your ethnicity and gender were not used to disqualify you. And many Blacks abandoned real education using the excuse “White Man Education”. We are seeing the consequences of this in the Democrat Party controlled areas. People need to learn the real history and not the distorted claims of history used to create division.

  6. If Wayne were alive today, he say that we ought to shoot these pinko commie flags on site.

  7. if they hate the airport named for John Wayne that much, just don’t use it.

    If air traffic drops enough, it won’t be used.

  8. PC gender pronouns now have one word replacing he-she, him-her, girl-boy, man-woman. etc.

    Example: Comrade Cortez, Comrade Schiff, Comrade Bernie. Comrade Cumming.


  9. I wish he were alive to respond to these PC liberals the way the “Duke” would and punch their lights out! they can take that pc attitude and have it shoved where the sun don’t shine

  10. If John Wayne were alive today, he tell them straight. He look over the past 45 years and say tell me where I’m wrong.

  11. Absolutely not. John Wayne was a great actor and citizen. The PC advocates can drop dead as far as I’m concerned. Please take the rest of Hollywood with you….


  13. Had dinner with John Wayne several times at Ollie Carey,s house. He was a gentleman. Never heard him make a racist remark. He was a kind and caring person. What ever happened to Amendment I of the Constitution? One does not have the right to address an issues? Commies should all go to Cuba or China if they want a communist form of government.

  14. These Communist will do anything to destroy this country, and we can not allow them to disarm us so we can not protect our rights. It needs to be stopped in its tracks, and we to quit taking things in government for granted and demand Transparency with every bit of legislation, no hurry up and get it done, a specific time allowed prior to their voting so we and THEY can read it before making it a law.

  15. I grew up watching John Wayne movies and I miss him to this day. He was successful because he was good at what he did, he worked hard at it, and he never portrayed his characters in any way that reflected badly on his country or his family. I wish he was still with us.

  16. What they’re doin makes no sense. How can you say that someone who has been dead over 40yrs. Is racist or homophobic? That’s just stupid. I’ve said it before stupidity in this country is rampant.

  17. No! You don’t change anything about the Duke!! If we had more men like he was this day and time the PC crowd would pee they’re collective pants and run home to mommy! They need to grow up and scream about the bad and evil happening all around them. Get a life worth living!!

  18. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! Get out and find an HONEST JOB and Leave the American Heros and Historical Figures alone.


  20. There is a sick hysteria dwelling in the minds of the PC crowd. Sensible people keep hoping that they will come to their senses, but they just seem to be getting more and more hysterical. Does this perhaps portend the Second Coming of Christ? —

  21. F those idiot PC nutters if we go along with the. we become ENABLERS, of a bunch of DYSFUNCTIONAL TEENS Trapped in the schoolyard!

  22. The PC group seem to think they are God (when really they are a bunch of jerks) by using things that happen 30, 40 or more years ago to use against peopled. If they are trying to claim they have never said or done, in there lifetime, that they would not be proud of now, I would like to tell them that they are damn liars. Nobody except Jesus Christ is that perfect.

  23. Maybe someday our Citizens will get their minds straightened out. The Democraps have to stop trying to destroy our country. They are pulling every trick they can come up with to make up the worst country to live in. They don’t care because they are making it so they get a lot of money and keep themselves behind tall walls, that way the illegals don’t mess up their lifestyle.

  24. They offend more people with their PC c— then they are of them I thought the rule of law should apply here if they do not like what we have here then move to another country
    LEAVE MY COUNTRY ALONE. I like it as is IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE CHANGED TO MAKE YOU HAPPY, cause it really upsets me and a whole lot of other people.. MOVE

  25. OMG……when will people quit digging stuff up. Comments and actions 30, 40 or 50 years ago should not be able to be dug up after all those years. Face it, those were comments prbably a lot of people said back then but doesn’t mean they would still feel the same today. Let it go and go forward as you can’t change the past but you can go forward with different attitudes and goals. Let the past sta in the past….it’s all been carried too far!

  26. The left has made so many racists comments toward those of us that voted for Trump. Hilery called us deplorable, stupid and so on, where were those on the left to put her down. I am amazed how the left can say and do as they please, tare down statues, remove crosses, but the rest of us are just suppose to be quite. It just goes to show people full of bitterness and hate because they lost the election are out of their minds. Hearts full of hate and bitterness destroys the mind and lives, we see this everyday in the left. Attacking everything that is good. These are adults that have never growen up still cry babies sucking their thumbs.

  27. Their job is to destroy history. We have to make the sure the real history is retained and kept known.

  28. At first I “tollerated” their right to free speech. They can say whatever they want. Then the statues started coming down and individuals being persecuted for wearing a hat.
    Someone said it earlier, it’s chaos they intend to spread. Not ideas.
    Since the Dems have embraced this behavior, I am now of the opinion they must be exterminated at the ballot box. Nothing less than a total marginalizing of the Democratic party. Drive them off the political landscape.

  29. And that is why so many people are unable to be successful. They are so rooted in the past that they make the past a part of themselves and as result no one takes them seriously, or wants to interact with them. They can not admit that things are different today and nothing is actually holding themselves back except themselves.

  30. They have to dig up things from the past – even 70 to 100 years ago – since the only people who are generally creating problems today are the politically correct people and those who are creating fake racial incidents.

  31. Is a dead man’s words some 50+ years ago all the PC police can focus on? For God’s sake leave the past alone and move forward. Have respect for everyone and stop assaulting by word or physically those with whom you disagree. The hate and censorship on the Left are getting to be unsustainable in a civilized society. You don’t see people on the Right attacking anyone who is wearing the wrong hat or who is on the other side of the political spectrum. Peace be upon us; live and let live.

  32. They are not being brainwashed — they are becoming multi-millionaires taking money from the people trying to bring this country down. There might be 5% of our congress and very few state governments who follow our Constitution — most are in it because of greed and the lust for power. We need to gut our congress and state governments just like President Trump needs to gut the doj and fbi. The corruption runs from top to bottom in our government and we need to dump them all and start over and we need to do it before these demoSCUM slimeballs succeed in getting their 3rd world citizens in here.

  33. Fk cali-gay-fornia, fk the pc dirtbags and all the leftist libtard/demoTRASH/rino sh**birds. If I was Wayne’s family member I wouldn’t want a GREAT man like John Wayne’s name even associated with the likes of the scum in california, I’d fight to get his name off anything in that slimeball state.

  34. Now there trying to bring down a great man,they most be stopped at all costs.
    John Wayne might said,why the hell do I have to press 1 for english.

  35. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  36. They are criminalizing the constitution. We need to make into law that it is unlawful not to abide by the constitution and start prosecuting these people and organizations

  37. These liberal Idiots need to be thrown the hell out of America! these pc jackasses are doing nothing but ruining our country. We need to get people elected that respect our Consitution and History! Don’t forget it was that Idiot Nikki Haley who was one of the first govenors to take down the battle flag of the south and statues! How the hell did this bum ever get elected to Governor of South Carolina is beond me. With weak kneed yellow striped no backbone republicans like her I fear this Country is lost. And why the hell Trump ever picked her for Ambassador makes me wonder who the hell is advising Trump!

  38. Who are these PC Police? Is there a particular group that we can launch a righteous fight with? I’m sure we can and will get the support of most Americans who remember John Wayne. I don’t think they will even get the support of Hollywood as John Wayne is one of their own.

  39. Go out and get a real job instead of whining all the time about life’s is not fair, “I deserve what ever I want” and “I want my blanket and my teddy bear”.

  40. Is there a place large enough to put these left wing nuts ? They have gone way too0 far. We enjoyed watching John Wayne. He was one of the few good people in Hollywood. Leave our entertainment alone. I wouldnn’t look out my window to watch the sickening junk that’s there now.

  41. When they go after the Christian religion, That should tell you enough about these people. When they go after your Constitutional RIGHTS its time to stand up both at the voting box and anywhere else that is needed.

  42. Here is proposed term limit amendment. Feel free to pass it around.

    Section 1.

    The Senators of the Senate of the Congress of the United States of America represent their sovereign State of the United States of America. In order to restore the republican form of Government of the United States of America, Amendment Seventeen of The Constitution of the United States of America is hereby repealed. Senators of the Senate of the Congress of the United States shall be elected and serve in accordance with the provision of Article 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America.

    When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate of the United States of America the executive authority of such State shall appoint a person to temporarily fill the term of such vacancies until the legislature of the State fills the term of such vacancies. The filling of such vacancies shall last only until the specific term of the specific vacancies would have expired.

    Section 1 of this amendment shall not be so construed as to affect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the Constitution.

    Section 2.

    No person shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the Senate of the Congress of the United States of America at any one time.

    No person shall serve more than five consecutive terms in the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America at any one time.

    Section 2 of this amendment affects all current Senators and Representatives.

    Section 3.

    No person who has served as a Senator of the Senate of the United States of America, nor a person who served as a Representative of the House of Representative of the United States of America, shall receive any compensation based upon their prior service in the Congress of the United States of America.

    No person who has served in any position in the service of the United States of America that is a politically appointed position shall receive any compensation based upon their prior service. Politically appointed positions are those where a person serves solely at the discretion of the President of the United States of America, of the Vice-President of the United States of America, of a Senator of the Senate of the Congress of the United States of America, of a Representative of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America, or that requires the specific approval of the Senate of the United States of America as per the US Constitution.

    Draft 2

  43. The so called PC Police can go rot in Hell. You guys are not fit to walk in John Wayne’s shoes. Been my hero since I was 5-6, now 76. As time goes on you will get what you deserve. Dam little!

  44. Well let’s see now. Jane Fonda, Pelosi and Hillary were awarded the Margaret Sanger award by planned parenthood. Hillary Clinton said: “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision. I am really in awe of her.” Sanger was a life-long, unapologetic eugenicist. She said that African Americans(negros) were contaminating the gene pool(the white race). So now, what should the left PC Mob do about Fonda, Pelosi and especially Hillary?

  45. The reason the excrement voice of the progressive LEFT is on the rise to divide this country and bring it down to a Turd World Country is gaining momentum. You can attribute this rise to destroy this great country to the Fraud that became Dictator for Eight long devastating years and that is Barracist Hussein Obama. He stoked the coals of hatred to this great Country and Clinton tried to destroy a great President Trump. If, this continues there may be no choice but to take back our country by what ever means that will solve the problem.

  46. The left just keeps proving beyond a doubt they’re so ignorant and childish they’re beyond help. They need caged before hurting themselves or others.

  47. Don’t worry.
    God can and will extract his revenge at the appropriate time or raise up people to do so!
    Maybe that is what is happening now?
    Oh well maybe this comment or reply may be considered PC by the PC crowd.
    By the way who appointed them the police over speech anyway.

    Speaking out for Political Correctness is politically incorrect in and of itself! So there!
    GO SOAK YOUR HEADS you PC crowd!

  48. John Wayne was a true patriot, gentleman, beloved American who was not ashamed to show his love of country, sorely lacking today in Hollywood. He is truly missed because there is not much in the entertainment field that can compare to him. It wouldn’t hurt for some young actors to take a look at his old films and statements and maybe they, too, could understand love of country.

  49. I have two magnetized little candy trays stuck to my refrigerator. One has a picture of the Duke, and it says: Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. The other one has his picture, and it says: A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.
    My daughter entered my name in a contest for a life-sized cardboard cut-out of the Duke, and she won! She gave it to me, and it stood in my living room for a long time.
    When I went to sell my trailer, a guy came in, saw the picture, and asked if I would sell it. I needed the money a lot, so, I said: What have you got? He said: $20, so, I sold it.
    I have lots of his movies, a bunch from the 1930’s, and I just watched Stagecoach last week.
    How would you like to take on John Wayne, Ward Bond and Victor McLaglen in a fight? I think that McLaglen might have been the toughest of them all. He just looked positively scary. They were all in the movie, The Quiet Man.
    I also have a pistol in the holster, fake, of course, which I got from The Bradford Exchange. There is a picture of J.W., and a badge on the front that says: The Duke. You can buy those momentoes for yourself for a few bucks. The quality is good from those dealers like that.
    I also have a little statue of him in a little glass case, which shows him, rifle in hand, emerging from the sheriff’s office, and on the wall, it says: Sheriff, Graham County, Arizona
    I should have kept the cut-out.

  50. This same PC crowd influenced the New Jerk Yankees to quit playing Kate Smith singing God Bless America at the 7th inning, which record was played there for some time. Kate Smith sang some song around 1935 about Negroes, which was written earlier for some play.
    She was not racist, and went around the country all during WW2 singing God Bless America and raising millions for the war effort. Not prejudiced and 100% American.
    Fluck the New Jerk Yankees. That shows where they are coming from. PC is from them, too, and don’t you forget it.


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