The PC Police are trying to ban something no one saw coming


It’s no secret that wild-eyed Leftists rule the roost on America’s college campuses.

College campuses have become cathedrals for the Church of Leftism.

And now the PC Police are trying to ban something they deem “offensive” that will make you laugh out loud.

Leftists are obsessed with political correctness.

It’s the weapon they use to force people to toe the party line.

A big political correctness movement was pushed in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, but it was ultimately beaten back by common sense.

However, Left-wing activists have waged a culture war, and political correctness is back with a vengeance.

It’s gotten so bad, several universities are fighting to have their own mascots banned because they’re not “woke.”

Innocuous mascots such as the University of Wyoming cowboy won’t be spared from the Left’s wrath.

Campus Reform reports:

In 2018, two dozen professors banded together to demand that the University of Wyoming cease the use of its marketing campaign slogan “the world needs more cowboys,” because, as one professor put it, “the word ‘cowboy’ invokes a white, macho, male, able-bodied, heterosexual, U.S.-born person.” The university stood its ground and continued use of the slogan, which turned out to be a success, generating a $38,000 increase in royalties over the previous year.

What’s even more absurd about the University of Wyoming example is that it exposes the Left’s undercover prejudice.

They believe the cowboy represents the so-called “toxic masculinity” that they’re trying so hard to eradicate from society.

And they immediately connect cowboys with whiteness, even though cowboys can be found in many countries, e.g. vaqueros in Latin America.

Other mascots in Liberals’ crosshairs are colonials, pioneers, and 49ers.

Activists at George Washington University are pushing to ban the colonial mascot because they claim he represents so-called “systemic oppression.”

The University of Denver is trying to phase out references to the school’s pioneer nickname.

Denver already retired its pioneer mascot, and the vacancy hasn’t been filled.

And at Cal State Long Beach, 49ers mascot Prospector Pete was dumped amid cries of the mascot being linked to the gold rush, which, according to campus Leftists, represents “a time in history when the indigenous peoples of California endured subjugation, violence, and threats of genocide.”

Leftists have proven there’s no line in the sand they won’t cross.

What’s your take?

Has the Left gone overboard by trying to ban college mascots?

Let us know what you think in the comments below


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  2. I have said for years that Americans are the dumbest people on the planet. We have a great country and some are trying to destroy it. They hate the only country in history that has given more to the world and helped more people than any other country. We have made mistakes as all countries have from birth to now. But we should not become a nation that hates itself like so many on the left have now shown, but learn from those mistakes and move on to become a greater nation than we already ARE. The way the country is going with free this and free that and you cant say that, its not PC. Then tell people to destroy others because they don’t feel the same way. Not what this country is all about.

  3. Learn a trade, forget about these Leftist Indoctrination Camps, the social life can come after learning something useful, Not how to Hate the USA.

  4. Lock up the LEFTIES in the crazy farm and give them puppy dogs, aroma therapies, etc. but DON’T let them legislate ANYTHING! Enough is enough! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Leftist are ruining this country. They are bringing more prejudice into this country by their actions! Leave the heritage, customs, stories, buildings, statues, mascots alone!! This is “OUR” History.

  6. Amen, Jim! It’s a shame that most Americans have no idea nor care about what’s going on in our government, or it’s history! But somehow, they love letting one party brainwash them into their way of thinking and – that’s dumb! I love America and am so grateful that I was born here.

  7. I am greatly disturbed as to what the political left is doing to our country in trying stamp out Christianity. Our country needs a great spiritual awakening and revival! Many of us are praying for our country and our leaders.

  8. It’s all propaganda beginning in grade school to get the children to think the way of the Democratic Party . Everything on the left is for the illegal migrants , LGBT , and poor people . Meanwhile first chance they get they will destroy everything this Country represents like free enterprise , freedom of speech . Those are basic principals that are free , not college and healthcare . That just means others pay for those to lazy to go out and earn a living . Schools are not free and either are children . Feed your kids at home and send a lunch instead of expecting to feed your kids on someone’s tax bill .

  9. Standup to them!When they start their b—s—rants, Just tell them NO, we will not give in to their childish intolerance.

  10. I emigrated to this great country over fifty years ago! Never regretted it for one moment!! Now these STUPID people are trying to destroy it! Are they nuts!!! They must surely be, if they had just half brain they would rethink what they are doing!!! This is the greatest country on the face of the earth! If they don’t like it, get the heck out, no one is stopping them!!

  11. Susan Hamilton: AMEN! If we don’t stop this madness soon, there will be nothing left of what makes our country so great. This political correctness nonsense is just that. NONSENSE!!!

  12. There were three black cowboys for every one white. These are college professors? The obviously have never attended college.

  13. These people are ridiculous. In America, we have the right to say what we think. They, on the other hand, do not have the right to use bullying tactics to shut us up. If they are offended by just about everything, they have a problem and may benefit from psychological counseling. If this keeps going, they will be sitting in a padded room sucking their thumbs.

  14. I am shaking my head in disbelieve at how many people in this country are followers of Lucifer, who is promoting the hatred of God. They do not know right from wrong, as the Holy Bible says will happen in the End Times. All of those who do not go to Jesus will suffer eternal torment in Hell.

  15. Let’s ban Leftist as a term – in fact let’s ban the right, the middle, the side the back, the up the down and go with “PEOPLE OF ABSURDITY”. Let’s ban anyone who says anything against anything. Let’s ban sports since they insight violence, competition, competition which is harmful to those that don’t do anything and we can then watch “sports” where you are not allowed to cheer on your team, make any noises, BUY you MAY be allowed to stand in silence as the teams simply walk out own the field ( so as not to damager the environment watch a clock wind down and then leave. Get rid of any team with a state in it’s name, or named after some famous person so as not to offend anyone. Colleges may not have any logos as logos are offensive to someone somewhere. And finally since I the color lue it must be abolished and everyone wear special glasses that make the sky appear anything than blue, and the I kind of find the Letter “K” sexist and
    associated with racism – so it must be banned as well. Following that we will enact “the silly law of the week” when we find even one person that doesn’t like something. Of course it will be much easier to gene-
    tidally engineer all humans without brains because most don’t use theirs anymore anyway !

  16. Personally I’m with Charlie Daniels,”WHAT THIS WORLD NEEDS IS A LOT MORE REDNECKS!!!!” What we have is the Marxists in academia programing these coddled pampered skulls full of mush with their sick sadistic political philosophy. They are trying their best to tear down our Christian and Jewish Faiths, our patriotic traditions, our history, and the Bill of Rights. Joseph McCarthy has been 110% vindicated with a vengeance. He warned us in the 50’s if we didn’t do something about the Marxists in Media, Academia, and even the government they would indoctrinate our youth and in the future we would loose control of our nation. He did his best with his committee to fight them but in the end the Marxist Quislings in Media and Government destroyed him. Time to find us a new McCarthy and go after these evil individuals now or we are extreme risk of losing our nation, our rights, and many of us, our lives.

  17. I will NOT learn Spanish or Arabic in MY country.I will not celebrate MLK Day[he&wife were/are Marxist miscreants]I will celebrate von Steuben[aka German American]day.If the turd worlders and their leftist, Demoncrat,loony fellow travelers want to be here.,they MUST speak English and adopt OUR customs, assimilate,not have skills of existing Americans.If Mexico is doing this,why don’t we??
    Boycott:Wallmart,CVS,Wegmans,LLBean,Dicks,Delta Airlines, et al

  18. It is AMAZING to me how utterly ignorant these people are. They want to sell out this country, they have always been amongst us zapping up all the goodies waiting for their disruptive agendas to be hatched, I say let them keep killing themselves off. I am kinda glad they don’t want to pro-create, some don’t have to equipment to, they will eventually die off. I may not be around to see their demise, but I am so glad to have been around to see Donald J Trump/family elected to the highest office in the world.God Bless him. I don’t like being extreme, but Democrats at this time in the 21st century need to seek help. REAL HELP for their own good. TRUMP 2020.

  19. Amen Jim! One of the Greatest Mountain Man/Cowboy was Bass Reeves, who was born into Slavery and became one of the most Famous of Law Men in the West, AND he was a “Cowboy”! Don’t these so-called intelligent professors know this or have they watched too much Hollyweird shows about Cowboys. They are all certifiable LUNATICS, plain and simple. I could give you many more cowboys that were Black, Indian, Mexican, ETC. But these ignorant people are teaching these lies to your children! FIRE ALL OF THEM!

  20. Mistake this country has made is letting this ridiculous crap to continue, some so called professors they somehow got the title should not be teaching a bunch of stupids in this generation.

  21. Democrats are after power and power only. They don’t really care about anyone or anything else. They propagate mess to keep us at each other’s throats. Do you really think the left cares about the poor? Giving them a little something for nothing keeps folks under their control.
    Don’t let them. Vote them out. It’s not all Americans, be they poor, gay, straight, bi, try anything, or minority’s. Because when any of the aforementioned go right (Republican) they are vilified. But the Dems are going to be surprised at the next mid term. It will turn Red. Watch. The majority of America sees through the mess.
    The left also wants to take God and Jesus out of everything because if you read Revelations you will see everything the Left is doing. They, the Dems, are the party to usher in the One World Government. Stay in prayer and vote!!!! If someone needs a ride to the polls, take them. The majority of all of America regardless of race, or social standing are hard working, giving, caring, loving, decent folks.

  22. Dr. Martin Luther King wanted unity for ALL. He was against violence, and hate. He believed that black folks wanted a hand up NOT hand out. Your short sited bigoted thinking propagates hate. We are all just folks. Americans of all races are hard working, giving and caring people. When you falsely accuse an entire race of being lazy or communist you are falling into the Dems trap to keep us at each other’s throats. Oh, by the way. King was a republican.

  23. I think it’s time to rid our society of the far left wing Liberals. They bring nothing of any value real or imagined to our society. They only bring anger, frustration and hate! All things we can live without.

  24. BWAHAHAHAHAHA… Liberal colleges are now feeling the liberal monsters they created as it comes back full circle… THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!


  26. why do we let this happen? who’s paying the most for education at Americans higher education schools? is the majority the “left”? why are we letting the “few” tell all the rest of us what we can & can’t do? people we have to take back our country before we have no country left!

  27. where’s my first comment? the Democrats and leftists destroy SELF ESTEEM. THAT’S WHY WE HAVE SO MANY UNHAPPY PEOPLE IN AMERICA. read about SUICIDE and MASS SHOOTINGS. there are a lot of people who don’t THINK THEY HAVE ANY SELF WORTH. Democrats don’t CARE ABOUT AMERICANS. they don’t care if Americans kill themselves. DEMOCRATS HATE AMERICANS AND THE FAMILY.

  28. The left has had a hated for cowboys ever since the rodeo clown dressed up with an Obama mask on. Remember they wanted that clown to be punished, for doing nothing more than making folks laugh. Laughing must be banned too, by their twisted logic, because it may offend someone. The left is certifiably nuts!

  29. Universities are supposed to be the seat of advanced learning, over the last 50’s or so years they have become the seat of ignorance.
    Benjamin Franklin once said “We are all born ignorant, you have to work hard to remain stupid” So all the left wings are demonstrating that they work hard to remain this STUPID.

  30. I just want to say, the leftist haven’t gone overboard like so many are claiming in our great nation, you poor peeps got it all wrong, the leftists have “NEVER BEEN ON BOARD TO BEGIN WITH” so now you know, stop with the left has gone insane, they’ve always been insane, its just a matter of degrees now. thats all folks……

  31. What we are witnessing is the product of two generations of the woosification of American youth. So sheltered, pampered, petted, and praised that there is no depth of absurdity to which these snot nosed, elitist, snowflake wimps won’t stoop to to find some some manufactured relevance in their lives. Is there anyone in American academia that didn’t have a wedgie for their entire life?!

  32. They need to eliminate Tenure for these idiots and see how long they keep this crap up! If they knew they could lose their cushy professorships, they would not pull this crap! Nowhere else (except government), can someone pull this idiocy!

  33. These people would rather try to change their own history because they hate the facts. Cowboys are quite alive and well theses days running their private ranches. Mascots are not evil they represent different persons through history and living animal kind. We need to stand up in opposition to these who are not for what this country was begun. We need to continue in respecting our Constitution and Bill of Rights keeping us free.

  34. Sam, I think these soy latte sipping ‘professors’ just hate the idea of cowboys and the like because it makes them feel inadequate.

  35. I keep wondering who is financing all the far left clowns. The antifa, the wacky marches, and their transportation to and from. Also the political ideology of these “mass shooters.” I wonder how much is being staged by leftists? As a conservative, I never had time to attend these disruptive functions. I was busy working to survive.

  36. It’s time the Normal people in this country stopped allowing these idiots change things just because they don’t like them. Stand up Americana’s day enough is enough.


  38. Brett Gordon: This is where the TRUE twisted logic comes into play. The Leftists can say and do anything THEY want to. But heaven forbid the Conservatives speak up. Then that’s when THEIR “political correctness” is forced down our throats. We can’t object to them rewriting history. Trying to abolish the Constitution. Saying that abortions are wrong. Teaching 5 years old about the gay lifestyle in schools. Lying and making fun at sitting president EVERY DAY. And their crazy list goes on and on.. We MUST accept their madness as normal and correct. B.S.!!!
    As another poster, Keith D pointed out, we must take both houses of congress back now. Or our great country will no longer exist. We WILL be part of the NWO.I just can’t understand how any average Democrat can not see what their party now stands for and say enough is enough! Believing the fake news or not, can’t they grasp what’s REALLY happening???

  39. Keith, you are oh so right! Our Founding Fathers, in their unmitigating wisdom, gave We The People that power with Article 5 of the Constitution! With just 38 States radifying a call for a CONVENTION OF STATES. We are at 18 last I heard with more States debating its merit! Contact your State Legislators DEMAND they Radify the call! We can bring an end to career poiticians, get term limits and force CONGRESS to live with the same laws they force on us! Google the Convetion Of States web page andif you agree we need it in the worlds worst way , join the movement! Let’s Take Our Wonderful Country Back,

  40. That’s easy! THE NAZI WAR CRIMINAL SOROS. ( SS member) It has been said he funds, Antifa and all this hubbub. He is thrynig to pull off what his hero Hitler couldn’t do. Put the entire world under one LEADER named GEORGE SOROS.

  41. Parents be careful where you send your child off to collage. If it has a reputation for being left wing find another collage because your child will be taught to hate this country and anything decent

  42. Trump University haz bigly libaries tuh lurn stuff ind sheet. Lear about Trump’s paraphrasing commies and now quoting Hitler. Deranged ,paranoid lunatic. THE CHOSEN ONE! Lying criminal. Claims he was at ground zero on 9/11. Why didn’t he go visit the shooting victims in Toledo last month? Why does he make weird gross pucker lips? Thinking of sucking off Putin? What’s with the daily rotation of weird colored toupees? A mullet?

  43. Where did you go to college? I learned a lot. Your wacko conspiracy theories are wack off thinking. I still don’t know where the five countries in Mexico are. Can you show me a map? Gracias. Planning a trip on Trump Airlines to Mexico. Which country should I go to?

  44. Like all oppressive governments the left tries to ensure the average person does not know their counties actual history.
    They start by destroying the target country’s education system. Then they start removing any historical references they don’t like. So it is no surprise they are using fake reasons to remove mascots.
    Hitler did the samething in Germany.

  45. You forget, by their declarations/actions, they are NOT true or real Americans. Real and true Americans are not dumb. Check how many Somali were relocated into Omar’s district. They voted for her, NOT true Americans.

  46. These idiots cannot win. The dem party has thrown God out and satan has taken over. They have only hate, lies, and ignorance.

  47. Robert, you are right on. Our history is not taught in public schools. They have no concept at all of who our Founding Fathers were or what they left us. The goal of the dem party is to totally take over this country. But they cannot win because they have thrown God out and embrace satan. That is why the dem party has nothing to offer but hate and lies, both of which satan thrives on.

  48. Nancy, the left hates our Founding Fathers and everything they gave us. They cannot stand it that they were Christians. They have no clue. Ben Franklin said that we have a Republic d we can keep it, but the left is bent on destroying it.

  49. There is not a country in the world, nor a culture, nor a people, that doesn’t have irrational behaviors in the past. For example, in the USA, we call people of American indian heritage Native Americans, and we “lump” them all together, as if they are one people. But, here in Miami, we have learned that the Seminoles, who for years have been labeled as the natives (first people) of the area, were, indeed, not the first. The Seminoles actually murdered and ran off the Tequesta tribes who were here before them. Are we trying to eliminate the Seminoles from our history? No. Do other countries rid themselves of their past by changing all of their current symbols to make believe that their pasts didn’t happen, or that we shouldn’t today acknowledge any gains made by our past cultures? No. Only in this country are we trying to make everything conform to political correctness. Instead of being ashamed of our past, the people trying to eliminate any mention of our past should spend more effort to learn and teach HOW that past has influenced today, and how we want to use that past or not, heading into our future. NOT try to annihilate anything from our past that doesn’t suit their current mores and values. LEARN from the past, don’t try to change it. Put those “politically incorrect” issues in perspective as to how they fit into the larger picture when they did. Doesn’t mean we have to get rid of them. There is no right or wrong culture, there are only different cultures, and we need them all to create the BIG picture, both within the USA and within the world as a whole.

  50. If that is all these highly paid professors are concerned with, they need to be replaces
    There s a more important agenda EDUCATION.
    We don’t care about the mascot in the classroom and it does no harm to the schools identity.
    They need to get down to the real world facts, and get their head out of the cloud.

  51. Angel: Well the way I see it with Obama putting over 100,000 Muslims in that state , that team will probably be called the Minnesota Muslims…This PC nonsense has got to be stopped, NOW!!!

  52. Can anyone explain the definition of educate as compared with indoctrinate to these university “educators”? Also the history department should have one not brain dead professor who could tell them many cowboys were black and Mexican.

  53. Liberals are mentally ill. They have no common sense. They are afraid of everything.
    Everything has to be controlled.
    Liberals are cowards and do not want anyone to be better than them, to liberals, everyone has to be the same.

  54. The banning of mascots is absurd. Always has been. What I take issue with is this comment — “A big political correctness movement was pushed in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, but it was ultimately beaten back by common sense.” — The Political Correctness movement was NOT beat back by common sense. The PC movement has been absorbed into our culture and those of us who were in the workforce at the time this all started caved to the PC crowd or fired. Had more than one colleague go down because of not being PC correct.

  55. How and why did we allow them to walk all over us? Come on everyone- lets fight back and stop this before its too late!!!
    God bless America!
    Trump in 2020

  56. A nice young kid was fired from job as bagger at store when a girl came to work there for two days and claimed “he scared me waaaaa”… this is all gone WAY to far. PC crap and Me2Movement is destroying people! Please lets all fight to stop this!!

  57. why not get a one way trip to kenya.. your hero, the african pretender, could be your guide.. then a side trip to his hero’s country.. zimbambamwe, that is adjacent to south africur..

  58. the are not really up to speed on much of anything, but will tell you that they know everything.. The real problem is out children are being heavily indoctrinated by these scum bags..

  59. surprised that I do not see a remark by the moron vasu.. I am of the opinion that those 12 scum bags should be fired immediately along with leftists all across the USA..

  60. By the democrats way of thinking, we should do away with the democratic party, they started the KKK years ago. It is a racist organization, therefore, it should do away with itself.


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