The numbers just came in on the Unplanned movie and the abortion industry is furious


Being pro-life or conservative to any degree is career suicide in Hollywood.

It is nearly impossible to put Christian or conservative values on the big screen.

However, this pro-life movie is blowing up at the box office and Hollywood is losing their minds.

Unplanned is the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director.

Once she witnessed an abortion on an ultrasound after 13 weeks, she realized how sick and deranged the practice truly is.

All the Hollywood “experts” predicted this movie to be a total failure.

But the movie has defied all expectations raking in nearly $9 million so far.

It’s doing so well, theaters are chomping at the bit to show it and nearly 500 more theaters are showing the movie than its opening weekend.

Yahoo News reports:

A movie produced by a Christian studio about a former employee of an organization that provides abortions who became a “pro-life” activist is proving to be a surprising box office hit.

“Unplanned,” which was released in theaters on March 29, has pulled in more than 8.6 million dollars in North America, according to Box Office Mojo.

That put the film in an unexpected fourth place for the week behind the much bigger budget pictures “Dumbo,” “Us,” and “Captain Marvel.”

“Unplanned” comes amid a resurgent campaign in the United States by opponents of abortion, which was legalized in the United States in a landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision.

Among those promoting the movie has been the deeply religious vice president, Mike Pence.

“So good to see movie theaters across the country showing @UnplannedMovie,” Pence tweeted. “More & more Americans are embracing the sanctity of life because of powerful stories like this one.”

The abortion industry and Hollywood are furious that the movie is doing so well.

Liberals are calling the movie “propaganda”, and claiming that it is full of lies.

Some are even claiming Abby Johnson’s story about witnessing an ultrasound abortion is completely made up.

They’ll do anything to try and stop people from seeing Unplanned.

The truth is that the only one guilty of engaging in propaganda and lies is the abortion industry.

Planned Parenthood employs a lobbying team in Washington D.C. to cover up their scandals and spread false information about abortion.

Not to mention nearly every Hollywood actor and actress uses their influence to defend the murder of unborn children.

Have you seen Unplanned? If so, what were your thoughts on the movie?

Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. A must see film. Well done and peels the mask off of Planned Parenthood’s infanticide. Well received by those in attendance.

  2. I saw this fantastic movie yesterday. It should be required viewing for everyone. Ridding the country of Roe v Wade would end this barbaric practice, and would also solve our immigration situation.

  3. My husband and I went to see the movie Unplanned over the weekend. We thought it was an excellent movie, kind of hard to watch because of “Ice Queen” who played the part of the Head of Planned Parenthood and was in it just for the money and could care less about the lives of all of those babies being killed. Every young person who is practicing sexual intercourse should be shown either this movie or should watch a video of a child being aborted. People have become so calloused concerning the death of a child and care more about a dog or a cat being treated inhumanly than any human being. I give the movie 5 stars and recommend it to any one I talk to.

  4. I saw it and it WAS hard to watch. The scene where the little baby was literallly sucked thru a tube and ended up as a mass of red liquid was enough to make even ME puke….no wonder that lady quit her job when she figured out what was going on. The part of the chemical abortion was not easy to watch either….Take some chemicals and go home and wait for the “tissue to be expelled” and hope you don’t bleed to death in the meantime.

    • I closed my eyes in the ‘sucked through the tube’ scene. Hearing it was enough. The chemical abortion scene was a great presentation of what I went through after receiving a shot for an ectopic pregnancy. The shot probably worked a little faster but everything else was so accurate. Good movie. All should see it.

  5. An excellent movie that everyone needs to see. I walked away feeling so sad about the abortion industry, and at the same time so proud of those willing to take a stand against it. I hope the Hollywood elites choke on the good press it’s getting.

  6. God willing many people will change their minds on abortion. 40 days for life is a God send. Besides prayers, prolifers’ presence is changing hearts in front of planned parenthood.

  7. This was a very intense, graphic, honest and very informing, movie. I learned what happens to the baby when an abortion is done. It’s sad, tragic, and it’s the taking of a life. If you see this movie, and you’re pregnant, I would be shocked if you went forward on it. I was adopted. If my biological mother, had aborted me, I would not be alive, on this Earth, today.

  8. I saw the movie over the weekend and put it right up there with the Gosnell movie. When are these mindless idiots going to realize that murder is not a form of birth control? Adoption is another alternative but seems no one gives a care about life. At least all those babies are now at least all those babies are now with God.

  9. The mentality of the Hollywood crowd is an excellent reason to avoid going to movies in theatres. The crap they call “good entertainment” is just that, “crap”. I have been to, maybe, three movies in the last twenty years and those three were carefully chosen for the subject and the content.

  10. As difficult, and necessary, to watch as the likes of ‘Schindler’s List.’ Absolutely horrifying scene of an abortion that I imagine was authentic. SEE THIS MOVIE AND HEAR THE TRUTH. Kudos to the actors who presented this in its true raw horror.

  11. Stunning! Unplanned was so powerful that it did not even need to get into the horrendous practice of selling baby parts, to make its point. Indeed, human life is sacred. Infants are viable at 24 weeks, so for the most calloused infant killer, this should be the absolute maximum period for legal abortions, though zero months is preferred.

  12. The most powerful movie I’ve ever seen, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my entire life. I’m going to encourage more people to see this movie. I’m going to see again, and buy a few extra tickets to pass on as encouragement to check it out.

  13. I have not seen the movie because it is not being shown in my area. The nearest location from what I can see is approximately 60 miles away. Where can I get a list of locations in MA

  14. It was fantastic!! Every parent who has children above and including 13 years should take them to see this movie. Both female and male. The only thing I felt was missing was the trauma the boys are going through, that baby is as much his as hers. I know the girl is the one who has to bear the child but if the boys see what happens to the baby in an abortion, perhaps they would have a different attitude about their actions. The younger generation has been coddled, not all of them but enough to believe they are ‘owed’ everything with no labor needed. Those parents who gave their children everything they wanted, are just as responsible as their children. WAKE up America, we CAN change things.

  15. I saw the movie a week ago, it is riveting, excellent, the list goes on. The only reason it is rated R is because the movie industry is trying to keep teenagers away from seeing it. They are the group who needs to be there! It made me sad/sick to think of all the lives that are taken each and every day by the abortion industry. Then I think of those who feel it is OK to kill a baby just before or after birth just because you changed your mind. What a sad reflection on our society today!

  16. Saw the movie the first day it came out and started telling everyone to go see it!! So well done and so graphic that no one could see it and claim ignorance about what abortion really is, nor what Planned Parenthood is really about! Five stars for every reason!!

  17. Excellent movie. I went to see it the week it opened. The theater was full and I was surprised at the number of young adults and teens in the theater. Maybe there is still hope that we will see an end to this barbaric practice.

  18. Do you people not realize that nine million dollars for the 1st weekend is chump change, hmmm!, makes me wonder what that idiotic movie The Prodigal that I saw as a teenager because free tickets were provided to our Catechism class to go and see the movie.

    Only Graham crusade production I have ever seen.

    Do I believe that what abortion has been turned into is right, that being correcting what you consider the mistake when in reality it was the conception which was/is the only mistake made, abortion is nor ever was intended as a means of birth control, do I believe what you have is a human until all vital bodily functions can be performed solely by the brain and completely developed organs, no, being a fetus does not make it human.

    As for moving away from a forceps when the tips get anywhere near the placentia or is it the fetus itself even unborn livestock young would instinctively do the same.

    • Craig, what do you do with the ability to feel, move and express feelings while in the womb? Abortion was never a part of life’s plan. It is murder! It has become an excuse for covering sin and avoiding accountability. It is the result of a morally bankrupt nation. Along with all the other rights/privileges that have been shoved upon this nation (by the 60s crowd and the morally bankrupt), America has become worse or just as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah. America needs to wake up before it’s too late. This isn’t just a social issue, but an important spiritual one. Rethink your position.

    • I believe that late term abortion could fit you. Why restrict it to the helpless when you could be next. I don’t care about you. Or your family so that leaves me with no sin. You want to live leaves me no impression but of disgust as just your breath pollutes the world.

  19. This movie is absolutely great. It is so true and real. What an experience. Any woman should watch this movie. Abortion is wrong. The babies are alive. How heartless to kill them. Their lives matter too.

  20. This movie should be required in the sex education classes in jr/high school. Young girls should be made aware that they will never be able to just “get rid of it”. What was so very evident though was that the boys involved were NOT involved. So sad that so very young girls have to navigate these waters, often completely alone, with only Planned Parenthood whispering in their ears. Churches really need to step up to market their counseling and adoption options to these girls in crisis…and to offer them the redemptive grace of Jesus!

  21. This is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Abortion is infanticide and, to the degree that it has been successful in minorities, Genocide.

  22. The movie was wonderful. My husband and I found it deeply moving. We are pro-lifers and found the story and acting to be very well done. The story itself is heartbreaking and redeeming at once.

  23. I was blown away by this movie, you could see the raw frustration women were going through, the acting was 5 star for me, I’ve seen a lot of death in my 70+ years and I can say the most beautiful thing in the world is to watch the birth of a baby, especially if it’s one of your own, child. grandchild or greatgrandchild and to that I have been Blessed.

  24. My wife and I saw it this afternoon. It is POWERFUL. I see why Hollywood is afraid of it……it tells THE TRUTH. To quote a line from one of Hollywood’s own movies,A Few Good Men…….”You can’t Handle the Truth.”

    • One day soon I’ll be outside one of those clinics. I’m taking care of my Mom right now, but I’ll be out there soon. I contemplated an abortion with my 5th child. Before I went through with it I realized God had a bigger plan and who was I to go against God?
      I truly believe ALL middle school, high school and college kids should see this movie. They aren’t mature enough to look at both sides on their own.


  26. If you can watch this movie and still walk out supporting abortion your moral compass is beyond broken. We are taught that Hitler was a monster to use genocide, eugenics and ethnic cleansing in WW II, but apparently it’s all okay in “modern day” America. Oh, how “progressive” we’ve become. 😢

  27. I saw this movie several days ago and it really touched my heart in many ways. I was so impressed by the way the 40 Days for Life group quietly prayed and reached out to the Planned Parenthood workers with love.
    God bless the ones who made and acted in this movie. It really brings the horror of abortion home to your heart as you watch it. It also shows how this young woman, Abby Johnson, was convinced of the lie that
    abortion was a way to help a young woman. We as the body of Christ need to do all we can – pray and ask the Lord how we and our churches can reach out to young people and show them the love of Christ. Go
    see this movie and take a young person with you if you can.

  28. I’m not sure I could watch this movie. Murdering a baby is a horrific thing and that’s what it is…MURDER. Anyone who can allow their baby to be murdered in such a way has no heart.

  29. Saw the movie and was shocked, when the baby being aborted moved away and tried to avoid the suction. It was devastating and there was weeping sounds in the auditorium where I was watching.

  30. The movie “Unplanned” is one of very few movies to escape from Hollywood’s hegemony and get out to real people on the battleline – many of them ignorant, but not any longer. God has preserved scriptures on the earth to show his response to his commandments being broken, even after dying for us if we repent. Noah’s flood, Sodom & Gommorrah, in the Book of Mormon, the destruction of the Jaredite people and destruction of the Nephite people all occurred along the same line of sexual sin. It can happen again. A free country turning away from Jesus Christ as our Savior is the ultimate part of the plan of salvation for why we came here.

  31. My husband and I saw the movie last week. It is still playing in my town for the Third Week, and has added more showings! Although there were only a few for our AM showing, nonetheless, ALL OF US were DEEPLY affected! If you can sit through this, and NOT be affected, you must TRULY be HEARTLESS! Our son was adopted decades ago through a Christian organization when a teen mom decided that she could not raise him by herself, so she made the HARDEST DECISION of her life – GIVING HIM UP FOR ADOPTION! Since that day,
    we have met her and offered our most humble, sincere appreciation for giving us the GREATEST GIFT we could have received – our SON. We are exceptionally thankful to her and to THE LORD for this gift!

  32. It was a well done, well acted movie w/ a message that all needed to see. am glad it is doing well and feel that those legislators that are under the “planned parenthood” thumb and those states that believe abortion at 36 weeks is okay, need to see this. Anyone thinking that this is the answer for an unplanned pregnancy needs to see this too


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