The NFL just proposed an insane leftist policy that has fans – and teams – up in arms


Leftism spreads like a virus and infects everything it touches.

Sadly, professional sports is no exception.

And the NFL just proposed one insane leftist policy that has fans – and teams – up in arms.

Years ago, the NFL instituted the “Rooney Rule,” which meant franchises had to interview a minority candidate for vacant head coaching positions.

The controversial rule spurred some black head coaching candidates to say that they only received token interviews.

Now the NFL is putting forth a proposition that would take the Rooney Rule even one step further.

The league put out a proposal that would give teams higher picks in the NFL draft if they hired a black coach and/or general manager.

According to a release on, if a team hires a minority head coach, the team’s 3rd round draft pick would move up six spots.

If a team hires a minority general manager, the 3rd round draft pick would move up ten spots.

If a team hires both, its 3rd round pick would be boosted by 16 spots.

Also, if a team keeps the head coach or general manager for a third season, its 4th round pick would move up five spots.

Needless to say, many people were not happy about this ill-conceived affirmative action plan.

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn, who is black, said during a radio interview, “I think sometimes you can do the wrong thing while trying to do the right thing.”

This is a classic example of the unintended consequences of leftist thought.

Bullying or cajoling teams into hiring minority candidates is not only bad optics, but it likely won’t work.

Hiring the right candidate, irrespective of his race, is more valuable to a franchise than picking a few slots higher in the 3rd round of the draft.

Also, this rule would only create worse tokenism.

Lynn continued, “I think this is out of desperation, this is something that we’re throwing out there, but it is what it is . . . You can’t make people hire someone they don’t want to hire for whatever reason.”

The number of black head coaches – and assistant coaches – has incrementally risen over the last 30 years.

Since Art Shell became the first black head coach in the NFL’s modern era in 1989, there have been 17 other black coaches hired (and two hispanic coaches).

There’s no need to cram down some ridiculous policy when minority coaches are gradually getting more opportunities.

Would the NFL’s extended Rooney Rule policy backfire in a big way?

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  2. This is insane, but the whole left is insane, so not surprising. They are very racist. They don’t think of people as human beings, but as groups they can control

  3. This just proves once again that democrats are racist because they think black people need extra help with affirmative action that white people don’t need, and they claim voter IDs disenfranchise black people, meaning they think blacks are too stupid to have drivers licenses or other forms of ID.

  4. Black people should really be offended by this because now every one of these black coaches will be looked down on by people thinking they only got the job because they are black, and not based on their talent or experience.
    Democrats have been screwing over black people for decades yet blacks keep voting for them. WHY?
    Are black people really as stupid as democrats think? Maybe so.

  5. i’m a steeler fan and love my black coach.tomlin is a great fit for a storied franchise.this is the dumbest thing i ever heard and disrespects what our owner was trying to do.



  7. What ever happened to choosing the best, most qualified for the job? Not just this job, or jobs, bet every job. Yes they all should be looked at equally, without respect to their color. Hire based on qualifications and experience. Done.

  8. Since NFL condoned Kaepernick, no interest. But, X Team may be different. Respect for America, veterans, and, all courageous first responders and armed forces personnel. Thank you to true patriots.

  9. The Democratic Party has been racist since the first slaves stepped onto the shores of this nation and they’ve been racist ever since and even more so today. Instead of using food and shelter as it did with the slaves, it now uses welfare to win them to the liberal slant. Probably no way to kill a desire to work and succeed than that/Wake up everyone

  10. Well, you would have to say the NFL is anti white. I have watched the NFL since it first came on TV back about 1954. When they do stuff like this, I just won’t watch them. What if these same ignorant people that run the NFL said, all the teams that use more white player will get favoritism in the NFL draft. If this sticks, they will lose a lot of fans.

  11. I thought the changes to the Rooney, which Goodell was making on his own, was a requirement that teams interview two minority candidates rather than the one today for head coach or GM and added one minority interviewee for any coordinator opening. Meh!

    The jumping of spots in the draft offers a myriad of problems. Besides obvious racism, what if a team already has the first pick in the third round? Or the fourth round after a few years?

  12. we already have black coaches, hispanic coaches and even a female coach in the NFL !
    Dennis Green hyead coach in Minnesota and Arizona
    Mike Tomlin Head coach Pittsburg
    Ozzie Newsome GM for the Baltimore Ravens
    Ron Rivera Head coach Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins
    Vance Joseph Denver Broncos head coach Defensive coordinator in Miami
    Katie Sowers Receivers coach San Fransisco 49ers
    We could go on for days on this one but these are a few memorable ones

  13. This is just the icing on top of the cake first all these overplayed players who rather disrespect our military and other first responders with the kneeling and now this crap f**k the nfl no more watching these overpriced players for me and no longer buying their way overpriced goods

  14. As if we don’t have enough of them doing TV commercials (which I fail in seeing the mentality in, unless it’s being used like a laxative to turn TV viewers off)…. so now the NFL is at it again trying to spoon-feed the negro to what little fans are left. You don’t think we really care do you?

  15. Well, the same should be said for Roger Goddell and all the other NFL elites. Make them do the same thing. There are approximately 17 African American coaches in the NFL. How many teams are we talking about? Seems like a good balance to me and without all the racist implications. Goddell should resign his position and they need to interview at least two blacks along with others for his job.

  16. After nearly 60years ass a fan, I gave up watching and got rid of all my teamgear (including Superbowl memorabilia and dezens of shirts and Jerseys three years ago when the NFL decided to go hard left. Stopped watching Sunday football and now only watch college ball on Saturday. I haven’t missed it and will not watch the NFL again. Thur the ba&[email protected] off.

  17. We stopped watching football as well. Disrespecting Our Country’s Flag and National Anthem was the last straw. Our kids don’t buy the gear either. And what happens when the coach who was chosen wasn’t the best for the job? Since when did hard work and earning your spot stop in sports and anywhere else. This such an insult to the Black Community. Pretty much says they aren’t capable of getting the position with their talent but only with their race. Sad!!!

  18. You should be hired for your talent and not your color. We should be a color blind society instead of a color conscience one. All this is another kiss up to the black society for white guilt. If this is the new standard then let’s get the right amount of white people in football, basketball, baseball and all other sports. We are under represented in a lot of sports. No, of course I’m not serious about that because talent should always outweigh color. Just like in any job talent is the main factor. This is why many important jobs are becoming mediocre because of the left’s putting the right amount of blacks, Hispanics or other groups and races into positions they are not qualified to do. I want a knowledgeable doctor to help me not one who was put in the job because there wasn’t enough blacks filling those positions. Nuff said!

  19. Next year it will be the team that hires the first illegal alien head coach goes up another spot. Lol this is ridiculous, but the NFL has its dumbed down devoted fans who refuse to walk away.

  20. This is racism in reverse…and will create more problems than you can shake a stick at. Best qualified is best qualified. Pigmentation has no place in the pigskin game.

  21. Reverse discrimination at it’s finest. I wouldn’t want a job just because of me skin color. The NFL keeps digging their grave.

  22. In this day and age, NFL teams do not discriminate when hiring Head Coaches or General Managers. Who is stupid enough to think that they are not going to hire the most qualified for the position. They don’t need some dumb incentive to help in their decision. Their success and profiting depends greatly on these two positions. They will hire the best person and it makes no difference what ethnicity they represent. Forcing blacks into these positions with incentives would discriminate against other candidates from other ethnic groups. The reason 70% of the NFL players are black is because they are the best players. It wouldn’t be right to force a change in this selection process either.

  23. This is pretty insulting and cheapens black achievements based on some “quota” the NFL hopes to gain. I hope all black athletes take notice how they are being used as some kind of pawns.

  24. Blacks make up 70% of the NFL rosters. They want 100%. They make up 90% of NBA rosters. They want 100%. They say they are underrepresented in coaching. There are 32 teams, blacks are 12.5% of the population. Parity is 4 coaches. They want 32. they want, they want, they want. But if you look at criminals within the NFL, they are practically at 100%. Murder, drug dealing, wife beating, car theft, gun offenses, robbery , burglary, you name it, pretty much every NFL criminal is black. They wanted 100%, they are almost there.

  25. Whining and complaining should not be rewarded. Time to get in the real world. Adults make the best of what IS.

  26. Why do democrats think everything is racist. Only racist bring this card to the table. This will hurt the NFL even more along with them allowing Veterans to be dishonored. Politics has no room in sports.
    Ratings will be down more now. Not sure they can give seats away this year either.


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