The New York Yankees just spit in Americans’ faces over this decision


The Left’s culture of outrage is on display everywhere.

Sadly, the weak-kneed pencil pushers so accustomed to caving to left-wing student radicals on college campuses are now infesting sports in America and even “institutions” once viewed as America’s best, now live in fear of left-wing protesters.

Now, the New York Yankees have just offended virtually everyone when they overreacted to revelations about this one singer.

The radical left has been working to take over American sports for years.

Liberals took over sports journalism.

And from participation trophies for everyone, no tackling in football, to convincing otherwise red-blooded american sports fans that soccer is worth watching, the new sports media elite set about ramming their views down Americans’ throats.

Sadly, those in charge of many professional sports leagues and franchises are buying into the sports media elites’ propaganda and pushing it on fans too.

The New York Yankees is one them.

They just scrapped a long-standing 7th inning stretch tradition, which started after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

When the Boys of Summer returned to the field after the tragedy, the Yankees started playing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch.

But that all changed this week over a contrived racial controversy involving the singer of one rendition of the song dating back to the 1930’s.

DEADLINE reports:

The New York Yankees have stopped using TV/radio star Kate Smithís rendition of Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” during their home games because of allegations of past racism in the late singer’s prior choice of songs.

Known as the “Songbird of the South,” Smith sold tons of World War II bonds by performing “God Bless America” during the 1940s. The Yankees revived it after 9/11 and have used it for the past 18 years during the traditional 7th inning stretch.

“The Yankees have been made aware of a recording that had been previously unknown to us and decided to immediately and carefully review this new information,” said a team statement. “The Yankees take social, racial and cultural insensitivities very seriously. And while no final conclusions have been made, we are erring on the side of sensitivity.”

The songs in question included Smith’s 1939 version of “That’s Why Darkies Were Born” from the 1931 Broadway revue “George White’s Scandals.” It was considered satire at the time and was recorded by Smith and also by Paul Robeson, a black actor and civil rights icon. Smith also sang and appeared in a video for the jingle, “Pickaninny Heaven,” which contains racist lyrics and imagery.

Smith died in 1986. Her radio, television, and recording career spanned five decades, peaking in the 1940s. Her version of “God Bless America” was also performed live for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team in the 1970s. The team subsequently built a statue of her outside its arena.

The Yankees have lost their minds with this one.

And the Left’s culture of outrage really is getting out of hand.

But we want to know what you think.

Will there be a backlash against the Yankees for nixing Smith’s rousing rendition of “God Bless America”?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. If anyone on the left would like to pack their bags and GET OUT of my beloved country, the true American’s will be glad they are GONE.

  3. Their team name is the one that should rate a “RACIST” condemnation IE: THE “YANKEES” WHO during the CIVIL war committed the most heinous crimes against the people of both sides. The “YANKEES” were the most racist of all. If true history were still taught in schools today the picture would surly be different.

  4. OMG,Asong Not kissing the asses of the anointed ones!!??? At First i thought it was Crazy that they cancelled the song because of words IN the song,But its because of ANOTHER 80 or 90 year old song she sang.Good thing shes dead because her career would be OVER after 100 years or whatever because of 1 song.Just like Paula Dean,Broke her back for Decades and came from Nothing just to have her career Ruined because she said the “N” word 50 years ago,She could have killed somebody and wouldnt have gotten as Much heat!So sickening the Coddling these people get now,Remember,To NOT be a racist in 2019,You have to get on bended knee and kiss the butts of blacks(and all other minoritys)And WHILE your giving them Compliments,Dont say the*re articulate ect.Because they see THAT as racist toooo! You have to endlessly say how RACIST white devils are,How you Suck BECAUSE your white,The ONLY thing whites did throughout history was enslave and oppress Everyone else,And be like that noodle beto and be Ashamed of being white and say the ONLY reason you have anything in life is because of white priv. ect….. And make SURE you ALWAYS agree with the REAL Racists sharpton and jackson ECTTT….Who are treated like ICONS all around the world!And it wouldnt hurt if when you see a black person walking towards a puddle,Jump face first into the puddle so they can walk over you as to Not get their feet wet!They*d prob call you a Racist for not Actually Carrying them Over the puddle,But at LEAST you Tried! Semper Fi

  5. Now the left wing liberal democrat haters infiltrated baseball and the NYY I am through with baseball as I did with football, these anti American haters won’t be satisfied until they completely destroy America.

  6. Maybe we Should Tell the Snowflake Mills of education that Kate Smith’s Rendition of God Bless America will be Played Everyday At the Beginning and the End of Each School Day if they wish to Receive Funding!!!!!!!!

  7. Amen! This is no longer the country I was born and raised in, nor the one I served in the military for! It’s pitifl!

  8. Last year is was “The NFL can go to HELL”. This years it’s “The New York Yankees can go to HELL!”

  9. WTF, lets ban everything its all so rediculous. Im offended by democrat liberal leftists i think we should be considerate of my feelings and eliminate them. That makes about as much sence as stopping the playing of the song, removal of civil war monuments etc. Lets offend these radicals more and more.

  10. If they don’t want to play her version of the song for some god forsaken reason then don’t. BUT DO NOT STOP playing God Bless America! That’s just what satan wants! Bad move!

  11. How sad that racists have to go digging for something to stir up controversy. Really, a freaking recording no one ever heard of? You people of the politically correct really need to examine who are the real Facists are. Every single move you make clearly demonstrates you are the Facists.

  12. Truly loved Kate Smith and watched her show religiously back in the 50’s. If memory serves me, another one of her signature songs was WHEN THE MOON COMES OVER THE MOUNTAIN. I believe it is fairly evident that the Lunatic Left is hell-bent on infecting and destroying every vestige of Western Civilization.

  13. Why do the many have to constantly give into the few? It is absolutely nothing but B S. We need to stop coddling to thies SNOWFLAKES and third pittypot a**holes

  14. I wouldn’t know where to start with this, or even if it’s a good idea. Is there a way to fight fire with fire?
    Do the research into any/all leftist PC foo-pahhs and stick them with it. I’ve managed to stay away from exposing myself to their mindsets so I’m no help.

  15. This whole issue is dragging the nation down. Our history is our history. Many things happened that were perhaps in bad taste for today but were acceptable at the time they happened. I can’t imagine why the Yankees would be contrary to Kate Smith singing that song. The other songs have titles that are using words that were acceptable when they were created and were used by the blacks as well. There are a lot of words used by other races as descriptive of blacks but the blacks use them too. The “N” word has all but disappeared except the black use it all the time. Go figure!! It is stupid and foolish that someone sits up late and tries to accumulate issues or words or appearances to further inflame racism. This one with the song is a real stretch and the Yankees look stupid as the statue defacers!

  16. It’s a good thing not many heard the songs I grew up with in the late 50s early 60s, one in particular goes to the tune Turkey in the Straw.

  17. You are damn right we will be glad to see them gone.
    I hope every Yankee fan decides that is time to change favorite teams. It makes me sick to see so much of this left wing, perverted, unpatriotic, Godless crap. I am beginning to hate all democrats. They are becoming the new communist party. We do not want this crap here.

  18. This is so stupid to stop honoring a person for something they did during their period of time. It was perfectly acceptable at that time, besides it was meant as a satire. That’s no different then a comic doing a routine in the 70s/80s like Don Rickles did. Or Red Foxx did on TV. You can’t change the past only learn from it!!!

  19. The deconstruction of AMERICA is what the old burn outs in politics are up to ,it’s the old hippies of the 60’s ,they have gotten into our schools and government indoctrinated the kids and they in turn are to stupid to know any better, this is right out of the nazi’s hand book.
    Plus the fact that they want to trash our system and open the borders and allow every piece of trash on the planet to come here and rape our social services and screw the Americans, I smell a revolution!

  20. To Art Crosby-Very well said and totally truthful to the letter. This reverse discrimination has gotten so far out of hand I am waiting for these radical, racist p.o.s. to want to start calling our Country the united states of africa!

  21. Next will be “Amazing Grace” when they realize that John Newton was a slave trader. When will they change all the names of schools buildings and highways that are named after Wilson for his statements he made about Negros and LBJs use of the “N” word. and Byrd for his connection with the KKK.
    So will do way with the sing and playing the Star Spangle Banner because it is racist too.

  22. Great idea. Also we need to bring prayer back into the schools. Those who don’t want it can kiss my irish ass!

  23. Amen brother, I have been saying all along these democrats are a Hugh cancer to America and what’s surprising is how many so call Americans who support these haters. If Americans don’t stop them say goodby to America as we know it.

  24. Again political correctness and liberalism at its worst! The surgical team I worked with for 25 years, we play Kate Smith’s rendition of God Bless America after a long month of surgery prior to Christmas Holidays! I even played the song on the last day of work when I retired! God Bless America and those that have worked so hard over the years and to our soldiers men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice to this great country of ours! If these panty waisted limp wristed libtards don’t like it they’re free to leave and never come back! You are not wanted or welcome here and take your towel headed camel jockies with you! Make America Great!

  25. What do you expect from a State run by A CORRUPT COMMUNIST DICTATOR “governor”that thinks he is an “emperor”, and a State completely controlled by CITY DWELLING DEMOCOMMUNIST so-called “representatives”? As HE himself has “royally decreed” “HE” now has complete control over ALL the “government” of N.Y. and will NOWOPENLY IGNORE the POTUS, the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and install HIS OWN PROGRESSIVE (communist) “government” to make N.Y. the most “progressive” state in the union. (TREASON? YOU BET.)
    As a New York resident that is too old to move, I am hopeful that the bill to SPLIT N.Y. into three separate parts will pass, and “rural” residents can finally have a “voice” , BUT I am not holding my breath because “his royal highness”, cuomo, the “emperor” of N.Y. will do everything in his power to stop the splitting up of his “kingdom” and the loss of his CONTROL and POWER over ALL of the residents of his “kingdom”.

  26. It is way past time for conservatives to thrown this nonsense right back in their faces. EVERYONE has something in their past that would NOT pass the “politically correct” meter including AND ESPECIALLY Left wing bigots. You cannot change history!!!! You learn from it. The people that are the MOST racist are the ones calling everyone else racist. The word actually has NO meaning anymore as EVERYTHING cannot be racist by definition. Let’s start digging in THEIR past. Baseball will not be well served by this stupidity. I guess it’s time to make the Yankees “feel” the pain!!! I doubt whether many radical left wing bigots actually go to baseball games. They are too busy organizing riots and colluding with known terrorist groups to loot and pillage and burn down stuff. So why does it matter to them? I doubt that these people would even recognize the song if they heard it.

  27. I also used to enjoy a baseball game, 40+ years ago went to many NYY & NYM games, (when it was still baseball) after the baseball strikes lost interest. I can look at a game now and could care less who wins or loses. They could drop about 30 games off the season and no one would probably care, at least then they would be done before November.

  28. that team should not have a person in the stadium to watch a game.i have never like the yankees and now what they did makes me hate them.boycott them

  29. There is nothing American about NEW YORK CITY OR CALIFORNIA. HOPE the idiots there never leave. The rest of us don’t need that kind of mental thought invading our state’s. They made where they live a pit.

  30. Planned Parenthood kills more Negroes than whites, but, I don’t see the Yankees or the Flyers ostracizing them.
    Pete M.

  31. Shame on the NY Yankees and the liberal left. .. This PC crap must end. Kate Smith’s rendition is a classic! !

  32. There are truly more of us then there are a them. who love this country and the way that we were raised we need somebody like Donald Trump that’s just not running for president to change this political correctness To no longer let them change our country or quicker it will be changed forever

  33. All I Can Say. Football is Dead to Me. Now I am burning my yankee hat. I just turned my back on the Worthless Team.

  34. Choices to make:
    1. BOYCOTT the Yankees just as people have walked away from kneeling football players who reject our Stars and Stripes beautiful American Flag. – OR –
    2. Go to a Yankees game and when the 7th inning stretch takes place everyone in the stadium SING LOUD AND CLEAR that patriotic song that has been celebrated for generations: “America the Beautiful”.
    In case you haven’t noticed, though it seems lots of you have, there is a well financed under-handed, ugly movement to destroy the America we grew up in. The movers and shakers of this destructive ideology often label themselves as “Progressive”. They should be labeled as “Enemy Combatants”. It is our turn (like the “Greatest Generation” did in WWII) to stand up against today’s “Nazi propaganda” and defend America from the scourge within our own borders that is bent on transforming America into a “One World Order” which would destroy the freedoms we have protected all these years since our Founding.

  35. Kate Smith was a Great American with an awesome voice. She loved our country and during world war 2 she sang for our soldiers on a regular Kate Smith radio show. And she was proud to be an American.

  36. As usual, the Dems don’t understand context and nuance.
    Do they know that Paul Robeson was BLACK, and that the “Darkies” song was satirical?
    They have no knowledge of, or curiosity about, history.
    Every time I hear them use the word “queer,” I shudder that they can use it but most of us were taught NOT to use it because it was a pejorative and hurtful.
    Do as they say, not as they do, eh?

  37. It is a sad day for America. I have always loved the Yankees, but no more.
    I will not watch another Baseball game or any other team sport involving
    New York State. I think this is only the beginning for these type of behaviors.

  38. I think the radical crazy left will burn out. The country always benefitted by a strong two party system. I’m a Republican, but a “loyal” opposition hasserved us well. This crowd knows nothing , or cares little about the USA. the more absurd they get, like dissing Kate Smith … just an example, the more they help the Republican leadership. Some common sence wiill end their tantrums. It’s already getting old. Let them keep acting nuts. As for the Yankees and the Flyers … acting like their exercising some moral position is laughable. Our whole worhip of atheletes and sports teams is a problem. I’m a sports guy all my life, but with the media and TV cash flooding their coffers they think they’re more important than they are.

  39. Kate Smith was considered the greatest singer of her era by no less a great than “ole blue eyes” himself, Frank Sinatra. She got Irving Berlin to write that song for her radio broadcasts. The decision is sad for the game, sad for the Yankees (Will their name be next?), sad for New York City, and sad for this country. The past as history does not go away, positive or negative. Why try to bury it or hide it? Live with it, learn from it, and let history keep us from making the same mistakes again. And Paul Robeson, another great, was a giant in this country. The color of his skin should not matter. Where have honesty and values gone, even the ones that we might wish had never happened. They are still there and will remain so despite all of these misguided efforts to try to blot the out. The nay sayers should lose this one!


  41. Unfortunately, white people are the ones doing the research and claiming racism. The majority of the black people don’t care and those who do is because the Dems have brainwashed them. Black people thought highly of Kate Smith because she would make sure she entertained black troops during WWII.

  42. If they “punished” everyone that made a racist comment, joke or song from the 1930’s and the 1940’s half the people in AMERICA would be involved. And if all the national stories or jokes were included even more people would be guilty. In fact I heard people tell jokes about their own kind. The ObamASS’ Political Correctness has caused a very bad division of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. From the destruction and removal of statues of important historical people that in some way helped to create AMERICA for the better.

  43. N.Y. is rife with puff ball, smarmy leftists from the Gov., the Mayor down to the twits that elected Casio-Kotex.
    When will Blacks be called out for their racism???

  44. I grew up watching Kate Smith on TV and hearing her sing on the radio. No one is more patriotic than she was. So sad to learn years ago that she passed away. These leftist idiots need to be confronted with their leftist bias every time they open their mouths to show us how idiotic they are.

    As to the Yankees – better change your position. You won’t be seeing many red, white and blue Americans in the stands nor will they be watching on TV if you don’t. Never smart to bend to the morons among us. Better to show them the error of their ways.

  45. The free cheese rats want to give the vote to 16 Y.O.s and eliminate the Electoral College. If ya can’t win honestly, CHANGE THE RULES.

  46. your exactly right. someone had to go to alot of trouble to find those songs. no one knows them or has heard of them. who ever has done this doesn’t even care how obvious they are with their agenda, and i’m sure are somewhere secretly smirking about what they have done. can you imagine what a black heart they must have. it must be terrible to be them.

  47. The Yankees are a bunch of suck-ups. I wrote them off my list a long time ago along with the idiots in the NFL.
    They are all an overpaid bunch of spoiled brats & they can rot in h*** for my part.

    I am totally disabled & in my 80″s. I was always an avid baseball & football fan but these idiots have ruined that for me. I would rather watch Hallmark Movies than these stooges! They cannot rewrite our history no matter how hard they try or how many of our beloved monument & traditions they try to destroy!

    God Bless America!!

  48. Ashamed, Ashamed, Ashamed of the Yankee Organization!! There is no more America….we have been sold out to the ‘global world order.’ George will be turning in his grave. Shame on Hal and the Steinbrenner family to dishonor George, the American people, and Yankee fans!!


  50. There’s one thing left out of the list of things liberals in sports media are doing: supporting/defending players who don’t stand for the Anthem. That’s the biggest and most ignorant of them all.

  51. What do you expect from the OVERPAID, UNDERWORKED and UNDERTAXED Gods of New York City? NYC, the home of communists in lock-step with Blasio and Ocasio-Cortez! Does anyone wonder why we in TEXAS are being invaded by New Yorkers who loyally work overtime to turn TEXAS into their next democrat-communist stronghold? Who other than NYC and Hollywood would demonize Kate Smith and glorify racist and hate spewing rappers? How about Hollywood call for boycott of New York and leave Georgia in peace? Pray for common sense America!


  53. And what country do you live in????????….. Why is it chic to bad mouth this country. During WW2 to hear Kate Smith sing God Bless America was one of the greatest feeling there was. Our fighting men and women… was a touch of home. Patriotism.. But to keep up with the snowflake /Dem-communists we must not speak of America … its greatness. Its sacrifices its people have made. No Pledge of Allegience. No Star Spangled Banner. NO FLAG. Least we upset people who have invaded our country. LET THEM BE UPSET. Our borders are being over run. Today in Laredo Texas.. you know that border where everything is hunky dory.. per our Dem/Communist party… traffic was stopped for hours. Finally got moving…. why was it stopped… the Cartels were demanding $200 from each truck crossing… The same cartels along with Geo Soros have funded all these illegals.

  54. Danko you just hit the nail on the head! I have about had it with the liberals trying to destroy our country! I agree if they don’t like it here just get the hell out! Don’t try to change everything to suite them!

  55. It is long past time for Americans to quit getting “butthurt” over things that happened over 60 years ago! People thought and lived differently in the 30’s and 40’s. It isn’t the way we think now, but, that is no reason to stop playing “God Bless America”! Kate Smith was a patriot, and I am quite sure she never sang those songs in her later years, as the country and our sentiments evolved. Acknowledge that it was wrong for our time, and move on.

  56. Now since the great Yankee organization has taken this brave step they must go ahead and remove Babe Ruth from their history too as he had no black teammates. Then to carry it through to its logical conclusion, they should completely disband because they didn’t have any black players during this period of our history. If they don’t do this they are being totally dishonest and hypocritical!

  57. I was a Yankee fan having lived in NJ my entire life. Now, after hearing this nonsense, they can kiss my ass. There realty aren’t any men left in this country. Just a bunch of whiny, scared, powder puffs that cower when someone accuses them of sexism or racism or homophobia. I’m sick to death of the girly men that seem to be in charge of making decisions like this. I will never back down for saying and doing what I think is right. As John Wayne used to say; “Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness”.

  58. Paul Robeson won the Stalin Peace Prize in 1952. He was closely associated with the Soviet Union for much of his life. His son went to Moscow University.
    He said, upon Stalin’s death, that Stalin was a wise and humanitarian man, and the world was lucky to have such a kind and understanding man, who left behind a great legacy.
    Was he really great, and a giant in this country? We do have history books, not that anyone reads them anymore.

  59. Just another reason to not like the yankees!! They can go right on to that “BAD PLACE !!!!!!!!



  62. Oh come on- hardly anyone alive today even knows who Kate Smith is. I do and I remember her TV show that was on every afternoon at 4 o’clock. But times change and so do singers and songs, so just move on. Just a big “to-do” about nothing.

  63. What the hell do we expect? For the most part these players were indoctrinated in the public school system. They are mostly snowflakes in players uniforms. The so called management is only trying to placate their money maker players. I’ve lost all faith in so called professional sports.

  64. We must stop the Leftist at every turn of the curb to save America from these Satanic Morons! We have always been the greatest Country and with the support of all, we can do it & thank God for President Trump the courageous man who believes the way we do about God, our Country, and it’s people!

  65. As they say, “History only repeats itself.” Sounds a lot like the 1930’s when Hitler came to power!!

  66. With all that the real Patriots in American did for you NY’ers after 2001; support, funding, Flag raising, and giving up their health, etc., you NY’ers should be ashamed of yourselves for electing communists to run your city and state. And now the Yankees…the all-American team who don’t allow their players to wear beards or long hair (I’m all for that by the way and feel all the BASEBALL teams should adopt that rule) now won’t allow Kate Smith’s GOD BLESS AMERICA be played in respect to our fallen heroes? SCREW YOU NEW YORK! I, or my family will NEVER visit your filthy city again…ever! And since you LOVE being a Sanctuary City, I hope Trump places all the illegals in your city to choke yourself into OBLIVION!

  67. Hey Nancy…why don’t you take your head out if you … and see what’s really going on here! The COMMUNISTS are taking over, little by little, and not letting Kate’s rendition to be sung at a major league game is more than a little bit.

  68. Hey Nancy…why don’t you take your head out if you … and see what’s really going on here! The COMMUNISTS are taking over, little by little, and not letting Kate’s rendition to be sung at a major league game is more than a little bit.

  69. Civil War II, where one side has 350 million guns and the other side is not sure which bathroom to use. Perfect!

  70. You should send the ashes & a video with Kate singing in the background to the NYY front office.
    If many yankee fans did what NFL fans did about the kneeling, the powers that be may change their minds.
    As the saying goes “$ talks, b.s. walks”
    Doesn’t it now cost a small fortune to even attend a game?

  71. So, is the reason her song is being banned cuz of the word “darkie” in another song she sang, perhaps in the ’30s? The state anthem of Kentucky is “My Old Kentucky Home” written by Steven Foster Collins. In the song is the lyrical line “in summer the darkies are gay”….it’s played each year at the Kentucky Derby. Pleasant melody, IMO, though the state may have changed that line in their anthem (just not sure). If one is going to “protest” anyone, it should be the author of the lyrics. Also, the Phil Flyers, in the NHL, used the same Kate Smith version of God Bless America in the early ’70s when they dominated the NHL. I read just yesterday that the Flyers also reject the K Smith version. I hope I read incorrectly

  72. If you have to ask the question then you know the answer. Get the hell out of our country and take a Yankee with you. They cash there checks which says in God We Trust. But they just there for the money and he’ll with the fans that pay there salaries. Another team I can forget.

  73. Perhaps they need to consider that Eddie Cantor, Al Jolson, and many like them made their livings mocking of-color songs, IN BLACKFACE! If Kate Smith ever donned black Shinola, I am unaware of it. More recently, Jimmy’s Kimmel and Fallon, and Gene Wilder, “went Afro.” What is to be done with those more-blatant racists?

  74. Way too go Yankee’s (Supposedly Americas Team). Because a few were not pleased and felt offended: Did you bother to ask your fans? Apparently not! You insult and offend millions of Patriotic Americans. When are you people going to get a backbone and stand up to these idiots? In truth they are not really offended, they just want the press they will get. When it all boils down to $$$ what group can you afford to lose? Gary

  75. What else would you expect coming out of NY ???? yankees home office cowards — can kiss my a** — on second thought — you are not worthy of kissing my a** — so just F Y !!!!!

  76. Having lived in NY for over 60 years,I am still a Yankee Fan.I’m Not a fan of their Ownership.I am so Happy that I left NY for Florida since I cannot agree with NY’s current Ideas.As in Abortion Laws.Sick Laws!NY has changed sooooo much since I was growing up on LI NY in the 50’s.We used to be called Progressives.I’m Not sure what happened.I could See what was happening as it was happening but could Not Stop its direction.Reparations for those affected by Slavery,nice but Not Correct.I was a young white male growing up Scared of the Black Man,because of what we were taught.We were taught All the wrong things.We should Not have feared another Human being because they have darker skin.What Stupidity!I’ll say it again and again,Its Not the color of your skin its the Upbringing.If I am told to turn my cheek when harmed and yet another person is taught to strike first,What do you think will happen?Wake up America and Realize “We The People” are All Equal.Lets start to approach things Equally.

  77. I agree, school curriculums need to be addressed at all public schools. The lefts indoctrination of the children is where the biggest problem in America lies. The children will be the downfall of all of us if they are not educated truthfully and responsibly. As for New York and the Yankees, screw em.

  78. OMG! RACIST! Once again the squealing libs run rampant over a tradition in order to pander to a democrat defined victim class.

  79. Kill George Soros and family and stop much of this anti American crap.
    Cut off the head and the snake will die.

  80. Well, the New York Yankees have lost another life-long fan. I think the Yanks had best watch out. If they allow the tiny minority America-haters to ban a simple song over “allegations”, who knows if someday soon the tiny minority America-haters might find offense at the name “Yankees”. After all, “Yankee” does refer specifically to America and isn’t America evil and rotten?

  81. i have been a die hard yankee fan 60 year have tons of yankee t-shirts ect. i think we should send all yankee items to the yankees in new york, why are we even dealing with stupid i am done with them ,if the can be swayed over somthing so long ago they have a major problem

  82. Just as I thought – you don’t know who Kate Smith is , or was either. You think that tradition is everything. You need to grow up, buddy boy!!

  83. The grievance industry is a plague on society, and one of the sources of political correctness. Hopefully one day a courageous entity, be it a business, group or individual will stand up and tell this infestation of human debris, where to go.


  85. Amen to all of the above. I totally agree I use to vote democrat but never again the dems are a sorry crooked corrupt lot of people

  86. Welcome aboard Linda, real glad to have you. With all the snowflakes out there, we need all the help we can get.

  87. Every Red Blooded American Will Sing The Song Anyway? It is still a FREE COUNTRY! LOL … American’s do not give a Rat’s Rear-End what the So-Called-Owners -Want? … I will be there singing my heart out! How About You? … Ohhh and FYI … I care much more about Passion than Grammar any day of the week! So, lay-off … and join the fight to Keep America … America! Sing the GD Song! As Loud As You CAN!!! (7Th) Inning folks!

  88. “There you go again” – attribute that to Ronald Reagan. Running off at the mouth. I see you are following your leader, tRumpy. Killing is just what he says to do also, so you are right on target. You ought to be ashamed and on Easter Sunday, yet here you are boasting and bragging!!

  89. The Yankees have a lot of nerve going back to the 1930’s and accusing Kate Smith of being a racist. The songs she recorded back then were perfectly acceptable. Just because society has changed its way of thinking doesn’t make someone retroactively a racist. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL and the NEW YORK YANKEES have been RACIST organizations from their inception. It took MLB/American League from 1901 to 1947 to put a black player on the field. And it took the Yankees another 8 YEARS to field their first black player. You truly live in a glass house. The Yankees are hypocritical on their stand against racism.

    And by the way, Kate Smith’s rendition of ‘God Bless America’ is the quintessential version. NOBODY does it like Kate!!!

  90. the Democrats are not only Communists, but Muslims also. they are trying to change America from us having a Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, to Sharia Law BEWARE. BEWARE.

  91. have watched and loved the yankees for 65 years,but have just seen my last game with them on t.v. hats,shirts,jackets will go in the fire barrell. SCREW THE YANKEES AND THAT COMMUNIST MAYOR IN NEW YORK.

  92. The Minnesota Twins happen to be a small market team. Emphasis on “team”. They also honor our military and veterans, of which I am one. I am sure they would welcome any additional patriotic fans. True fans. Through thick and thin. So many Yankee fans are fans only because they have the money to buy top talent and are consistent winners. They have no personal reason to be Yankee fans otherwise.

  93. Godless Yankees
    I became a Yankees fan as a young boy during the summer of 1949. That Pennant race, Yankees Red Sox, had to be experienced to be fully appreciated. You had to be alive and in NY to understand the excitement. Sadly however, I’ve watched my last game. It’s heartbreaking to see the Yankees fold to the 1%. Maybe that 1% will fill the gap for the 99% who disagree. “Where have you gone”?
    I guess we’ll see.

  94. The people still have the power when in numbers demanding that this liberal idiocy go away. All large numbers of people have to do is stop watching any program they have issues with, and then just watch how fast it will be changed. Ratings are everything for television. Ratings drop resulting in add revenues dropping, and they can’t pay their bills. Organize online to exercise your power(s).

  95. The people still have the power when in numbers demanding that this liberal idiocy go away. All large numbers of people have to do is stop watching any program they have issues with, and then just watch how fast it will be changed. Ratings are everything for television. Ratings drop resulting in add revenues dropping, and they can’t pay their bills. Organize online to exercise your power(s).

  96. OK Patriots! Stop going to sports games, stop watching them on tv and supporting the businesses that sponsor them. Kick them down with taking away their dollars by never giving any of your hard-earned money to any sports team, any sponsor of a sports team and take away all income to the idiot owners as well. They suck and we need to let them know. See how much they love the left when they have little business, cannot pay these outrageous salaries to these spoiled overpaid athelets and then go in debt to try to keep up their franchises. Screw them! And don’t buy any products that are advertised by any of these sports figures or advertised on any network during any game. Get these slimeballs where it hurts—in their greedy pockets!

  97. If white liberals believe whites are the problem, they could start solving the problem by finding the closest bridge. And jumping from it!

  98. During world war ll nobody sold more war bonds then the great Kate Smith, the Yankees and flyers are no longer a team I will be watching!

  99. You are all just a bunch of silly a**holes – carrying on so over a simple song. Grow up and act like adults!!

  100. I’m a lifelong Yankee fan but now I find myself not caring as much. Times were different 70 – 80 years ago. You cannot judge a person by today’s standards. It was satire partnered with a black man. I bet she did many “good things”, she was an American Icon (still is). Are they going to ban Babe Ruth and remove his statue when they find out he drank during prohibition or worse? I think not! this is nonsense that must stop!

  101. Way to cave Yankees and alienate half of America in favor of whiny offended by everything liberal snot noses. I’m glad I already hate the Yankees. Now I really hate em.

  102. They’re are no sports teams in the ‘big crapple’ about whom I would ever give a fiddlers fart.
    Do you know why space is a vacuum?
    It’s because california, ill’noise and poo york suck so hard.

  103. Please change your team name to the SPLUTTER’S /SPLINTERS, anything but a proud New England Name

  104. I blame a lot of it on their Demented Mayor who is not helping one bit…………..III%

  105. Nancy are you an American? You sure don’t sound like a Patriot of our Country. We all wondering when the Democrat’s will act like defender and loyalist’s to our Country instead of unhinged Idiots. The Democrat’s have been selling out America for years to Foreign Countries, the Clinton’s are proof of that. Along with so called Republican G.H.W. Bush with his NWO speech and G.W Bush along with his Daddy being in bed with the Saudi Arabia, Wake up, girl

  106. Of course I am an American – sometimes I wonder about the rest of you though!! You do realize that all this hubbub is over a singer from the 40’s who is long deceased? Surely these is someone else who can sing the song – or even get a new song. I realize it is a “tradition”, but traditions change. You all don’t make such a big deal over Bing Crosby and “White Christmas”, or Frank Sinatra and “New York, New York”, or maybe “I
    Did it My Way”. Why all the fuss over someone most of you don’t know and wouldn’t recognize her if you had to pick her out from a group of pictures? Just saying – grow up and act like the adults you are – or should be.

  107. Why only one? get som old military vessels, fill them with asll of the anti everything people and make artificial reef with them.

  108. You couldn’t pay conservatives to listen to Kate Smith 100 years after she was born but make it look like it’s because of the flag and those airhead dirtbags will go batchit crazy saying they want to listen to her. What hypocrisy. What losers. What low IQ pukes. What deplorables. Lock them all up- no re-uniteing with those losers- ever.

  109. Kate Smith was a grossly overweight seldom seen singer. She WAS NOT an icon. People like Arthur Godfrey kept her around- want to bring him back too?

  110. I don’t recall her version being anything special- many people could sing that song today if it’s just about your fake “patriotism” BS but it’s just oppositional behavior by low IQ deplorables.

  111. Wih all the attacks on the morality of historical figures and the removal of statues honoring some of them, a great deal of real estate has been freed. It’s too late to build shopping centers on the freed space since their time has apparently expired. So, I guess the only thing to do is build humongous multi-story condominiums and stock them and their highly inflated rentals with extremely overpaid far-left liberals.

    Ah, progress!

  112. Actually, it is much more likely that the underlying reason that far-left dirtbags , such as yourself, complained about the situation had NOTHING to do with Kate Smith. It’s the title of the song that curdles their milk: GOD BLES America. Obviously this song places emphasis on a being other than themselves, which liberals cannot stand.

  113. They cannot be expected to READ history when they are so busy REWRITING it, can you?

  114. I love it Jim. I have been saying the same thing – these folks are still stuck in their past and don’t want to modernize at all!! Please continue to post.

  115. Hey, Nancy. I know you typed this trash 2 days ago. I’m an adult, nearly 70, and I easily know who Kate Smith was because I always PAID ATTENTION! In spite of the weight problem that she had to deal with, she was a real lady all of her life, especially during WWII. All this is very much UNLIKE YOU, a worthless trollop, typical of today’s democrat females, worthy only of flatbackin’.

  116. Tim never stated that he was a surgeon. He worked with a surgical team. I’m surprised that a dip-weed such as yourself is getting away with stealing oxygen from patriotic Americans. You don’t deserve to live, boy.

  117. Well Beartrap, at least you know who Kate Smith is!! You are one of only a very few who seem to know her. Hurray for you!! I still say that this is a lot of hubbub over nothing. Times change and so do traditions. Get over it. Someone else can still sing the song

  118. Speaking of dirtbags, how’s your young daughter?

    This comment was directed at Jim and Nancy Alexander.

    Well for starters, Jim isn’t my husband so I can’t speak for him!! And thanks for inquiring about my daughter. She is 56 now, happily married and they have an 18 year old daughter who is in college – doing well. So how is your family? Happily married with kids too?

  119. I see no other way. Along with Kate Smith, diplomacy, integrity and thoughtful communication has also departed from our country. Dems see it as an end game as well, hence, the emergent anti-gun laws.

  120. I used to be a proud New Yorker, but now I’m embarrassed to even say where I’m from. The Democrats are such haters of the president, they are blinded and do not care about doing their jobs !

  121. Yup, My parents and grand parents were from Brooklyn. I was born in California where I was raised. I also was proud of my state up until about 30 years ago. By the time I retired in 2005, there was nothing about Kalifornia I liked. I’m also ashamed to to tell folks where I was born and raised.

  122. You are soooo right! My hair is on fire ???? over these communists who project their flaws on the good guys..just like Saul Alinsky told them to do! Wake up America

  123. I am a rabid Yankees fan – I am a veteran and a wage earner at age 70. Here is my comment: My friends and I are burning our season passes. At the 7th inning stretch we will go outside and sing “God Bless America” but never so well as Kate Smith. None of us will ever buy another Yankee game ticket. I have also cancelled my YES channel subscription.
    If the Yankees succumb to this stupidity they are fools!
    I and my twenty two friends and their families will not see the game of baseball destroyed by weak minds.


  124. This is America. Tearing down Our Statues is not going to change History. Taking down American Flags because it might offend someone, I am an American Citizen, take my Flag down & you will have buck shot up your Butt & you’ll be spitting up buck shot out your mouth. These Muslims in Congress need to go back to their own country, & I am sure there are a lot of us who would help them pack. My Husband is a Viet Nam Veteran in a Chair, tearing down the Viet Nam Statue’s, Will it change his way of life or bring back the Men & Women who died protecting Our Country??? NO ONE can change History, it’s in the past. Sing The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, Yankee Doodle Dandy & all Patriotic songs WITH PRIDE they belong to us the Citizens of America, if it offends anyone tough crap. Leave, You won’t be missed.
    God Bless all who are Serving & those who have Served.

  125. I proudly display my American Flag in my front yard. I come from a family full of Marines, including my daughter and grandson. I AGREE 100% with what you wrote and I will also be glad to help the Muslims in Congress leave my country for good and go back to whatever little hell hole they came from

  126. Just what song would you suggest to replace our beloved GOD BLESS AMERICA ??? Probably something like Allah bless fcking mooslims???

  127. Don’t be so stupid, Bud!! Why can’t someone else sing your “beloved” song?? I’ll bet even you don’t know or remember Kate Smith. I do and I know she had a beautiful voice. But as I said, times change and even traditions do too. Find a new singer!!

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