The New York Times is attempting to cancel this iconic cartoon character


The hard Left is rapidly taking over the country.

No cultural institution is safe from the wrath of the extremists.

Now The New York Times is attempting to cancel this iconic cartoon character.

The Left is growing more and more Maoist by the day.

America is in the throes of a cultural revolution and too many supposed “liberals” are behaving like cowards in the face of it.

Most liberals sat on their hands as six Dr. Seuss books were taken out of print and banned from distribution.

Now the Left is after Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew.

New York Times
author Charles Blow is on a crusade to have Pepe banned.

The great irony is that Pepe is exhibiting what the Left would call “toxic masculinity” and his advances are being rebuffed.

Kids aren’t watching a cartoon skunk and thinking about raping women.

It’s absurd, but the absurdity never stops with the Left.

And Blow got his wish; Pepe’s scene in the upcoming “Space Jam” sequel has been cut, and The Hollywood Reporter says Warner Bros. has no plans to include Pepe in any upcoming television projects.

Yet the Left keeps insisting that cancel culture isn’t real.

They’ve become so radical that they’re actually defending book burning.

Leftist radicals took over the university system decades ago, and their ideas have spread like an infestation.

Maoist professors have brought the cultural revolution to the masses through propaganda.

Every step of the way, liberals keep going along to get along, seemingly unaware that eventually the mob will come for them.