The New York Times Disgraced Themselves With Two Sickening Obituaries


The New York Times is destroying whatever shred of credibility it has left.

The election of Donald Trump deranged the paper just like it has the super “woke” leftists throughout the country.

But The New York Times truly disgraced itself with two obituaries that will sicken you.

The New York Times and other left-wing entities and individuals are so deranged by Donald Trump, they reflexively take the position opposite of him.

It’s why so-called peaceniks on the Left were furious when Trump first announced he wanted to withdraw troops from the Middle East.

Mia Farrow, a literal flower child from the 1960s, was retweeting war hawks who wanted to stay in the region.

This ying-yang attitude cropped up again after Trump ordered an airstrike that killed Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s chief terrorist strategist.

Soleimani is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans, Iraqis, Iranians, and other people throughout the region.

But you wouldn’t know that if you read his obituary headline in The New York Times.

Even worse, former Cincinnati Bengals head coach Sam Wyche recently passed away, and his obituary headline was more critical than that of a known terrorist.

Daily Wire reports:

Blurbing the obituary for Soleimani on Tuesday, the Times simply captioned and headlined the obit: “Qassim Suleimani, Master of Iran’s Intrigue and Force, Dies at 62.”

By comparison, when the Times posted an obituary for former NFL coach Sam Wyche, the publication felt it necessary to highlight Wyche “barring a female reporter from the team’s locker room.”

“Sam Wyche, who was the last coach to lead the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl, but who was later fined by the National Football League for barring a female reporter from the team’s locker room, has died,” said the caption of the obituary, which was first published on Friday.

This is nothing new for the Left.

After the Trump administration killed ISIS terror leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, left-wing publications called him an “austere religious scholar.”

Soleimani oversaw security forces that killed dissidents and protesters, and jailed women for refusing to wear a hijab.

Somehow that doesn’t register, but Wyche barring a female reporter from the locker room, it just had to be shoehorned into his obituary headline.

Big media is corrupt.  And this type of disgusting bias is precisely why.

Does The New York Times owe the Wyche family an apology?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. Democrats are self-righteous sick evil people. There’s no denying it anymore. The once admirable party has been hijacked by self-righteous sick evil people that hate America, and every person that doesn’t think the same as they do.

  3. The New York Times owes the nation more than a mere apology. after it’s glorious past when it was the leading newspaper of the nation to today when it’s main competitor with the same quality or better news, the National Inquirer, it should really take a few steps back to reality and try to correct where it went so bad. People love to see a company progress to greatness, but when it is on the backslide to nothingness, the nation is hurt and the populace can sense it. All this in the name of progressivism. Or is it in the NAme of failure?

  4. Leftism is a mental and spiritual illness. The NYT is rejected by my cockatoo which tears it apart. The Times has lost so much circulation that its revenues are lagging. They sometimes parrot the leftist Democrat partisan line and sometimes lead it. In either case, they fail.

  5. how do I unsubscribe from this deeply partisan publication that seems to care more about a United States divided than one united. Your twist on the facts is more than repulsive. It is you looking in the mirror and seeing “FAKE NEWS” as a reflection . I have no love for people that don’t report a fair and balanced view of our world and you seem to align yourself with a leader who, himself, lies. He is a disgrace.

  6. Bob, I would call it “ progressive failure”.
    The NYT is a “propaganda publication” at best. The end making its beginning a falling star.

  7. Alas, there is only one newspaper in the entire tri state area that writes the truth, and that’s the NY Post

  8. you get better new from the National Enquirer than the NYT. It’s only good for housebraking dogs or lining a bird cage.

  9. Re the Wyche obituary header: Do male reporters now go into the women’s locker room after, say, professional soccer or basketball games? Seriously, I have been wondering about this for years, but it never seemed important enough to investigate. Enlighten me.

  10. Writers, Reporters, Editors, News Readers should go back to school and brush up on the fundamentals of their profession—the who, what, where, when, and why of the story. And most of all truth and honesty should be the byword of their work. We haven’t seen that especially with the fake banner headlines just to draw you into their know nothing fake news.

  11. I haven’t read the New York Times in a long time; but, while it has long (in my experience) had a liberal slant, it at least was well written — unlike the Detroit Free Press and the Oakland Press, two local rags available here in Oakland County, Michigan, that are total garbage.

  12. The New York Times is at it again! They would rather tout their admiration for these murderous individuals before giving Trump any kind od credit for saving lives. After the Trump administration killed ISIS terror leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, left-wing publications called him an “austere religious scholar.” Why not say he was an austere, calculating murderer? “Qassim Suleimani, Master of Iran’s Intrigue and Force, Dies at 62.” Soleimani is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans, Iraqis, Iranians, and other people throughout the region. So why not tell the truth about this murderer? Tell how the Iranian people danced in the streets when hearing of his death? Why not tell the truth about these two murderers? Why is the New York Times not telling the truth about these criminals? Attacking our embassy should have been enough to retaliate. Lastly, why not listen to the Middle Easterners who have lost loved ones at the hands of these 2 terrorists? In these times, in America, one has to research an occurrence to find the truth. Once upon a time, we Americans, could read a newspaper or watch the news and form an opinion. Only an uninformed individual would even attempt that kind of behavior in today’s world! Just by using this article, it shows that the New York Times is more of a sympathiser for these terrorists than an informed news media source. Win, loose or draw, this news outlet has seemingly decided to languish in the fact that President Donald Trump is now and has been our president for nearly 3 1/2 years now. When a news outlet plays this kind of game where truths are omitted and lies are emboldened, they become more of a tabloid rather than a “newspaper “, in my humble opinion…

  13. You want to see a disgraced piece of crap John Patten? Look in the mirror because if you believe anything that the democrat party and fake news media tell you then you are definitely a piece of crap.

  14. Does all of this remind anyone of anything? Think: Bible. When Pilate addressed the throngs as to whom to release, set free. Pilate was to release a criminal. Jesus was not a criminal. The people chose Barabbas for Pilate to release. Now, I am not saying Donald Trump is Jesus nor even like him. There are similarities here. Barabbas could have been Soleimani. Trump could have been Jesus. Many people today are choosing Soleimani over Donald Trump. Same theory. Again, I am not saying Trump is Jesus or even like him. But, this is just too coincindental to ignore. It has been said that history repeats itself. Damn!

  15. You can’t expect MUCH from the NYT . . . Look who runs them. Or, more importantly, look as they RUN the NYT into the GROUND. I sure don’t want THEM as my pilot or CO – PILOT flying MY plane. The NYT are not too credible. Why do you think that the LIKES of CNN and NYT are called FAKE NEWS? because they’re FAKE! (Get it?!? . . . NO credibility). Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. People need o understand the power they have. If they want a newspaper like the times to print the truth they need to quit buying the paper for just one month and let the paper know they will not buy one again until the print the truth. Likewise with pro sport teams only one month of people not attending the games they would get rid of the wife beaters, drug users and thugs. Same goes for television shows or so called news shows.
    I will not pay money to see wife beaters, drug users or thugs play a game or so call act in a movie not worth my time. They talk about me 2 after they get the parts they want and become so called stars. Thanks to the likes of Jim Carrey, Robert de Niro, Rose Mc Gowan and their ilk I have save lots of money b not spending it on their movies or sport teams.
    Americans wake up you have tremendous power by not spending your money on people who do not like your country.

  17. Stoped watching my favorite sports because of the way the players think they are to good to support our flag and Country.

  18. John Patten: I have often say to myself, these democratic voters can’t STILL be that blind as to what their party now stands for and represents. But then someone like yourself comes along that proves me wrong and has the nerve to TRY to reprimand us Conservatives and call us names?? You have got to be kidding me!!! It is you that is repulsive and are truly, blind and just plain stupid !!
    I hope you finally figured out to unsubscribe because we don’t need another hater on this site. Just go away you unintelligent , crazy man……

  19. I’ll give you obituaries.
    Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has become Napoleon Blownapart.
    Qassem Soleimani has become Crispy Salami.
    Both are drying their socks in Hell.

  20. The best way to send a message to the NY times is to unsubscribe if you have a subscription to them. When enough people terminate their service they will go the way of the dinosaurs.

  21. John if I was too stupid to push the unsubscribe button to unsubscribe, I would kill myself. I would absolutely kill myself because I would be too embarrassed to go through life being that stupid. But I guess being STUPID is just being average for a Communist liberal democrat such as yourself. I’ve never met an intelligent communist liberal democrat because I’m sure they don’t exist. They are STUPID & most are narcissistic pricks. You John I believe are just plain STUPID

  22. Ray, I can directly attribute the difficulty I had with housekeeping my puppy to the Spew York Slimes as, even at his young age, he understood that it wasn’t worth $chitt.
    My parakeet also had problems because of it. Poor thing died of a fecal compaction because he was afraid if he defacated on it, it’s stupidity might invade him by osmosis.
    May God rest his poor little soul.

  23. No Apology to the Wyche family will be forthcoming. The depraved and corrupt NY Times and their comrades in the media are incapable of decency and compassion. This president has send them off the deep end, and there is no hope they will ever return.

  24. I can’t remember a time when the NYT recognized truth so I wouldn’t insult a bird by using it to line the cage.


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