The new Miss Nevada was just crowned and the details will shock you


The radical Left continues to push their agenda on everyone, and with the media firmly in their court, they certainly have the power to make themselves heard.

For decades beauty pageants like Miss America and Miss USA were a fixture on many people’s TVs.

But things are changing as the new Miss Nevada was just crowned, and the details will shock you.

Kataluna Enriquez is a biological male, and he just beat out 21 female contestants to be crowned “Miss” Nevada USA.

For the first time ever, a transgender contestant will compete to become “Miss” USA.

If Enriquez wins the crown in the “Miss” USA pageant, he would be only the second transgender contestant ever to go on to compete for the “Miss” Universe title.

In honor of pride month, Enriquez wore a homemade rainbow-colored gown.

KVVU-TV said it was to “honor all of those who don’t get a chance to spread their colors.”

The news outlet went on to boast that by winning the crown, Enriquez “is redefining what it means to be a woman and what it means to be beautiful.”

According to Enriquez, one important thing to him is “inclusivity, diversity, and representation.”

And this is the current state of our nation.

A biological male beat out scores of women to win a crown, basically calling him the most beautiful “woman” in his state.

The LGBT lobby is literally pushing lies.

Suddenly, the once “follow the science” crazy Left doesn’t appear to care about science anymore.

Enriquez actually began gaining significant attention in March of this year after winning the “Miss” Silver State USA pageant, which is a local competition in the “Miss” Universe Organization circuit.

This particular line of pageants was once owned by former President Donald Trump and at one time were the most revered competitions in the pageant world.

The radical Left is no longer hiding its agenda.

They continue to openly push ideologies that even just a few years ago would have been considered absolutely unthinkable.

Now they want you to believe these ideas are heroic.

There is nothing heroic about men claiming to be women and competing for pageant titles.

The world is facing a mental health crisis like nothing they have ever seen, and instead of trying to help these individuals, people are applauding them for their bravery.

It’s a sad state of affairs when people are passing off the idea of “deciding” your gender as “normal.”

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