The new details on Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein’s friendship are worse than you thought possible


Since news broke that Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for child sex trafficking, the media is doing everything they can to cover up the truth for Clinton family.

But the truth is getting out.

And these new details on Bill Clinton’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein will make you cringe.

Both Hillary and Bill Clinton have strong ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein has been a multi-million-dollar contributor to the Clinton Foundation for years.

But Bill Clinton is denying his friendship with Epstein and avoiding the media at all costs.

Now we know why.

Flight records show that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet, the “Lolita Express,” 26 times.

On five of these occasions, Secret Service members were not present with Bill Clinton and no one knows what happened.

Breitbart reports:

Former President Bill Clinton distanced himself on Monday from Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire financier and former donor who was arrested for child sex trafficking over the weekend.

Clinton, who has taken a lower public profile since the 2016 presidential race, issued a statement through his press secretary, Angel Ureña, claiming to know “nothing about the terrible crimes” Epstein is purported to have committed.

“President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York,” the statement reads. “In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: One to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation.”

Clinton has made claims that these trips were for work related to the Clinton Foundation.

What is not clear is why he needed to fly on Epstein’s private jet and what happened on those flights.

Bill Clinton’s record of sexual misconduct is something to be concerned about.

The fact that Bill Clinton is a great friend of Jeffrey Epstein, a likely child molester, does not bode well for the former President’s public image.

Clinton denies knowing anything about Epstein’s disgusting behavior.

But it is difficult to believe a word he says.

What do you think?

Did Bill Clinton know anything about Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking of children?

Let us know in the comments below.


  1. I believe that deep state insiders are willing to throw some big players under the bus, including the Clintons, in order to come at Trump in a roundabout way with a smear about his knowing Epstein. This all about stopping Trump’s re-election. If they are successful, whatever charges there may be against Clinton will be dropped and the globalist traitors will have their chosen puppet installed in the White House.

    • I agree with you, Bill. Anything to get Trump. Pres Trump would never have considered running for president if there had been something like this in his last. No money in the world could bury this type of scandal.

      • Millionaires travel in same circles so you’re gonna run into each other. Epstein was photographed with Naomi Campbell and Prince Andrew of England and others. We all meet people every day and what do we truly know about them? Just because you meet them doesn’t mean you’re like them.
        Decades ago, when Trump learned that Epstien was tried for sexual assault Trump banned him from Mira Lago.
        He didn’t take a ride on the Lolita express 24 times like Clinton did. Gods got this. Keep it all in prayer and watch Him work. Have faith. It works. Not in our time but there is always a consequence to our actions.

        • You are spot on about our wonderful President and we really have to have faith, because our Lord put Trump in office to expose the Democrats and Rinos! Trump will get the jog done without a doubt! Keep the faith be strong and believe, God bless you!

          • Correction, nancy. The only possible reason Our Lord put d. trump in the Oval Office is to show our country, America & every other nation the past few years in our world how a Blond Haired, Brain Dead Orangutan Ape both acts & looks like & why what we really need as president in the nest four years is a MAN, not a MONKEY!

          • I truly believe God had something to do with Trump being voted in, when so many evil people were against him. I thank god every day, for the people that voted for him, myself included, and pray they and even more people that have seen the light (so to speak) will vote again MAGA

          • Betty, below, is just jealous because Trump must look like her boyfriend, or husband, maybe her son, who knows. She’s just a hater, and I notice you can’t reply directly to her post because she knows she’ll get a ton of replies since she’s such an idiot.

      • Doesn’t bode well for his public image?? lolol It doesn’t bode well for keeping him out of prison. Not only did Bill Clinton take flights to pedophile isle with Edstein, its been reported that Hillary and Huma Abadin both did also. They must be both freaks as well. Prosecutors need to get Huma’s husband’s laptop back from either the NYPD or the FBI. Everything prosecutors need to know is on that laptop under the file, insurance. NYPD knows it and so does the FBI.



        • If ANYONE believes slick Willy is innocent of any wrong doings, I am giving away gushing oil wells to the ones who believe, he is an admitted sex addict & EVERYONE knows he lied about Monica Lewinsky & Paula Jones! A big liar!!

        • There is a video on the Dark Web with Hillary and Huma abusing and molesting an underage girl. The NYPD has viewed the video and got sick at the sight of it. That was on Anthony Wiener’s laptop which is enough evidence to lock the Hildabeast up for life. I guess when you’re a Clinton you can do anything and get away with it

        • cheryl D.: “Again” seems like slick willy stopped for a bit, “Still” isn’t close enough either, “Always?”

    • Gods Hand is at work here. Believe!!! Trump will be re-elected. Read the book Paradigm byJonathan Cahn. It is amazing. Have a great day.

    • Absolutely correct. If the global network of sex traffickers ($150 billion global business) is exposed, many high level political figures, business leaders and non- governmental organizations are going down. But I do not think they will hurt Trump for re-election because the drip drip
      drip of their activities is continuing to be exposed and the public is becoming aware.

      • GOD’S WILL BE DONE.✝️✝️✝️✝️
        They shall all stand accountable for the laws they have broken, the crimes they have committed, the lives they have ruined, the lies they have told, the treason they have committed and EXPOSED to the WORLD and more importantly to “WE THE PEOPLE”🇺🇸🇺🇸 for the CORRUPT PEOPLE that THEY ARE. This is my prayer each day before my devotional. NO ONE is above the law. I pray the investigation goes all the way to the TOP. I PRAY that someone will investigate the money trail of Mr. George Soros. Truth be known the Antifa are on HIS payroll just like the radicals at each Trump speech. It is a shame we cannot publicly support our president without fear of being beaten or killed. It is all part of God’s prophecy, those who skate now will NOT escape the wrath and horrors of the Great Tribulation that awaits the wicked.

    • Of course slick willie is guilty of crimes against little girls! As usual slick willie and the witch he is married to in name only are above the law.

    • Slick Willie was POTUS, and he didn’t know Epstein was into sex-trafficking? Hillary was secretary-of-State, and didn’t know Weinstein was a woman-abuser. How naive! I guess it’s only about the money. Had the Clinton’s known the truth, they would have refused their money and their company. What do you think folks?

    • No way, can this be turned on Donald Trump. The statement that Bill Clinton knew nothing about what Epstein was doing is laughable, just like Clinton “I never had sex with that woman” and he doesn’t think BJ’s are sex. He is such a well-known liar and he must go down with this one. Trump kicked Epstein from his estate in Florida for sexually assaulting a young woman and Trump has had nothing to do with the pervert since then, while Billy the Straying Willie was deeply involved with Epstein’s activities.

  2. I have no don’t that Clintn not only knew, but probably got “massages” from the young girls. How much money has or will be paid of the C.F. to keep them quiet. Time to freeze and audit the Foundation!

    • There has been no public disclosure of what is done with the monies that the Clinton Foundation receives. ANYBODY can say that the money is used for “charitable purposes” but who really benefits? I’m betting that those money-hungry Clintons were the only beneficiaries of this money. This is the same controversy that’s now hitting the wife of Rep. Elisha Cummings, but we should all face reality….NOTHING will be done to any of these crooked, lying Dems because they will be protected by the fake news media as well as all their higher-up pals. True Justice in America is, unfortunately, on life support at this stage of the game.

    • yeah he traveled on the private jet without secret service doing good will for the Clinton Foundation! Millions of dollars gets you millions of blow jobs! Thick as thieves. Hillary probably got a few lap dances too! That lying, thieving cunt loves the girls! ME TOO Bill ME TOO
      Why are these pieces of human garbage not in prison?
      They even get secret service protection for life funded by our tax dollars!
      Please take 1 final fall soon Hillary!

  3. The Clintons have been so corrupt for so many years. There are things they’ve done that we don’t know about, but God does. It will really suck to be them when they get judged.

  4. I wouldn’t believe Bill Clinton if he swore on a stack of bibles. Indeed…..especially if he swore on a stack of bibles!!! The man, and I use that term loosely, is not…..ah…..let’s just say…..credible.

  5. Clinton should be publicly humiliated brought to trial before the nation right alongside of abstain and his entire financial records should be gone through publicly let’s find out how well he is connected to the Lolita express does the Clinton foundation have anything to do with this I wonder if they support this war fund this what an out rage what a shame the Clemson been to the American people what a shame they have been to all who have pride in America

  6. No way in hell Bill Clinton finds himself in the company of the world’s only pervier perve than himself, AND a bevvy of underage girls, without MAJOR perversion going on. NO WAY!

    • Time to put the marines to work here in our own country and clean D C up and build the wall set up G I T M O for lots of permanent guests and build a gallows on base semperfi

    • Hey, greg. Ever think that maybe keeping past company with a CHILD pervert like Epstein is what most likely inspired a WOMEN Pervert like trump! Only their many victim’s ages is the difference between both of those Piss Ass PIGS!

      • Betty, Betty, control yourself. Maybe read more, instead of listening to the “Fake” news on TV. You are wrong so very very wrong, and do not know what the heck you are even talking about. It is people like you, that know nothing about what is going on in the real world, will bring us all down. Stand up for America!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. bill is a lying child molester. he lied about receiving a blow job in the white house but all the crooked democrats voted not to impeach him when he committed perjury. he and Hillary bank on the crooked media keeping the pressure off of him on this Epstein situation. when he got on the plane and saw all these 14 year old girls—do you not know what he did to them???? 26 trips have been accounted for. may Bill -Hillary-and Epstein burn in hell along with the corrupt media.

  8. The truth has a way of catching up to you. Now if only the liberals could be prosecuted for the wrongs they do. But “something” has a way of happening on the way to the courthouse and all of a sudden their “wrongs” are no more.

  9. Of course he knew. The chickens have come home to roost. Epstein is gonna spill the beans on Clinton and everyone involved to get a plea deal because he’s looking at some well deserved serious time. Let’s hope Epstein stays in jail so that the Clinton machine won’t assasinate him before he’s deposed.
    Prophet Mark Taylor was right. It is all coming to light, praise Father God and Sweet Jesus. Now those abused children will get some much needed help.

      • Joe,
        You are either an outright never Trumper, really ignorant of the facts (or just plain ignorant) or an A.H. that enjoys throwing in stupid statements to get other riled. As others have said …..the Truth will eventually be brought into the Light and it is easy to see where the Light is shining at the moment. I hope you see the light and follow it for yourself. I pray with others that the global sex network comes crashing down enlightening the Public to what their politicians and other leaders are about

      • You are nuts, that is a bunch of bull s-it… whoever you are talking to, knows less than you do…Before you talk crap about our president, check your facts, there is no crap here, except what you want to spread around.

  10. It has been reported that there are video tapes Epstein took for HIS insurance. Whoever is on those tapes should go down. If not on a tape….leave them alone. These people are not against making things up…..remember the Kavanaugh hearings?

    • Wow!!!!! Definitive proof. He’s done!!!!! Praise The Lord.
      There will be more surprises. The Left underestimates Trump.

  11. I’m no judge and all I know is what’s given on line, and due to Bill’s known past if I were Bill I would get on my knees and pray for forgiveness turn my life around and mean what I prayed. God does forgive.

  12. Birds of a feather flock together. With both Clintons being close friends with Epstein it makes a person wonder what Killery may have been doing.

    • Right on, earl. “Birds of a Feather do Flock together” & considering their mutual past friendship, d trump has got to be without question, the Chief Cuckoo Bird who “Flew Over & then Flew Right Into Epstein’s Criminal Cuckoo Nest”!

  13. It is typical Billy Clinton. What can you expect from growing up as poor hick from Arkansas?? Hillry is the brains of the outfit. Billy does what he is told by Big Momma. Nothing to see here; let us move on. The Clinton way.

  14. I would say the clintons are capable of doing anything they want as far as immoral or crooked and get away with it these days because because I think the F B I and the D O J is still corrupt the damorats and the rhinos are in it the same hang them all MAGA Mr POTUS.

  15. Sorry to say but the Clinton Cartel is untouchable because they made a deal with the devil like many powerful people long ago…The only consolation here is that when they finally meet their demise, the mortician will need to be sure he dresses them for very warm weather!

    • They are not untouchable and the devil NEVER makes anybody happy for the duration of their lives. These two freaks are the perfect example: all the money they will ever need but they have many sleepless nights. HRC must hit her bottle many a night thinking when will they GET HER? When is the party over?

  16. H-e-double toothpicks, he not only knew but was participating in whatever perverted disgusting acts were going on. It’s not a story, but I’d not be surprised if Hilly was also up to her eyebrows in it.

  17. Ever hear of Cathy O’brien? Check her testimony out on youtube. She details things about BOTH klintons and their sex escapades.

    • Hey, charles. The word is Spelled LIAR, not Lier. Only a republican Retard would make such a simple minded spelling mistake. Even a 4 year old knows better.

      • Betty, and how old are you? I’m thinking because you know how to spell, at least in the second grade. Good for you, you are so brilliant…

  18. Flight logs have been found showing Bill on 26 flights. Those records also show number of people on board, including crew. Their sexes and ages. Almost every flight had underage females on it with “Slick Willy”. Let’s hope the jig is up for that POS. Maybe it’ll take down Hillary too.

  19. Epstein and Bill Clinton (and even Hillary at least once) trips to the ” island”, is news I have heard and read for at least 2 to 3 years! I had begun to believe it would never come out, since that is how it seems to work for the Clintons with the media covering for them. So, thanks to Mr. Epstein legal revelations, we finally get the bonus of Clinton revelations as well !!!!!!!! That’s what friends are for !!! The entire story is very, very sick!!!

    • No more than anybody can say donald trump that hasn’t also been said, a Brain Damaged Bully who thinks he’s King of the World who can boss around everybody else in the world & tell them all what to do! mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE, an Insane Idiot living in a fantasy, make believe world with His Sick Mind & Diseased Brain, a presidential Pile of Lying CRAP, an Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE in a Monkey Suit, Two Faced, Two Timing TRASH!

      • Hey Betty, got something on your mind. hahahahahahahaha, bitch, bitch, cry and holler, what kind of a lady talks like you anyway. And you talk about our president and his beautiful wife. There is no reason to call anybody, much less the first lady names as you have. You know nothing about her life, except what you wish to make up. You have to get a life of your own betty, I know it will be difficult with your problems, but try!!!!!

  20. Small minds run wild with little to no information. I can see the origin of the Salem Witch frenzy. Have you nothing better to fantasize about? If Trump is the anointed one, you have some extremely low standards.

  21. Bill is 110% guilty of sex with kids and much worse .. Read the information that’s out .. He needs the death penalty! Tired of these above the law scum !

  22. That’s IT? That’s the degree of Bubba Clinton’s guilt that you stated in the “teaser” intro line to your article was “worse than you thought possible?” I’m no more a fan of the self-gratifying Billary twins than I am of the dependency-encouraging parasites who make up most of the rest of today’s Democrat Party. But your transparent, attention-grabbing tactics render you no more worthy to attend to than the left-wing hero brigade. Please unsubscribe me from future e-mailings.

  23. I say they all should get the worst possible punishment for the things they have done. The they being the Clintons and Epstein and anyone else that Epstein might have video of. But at the same time I don’t want the Clintons to get off that easy. Killery still needs to answer for her actions during the Benghazi fiasco as well as other crimes they have committed against THE PEOPLE. Of course anything the Clinton Foundation has been involved in should also get aired out and put on trial. Taking money from foreign governments, asking for donations to help Haiti, which Haitians have claimed never came. The mysterious deaths of people involved with the Clintons that have been ready to give evidence or testimony. All this needs to come out and investigated properly. The whole damn SWAMP needs to be drained. Do it now President Trump. Do it with your next 6 years as President so that WE THE PEOPLE will be avenged. God bless the USA!!!! God bless President Trump!!!! MAGA!!!! KAG!!!!

  24. It’s about Epstein and Trump, they had the orgy with just them and 28 women, wouldn’t be surprised if they were recruits from Trump’s Teen pageants. He bragged on Stern about entering their dressing rooms and had talked sexually about his own daughter many times. Clinton is possibly involved too, all three are scumbags.

    • Alan Dershowitz, the Trump ass kisser is going to go down, the girls, now women, said that he was part of the sexual assaults.

  25. One has to wonder if the cost of the flights that the Hill(ary) Billys were on were taken as charitable tax deductions to the Clinton Foundation by Epstein on his tax forms. If they were but the trips were really about sex trafficking then fraud also has occurred by both the Clinton Foundation and Epstein.

    My best guess is that happened and another reason for orange jump suits or striped suits for Hillary, SICK Willy, and Epstein.

    All three are types of legendary Faust. They each appear to have made a pact with the Devil for power, fame, money. If that had occurred they now they will pay the price for those short term Satanic gifts.

  26. Bubba is a lying sack.
    Clinton couldn’t tell the truth under any conditions.
    The man is a known predator as we all know and if they dig hard enough which they won’t because he is a Democrat the man is also a Hugh pedifile. Nothing this scumbag says is truthful!.

  27. Law enforcement now has the photos Epstein kept in his “Blackmail Stash” they found when they raided his Florida home. You KNOW “Slick Willy” is sweating bullets right now and we’ll see them soon enough. The sad part is this is nothing compared to murders the Clintons have had carried out over the years but hey, they took down Al Capone for Tax evasion so you take what you have to work with.

  28. Slick Willie is a pathological liar, and master of ambiguity! The Clinton Foundation focused on poverty stricken communities and children for a reason!

    • The Haitansi despise the Clintons. They stole millions of dollars that were meant for the people of Haiti through donations to the Clinton Foundation. I guess charity begins with the Clintons

  29. Sadly, most of you are still missing the bigger picture. It isn’t a question of did Bill and Hillary Clinton know what Jeffrey Epstein was doing. Of course they did. Remember that they were also good friends with Harvey Weinstein. The real question is how many other current democrats knew and kept silent or actively prevented justice from being done. I suspect Pelosi knew. I suspect that most of the democrats of the Clinton Whitehouse era knew and DID NOTHING! These people are evil. They need to be brought to justice just as much as anyone else who actively hurt those little girls as accessories, if for no other reason. They hid those activities.

  30. Bill Clinton is a sexual deviant child molester. There’s only one reason why he would be on Epstein’s plane with no secret service around. He was having sexual relations with those underage girls. Bill and Hillary are both child molesters. if you try to expose them, you will end up on their “accidental death” list


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